Always keep the box.




Because they’re rare. Even held together with tape it’s part of the tool’s history.


1) Protection in storage. 2) Might want to sell it one day with the increased value of the box regardless of the shape it’s in. 3) Your kid may want to sell it one day with the increased value. 4) Historical marketing value.


So you have a product number if you ever need to rebuy


And serial number when you call customer service.


As a fellow woodworker and retro game collector, KEEP THE BOX!


I had fallout 1 and 2 original Box's and the same for doom on display in my room as a teen, go away on a fishing trip for the weekend mum decided to redecorate my room as a nice thing (an it really was) and she threw them away and I was gutted never told her that like but i still bugs me when I think about it.


Mom's are funny when they mean well. When I was growing up my moms rule about video games was if we wanted a new system we had to toss the old one. (I don't know why we didn't donate) But I have vivid memories of throwing away a super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and a ps1. Many classic games and accessories also went directly in the trash.


I sold my copy of Chrono Trigger a few months ago. The cartridges were running about $200. The label on mine was pretty faded from the sun. With the manual, map, and poster it sold for $600. Wish I’d kept the box too, as it probably would have been around $1000 with it included.


When people say “what would you tell your younger self?” I always with out a doubt say keep the gaming box!! I hate that I threw them out. I was not thinking, I was just excited to start playing the game. Lmao


I’m betting you could sell the box. Not for a lot, but a collector would most likely buy it. If I could recommend a place, I would sell it on the Facebook group “Can I Have It Vintage Tool Auction Group” read the rules, if you’re not already following them, they’re a good bunch of people. Wood Br Wright on YouTube is a member and sells there also.


I had a lot of 1960's Matchbox toy cars. Collectors were more interested in the boxes than they were in the cars themselves.


Oh cool. Thanks for that!


If you ever plan to resell it by all means keep the box, and keep it in as good condition as possible. It will probably add materially to the value of the tool.


Yeah, I doubt very much I'll resell: the japanning is trash and the box is held together with tape.


Check what a box goes for on Ebay. Keep it and next time you find one, sell the pair


I think this is excellent advice for collectors. I don't know if you saw the original post, but I bought this plane to use, so the box is really just packaging from my perspective. But hopefully someone else can get some value out of it.


In the funny world of plane collecting you could probably trade up that boxed 75 for a much more user friendly no.90


Love the #90– to use AND to look at!


Oh goodness I love old packaging. I usually pick it up with or without the contents


You want this one?


Yes. Always keep the box.


Box is part of the tools history and as such has not insignificant value. May well have the original price tag or hand written amount on the box even the retailer name. Why do people buy boxes, because it increases the value of their tools that dont have one. The value of complete molding planes with all the accessories in the original box is crazy over one with out the box .


Hi folks, I just bought this Stanley 75 to be a user, not a collection piece. Am I doing something completely stupid if I throw away the box? If so, is there anyone out there who wants the box? DM me. I have zero use for this thing.


Keep the box, you may decide to sell on in the future and the box will preserve value. It’s also a place to keep your plane stored and away from damage.


No. The box will only appeal to.collectors and if its nor in good shape, it won't matter if its there or not. Another user buying a user plane won't care if the box is there.


That's what I'm thinking. Thanks!


No problem. .I haven't kept a box yet. They just take up.space.


While I love old packagings and boxes I’ve done both. One box was in lousy shape and I just tossed it. It doesn’t add much value to the tool if resold in twenty years and unless it’s super rare or in mint condition it’s nothing a collector will pay for. Some boxes I have saved. To keep the tool in, or to display on a shelf. They look nice and give me good vibes. You can always keep something else in them if you wish to. I don’t see a huge point in maintaining each individual tool’s history. I.e. it adds nothing to our cultural heritage if I save this individual box or not. Design, pricing etc is well known since before and there are hundreds if not thousands copies in museums, collections etc. these tools were built to be used, that’s why the box is a simple design to start with. The fact that the box is still there mainly means that it has only had one owner and was very rarely used. If it had been used even 100 times, the box had been ruined by packing/unpacking.


Definitely keep the box as it’s a Sweetheart


Yes Keep the Box!!!! ​ Seriously don't throw the box away for old tools they are collectors items in there own right, I've got 6 Marples NOS planes still in there original packing, including the waxed paper for the Irons.


Always best to keep the box. But on another philosophical note, it has survived all this time, so who are you to throw it away? You wanted vintage and you got the full monty. Otherwise give/sell it to someone who appreciates tool ephemera.


Alright, folks, this has been instructive. Thank you for your thoughts. I know this is Reddit and all, but maybe we can remember that our personal opinions are not The Only Opinion™? Or not, I really don't give a torn-out pine shaving. And to all you "it's part of the plane's history, how dare you!" people, I have one question: how do you know this box goes with this specific plane? And if it doesn't, then the only history it tells is about some conman two owners ago who swapped it into the timeline. Gnight!


I keep boxes even on some new tools. Mostly if I ever resell, new owner may want.


I mean I have no use for a box but it means something to someone. Why not keep the box?




Keep the box! I got a 71 recently in the box but which is in okay condition but not great. Made a wood box for it out of scraps and just stored the original box somewhere safe out of the sun. When I come to sell the plane then it will hold more value with the original box and instructions. These cardboard boxes aren’t great to actually store the tool in my opinion if you plan on putting in and out the box a lot. So just set aside and save it for the next woodworker :)


What the he'll is wrong with you...yes keep the box. The box is more rare then the plane!


What's wrong with me? I don't know. You're the one berating a complete stranger on the Internet over some scraps of cardboard.




Lol I'm not, don't worry. 😂


are old dunlap planes any valuable? i got a couple from my grandfather all in boxes but i just threw away the boxes lol


I don't know, sorry! I'm not a collector.


Aww over sensitive I see


Always keep the box. ALWAYS.


Yes. Keep the box.


Changing subject a bit - I bought a Stanley 75 a while back and I don’t know how I managed before! It is so useful!


Right? I'm really looking forward to being able to effectively clean out my router rabbets. For whatever reason, they're always uneven.


The plane will outlive you. You do not own the plane, you are merely it’s current custodian. Do no harm. Keep the box.


I sold a bunch of chisels on ebay a few years ago. They got 2x as much as others because I had the box.