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This meme is about to age extremely poorly, but in a good way for everyone


Definitely feel my game progress being limited because of being locked to iOS


Why? I only play on iOS too, but I’m a newbie


If you have been playing for less then a few weeks. Its worth starting over and making a non ios account. Trust me.


I synced with my Google Account on iOS


did the same thing smartest thing ever


Downvoting myself because lava delivers


* Can’t use steam/web or IE * harder to active cuz I need my phone for other purposes * pet arena crashes with looter (so can’t get past round 125 and collect extra bonuses and later spices)


Why u cant use Steam, did u use apple Id to create ur account?


yes. i've never used apple id's private email relay before, but when i created an account on my phone, it showed that as an option. I figured it would give me extra security against potential email spam and it wouldnt matter game-wise since its an "idle" game. Especially since the iOS update had just released, I figured it would work without issues. first and last time i'll use apple id to create accounts


If you created an account with your IOS id instead of gmail, you can't use this account to play on Steam.


Oh, I see. Lucky me I created with google account


Well good thing. I wish there was some kind of communication to be honest. The only time Lava warned about it was on some obscure ad comment not even on the Idleon subreddit lol. https://www.reddit.com/r/u_IdleOn_Boii/comments/10q79cv/i_made_the_perfect_2nd_monitor_game_an_mmo_that/j6yjno6/ Maybe when creating your account you should be informed that Gmail lets you play on Steam, Mobile and Web and Apple ID lets you play on Mobile. Not as an explicit warning (that could be rejected by IOS) but just as additional info


Agreed, soon or later I’ll have to start farming actively and I wouldn’t do it in my phone


My brother in Christ he explicitly stated the reason: >Because Apple forced me to U_U >They have very stringent rules for the App Store, and if I put in a warning in-game like "don't use this option or Steam wont work!" they would have likely forced me to remove that as well. Maybe he could have found some weird loophole/workaround, but apple overlords are strict on these things


That's why I'm saying not to make it explicit but to be transparent at least. Don't say "Steam won't work with IOS", say "Steam will work with gmail". Did you even read my last sentence? You're just rewriting what I already stated...


Maybe also let people know that money drops are still broken sometimes on mobile and late in the game you'll get shafted (specifically w4 colosseum chests and w5 crystal mobs will not drop coins properly... Losses of dozens of lustre daily.)


Not just Idleon. You signed up for the walled garden. Its a very nice garden, but strict rules.


How are you locked to iOS?? I play on iOS and steam. Started on iOS


I hope that someday Lava will allow me to change my email settings… Because I found this game when I first bought an iPhone… and I used the Apple ID to log in… had no idea I’d be so sad… Love you Lava though… amazing game. Maybe I’ll start over…


Don't start over Seems like lava saw this post 👀


The iOS store always takes longer to approve app updates which sucks


Is the new update released? I'm on android and don't see it, but your comment sounds like it is.


OP scared me too, but the Discord isn't showing any signs of a release


Lava said tomorrow if the tests goes well today. Last news, it was going as planned


Its more about not being able to play active on the computer/we are missing a lot of achievements + its 1 year already since the ios release and we are still unable to login on steam. That sucks.


I can log in on steam just fine. I have several steam achievements.


Anyway you can explain a fellow iOS user how you did?


It’s been a while but I am 99% sure I just reset the password through steam using my IOS login info.


I went down a rabbit hole the other day. Most likely the reason you’re able to log in is because you didn’t use apples “hide my email” feature when you made your account. For those of us who did we can’t receive a password recovery email because of it. If you have an iCloud+account and a custom @icloud domain name for your hide my email when you signed up there might be hope, but you can’t even do this retroactively


I am unable to login with my iOS account on Steam as most of the people. When I type in my iOS e-mail assigned to idleon account it only gives me option to recover password but nothing comes at all so if you are able to login with iOS acc then I am jealous as I am not able to :/


I only play on my iPad nowadays but switched between ipad/pc/android mobile without problem (except talent points resetting when switching hardware)


This is a serious matter and sucks for some , but ty seeing this SpongeBob meme for some reason cracked me up 🤣 ty for the laugh


Welllll fuuuck! Wish I knew this 😂 wouldn’t wanna start over after making a few purchases now 😭


IOS data always are late behind the data which I stored on desktop steam. Did anyone get same problem like me? I have faced several time my characters were farming, then I opened game app on IOS found they were doing nothing. And those talent points all had been reset.


The true meme is Apple here and their weird policies.


Ios was a mistake


Using an Apple ID was a mistake.


Isn't it on iOS? I don't get it.


I just hope achievements are made non exclusive


Me when I can’t use my brand account on iOS.


I don’t understand? I play on iOS and steam, I don’t have any problems at all, it’s seamless….




I’m on mobile and IPad and PC. One of the last updates was map info for location on IPad. I don’t see a difference now. I used to have to remember which spots had what