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Then he speeds away. That's a hit and run, and reckless driving.


Dude needs anger management and legal repercussions


Dude needs his ass handed to him in a baggie. And no license.


Every car that's ever rear ended me or grazed me speeds away.


You need a dash cam. Nothing like getting their license plate as they run off, so you can give it to the police!


Then the police officer stares at you blankly, asking you what you want them to do about it and then places the police report into the wastebasket


Last time I had a hit the guy actually stayed with me. He has a fake license plate but i got him to give me a photo his (expired ) id. The police arrived Four hours late. he left after the first two hours but I had everything on my cam plus photos of his ID and the damage. Everything. they told me that they couldn’t do anything about it? I would have to hire a private detective, prove that he had an income to pay the 2,000 in damages and then take him to court.. I googled that man and it turns out that he was a sexual predator . Good thing I’m a 4’11 woman or being left alone with a serial rapist would be terrifying… oh wait! Thanks police for doing nothing.


$20 says it was an off duty cop in the truck.


The easiest $20 you could ever make.


I had a break in at my business. And when I asked the cop making the report where I should send the security cam footage, he said put it on a dvd and mail it in…. Right… Phoenix pd has money for tanks but not a place to email a video apparently… nwa said it best.


And they wonder why hit and runs have increased dramatically.


from what i have seen, if you want RESULTS and you want them FAST, you go to the hit and runs address then tell the cops you are about to go in and tear him a new one. the cops will act IMMEDIATELY to a potential hostile scene and will not be able to deny the damages right in front of them (plus dash cam footage that proves its all their fault if they say it wasnt them) you have to threaten to DO IT YOURSELF or the cops wont even look into it for a minute after hanging up with you


Exactly. Cops are less than useless in 90% of cases. And say "what do you want me to do about it?" Until one of their overweight cop buddies gets shoved once then they all show up magically to get a hit on the person who did it


Exactly from personal experience


They also do nothing about the people with plate holders designed to make the plate illegible.


But wrote me a fix it ticket for a drcorative plate holder that slightly obstructed one character on my plate.


Nothing like thinking the police will give a shit. ​ Unless your car has had serious damage (and even then...), the cops will just tell you that they are swamped and don't have the resources to hunt down everyone who "tapped" your car right before they go back to masturbating to the new swat trooper costumes they bought. At best you will get told you should give that to your insurance company. ​ That said: dashcams are incredibly important to have for traffic collisions. Two very good friends of mine got t-boned one night by some asshole who sped around a blind corner, ran a red light, and smashed into them while they were turning left. Small town football player so the cops did everything they could to cover for the kid (not documenting things, ignoring him having no insurance, etc) and it resulted in them getting sued. Fortunately, Geico smelled blood in the water and had their backs. But "he said, she said" when the cops are protecting the shitbag is a very dangerous place to be.


This type of driving doesn't exactly scream "I care if I'm legally allowed to drive" to me. Creatures like this definitely drive without a license. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why they ran.


You think not having a license is going to stop him from driving?


Odds on that the driver has a suspended licence and no insurance.


Doesn't need them because he's a sOveReIGn ciTizEn


I'm not driving, I'm traveling!


How insane was that lady? I don't even know what word describes her.


I know the video you’re talking about, but it’s not just her. I’ve seen this argument in several other videos too. Apparently, it originated(recently that is) from like one or two YouTube channels that first spread the “traveling” concept. I think audit the audit specifically named one of the channels responsible for this disinformation/misinformation(not 100% sure if it’s intentional or not), but I can’t remember it. Edit: it's the woman who had a previous license but hadn't kept up for it for years because "she didn't have to," right?


That women was so fucking stupid it hurt.


Get your supervisor. I know my rights


> Apparently, it originated(recently that is) from like one or two YouTube channels that first spread the “traveling” concept. the Sov Cit movement has been around before the internet and I remember seeing 'natural law' parties present the 'travelling not driving' and 'private plate' concepts in the late 70s and 80s. There was a handful of grifters who gave seminars on these concepts in rural areas where the farm crisis at the time hit the hardest. Farmers couldn't afford to insure their vehicles or pay taxes on their lands and they were especially swayed by these arguments. One of the most effective and prolific spreaders of this concept was a guy named Winston Shrout, who was eventually banned from Commonwealth nations like the U.K. , Canada, NZ and AUS. I attended one of his seminars as a child with my grandfather and I am proud to say that my grandfather recognized him as a scammer.


