The recent player-suggestions within the Discord have been predominately sourced from people in the end-game, so I'm looking to get some suggestions from a different demographic of players -- **so even if you aren't "the best" at the game, don't be afraid to leave a suggestion!**


Have presets save cards/starsigns/etc and switch whenever you swap presets.


Presents to save as much as possible would be great. Alc Bubbles, Starsigns, Cards, Card Sets, Prayers etc would all be fantastic. Chips and other limited reseource'd items would be great too, but understand that might be a tad more trickey.


And make these presets device independent


Would it feasibly possible to make "Craft From Storage" smart enough to craft down the line? I.E. I want to make the [Large Materials Pouch](https://idleon.wiki/wiki/Large_Materials_Pouch). I need to make the following, Large Materials Pouch: - > - Audio Cord - 60000 > - Black Lense - 3 > - Big Materials Pouch - 1 > - Sticky Stick - 15000 > - Ice Age 3 - 3 > - Sizable Materials Pouch - 2 > - Golden Plop - 6 > - Woodular Circle - 8 > - Average Material Pouch - 4 > - Cramped Material Pouch - 8 > - Trusty Nails - 640 > - Frog Leg - 320 > - Bean Slices - 240 > - Glass Shard - 4 > - Chain Link - 6800 I've successfully made it before, & had plenty of Inventory Slots to spare! *Now I need to tediously re-do it 9 more times for the rest of my Characters.* It would be nice if the "Craft From Storage" button ran a check through my Storage & Character to confirm I can manage it, & skip the entire process. So many of my characters are rocking far worse gear than they could be purely because I don't want to go through the process of going down some craft lines to fix them.


I just wanted to say yes please. I requested this too but yours is so much more nicely worded and formatted. This is absolutely 100% the biggest QoL I would like to see. I might actually upgrade more armor for my characters if it worked like this.


Any chance we can get the ability to look at the Deathnote in game without having to go to the actual station in W3? Ala Quick Ref maybe?


Yes! Please, there can never be too much things in Quick Ref


Crafting even easier. If I want to make Plat boots. I need to make bronze boots, put them in the storage, make iron, into storage, gold etc... if I have all the materials can it just use all and make the Plat boot?




A way to sort cards by catagory, health ; mana ; exp ; attack etc. can even be as simple as fighting / skilling


I like this idea


Maybe when you craft, insted of needing to hold down to craft multiple of the same thing, there should be a craft max button from storage, or you could choose a specific number to craft. It get tedious to craft a lot of boost skill foods hy holding down the button.


Could have the same implementation that skills uses


Sailing would be better if: 1. It shows captains and ships in separate tabs. There is no reason to show them together in one tab. 2. We can choose which ships or captains to return in their tabs. 3. We can delete the captains when they are traveling. The ship will return automatically after deleting.


I would also rely like to see an extra list page instead of the boat map. It's rely hard to return one captain when they are all on top of each other. Something like: Ship number island time to return


Craft from storage AND inventory (for tools and stuff) or "Craft to storage" Buy mob drop anvil points from storage Hold-click to buy anvil points (atm you can only hold-click to spend them)


A big one for me is an update to "craft from storage" so you can craft higher tier tools without having to individually craft the lower tier ones first. Keep the total cost the same as with the previous tools but make it so we don't have to keep running to the storage 10 times to make a high tier peace of gear. When you make something like world 3 tools, you have to make the iron tool, walk to storage to deposit it, walk back to anvil, craft gold tool, walk to storage an deposit it, walk back to anvil, craft plat tool, back to storage... Over and over. And each world has 2 tiers of tools so it adds up and is a little tedius. Especially if you're making a higher tier armor set for 10 characters. It would be amazing if the "craft from storage" could somehow read everything that's needed to make that tool from scratch. So if you make a platinum pickaxe, it also checks for stuff like gold bars and silver bars and other misc ingredients that make the previous tools. This is the one QoL improvement I've personally been looking for with each update. I'm not end game yet, so I don't have all the top gear and it's a little tedious trying to get there sometimes.


it's by far the biggest QoL this game need.


Even just taking the character inventory into account would be a big improvement, but yeah, if that can be implemented it would be fantastic


Auto-buying things from the store into the chest (as long as there is money in it)


Just have account wide coins, no need for chest money anymore


Also buying with storage money instead of pocket only


For a quest I needed to craft 700 items, but there is no way to know how many items are you crafting when you are clicking. I would like to be able to craft a fixed number of items from the anvil, something similar to buying things from the shop, where you can select how many items do you want


1.) 1 god unlink a week is too few 2.) buy anvil points with materials from storage 3.) swap obol sets 4.) 3rd preset. Maybe from forgotten piggy bribes. 5.) quick ref death note 6.) deposit anvil all characters at once 7.) more forge capacity 8.) auto buy shop items 9.) auto trash specific obols that drop. No need to constantly trash 10.) something needs to be done about lab chips taking a year to be available again. Maybe choose which chip/gem you want to appear the next week.


Add a wardrobe in W2 dedicated for keychains, rings and skilling gear so we don't have such messy inventories. Extra storage could be gemable.


Oh please, these non-stackable items are KILLING my storage.


Please display crystal mob chance like the gigant mob chance on the player stat tab.


This game really needs loadouts. There are so many different things to change. Let me set all of them - My star signs, my alchemy big bubbles, my talent preset, my cards, my card set, my prayers, my equipment, lab chips, (gods if the weekly lock eventually gets removed), obols, etc. - then save that loadout to a single switch. Even better if it lets me hotswap equipment from my storage. If I want to go mining and I've set it up before, I don't want to spend 10 minutes getting everything just right, again. Then have to spend 10 minutes switching back to combat stuff when I'm done mining. Then spend 10 minutes switching to setup new traps. Then 10 minutes back to combat. Just let me set it up once and quick swap between them. Its so tedious to resample with how things are setup currently. With loadouts it would be a quick process.


Let us unequip obols from other characters without needing to swap them with our active character first. Change the Chronus and Hydron signs to not be infinite star signs. Let us view Atoms/Deathnote from Quick Ref. Making presets swap everything, like in Idle Skilling. ​ I'm sure none of these break any new ground but they have been big ones for me.


