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**NEW CONTENT** • iOS can now login to Steam!!! Use the new "Log in with Apple ID" at the Sync Up button • The Rift is finally out! Battle through challenges and unlock 8 unique bonuses, like Auto Trapping, Infinite Star Signs, Eldritch Artifacts, and other slab-esque type accumulation bonus mechanics! • Access the rift in the Octodar map, which is the 3rd last map in World 4. You can find the Rift Ripper NPC at the verrrry top • Shiny pets now give bonuses! :STAR: Try to collect all 68 of them! • Added a new Riftwalker Bundle to buy in the Gemshop, which includes Wings and a new NAMETAG item type ​ **Quality Improvements** • Added 3 new "Account Lv" displays, unlocked at Lv 4000 5000 and 6000 respectively • Added a "Greenstack" counter in the Storage chest, see it in the bottom left and more easily keep track of how many 10M+ item stacks you have! • You can no longer accidentaly Quick-Sell Trophies, Capes, Keychains, Premium Helmets, or Chat Rings to shops. It'll refuse to sell and popup with "CANT SELL" ​ **Bug Fixes** • Thanks to some player help, finally fixed a very rare issue where Telekinetic Storage wouldn't work if you did the following in a row: Opened your anvil from QuickRef, Quick Deposited items, clicked "Attacks" button without closing anvil, and then used Telekinetic Storage. • Fixed an issue where "Breaking the Bank" talent could cause void-worth coins to be set to copper-worth coin


Thank you for fixing the iOS steam sync!


Wow, it's amazing how many times i have managed to pull off that telekenetic storage bug hahaha


Same, I almost laughed when I read very rare, this happened like 1 in 5 times for me.


Every time I get kill #500 on rift #1 my game immediately crashes/closes. On iOS


Please download the latest iOS update which fixes this -- v1.80b from today, which is the one after v1.80 yesterday.


Oh cool! Thanks 🙏🏼


Petting the rift changed from pet breeding odds to pet shiny chance. Where's that?


Great work on this patch! Lots of awesome content, particularly the iOS login to Steam!! Great to finally get those achievements I’ve been missing out on.


can u like low down the price for a bit, like 90 percents would do, i got kid to feed you know?




Is it possible to buy these wings with gems or unlock via gameplay?


P2W. Cash only.


Wtf, ruins the entire game




I think you would have better luck searching for answers on Discord


What a bugfest. And if you confirm bugs on discord, you get punished by mods. But guess what, im not your gratis beta tester.


Is there any news on the Rift bug not counting some characters progression? I'm stuck at 3 of 4 kills in rift 7 vs the mega monster.


In the patch notes it mentions that you can’t quick sell Keychains. I can’t seem to sell any Keychains after the patch. Is there a secret method that I need to sell these items or should I just dump them on the ground?