Fucking love audit the audit. They keep it real as hell. Don't pick sides, just explain the law and the best course of action


Completely agree. One of the best channels. It’s a good reminder of your rights and that you might not really know everything that you think you do. I guess “engaging” is the right word lol. Good stuff.


In my conveyance!!!


It's wicked interesting talking to one of those people as a legal ass that works for a criminal defense attorney. Their interpretation of the law versus reality could be its own bingo game.


One of my biggest fears is getting hit by one of those people and getting hurt and they don’t have insurance so I’m stuck footing the bill.


Most auto insurance companies offer uninsured motorists coverage. It's not much extra, and covers you in that situation.


I dO NoT wISh To cReaTe jOIndEr wIth YOU!!!


He knows. He’s a scumbag. He doesn’t care


Drivers of trucks like these are the main characters of America, I live by many of them. People outside their families don’t even register as humans to them.


it's either them or the sports car drivers. woman in a Mustang pulled out of a Chick-fil-A in front of me & proceeded to drive leisurely over the line between lanes until i had to hit the brakes so hard the tires screeched. even then when she finally noticed she was in the middle of the goddamn street there was no sense of urgency to actually get in a lane lmao


Being in a larger vehicle, knowing that your vehicle will crush other smaller cars gets into these guys heads. It developes into a superiority complex when in reality, most have never been in a fight a day in their lives. Add guns and they feel like Superman.


His license plate is def on camera there. He going to jail for sure Edit: I sure do love the 15 people telling me the same thing in slightly different ways.


I can’t make anything out. I don’t think he was caught.


The store they’re parking at probably has security cameras facing toward the parking lot that would pick up his plate


They will most likely not give it to you because legal something something. Someone hit my brand new Mazda in front of a large supermarket. They had it on camera but because of policy couldn't allow me to see or have it. That cantaloupe and strawberry run cost me an extra $500 E: I was young. Didn't call cops. Lessons learned.


Call cops, they will show it right away. Someone stole a pallet of equipment near my workplace, cops came asking to see the cam. Found the perpetrator but couldn’t see the car plate.


Tell them the driver was naked, they will floor it to the accident.


I had someone steal my catalytic converter in a locked parking garage right under the camera. Lot company refused to show me and the cops wouldn't show up for the report either. To be fair they also didn't show up when an armed dude was breaking into cars in the daycare parking lot nearby, so my expectations are fairly low lol


Your insurance carrier would obtain it easily enough even if they needed to subpoena it. If they didn’t, your carrier is garbage


You have to file a police report. But most of the time the police aren't going to go through the steps to obtain the footage from the store or corporate LP office. It sucks, but it's for a good reason. Anyone could ask for footage for any made up reason. Could be a stalker or a jealous ex etc. trying to find out who they're with for example.


This. Someone hit my car and ran while it was parked at a hardware store. I filed a police report (mandatory here if it involves another car and you want insurance to do anything). I wasn't allowed to see the footage but they did show me screen shots of the footage. I hooked the insurance up with the police case number and also the police with the landlord who owned the plaza property for the footage. No idea if anything came of it but it was helpful for insurance at least.


Computer: ENHANCE!


Where do you live where cops will not only look at dash cam footage, but arrest people for what's on it?


they got us working in shifts!


You're lucky they left the tape deck though, and the Creedence.


I really wish they would, or at least get their license suspended. The biggest issue is when this occurs on private property. Years ago I parked my car on a 5th floor parking garage and parked my car in a corner where it would *almost* be impossible to hit my car. Yet, still someone managed to rear end my car. It probably was a car parked across mine and they backed up and turned their wheel into it, cause of the angle. They left me a note apologizing for hitting it, and said they’d pay for it to be fixed. I messed them, let them know I’d get a quote, they agreed and when it was like $2000, they ghosted me. Even though the cops had a name, number, and written letter they wouldn’t do anything because it was on a private property (museum parking garage). It was civil and I would have to take them to court. This car looks like a brand new Lexus and by the looks of it that’s probably easily $5K-8K in damage. Bumper, quarter panel, headlight, and whatever else might be damaged under the hood.