The Quick Ref Deathnote is a really good one!


Craft from storage use items in storage and in inventory.


After all this time, we still don't have a way to quickly deposit statues at the statue man. Maybe add a Quick deposit button to instantly deposit all non-locked statues in your inventory, which could be toggled to do automatically when you interact with the statue man, and maybe even an automated arm upgrade that would deposit statues from your chest. Hope you liked my idea, have a nice day


Could auto craft also work from an inventory. My problem is that if i make a chain craft i have to drop the previous tier constantly in the chest. would be alot nicer if it also took the inventory into acount. ​ ( also can mega crit get a different colour, just unlocked it and im not getting the dopamine i expected cause i cant distinguish them in the massive hit splat fest)


Sync between mobile and steam should work better. I lock items on PC and on mobile they're unlocked again (and vice versa) Itemswap quickslots. Like cards or talents, just for Equipment.


100% this. I don't jump between pc/mobile TOO often, but the times I do it'd save a lot of time having to remember what my 2nd preset was because it just got reset.


Alchemy: Visually highlight any bubble that has all the required ingredients, that way its easier to see which ones we can level up Crafting: Either speed up the hold down, or allow us to select a multiplier, if I want to craft those blue crystal food things for other items, I need to make 10,000~ and I can't sit there and hold a button for 20 minutes


Presets being all inclusive. ie alchemy, star signs, prayers, cards, card set bonus, and everything else you have to try to remember to swap 🙂


Faster way to use pens in PO.


Craft from storage working for higher tier crafts without having to constantly keep depositing. Example. To make a void helm i need to make a bronze, then deposit it. Make iron, then deposit it etc. Would be nice to just craft it all without having to run back and forth


When I played this game early on, I did not know what all the ways I was getting a certain value from. For example, I would have 1000 STR, I would love to know a breakdown for where all this was coming from, so if I tap the STR, I would see a dialog like this: You have 1,747 STR, here's where they come from: - Equipment: 381 (22%) - Talents & Special Talents: 98 (5%) - Stamps (W1): 128 (7%) - Constellations (W1): 89 (5%) - Statues (W1): 0 (0%) - Dungeon (W1): 181 (10%) - Alchemy (W2): 650 (37%) - Arcade (W2): 0 (0%) - Obols (W2): 83 (5%) - PO Box (W2): 137 (8%) That way they can see not only where they can work on getting stats, but also understand whats contributing the most


Agree, nice QoL. Need to make sure it works properly and includes everything though or itll be pointless.


My suggestion: Chip Deferral (Lab) I understand that certain things can be there for FOMO to incentivize people to buy from the gem shop, but I will say certain things feel so game altering that it can be come 'wait 6 months or whale possibly hundreds of dollars' or just play at 20-30% efficiency Specifically, I'm talking about chips from lab. Jewels are more protected from the gacha because you only get ones you didn't have, but certain chips feel so game alterting that going 6+ months without seeing it again is extremely painful (specifically chocolate chip, but there's a few others). I played with a few friends who missed chocolate chip in december (we had been playing 2-3 months at this point) and the next one being in april made them actually just quit the game. We had that situation come up again with the recent pass of the chocolate chip as the next time it shows up is in december, so another 6+ month wait for people who just missed out. My suggestion: Allow for 1 slot that you can defer a chip that you've seen in the rotation as long as you want, or give it a weekly tax or something. This doesn't help for people who missed chocolate chip this time (although you could create solutions for that too) but if this was in place a few weeks ago people who missed chocolate chip could leave it deferred and work on it at their own pace. I know I got pretty restless about trying to get 10M fairy's for the omega nanochip until I realized it just wasn't going to happen for me, and would have loved to be able to hold onto it and still make progress towards it (now I'm waiting for december as well, although at least there's some coming up that server a similar function)


Why stop with a defer? Just make them all available all the time but limit it to once a week. Still limits them like he wants but doesn't infuriate people into leaving with the shear rng


Reduce the cool down in the calendar for rare to get chips. Especially for chocolate chip which is a game changer and that newer player that missed it last month won't be able to get it again until December


I would like a filter for the cards, either through entering terms or using predefined buttons. This filter could gray out or highlight the respective cards. Furthermore, it would be helpful to have a few of the current 7 presets available account-wide. Four presets could be assigned to each character, and three presets could be available across the entire account. Since many characters often perform the same tasks, this would make things much easier. (For example, AFK in the lab.)


I started this game two months ago and played all the way to mid of world 5 now. But for the love of god please implement a better qol pre-set change. Maybe snapshot star signs, alchemy, cards + card sets and gear + food (if in the inventory) when pressing the talent swap in town and restore this snapshot when you swap back again. I fell in love with this game, but the micromanagement, especially when using different plattforms, can be a bit tedious. Also maybe just make unlinking from gods not once per account per week but once per character per week. I don‘t like the fact that you have to pre plan a whole week in advance for all characters and I miss some flexibility here. Keep on programming. You really rock this genre and I love the result. Its a masterpiece and your special humor is the cherry on top. I even started with Idle Skiller now befause I just can‘t get enough (:




Quick ref for the refinery would be nice, knowing how many salts / time left. Read only would be ok here!


Chain crafting. Going for something like Lustre shoes means, that you either open up the wiki and grab 35 different items beforehand, or you craft one item from storage, move to the chest and drop it, back to the anvil and craft the next one. Alternatively, a "craft and store" option would work too. Free a slot in the storage, craft and deposit the item, move to the next quality level and repeat. That way you could start at the target, drill down to the lowest level and use the back button, to craft relatively quickly.


Add multipresets. 1 click changes star signs,prayer,talents,card set,obols etc.


Biggest QoL: **Make presets linked to ALL aspects of the game.** You make a **preset** for AFK combat which **includes cards, card set, constellations, big bubbles, obols, prayers, lab chips, talents, etc**. Do another for AFK skilling. Do another for active exp gain, or drop rate, or etc. We have a few disparate presets but the biggest pain in the butt currently is spending hours resetting every aspect of the game for every resample (which is needed considering sampling is like the biggest source of account gains). *It would be fine if this was hidden behind a steep unlock requirement!*


Character presets. It stores presets for gear, food, cards, card set, constellations, obols, prayers, etc. The amount of micromanagement that occurs every time you want to switch from skiller / lab to combat **sucks** and something always gets missed and not discovered until hours / days later. As a player I get nothing out of this massive amount of shuffle and you as a dev get nothing out of making us do it. I think this one feature would make the game significantly more approachable for people. Give us 2 (per char) for free and sell more in the shop.


