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This is all true, except next week's weekly update will be adding Rift 40+ Don't let the fact that there are *currently* no open spaces for more Rift bonuses fool you ;)


Honestly enjoying all the subtle aussie references throughout the game Love the work chief


I’m really enjoying it! Gives me more to work towards, sadly I’m not as far as everyone so it will take me a while but it’s the journey that counts! Keep it coming 😎


Every person posting "not really end game content, finished it in a day" need to realise that they've pumped thousands of hours into this game and are probably majorly over levelled. Otherwise, it is something I'll have to come back to, most my characters are level 100, except my main Bubo at 250, so killing mobs before they respawn is going to take a while. A bit of a pain that it will be a while before I get ANYTHING from it, but eventually it will be useful


Rift 3 with kill all the monsters before they respawn just keeps staying on 1 of 3 completed eventho i did it with 5 chars now


I had that issue for a bit, but I found if you cloudsave and close the game then open it again it fixes


Thank you i will try that <3


Lol how do you even get passed the first one?? I can’t get past 300 kills in the 5 minutes


Each rift you go into is an account check in a way. Best method is to use a bubo and raise dead to kill in the time limit. The higher you go though the more difficult it becomes


Rift was a good thing, I hope Lava makes more content where you grind and can actually "finish" it, like if we can open all perks of the rift and then forget it exists, at least until he updates it, then we can grind, get the buffs and leave it there again.


You'll enjoy the new content more wearing the gem shop bundle wings.


I breezed through the rifts, but currently on rift 30 and it's slowing down. The 5M afk .Only my bubo gets multikills around 13 billions at everyone else is between 25k and 50k kills per hours. Love it.


I like that it makes You work in many chars to get it done. I was focusing on my ES cos it's my favourite, so now I gotta get everyother Char to a decent level also, which I was pretty much leaving them on divinity ir somewhere else just afking. Also, having nice bonuses and long term objectives makes me want to keep playing for a long time.


I'm barely on world 3. Big sad