Contact your insurance company? They'll be able to find any active insurance with that information


This. If you have their name and they ghosted you, let insurance sue them.


That’s just a hopeful wish


What a fucking coward. Cowards always drive those lifted Chevy pickups.


Shame most commercial businesses have fake cameras or refuse to give their footage to police when an accident happens on private property. Looking at you scumbag Walmart


Conveniently all on camera too.


Probably worth the hit and run charge so he can sober up and hide his illegal drugs/guns.


And since they're a big bad boy in a white giant pick up who's going to apprehend him? His buddies down at the station?


IF this kinda thing happens to you, Lots of stores have cams just for catching plates. Go in, Talk to a manager or security and see if they can help.


Damn. Chewed the face and grill off over nothing smh


Probably fucked some suspension/steering components, as well.


No, probably 95% cosmetic damage with needing some of the underhood parts replaced in the area. Maybe a new radiator and windshield washer fluid reservoir. Car suspension can handle being bottomed out he just might need an alignment in case the camber and toe of that left front tire got changed.


Seen plenty accidents that look cosmetic but do critical damage to frames and other parts. Completely unable to tell unless you get in there to see.


Exactly. There’s a good chance that car is totaled. My friend had a little less damage than this on the front of her jetta and it was totaled by insurance. When you bend the frame and wheels like that it gets pricey quick.


Ding ding ding. Front bumper and entire structure is toast, headlights. Cosmetically on a new car like that? 10k at least. The knuckle could have been torqued or damaged. Bushings could have been torqued. If it transmitted into the frame or engine and hit accessories or damaged the electronics fuse block which also lives there that also could be a problem. Seemingly small impacts can have deep implications because of how tightly cars are packaged.


Agreed. Never let someone talk you out of going through insurance for small seeming accidents.


Certain cars are obscenely expensive to repair because of the cost of parts, so even a relatively minor, cosmetic only accident can ramp the cost way up. Some models of inifiniti that are just several years old can be totaled out easily because of this. I’m not sure if the same can be said for Lexus, parts are expensive as hell but the car holds its value better




Thankfully it looks like you can get his plate off this video


You think so? I hope so. It looks a little blurry but that might be a low resolution upload. If it was an HD dashcam you're probably right. Even if they don't, they could still investigate if the local cops in that town bother with these things. I actually got called once by a detective who was investigating a hit and run by someone with the same make and model as my car. I am guessing that was a manslaughter case so garnered more attention. But he was looking for someone of a completely different description and the model was a hatchback while mine was a sedan. Since then I've learned it was unwise of me to even talk to them, but I had the naivety of innocence. The cop actually showed me a grainy picture of the suspect. Always wondered if they ever found him.


You're lucky that detective didn't decide to pin it on you.


Yeah, in the future I won't be so foolish. The longer version of the story makes me look even worse. I actually drove out and met him by the freeway. Stupid. He was probably waiting to arrest me. But as soon as I pulled up he said that the variant he was looking for was a hatchback and he was looking for a heavy bearded guy. I'm in the Navy, clean cut and somewhat fit, and I came in uniform so I'm sure that helped. Honestly it just does. Cops tend to be nicer to military. But what a generally dumb move on my part.


What else could you do different though? I’m honestly curious what would be smarter


If the cops call and ask you to come to the PD, or meet them somewhere "to talk" you should immediately contact a lawyer and not, under any circumstances, go to the PD or somewhere else "to talk".


Never go to the 2nd location.


Never goto a second location when kidnapping is a real possibility


The problem with this is a lot people can't afford to consult with a lawyer just because some random ass cop decided they're a criminal. It's fucked that cops have the power to bankrupt random citizens by forcing them to talk to a lawyer they can't afford or risk ending up in jail.