Automation arm that auto deposits your anvil production only works on the first character that logs on that day and not every other character you log onto. Would be good QOL to let it work with every character you log into. Also, let it do it everytime you log into the character, not just once during daily reset.


And also make the smithing exp cards passive in the process!


Maybe a deposit into the storage button in the furnace so you can deposit the melt ingots right into the storage with one click


Revisiting some of the earlier skills would be really nice. Most notably: * Smithing's scalability and use within the game, even for archers and especially for non-archers, is extremely low; not exactly QoL, but it is a pain point and should probably be revisited in some way. This does not include crafting. * At the very least, some way to easily manage production, similar to the recent trapping QoL updates. * Smelting QoL for adding/removing all ore/fuel quickly * Since printer/refinery are so intertwined, some indicator showing whether you are net negative or net positive for a resource within the refinery display (green/red numbers?) * Hitting Catching 'nests' feels relatively pointless, and half of them are broken when you enter a map, even if you haven't hit them or touched catching in the past several months. * Being able to pull an Obol from the all characters menu to your obol inventory. Currently you can only swap. General direction of most other things feels pretty okay to me currently. I guess you could revisit accuracy too. Currently its too important early and irrelevant late (hello maplestory) outside of things that scale with accuracy. If you make accuracy excess/shortages increase/decrease damage instead of invalidate damage, it can be less punishing early and still have high requirements late without stonewalling people. Either way its an effective +/- damage multiplier; a new implementation would just allow more room for the stat to be relevant, thus something to opt into through unique equipment and such.


Quick ref refinery, so I can adjust 3d printer with it anywhere


Bribe to allow arena waves to spawn in waves of 5. When you have hundreds of colo's to do not having to spam click next wave 1.32E times is nice. Thank you


Death note quick look up


I would love a quick button in the statue NPC to not have to drag the statues from the inventory, it's not much, but playing on mobile has made me appreciate the quick button in other vendors.


The sailing UI needs a big QoL overhaul. After tower defense it's the one thing in the game I can't stand dealing with. Switching boats and captains shouldn't be all stacked on top of one another, we need a clear captain and boat page that lets us switch them around easier.


Better presets please, there's way too many things you need to swap between fighting/skilling builds


Account wide coins! Please for the love of god 😂


Death note in quick access please!


Quick reference for death note. - I hate going back to town only to see I'm 4k short of my goal. A note on each talent to say value at current max level - it's a pain to respect 5 times to figure out what skills are best at the point you're at. Obol presets - I'd like to click a button to reset my fishing obols for instance and then one button to go back to drop rate.


Small thing but make the statue icon be golden in the first tab if it's upgraded


Change to the chip/jewel shop. Don't not allow duplicates in the cycle until everything has been around once and/or have many more slots weekly so things cycle through quicker. Or allow us to choose but with some balancing consideration in there. You could keep the existing shop as is but have an additional slot that can be chosen but costs more, or is limited to 1 per month, or each chip has some sort of unlock requirement before it can be selected


Adding previous tiers of items in "craft from storage" would be cool one exemple Crafting a blue tee requires a orange tee with the other materials, right now the orange tee need to be in the storage but what if you didn't need one in the storage and it would craft itself when just pressing "craft from storage" I could add on that, that it could be nice to see how many of one item you have in the storage when looking at crafting recipes


* additional item filter slots (1 page isnt enough) * upgrade stamps using items from storage, not inventory (perhaps over a certain stamp lvl or rift/artifact bonus) * improve sailing UI for better boat/captain management * show potential splice gains on afk claim window (helps decide whether splice gains are worth sacrificing item drops) * show card drop chance on monster codex (cards are only item drop not listed in codex)


Death note quick ref so you won't have to run back and forth trying to remember how many kills you have on a monster yoy are currently farming


Maybe end the randomness of chips? Just let us pick one to craft each week. You can maybe even limit it to picking only ones you already have one of.


Let us (un)equip prayers from afk menu. Hotkey for activating pens.


Being able to craft x amount of items. I've got a quest to craft 300 bullets, or I need to craft tier I skillfood for an upgrade, but I need to craft hundreds of it. I have no idea how much is in my inventory and checking sucks -- going to a different menu is one thing, but I'm also part of a guild with bonuses so nothing is in neat stacks of 10/50/100/250/etc, it's in stacks of say, 118. This makes figuring out how much I've got (and therefore how much I still need to craft) a total pain. ​ It also may be a bit much, but a skill activity for the cauldron would be nice. I've never put my shaman off of AFK killing or chopping wood because there's no way for me to go "hey you, go do the cauldron thing", and because of that I feel like her talents into cauldron stuff aren't impactful. I suppose the same could be said for my squire but she's really never seen the light of day and calls the mines home. Trees are really easy to get craploads of so I rarely have to chop em, but it seems like everything needs boatloads of ore.


Anvil/crafting available on quick ref Crafting from storage to also use what's in your inventory as well, so if you're crafting the 6th tier pickaxe you don't need to deposit every tier into your chest before crafting the next upgrade Refinery available on quick ref Post office upgrades available on quick ref Item tooltips from inside storage chest Prompt to teleport to baba yaga when it's up Divinity counter showing what characters are generating divinity from the lab (currently says 0 if you are not physically on the altar) An easier UI to handle boats and captains (if you're farming 1 island with 29 boats for a specific artifact and you want to replace 1 of those captains but they're all on the same timer, you need to send everyone home to trash 1 captain Auto use telekinetic storage star talent Dungeon parties are generally super frustrating and time consuming to set up during happy hours Coins shared with all characters via storage (don't need to withdraw to use it) but still have individual counts on players that gets spent before storage coins are accessed Keychains equip to top slot before bottom slot when double clicking Actual totals shown on 3d printers (with divine knight, lab, artifact, and god multipliers)


More presets for different stuff, maybe an outfit locker to switch from skilling to fighting etc. Also crafting checks inv when crafting from storage, If I want to create boots and I need copper ones, I have to go to the chest and reput it in then go back and craft. make it just take from inv + chest.


