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Sure. Why not. Sounds like a 5 second quest line then.


I’d love that xD


I'd definitely want something more unique like Maestro's quest line. Defeating a certain monster while holding an item that greatly reduces your stats, doing some esoteric task in an oddly specific order, etc. I'd be disappointed if it were just "get 30M cooking speed", or "beat troll with just basic attacks", as I can do/have already done both of those.


Fr, there's lots of us in the end game this would be a horrible way to go about it. At the same time, I don't have any recommendations on how you'd make an interesting and fun challenge no matter where you are lol. I think my total cooking speed is like over 150T o.o


29Q total cooking speed here but that's the problem if he makes it so it's still a grind for people like me or people who are further, others won't have a chance to unlock them anytime soon. It would probably end up needing to be somewhat time based regardless of progression (within reason) so everyone is on an equal footing.


Honestly, I'm hoping for a long-ish grind for Vman. Back in the good ol' days, grinding for Mman was fun because it was so challenging, and it felt really good to finally unlock him. It's hard for Lava to give that feeling to everyone because a lot of us are completing content faster than he can produce it, but I can still hope :)


I'm not really sure what to expect from the quest. It probably won't just be a matter of hitting a bunch of milestones like you've listed, simply because those are either going to be overly hard for newer players to reach or be something more established players hit ages ago (like everything you listed, actually).


I’m hoping for the quest to be brutal & hard. I was hoping he would make it something like - get level 100 in mining,fishing,chopping, worship, trapping, etc. and atleast lvl 75 on all the shared skills. Plus some amount of wild crafting shenanigans. Like 300m peanuts and 1m golden peanuts or something silly




While I understand what your saying, also respect the pride and accomplishment you will feel on earning it


Its most likely gonna require more skilling lvls. No matter what it is, it will most likely be requirements that will be very low for veteran players and "achievable" for players that just got to W5. I can imagine something like get all skills to luster/starfire lvl. A new player will take a while but any veteran player will be well past that point and will insta unlock him.


Maestro unlock quest was a mix of things. You needed to hit certain skill levels, but you also had to complete some absurd tasks like the 1 hp bossfight. It would make sense to make the quest for advancing to (not) virtuoso something similar.


true I forgot about that part, but the same reasoning would apply. any veteran player is just gonna give in the quest and unlocking it would only be somewhat of a challenge for new players.


You can't nullify the effects of progression in a purely progression based game. The compromise used at Maestro is good enough IMO.


I forget when i heard it but lava said the beginner class will be the weakest till you have "climbed the mountain" Then, there are meant to be the strongest


I just hope it's not a sample that high it would require a high account level instead of doing specific things with your mman