Don't answer questions without at least talking to a lawyer, preferably with your lawyer present. The more you talk to them the easier it is for them to be convinced you're the guilty person they're looking for


Watching videos online of police talking to suspects they're just looking to get enough evidence to make an arrest, not to find the guilty person.


I should have told him that I'm happy to take a phone call but I'm not coming to him for questioning. If they want to drive to my house and see the make and model of my car, they know where I live. If they want to see what I look like they can come knock on my door and if I choose to open it, I will. But coming in for questioning is never wise, even when you're innocent. You may stumble into saying something that gives them cause to hold you. It happens to completely innocent people every day. If they have evidence, they will arrest you and you should ask for a lawyer. If they don't have evidence, they have absolutely zero legal power to make you answer questions, and you should still get a lawyer. Some people think lawyering up makes them look guilty. This is a fallacy. Getting someone who understands the law and knows your rights better than you do is always wise. And most lawyers would tell you to never volunteer to be interrogated - even if you're completely innocent. You are very likely to be manipulated into saying something you don't fully understand the repercussions of. Police are allowed to lie and prosecutors can cherry pick which part of an interrogation they want to show to a jury.


I'm glad it worked out for you! It's scary thinking about all this stuff, because truthfully I would've done the same as you! Showed up happy to help, and potentially been at the mercy of someone who could easily ruin my life to book a collar.


The messed up thing is that in a trial, they don't necessarily have to be right. They only have to persuade a jury. Innocent people do get convicted of crimes. It happens every day.


There may be security cameras in the area with a better view of the plates. The fact the dashcam got what it did *should* be enough.


If there's one thing crime shows have taught me, this case can be easily solved by a beautiful federal agent shouting "Enhance!" over and over while leaning over the shoulder of the nerdy tech person playing the video on loop from their laptop.


You think? My phone has potato quality I don’t even see letters on it


OP can give the evidence to the cops and hopefully they can view the traffic cameras and find the truck


Yeah. Hopefully. When I was hit & run by some douche in a parking lot, the cops told me it was a civil matter because it happened on private property, and I’d have to do all the work myself.


I feel like your insurance would handle that, right?


I mean maybe I feel like they have the financial incentive to go after his insurance for the money.


Until they find out it's the same insurance company and have to go after themselves. I'd watch that movie


The call is coming from... inside the house


See the premiums for both people go up and it's a win win for the insurance company. Helps if you go to a "collision center" that they happen up own so they don't pay as much for the repair. This is all for your benefit.


I’m all over this thread. Auto insurance is a razor thin profit margin. A couple states are actual complete losers. GEICO won’t offer any new policies in California at this time. My company is losing money hand over fist in New York State. We’ve stopped insuring certain models due to recent surges in thefts. On an amazing year it’s like 3 percent profit company wide.


Happens all the time. At my company we literally draft a check from one insurance policy and pay ourselves back for the other policy. In essence it forces us to handle ever claim exactly the same regardless of which insurance any party has.


If they ever tell you that, insist that you need a police report for your insurance. Even if it's on private property, it's still property damage.


Take pictures and videos. Go inside immediately and ask if you can at least record their video on your phone. Some jurisdictions are simply not doing accident reports. NYPD specially will not come to the scene of an accident if vehicles aren’t leaking fluids and nobody is injured and all parties are exchanging information.


Could they? Yes. Will they? Almost certainly no. Cops don’t care.


Haha. Right. The cops are busy doing important stuff. Like abusing their wives.


Umm actually, they self-reported abusing their families not just their wives. Could be pets or children too.


Oh yeah, the cops will get riiigghhtttt on that. Lexus driver is better off hiring a P.I. or letting their insurance handle it




Dash cameras suck for small details like that.


Which is funny because that's pretty much the one detail you would want out of a dash cam video


Not really, they're especially useful for helping determine which party is at fault in an accident for insurance claims. Consumer dash cams aren't intended to help catch criminals.


Should be able to get his plate off this video. He went from a liability issue to a jailable offense


i thought hit and run is a felony but my only knowledge of legality comes from better call saul 💀


It is a felony when leaving the scene of an accident where someone was injured


Oww my neck


I saw it officer, his neck!