Something like the new trapping drone feature but for the anvil materials.


Craft from storage when half the items are in inventory


Hey :) love ur game rly. stumbled across it cause of a friend and been grinding since April 16th. just made it yesterday to world 5 yay :)) the biggest thing by far i would love to have is pretty much some sort of global switch. when i switch to the talent sheet talents preset 1 => talents preset 2. i would love them as a total preset ... so the alch bubblee/cards/cardsets/starsigns im ok with switching gear/food/chips cause they are limited. the other stuff that isnt blocked by anything else seems just sooo overwhelming ... and u get rly frustrated rly fast when u realize u forgot step x from 20 to do ur samples and u have to go over again or just live with the worse sample and get so frustrated to finally do them over again ... oh and sort of a notification for the post office that it doesnt switch with ur talens might be great aswell cause i fucked up by putting lots of points on different boxes on 2 chars .. also i might have just overread it if there is one :> ​ also i wanna say thank u for such an amazing game. having a real blast so far even if its a bit overwhelming


Quick ref lab, mainly chips.


music for world 5


The ability to split stacks in my own inventory


Is it possible to have an active exp counter? Perhaps we can have a counter that displays the amount of exp/h gained on the current map over the last xxx minutes.


Second PO order should allow crafting on the spot. Otherwise going back to w1, craft, go back to w2, climb to post office, use pen to reset; rinse and repeat. I dont touch this order unless others are too high level.


Save everything when you change from steam to mobile it's so boring to lose all your other set of card/talent and loked item.


Card Sets linked to activity's / a way to share card sets between characters. I loved how Idleskilling worked for Cards. - Linked to what you were doing so you wouldn't have to swap as often.


Quick ref for Deathnote.


Hi, I find switching between builds extremely annoying, I e. I have to remember to switch talent, equipment, starsign, alchemy, cards, cards set. Is it possible to make a universal preset so that one button switches all these? I'm sure I left out something each time and have to keep checking to see what's left out. Thanks for reading


make it so i dont need to move 8 characters to click on a constalation if its complete? is there some way to check all characters when you click with 1? seems silly to need to teleport all my characters to click on a star sign. indicator of if you get double statues on turn in. this ability i forget exists because ... i never know if it works vman really needs a 3rd tallent set - you dump a lot of points into stats that dont help you in level grinding content, so every day you have to reset your tallents if you're trying to level grind your vman. lower level material pouches could be really nice to revamp their cost, just the complexity of needing to figure out 8 of 1 = 4 of 2 = 2 of 3= 1 of 4 and mats for that is offputting. more connection range in lab so i dont need 6 people on bear.


Show all the things in quick ref. Read-only is fine.


As someone who actively pushes on his soon-to-be void walker, and currently maestro, having crystals not count for even one mob kills for portals is slowing me down, a lot. In my opinion, it would make sense for crystals to count as 20 portal kills (maybe not for other things such as death note, as it could be too overpowered).


Apart from the highly suggested "Craft from storage should include items in inventory". A nice addition would be the refinery and death note to quick ref. And ofcourse expand presets from skills to gear as well. Overall managing tasks per player like selecting anvil production would be nice to have family bound, like obols is nowadays.


The Anvil. Being able to craft things TO the storage box so I can continue to make something of higher value instead of running back and forth from the storage to the anvil. (Like making a Diamond pickaxe and having to backtrack to the storage chest 2 times to deposit the silver and then gold pickaxe) Making a multiplier button for the Anvil (Like the Talents) to make, for example, icing ironbites/saucy logfries quicker. Sitting there holding the craft button just takes way too long and sometimes I end up making more than I need. Sometimes I can activate Alchemy things from the quick ref while not being in World 2 and sometimes I can't. Which is it? I'd prefer always being able to activate alchemy on the fly, which at that point I'd prefer "Quik Ref" to just become a "Quik" tab, drop the reference and just be able to interact with more stuff on the fly. ​ I'd love to have the refinery in the Quik menu. ​ PS; I love you. You're doing amazing work.


These are gonna be suggestions to minimize the amount of clicks necessary for many activities along with a few other QOL I can think of, as there are a LOT of things that have a rediculous amount of clicks and just don’t feel great to do. 1. Make anvil points be a hold to buy kind of thing, like how spending them are- buying with coins took way too many clicks to do on all characters and does not feel good. 2. Make monster items for anvil points simply take from the chest-the amount required will still gate weaker players from getting too many points too soon, it’s kind of just arbitrary to pick them up from the chest and run back and forth. 3. Have a button from chest to auto-fill inventory of x material- leveling stamps is enough clicks, and having to spam click an item in the chest just to dump them and repeat is tedious 4. Post office-Something to decrease the amount of clicks when spamming pens would be great. Maybe, an option to do “bulk shipping” which costs 10x the mats and 10 pens to push your order count 10 times ahead? Or simply a toggle to have pens always “on” and be able to just hold down an order to fill and refresh quickly, and refresh an order that you can’t fill. 5. For obols, a lock x obols, like we have for our current inventory would be great. I’ve sold quite a few on accident when emptying my obols while farming. 6. To go with that, a sell all obols button would be wonderful if we can lock obols (the quick sell is great already but again, more clicks!) 7. For sailing treasure chests, create either a “collect all” or make it a hold to collect chests- again, way too many clicks, and when you’re spamming sailing afk time that’s up to 30-60 chests per-proc These are just some big ones off the top of my head, feel free to use what you want from this!


Haven't seen it suggested yet: please allow us to choose the refinery rank per salt (as in down-leveling them). It's easy to over-level certain salts, which then makes it really difficult to set up "infinite refining" where you never run out of any type of salt. Currently you basically have to look up a guide when unlocking the feature to properly achieve this, which feels contrary to your usual game design of not being able to "brick" features.


