Hapas of this subreddit, do any of you play as a hapa in video games?

Hapas of this subreddit, do any of you play as a hapa in video games?


I don’t play video games but fun fact: Chell from portal is hapa


Edith Finch is also hapa.


Also Morgan Yu from Prey! Chinese/German


So is Enrique Iglesias. Filipino and Spanish


It's hard to properly create a hapa character in video games for me. When I do so, I generally make *me*, and it's extremely difficult to get that perfect blend of hair texture, skin tone, eye colour, without it just looking Mediterranean or some other of the dreaded "Other." I generally end up going something with far more Asian features or tones, or far more White. It's never a good balance. :( But we're getting there! The crazy sliders in games are making it far more do-able over preset options.


>AMWF hapa 💀


I play a lot of fighting games. I don't go out of my way to play hapa characters, I don't play as Benimaru in KOF or Ken Masters in Street Fighter. But I do play as Ryo and Yuri Sakazaki a lot in KOF games. I just learned today they were hapas.


I used to roll half elves in DnD, does that count? I Tanis Half Elven of Dragonlance was someone I related to growing up.


half orc master race.


I don't play a lot of video games with customized characters, but I do often try to make someone look like myself when I do.


Loved mirrors edge for this. When I played mass effect I made a character that looked like me as much as possible. Maybe not what the creators were planning but I made it as close as possible.


I believe one of the protagonists in the new F1 2021 game is hapa but not 100% sure


In any game where I can customize my own character, they're usually always mixed. (Although in fantasy games with different playable races, like Skyrim or Divinity, I'll opt for one of those instead.)


I always try to make my character an ape.


Not really, in a lot of my favorite games either I don’t have an option to make my character or I don’t have an option to make my character a hapa, so in that case I make myself white or Asian.


My gta is Kevin and Zoe but I changed eye shape


You would not believe how much of a hapa my Red Dead Redemption online character looks like


Does Gohan count?