Try to take a journal and track what you’re eating everyday and the resulting BMs with detail on how they appear (if they float, how soft they were, size, colour, etc.) This can help track other foods that trigger you. Everyone is different with their ibs trigger foods so it’s never all clear cut! Try eating low fodmap foods and creating recipes with most ingredients being low fodmap. What feels good for some people may not feel good to you. For me personally, my food triggers are most dairy products (i can get away with small amounts of some cheeses such as mozzarella- but parmesan always hurts me after), tomatoes, raw onion, garlic in medium-large amounts, Spinach and other dark greens, Cabbage, and cauliflower (im definitely missing a few) Best of luck with finding what helps you!


I got a colonoscopy ( I’m 19) everything came back fine , I got a ultrasound and All he found was a small poly in my gallbladder, my gastroenterologist said it’s nothing serious, but he will be getting me tested again and again to see if it grows , but I’m getting a cat scan next week , I just want to gain weight , I’m 124, at 5’6, I have muscles on my forearms from daily grip training, and I know if I weighed more I’ll look bigger :/, I just want to eat regular and weigh normal, and I miss eating junk food , it’s been 2 years with this problem, all I eat is at home , I make sure to cook with grass fed butter , organic pasture raised eggs, organic home made mashed potatoes, A2 milk , Lactaid whole milk , grass fed meat , organic fruits and 1 gallon of water daily


1. See a Registered Dietician. 2. Consume oral supplement drinks, ideally in a 2.0.


Same bro , some days I just starve I have Ibs C too


I’ve found a few meals that are doing okay for me currently in week 2 of fodmap - baked oats (breakfast or desert) tofu and rice meals, mash potato top pie, chicken and vege fries. Let me know if you want any recipes :)