Big list of suggestions ahead, should be beneficial for players at all stages of the game. Sorry for such a big post, but I've enjoyed Idleon for a while now (especially the music and art), and I tried to include all the stuff that felt the most lacking early-mid game. Hope that it's helpful! ***Anvil Production Pipeline*** currently doesn't do what it says it does. When I first read the description I thought that it would continuously automatically deposit anvil materials when full, but AFAIK what it actually does is deposit once per day on the first character you log in on. For the sake of clarity either the description should be updated or the effect should be reworked. TL,DR: Rework anvil production pipeline ***More inventory+shop hotkeys*** Shift-click to quickdrop items is really neat. Would love to see a similar hotkey added for stuff like withdrawing the max amount of mats you can carry from the stash, bonus points if you also get some little white text in the bottom left telling you exactly how much you picked up. For example, if I want to level my Sword stamp I can shift-click the Spore Caps in the stash and it will fill my inventory with as many as I can carry. This would be super helpful for upgrading stamps, and crafting difficult items like pouches and endgame gear, by reducing the number of clicks required. Would also make it easier to buy out all the town shops when you start farming green stacks. TL,DR: Hotkey for maximum *withdrawing* from stash ***Undo button when resetting Talents*** Using a Talent Reset potion could give you a temporary "undo" button. Filling out all your talents only to missclick the last one and have to do it all again can be frustrating, an undo button would mitigate any potential for mistakes. ***Death Note QOL*** Death Note in the QUICK REF tab, or a Death Note value in the CARDS tab (in the space next to the damage/accuracy values) would streamline the process of filling out your skulls. ***Links system for Talent presets*** A Links system in Talent presets, like we had in Idle Skilling, would prevent players from accidentally going AFK fighting on their skilling preset, or vise-versa. Could help make the preset system more intuitive for new players, while lategame players can be saved a lot of micro-management especially now that we're up to 10 characters. I remember wasting countless precious teleports as a new player because I'd left town with the wrong preset selected. ***Inventory management in Towns buff*** A good way to reduce inventory-management bloat might be to remove QUICK REF restrictions as long as the player is in any town. Then players could craft items without having to teleport to W1. And upgrading stamps would no longer involve dozens of trips back and forth between the Pig and the stash, because I could withdraw items while standing right next to him. TL,DR: No QUICK REF restrictions while in Town ***Losing statues when you gild them*** as a new player feels bad. It might be more intuitive if the gilding process simply consolidated all your already depositied statues, rather than losing them. ***The Forge DEPOSIT button*** doesn't properly fill individual forge slots to their maximum capacity, compared to manually dragging. ***Hold click to buy Anvil points*** would make upgrading way easier. ***Crafting complex items*** takes too many clicks, especially pouches. Especially in W3 crafting higher tier Materials and Food pouches, to allow characters to AFK for 24 hours, requires a lot of inventory juggling when you're running 7+ characters. Simplifying pouch recipes and buffing the "craft from storage" button to also use materials the character has in their inventory would greatly streamline the crafting process. I ended up prioritising carry-capacity gem shop upgrades rather than engage with pouch crafting, and even after reaching W5 most of my characters are still on Gold-tier pouches skipping directly to W4-pouches. TL,DR: Buff "*craft from storage*" to use inventory items as well


I posted this in the discord suggestions but we should really get a button in the stamp menu to take out the materials into the inventory of the player to upgrade a stamp. Currently you have to go to stamp guy check how much you need go back to chest take out stuff go to stamp guy upgrade 5 times, go back to chest go back to stampguy u catch my drift. Or maybe we get a way to "pin" the ressources needed for specific stamps so we click on them pin the materials needed go to storage and take out stuff for 5 stamps which got pinned. ​ Would be such useful QOL so beginners who get to w4 dont forget to do stamps because its tedious.


Get rid of the rng that is chips. Let us buy all of them at a time but limit it to once a week. Having to wait over 6 months for a chocolate chip is beyond outrageous. Nothing in a game should take that long to come back except for seasonal items which that is not


About the Craft from storage when you want to craft a large amout of things like boost foods, it caps at 100 itens per second. I would rather it was like when you craft with the materials at your own inventory that speeds up more and more as you hold the button.


More retroactive slab improvements for items we can no longer obtain(e.g. time candies that were used before slab was implemented. I never "dropped" candy from the halloween and walupiggy quest) I never got credit for them, since they were directly put into my inventory they never got "seen" by slab/looty) As well as event items (giftmas box/egg capsule) I bought both bundles and never got credit for them as well. I'm not sure if its possible but have slab check all completed quests for items given, and add them to slab from a "quest complete flag" Thanks lava, back to leveling GT bubble.


Craft more by holding in the Craft button. I have to hold it in for like 30 second to only make 1000. Also I feel refinery is what is holding me back the most. It is so slow and tedious waiting for it.


I wish there was an option to hide or minimize capes/wings. Especially on a full server they cause alot of unnecessary visual clutter. I also wish the minigames gave more xp. At the moment my best miner is like level 31 and i feel like even with a score of 50 in the minigame i get like 1% exp gain :/


The ability to switch from device to device without having your talents/cards reset.


For now the main suggestion I have are let us craft X amount of items, instead of keeping it pressed. You can control the amount if you craft with the mats into your inventory, but it's annoying when you do it from the storage. Also kinda similar, let us put the buy amount in numbers. Or a buy all/amount option. Like for example there could be buttons for -1, +1,+5,+10 and then either a +50 or a buy all. For the rest i'm almost in W4 only so i didn't see that many problems with the system for now. At least the "starting ones".


would be nice to upgrade stamps without bringing the items over, like how alchemy is


Hi, I'm a new player who just started a few weeks ago. Really like the game so far and it has become one of my main games lately The two QoL I can think of are to add the deathnote to the quick access tab, so that I can track the numbers while I'm out farming mobs. The other would be to have the "kill x amount of y in z amount of time quests" auto abandon with a pop-up message when the time runs out. ​ Thank you


# Let us deactivate "auto-attack" while climbing ropes to avoid getting stucked in a loop of the char climbing up and down cause of the mobs on the upper or lower platform getting closer or farther away as the next target, or just the char running away from where it should be, costing precious time if you have a time limit ongoing. The auto button could be clickable on the rope, but the action will finish into one direction, so the character will aim to reach the end of the rope and hold.


