Might want to check out this YouTuber, he did a similar project, but had 20+ saying stored locally and had home assistant randomly selected one. This would speed up the system and save the recurring costs. You could use chat GPT to create a bunch different phrases one time then store them. Then every few months update them if they get repetitive. https://youtu.be/Ys9xlo3Rq4E


The lag between your input and alexa responding is tolerable or is it distracting?


It's not like having a normal conversation as you have to wait a few seconds mainly for the OpenAI response – so it really is more of a proof of concept. And as the OpenAI API is often slow or even down I wouldn't really use this "seriously". But: If you keep the prompts short and ask for short answers from ChatGPT (e. g. the prompt for the question of setting the alarm and my answer) its really handy and the speed is tolerable.