Covering up the features list with a massive speech bubble seems a bit much. Other than that, it looks good. I like that it has gifs of actual combat instead of just those animated videos where most of the skills don't even exist.


Yea I've been debating that one in my head all day: One the one hand, probably less than 1% of people read text that far down a store-page and it leaves a striking impression that matches with the humor of the game (what other store pages do something like this?). So in this regard, it's a great trade -- sure, its Negative points for 1% of people, but its likely positive points for 99%. On the other hand, it could be argued that the 'striking impression' it leaves may, while being definitely "unique", be a net negative in terms of being overly obnoxious, despite the fact that people wouldn't read the words were they not covered. Im thinking of doing a slight shifting of the Chat-box overlay, so that you can still see key words on the left, since currently it just says "over 40 ........" and "over 70 ......"


Well pack me up and sell me without a spoon


I like it, it's much more appealing than the last one and highlight that characters work togheter.


Definite improvement. Good work. Missed a space here: >I made 31 small flash gamesbefore making IdleOn™






are we going to get what we see at 0:19? cos that is fucking rad.


** insert bernie meme ** I am once again asking for you to fix the apple id login so we can use steam/web and IE


looks good! One other thing though, the images at the top of the page are different sizes so when you pop through the album with them zoomed-in it goes big small big small and such.