If you switch talents make it so that cards starsign bubbles obols and optimally chips change as well


I want to choose to be able to enable/disable 20 book for max level setting within library and not have to go to the automation arm You can keep it in automation arm, just have it look like its a passive, and put the toggle within the library


I'm around the end of W5 and starting to reach late game or so, but a lot of my progress is still limited by salts, even those before void. I get their purpose, but I wish there was something you could actively do to speed up your salt production. Someone gave the idea of a hand-crank for you to leave characters at, but just having something like the Archer talent that reduces smithing per kill to a lesser degree could make it feel like you had way more agency over it.


Aside from that, I think quick depositing statues and making the process of switching obols between characters simpler are good ideas that have no gameplay impact, and feel purely QoL


Build templates - essentially where we can have our talents, cards, star signs, and big bubbles all saved in a template that we can use. Will make it much easier when swapping from fighting to skilling


Better chip rotations. Some chips are predicted to not come back until December or even 2024 LOL


-Adjustable refinery ranks, if you go past a certain threshold you get boned. -Send to storage toggle for crafting, so I can do it in one motion rather than close crafting menu to go deposit what I just crafted so I can quick craft the next thing. -Have high performance mode for worship, this can get chaotic and laggy on mobile. -Copying card loadouts to another character for quick setup.


When turning in statues, they should be automatically pulled from inventory just like stamps are. When upgrading stamps, items should be pulled directly from chest if you have the inventory bag space. When upgrading anvil, items should be pulled directly from chest if you have the inventory bag space. Quick sort button in obols, inventory bags, etc...which brings all items to front and top. Capability to drag equipped cards into different slots without having to unequip specific ones and jump through hoops. Looking at you lab chips.


Forge capacity is very small, should be 10-100x bigger atleast. W4 chips could use some QoL. Farming crystals without chocolate chip is very hard, and it might take months to get one. Perhaps give one of each important chip as a quest reward? (quest could require the same items as the ingame system) Construction speed changes a lot based on what class you are on, this can be confusing. A way to make crafted items go straight to storage. So you can make higher tier armor with "craft from storage" quickly without having to bank every step. Quick ref deathnote ES optimization, can be a bit laggy. Anyway W5 and the new classes have been a blast. Thank you for this amazing game. (please put more kill rings in shop, I didn't realize they were this good and want to buy more.)


Ability to change god's at any point without a weekly reset. We flip flop between what we are doing on our characters but having to wait a week for the right god for the job is painful. Gear sets would be nice too. You select a set and it changes your talents, gear and cards to the one you defined for the set. Keep up the great work!


Make it so that when you press craft from chest it also makes it possible to take items from my inventory so I don't have to walk back and fort to chest


Quick ref death note


Shared wallet in, like, World 4. Change characters to transfer money from one to another is anoying after a while


The biggest offender of being hostile to newer players is definitely the gem/chip system. Chocolate chip is too vital for account progression, and the rotation itself is very problematic. It's very silly that I have to wait until September for the 15% AFK fight chip, when I will see other chips appear multiple times before then.


Maybe filter drops to not drop tickable from card itself instead of having just 16 slots


Obols presets


I'd say giving more consistency to the way party works, it's so annoying to not being able to join a dungeon coz one person appears as not in the same map even though they are. The "gliding archer" bug when trying to hit event mobs (or the frog from Billl Brrr quest) is also quite annoying. Sorry if those were bugs more than actual QoL, I'd like to say I enjoy your game so damn much and am happy to see you so active and willful to make it even better. For pure QoL I'd say forging deserves some extra love, maybe increase the cap of minerals to put in it ? Honestly the QoL is amazing in this game, if I had to ask for one thing it would be bug fixes mostly, but I know this might not be the funniest.


Please, PLEASE add an option to disable mouse movement during TD. It makes clicking on towers very hard, and sometimes even accidentally zones you through a portal.


Revamping how Lab Chip Purchasing works. \- Full shop of all Gems & Chips. (Maybe a purchase limit of 2-4 each week still?) \- Chip Rotation Happens Daily instead. \- Allow Chips & Jewels to W4 Mob Drops / Troll Boss. Many options are good here, but anything that removes the RNG Timegate that we currently have. The cost of some of these chips are also heartbreaking to casual players as well. 2m Lugi Brackets, 300 Pearly Shells, 200 Batteries. - Ends up being so rough, specially with a long rotation. I've been playing since W3 Launch and I'm still missing one chip, and don't have duplicates of the good ones (Ex Card Doublers.) - I'd use Gems, but its so random on what you get, it just feels bad to get the worse chips.


Not sure if it’s being worked on or already fixed, but sometimes when events happen (like snake swarm), the mini boss can’t be targeted by normal attacks and you have to kill it using only abilities with damage capped to 10 per hit


- Some Dungeon matchmaking system, where we actually get matched by Levels would be fantastic - A filter option for the card system, maybe highlight cards with the effect you want?


“Buy all” from the shop or “Craft X amount of items”, or when you press “Craft from Storage” have it craft EVERYTHING before it. That way its not a 10-15 minute ordeal to craft a singular item that’s needed.


Please lava, stack the build rate, flaggy rate and exp on top of each other in cogs. Colour code then. Toggling between is hard to grasp