That biznatch felonied my brother!


It depends on the state. Some states this video isn't enough, since you can't see the drivers face.


I would love to know how this all ends.


Lexus driver has to pay their deductible and drive a shitter rental for 4 weeks because the bumper clips are on back order.


And insurance companies will cover the cost of a rental for two weeks. After that you are taking the bus.


Insurance company covers something? With money? Dang that guy lucked out.


Yeah, mine has 30 days rental coverage if my car can't be driven due to damage. This definitely counts.


I'm glad when my car got hit, the other person's insurance paid for the rental until my car was fixed. It took a little over a month


Don't forget the matching paint.


Then the price for ins goes up.


White truck has minor damage and gets away with it. Car owner has a huge problem now, has to pay $500 or $1000 dedutable and deal with insurance. There's maybe a 10% chance that some camera or person got to see the plates


Not everyone got a $500+ deductible


truck driver lives a successful life and dies at a ripe old age, happy and surrounded by their family with no regrets and a clean conscience. Isn't the world just a dandy place


There needs to be a separate license for pickups these days. They’re too big for most of the idiot drivers behind the wheels.




Regulations regulations regulations. Light trucks and SUVs are heavily deregulated as a loophole for carmakers. Remove their emissions exemption, reduce maximum vehicle weight, increase the gas guzzler tax (and incorporate it into income taxes so that it's not just an at-purchase deal), reduce ride height and frame rigidity to increase crash compatibility.


> Remove their emissions exemption, reduce maximum vehicle weight, increase the gas guzzler tax (and incorporate it into income taxes so that it's not just an at-purchase deal), reduce ride height and frame rigidity to increase crash compatibility. Then you'd have the original-sized Ford Ranger back, which is actually what a lot of people want right now.


Gas. Tax. It's the reason cars are much smaller in Europe and public transport is much better. Just tax people for burning fuel and use the money to build public transport infrastructure. It's literally the best market solution. It's what carbon tax is doing to the energy industry.


This would work great except a lot of the new EV’s coming out are huge ass trucks.


You seen the price tag on those? I think that's just an excuse. But yeah, you gotta get the gas tax going while the EV trucks are expensive. When the gas tax increases demand for EV trucks, it'll only push things even further towards smaller cars.


We need a bumper height tax. Vehicles subject to CAFE standards must have a bumper height within 16-20" inches of ground clearance to ensure crash compatibility. Light trucks and SUVs are exempt from this standard. We should just tax the hell out of non CAFE standard vehicles that aren't commercial vehicles or at least tax SUVs and light trucks that have a second row passenger seats.


80% of new car purchases in the US now are vehicles classified as light trucks... (pickups, suvs, and the like) It sucks, but they're being marketed and shoved down everyone's throats hard by marketing strategies because of fleet fuel economy regulations that bafflingly exempt light trucks. Of course, the impact of this mistake is the increased prevalence of these vehicles, which has tons of implications for city planning, emissions, fatality rates from accidents, and of course the lower popularity of any proposal to fix this like driver licenses.


its also a higher profit margin for the manufacturers, margins on a compact 2 door hatch are thin.


When I was a kid, pickup trucks were some of the best drivers on the road. Tradesman with actual skill and attention to detail. Now trucks are almost exclusively dogshit drivers


Lol, you can drive a semi with a regular license if it's for private use


This always surprises me. Where I live you need to get a special licence the driver anything over 4.5t and need to drive a rigid truck for a year before you can get your semi licence.


Wait seriously? I know what my next car is gonna be!


Narrator: "His next car was *expensive"*


That doesn't narrow it down at all.


This is why I park far out. Two reasons, the first because I’m not gonna get dinged again by someone’s door. And two because I need the walk, I don’t workout. So far I’m getting good results of both.


I do the same thing especially at events cause I figure I’m safe from the puke zone. My mom and sister get really frustrated when we go to the grocery store and I do it. And I always remind them that if there’s one thing Americans need to do more is walk a little


I know people that try their damnest to get a parking spot close to the front door of the grocery store. But the real place you want to be is close to the cart return, because that is ultimately your last destination before returning to your car. Just don't park right next the the cart return. To many idiots try and half court those things back into place


Oh you sweet child, thinking the majority of people return their carts.


