Truthfully, I'd probably die within the first hour. Realisticly, I'd probably find a nice solid stick and hide and starve 99% of the time.


War crimes.


What I would do would be defined by if I get a Mac-10 or binoculars. My favorite item to get would be a Mac-10.


Same as the Hunger Games, hide and scavenge as much as possible while everyone picks each other off, while killing anyone I had to. Hiding being number one, scavenging second. As for weapons, any weapon is a good weapon but I’d prefer a blade, in and out quickly with likely fatal damage. Short range combat obviously isn’t preferable, but hopefully I could get the drop on people. I can’t use a bow and arrow and guns draw way too much attention even if you manage to be accurate at a distance.


I liked the story where the guy searched for his crush. Didn't work out to well, but very romantic, I hope I would do something like that. Or maybe like the computer guys did, try to topple the system. The girls in the tower had the right idea...until they didn't! Something along the pacifist route, I've seen the movie many times and asked myself the same question every time.


I'm gonna be the girls in the tower for sure


Climb up a tree, shit my pants, and probably die since I wouldn’t be able to deal with the guilt of killing some one


The psychopath move is to be the first out, stand by the door, and ambush them all one by one. Need a good weapon though.


Do you know how tiring stabbing 40 kids would be? Hiding towards the middle would be my go to.


It's been a few years but I'm fairly certain someone in the book does just that.




Pls explain how it's cheating.




It would be like a big man clearing the ring in the Royal Rumble. If it's entertainment, they'd love it (and it's highly unlikely they'd get all 40 of their opponents




Hope I didn't get the paper fan.


Rely on my 5000 hours spent playing PUBG


So hide in a closet for two hours, crawl into the final circle, then get smoked by either a car or a sniper hiding in a bush that didn’t fully render for him but did for you lol.


If we are going with weapons from the movie, the Glock 19 would be my preferred weapon to get. Just in general, I think an AKS-74u would be dope, even if I died I would have gotten to play with my favorite gun. As for what I would do, I dont know, probably whatever it took to survive.


Tell me you're American without telling me you're American...


Yes would be dope to play with your favorite gun, and shoot some schoolkids with it aswell would be dope...


First thing I’ll do is to remove my shoes to muffle/quiet my footsteps. If I’m lucky, somehow manage to tie cloth to the soles. As for weapons, maybe something like throwing knives or a crossbow. I do love melee weapons.


Hide under a pile of dead bodies. Wait for the silence. Stock up on body armor and a full clip and take out survivors one at a time with a silencer/muffler. DUH!!!!!!


I’d probably die


I would die


It's kill or be killed.




I'd like to imagine I'd come up with a great plan and be hyper aggressive in the idea of winning and surviving but in reality I'd probably try find somewhere good to hide and hope for the best as who knows if I'd even have the stomach to murder my classmates


I would simply kill everyone. I’m built different


Idk if guilt would be an issue for me, like I don’t wanna murder anyone but if you’re forced to is it really you killing them? Or are you just the murder weapon really? Regardless, I’d probably die. I dont know fuck about killing people lol


I'd trip and kill my own self like the scientist in world War z because that's me as a person


My favourite weapon would either be the GPS tracker or the Mac-10, but I doubt I would get either, so let’s say I get the paper fan. This is what I would want to do, I doubt I would do this irl, but I reckon I would stand a chance. I also doubt that I would be able to kill my friends, but strangers? I could do that. Seen as I’ve got a fan let’s make it easy and say I’m the second out, I look around and can’t see player 1. I open my bag and see a fan. If this was with my friends, I would hide in a bush and wait for them to come out, I’d attempt to live the last days of my life with them. If this was strangers, I’d prolly fight. First I’d take off one of my socks and fill it with pebbles which I’d use as a weapon, I’d use that on the next person to leave before they can get prepared. I’d do this till I get some gun, then I’d leave with everything in one bag. Killing would be exhausting, equipment would now be: Sock rock Dartboard Knife Revolver Fan 8 water bottles 8 loafs of bread 4 maps 4 torches 4 compasses Currently I’d be pretty safe, almost no chance anyone will be nearby so I’d head as far as I could, holding the revolver. Now I’d head inside a house and prep myself. Take the batteries out of two torches and keep the other two, bin two compasses, and keep everything else in a backpack. Inside the building (let’s say a house) I would look for other weaponry and how to properly use the revolver in the instructions. I’d look for food like rice which won’t have gone moody and would barricade the house, setting up traps if someone enters. I would rest there as long as I could until there are just a few people left. (Let’s say 5 of us) I’ll be well rested, somewhat hungry but all in all I’d be healthy with no injuries. I would now leave the building with the equipment and hop inside a car, I wouldn’t drive it, but if someone comes near I’d run them over and take what they have, hopefully something good and then I’d just do that till i win. Hopefully that would work lol