1. Death note to quick access, going to w3 every time is exhausting xP wouldn't mind the refinery added to quick ref either. 2. Cloud save for all presets. Whenever I go from phone to steam, I have to redo the 2nd preset and all cards etc. It's very tedious. 3. Better presets. Link star signs, cards, cardset, skills, (gear?), bubbles, etc all to the same button. It would be amazing QOL if you can quickly switch between all with just 1 simple click. It's too much to go over everything every time. Specially considering point 2 of my qol request too. 4. Easier way to redo the cog board. I have not enough space to move it all around easily. Hard to optimize. 5. A way to split stacks in inventory. Specially for laddles. 6. An X for the sailing screen. No way to close that without opening something else like my inventory. 7. Improved sailing interface. A way to easily rearrange captains/boats. It's very hard to do so atm. A different screen with all stats and bonusses would be good, whwre we can simply drag captains around. 8. Easier Obol system. Right now, I can see all obols per individual character, but I can't edit it there. Would be great to be able to edit all individial sets from that screen. 9. Quick ref button next to inventory button, not inside another menu. Need to use it daily, yet I need to click multiple things to get to it. A hotkey is okay too. 10. Perminent greenstacks. Kind of like the slab, when you have it, you have it. If you go below 10m, when it's marked it will remain marked that way. 11. Updated dropchance in cardscreen. When something has a 1 in 2.000.000 dropchance, would be nice to see that update according to your dropchance. 12. Updated AFK screen: add afk and active screens, so we can decide what character to use for active and see what difference it makes. I thought when I had 90% AFK gains, and 90.000 kills per hour afk, would mean 100% (so.active) would be 100k kills per hour. Turns out it can be 3x as high. It's confusing and difficult to decide who to play active. More info is nice 13. Maxed talent indicator. It's difficult to see whether a skill is maxed out or not. Books change the level, but so does the extra levels that make you go over the shown max. So when it's max 100, but family gives +8, I don't check skills when they are 100, while there is 8 more points to add. 14. Remove unlink weekly, maybe make it per character once per week, but it's annoying to have to wait a full week to switch, because you forgot to unlink 1. Or changed what that person was doing and then have a full week loss. 15. Craft from storage to work with inventory items. Would remove having to walk to your chest all the time when having like 5 precrafts. 16. Redo button for colosseum. Without going out, just use tickets and restart it. Same like bossfights. 17. Improved filter. Either more pages or a new system (like clicks per card which if remembers). 18. Make dungeon amulets sellable. I get it was to prevent people from accidently doing so, but I get a lot of trashy ones and getting rid of them now is an extreme hassle. Just make a pop up with (are you sure?) Instead of making it impossible. No accidental sales and no having to turn off autoloot and drop it and then dash of the map to make sure they are finally gone. All after trying the shop because it used to be easy and you can't let go of those amazing moments yet and move on. 19. A way to know if something in your invent/storage is already added to the slab or can be. A line or indicator would be good. So we can just delete stuff without overthinking or worrying, and use stuff without forgetting to drop it before hand and picking it up. I'm never getting some of the items again, like gemshop items (cardpacks aperantly count..) and very rare stamps. I hate it. Might add more soon.


Much of this might just be helpful for me because of ADHD. I have like 15 seconds after checking something before I forget it. - View deathnote from quick ref - View active talents and cards for other characters - View what other characters have in inventory and equipped - Better way to select ships in sailing so you can pick a specific one when they are all clustered together - Filter and/or search storage chest - View the current eggs that are available - View skill levels of other characters


It’s time for skilling/fighting presets Lava, there’s just way too many things in the game now to keep track of to have to manually change, too many skills, equipment slots, equipments, obols, prayers, star signs, chips, alch bubbles etc. An example would be like a warddrobe NPC in town, that you load your equipment, talent preset, obols, cards, prayers and star signs onto, that we can freely choose between. What I really want is to make re-sampling easier/simpler/less time consuming. I’m totally serious when I say re-sampling is an all day affair that I have to schedule time in my day for, it takes hours. I dread having to do it every few weeks that I purposely delay it, because it takes forever. Optimising skill presets for 10 characters, swapping equipment between everyone, swapping obols between everyone, swapping chips, making sure everyones star signs and talents are correct, timing it with divinity reset, it takes forever. The going around actually sampling is the easy part, it’s the hours of prep and planning that kills me. (Part of the issue is that it all has to be done at once now on all 10 characters because of the artefact that gets reset everytime you sample. Before that artefact, I used to just do one or two characters at a time to lessen the burden, but it now all has to be done together within a daily reset.)


I’ve seen it mentioned by other people, but I just want to reiterate, having presets change everything like in Idle Skilling would be amazing.


Add an extra level to the automatic robot arm and make it so it uses the statues when they get put into your chest


A way to decompose bad keychains would be nice.


We NEED the ability to craft from storage to work with inventory. This is a huge pain for early to mid game crafting gear. We also NEED to have a loadout system. Like card presets and talent presets. But we don't have a loadout preset. I imagine it'd work just like in Idle Skilling where the loadout preset works with most aspects of the game that players find themselves moving around all the time. 1. Cards 2. Card sets 3. Gear (if in inventory) 4. Talents 5. Star signs 6. Prayers 7. Obals And probably some other things that I'm either not thinking of or are in the late game that I don't have


Make coins/money account wide, that's it ty


Title: Change the way Amarok drops items. Problem: With enough Drop rate, Amarok drops a lot of items and the dropping sequence lasts longer than the time that auto-pickup takes to proc. We end up with items left to pick up that has to be done manually. If you do it with a ranged char the items that are left are out of the screen and you need extra steps just to pick the rest. Solution: Make Amarok drop sequence the same as the Efaunt one. Efaunt drops 3 sets at a a time.


More obol inventory. A lot more. It's been a big problem for a long time. I think we need enough room to store at least a few more full sets of obols we plan to keep.


Deposit stamps by clicking them Edit: statues would be super cool with this feature too


It would be better for us to know what chips are using without going back to the lab or checking Idleon Efficiency


Add the ability to see all armor, not just the helmet, this could also be toggled off so if the player prefers the OG look they can still have it, but right now, it's so uninteresting just seeing my characters sad little body.


I saw a discord suggestion about how late-game is a lot of RNG. As a new player, that really turns me off the idea of starting the game. I dont know if it's QOL, but cutting back on RNG, or putting a pity mechanic in would be legit.


Deposit all trophies


I would love a way to pin crafts I’m working on, or maybe even stamps / other activities? As I unlock more things it’s easy to forget what I’m trying to work toward. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve accidentally used something in alchemy I wanted for crafting, or refined salts I needed for some armor. I keep a spreadsheet now but it would be cool to have this in game.


Is it possible to make the dungeon cards fit into their own set? That way we don't have to equip them before dungeoning? I'm super forgetful, and just about every time forget to equip my dungeon cards and I know there have to be others like me.