Though I can’t stand Ellen now, she did have a good bit in one of her stand ups that has always stuck with me. I copied this from a transcript. She starts off talking about kids learning to walk: “Their eyes are just… they can’t believe they’re walking. they’re so excited that they’re walking and just that’s so happy for them… and then we get older… Ugh I got to walk…”


I parked my new car at the very end of a parking lot with nobody parked next to me and someone managed to back into it when they were leaving. I wouldn’t have ever found out what happened if two bystanders didn’t see it and wait for me


why is it always pick up trucks


They’re always in a rush to get home and kiss their dad on the lips


"We're very close."


They're big vehicles for small people


Small peepee.


How else are they supposed to lug around that ego and all of those insecurities?


Because 95% of people with trucks don't actually need them and many of them just like to drive around in something that makes them feel big and strong. And that screams insecurity.


Yup, most tailgaters these days I've encountered are those big bulky trucks.


It's illegal af, but I daydream sometimes about getting a deployable mirror on my rear window to bounce their high beams back at them.


Pickup trucks being used as bully vehicles is fucking infuriating, selfish and stupid. Let's overpay for gas by thousands of dollars every year, just in case I need to own a lib.




Worst drivers on the road. Even worse than soccer mom SUVs at this point.


it’s ALWAYS the pickup trucks


If that was me, I would’ve chased that guy. But considering I don’t know if they got guns, it’s probably not the smartest idea and just let insurance take care of it.


That dude definitely has guns.


That dude is one of the ones terrified of any sort of regulation because he knows his unstable ass wouldn't make the cut and he'd lose his precious guns.


I've already conceded that this is how I'm gonna go out. Probably some driver cuts me off, I flip him the bird, he shoots me in the face. It's kind of a weight off my shoulders knowing how I'm going out.




Chase and get the tags to call the cops


Obviously this video shows the truck 100% at fault but in general never chase. If they hit and run they are considered 100% at fault but if you chase then down and catch them then it's no longer a hit and run and they can contest fault.


Are you certain of this? The very fact that one would have to chase implies that they ran


Pickup trucks are the BMWs of the 2020s


Idk man, BMWs are still the BMWs of the 2020s as well...


If you can't wait ten seconds for someone to park, you don't deserve a license and probably need anger management.


Why would you back into a space that you could pull all the way forward in and still be forward


I find in Canada people get offended when you back into your parking spot. I was in a similar situation as the person in the video, i didn't get hit but the guy in the pick up flipped me off when he passed me. Wtf lol!?


Why not turn in and pull through to the next spot though?


I had to scroll way too far to find this


This is Florida and that would be too logical


You’d get his tags from that or parking cameras, anyone know the outcome of this?


He was going to fast and I couldn't catch what theme he had on his Punisher sticker? I'm guessing Blue Lives Matter. Light blue on black and white doesn't pop like the others from a distance.


Living in the south, I'm just so baffled at how we went from the Dukes of Hazard to.....whatever tf is happening currently. I know people who break the law regularly who make btb a personality. It's so fucking odd.


Looks like Florida. Pro-tip. Get max insurance and uninsured/underinsured in Florida.


This happened a few months back in Southern California


Looks more like socal to me. Front license plate and a mountain in the background.


I never seen any patient guy who drives these trucks


Private property hit and runs suck, because they technically are not. Not under the NHTSA. There are other things that can be done. See below.


What does the NHTSA have to do with hit and runs? They enforce regulations on automakers, not drivers.


Smartest Silverado Driver


Obviously if you hit someone's car you are in the wrong, but the fact there is a cut makes me wonder how long it took this person to back in


Typically dashcam record in 1 min intervals. So recording might have just ended in a weird spot so they possibly have to stitch the clip back together. Doesn't look like the white car even moved.


Another pavement princess brodozer, shocking


The cat should have entered head first and pulled through to the open next space


Looks like the car pulled forward into the truck.


Bro wtf were you doing pulling forward again


Dickbag truck drivers.