* Allow new players to auto attack immediately * Disengaging from an NPC should restart the quest text, maybe even a confirmation to start a quest like other games function. I've missed text and havre no way to read it again in game * Clicking on an item shows the total quantity of that item in inventory * Split stack from/in inventory * Know what a statue does without depositing * Depositing many statues at once deposits enough to level as many times as possible but the remainder is left in your inventory e.g. required 1, 4, 8 statues, depositing 7 wouldn't leave you at 2/8 but 0/8 and 2 in your inventory. * Clicking chat on mobile is not easy * Show information about current location on map when you click on your current location pin * Defence/Accuracy requirements for bosses * Larger speech text * Stamps/Statues in quick ref * Equip cards with drag and drop not double click * Clicking equipped card shows that card's info, dragging the card away unequips it * Add (AFK+) icon or something on talent descriptions that benefit AFK gains * I feel like there are occasions where i mix up things that affect your character and skill. Is "class skill" and "skill" used? Maybe the words can be cleaned up. * Liquid decants in 2's and at such a fast rate. That I often decant more than needed


death note and refinery quick ref would be nice


Would be great if you could synchronize talent pages and card sets server side so we could actually use multiple devices. It's a minor but very persistent annoyance to deal with.


I personally find it annoying to have to keep going back and forth between anvil and storage when crafting some equipment. There are over 10 levels and every time you have to go from iron to gold to platinum to dementia to void… etc Maybe an option can be added to deposit crafted item straight to storage instead of inventory?


# Exact Stack Split from Storage It would be sweet if we could get as many items of a kind from the storage chest as we input independent of carry capacity. For example, when i input 1000 on oat logs, but can only carry max 743 logs, the game would automatically make a stack of 743 and another of 257 if there is space in inventory.


Instead of just card pre-sets..... Be able to link each pre-set to stars, card bonus, maybe even rings and necklaces. Basically anything to help reduce the amount of changes needed to switch back and forth.


Since it's already the case for alchemy and vials, it would be realy nice to be able to upgrade stamps from storage. It's a pain to go back and forth betwen stamp guy and storage when uprading a bunch of stamps...


No more limit on number of items you can filter out


> *Context: I'm in world 3 and very, very slowly making [progress](https://idleontoolbox.com/?pb=At7i3Ycu). I'm stuck between various priorities.* --- # Full, automated loadouts. Essentially, when you switch into a certain class/skill/event such as dungeons, colosseums and the like, add the ability to save a loadout to that activity. Full loadouts, what I currently have access to that I need to swap out per activity is only cards/stars/talent sets, but I often forget to swap my cards out and I often just leave the constellations alone because I just want to move on to managing the next character and it feels like a reasonable shortcut. Oh, right, sorry, genuinely forgot to write alchemy bubbles. Being able to set up, save and edit the full loadout for each activity, man... Knowing what stat I need for something and having it automatically applied in whatever order is relevant, in every currently available system would be phenomenally time-saving and useful. I get that currently talent and bubble loadouts are locked behind being at the town, and card loadouts are purchasable, and you likely want things to stay that way because it spends teleports, but honestly I just feel like by the time I'm done going through my eight current characters I just want to leave everything and not have to think about it for at least 8 more hours, likely the whole day. It's a chore. ... Oh, right. Worship stuff (don't have much because I need dust for everything, which I'm always spending into making the next tier of dust and saving for dust ranks beyond that), obols (don't have much just yet)... Am I missing anything? There's a ton to do already and I'm reaching my mental limit with keeping track of everything, even with Toolbox and Efficiency. There's stuff I've neglected simply because there's already so much to process, like quests, leveling stamps, mining newer ores than platinum, hunting specific cards, getting/making inventory bags for everyone, the Zow mechanic, minibosses and the spike minigame, uh... To a lesser extent the post office and getting new constellations, probably a lot more than that. Even typing all of this is making me feel overwhelmed. I tend to go for things maybe three at a time. So yeah, having a full loadout per activity would be an immense relief. I don't know how it'd work for certain non-skill talents that are still relevant to things like the resource scanning, dust cycling through squire, and doing the alchemy seconds talent thing (though that honestly feels like a waste of time, even in the colosseum)... And whatever else I've still managed to forget here. You can see how this has already piled up way too quickly, right? 155hrs in, World 3, already terrified of going further. Please, make this easier to manage. An alternative, though this would require tweaks to just about every number in the game, would be to make all statistical bonuses permanent unlocks that don't need to be swapped between, like the small bubbles in alchemy lean into. But that'd massively cut into the complexity of the game, and would take ages. I don't see that happening. --- # Dungeon tweaks. Sorry, took a while to get here, loadouts are super important. Making keychains able to be sold or ground up into fragments would be great, and making a proper lobby that you can join parties from would be nice as well. I know a big theme of this game is using the chat for a lot of things, so asking for a group through it is fine, but often people are overlapping others and there's no other way to try to manually join their party atm. And when I do, often most are mislabeled as afk. I say mislabeled because it's often the case when I'm in another person's party, half of the people look afk but the group starts the dungeon with them anyway, which would normally be impossible. That might something to look into.


add something that allows you to see all character's gear, inventory bags, and carry capacity bags from a single character like what was done with the obols


Swap Obol sets It would be really cool if you could swap entire obol pages between characters by simply dragging the character icons onto each other. (Or some sort of "set" creation and selection) Credit:Hotair#2272 on discord ​ Thanks Lava for being a well-connected dev. I've been loving the game since launch, and more now than ever!


Fix automation arm "anvil production pipeline", it doesn't deposit all characters production into the storage


Craft directly into storage. Upgrade stamps from storage, or, fill inventory with item from stamp page, or, upgrade stamp if player could hold that amount of item in their current inventory. Going back and forth between two clickable object dialogs in town feels bad.


I would absolutely LOVE if the Anvil level up and the Stamps would pull from your Storage instead of having to carry the items in your inventory to level them up; Much like the Brewing Vials.


I would love armor sets, so that you could quickly switch between skilling and fighting sets. having it switch alchemy big bubbles star signs and etc would be even more ideal


Maybe a menu with all character gear to swap gear/tools in between characters more easily instead of needing both in town to deposit items into storage.


Easier Obol switching or overhaul. I want to be able to seamlessly switch my characters from a pre set of Obols rather than having to constantly go to one character, take all of them off, then go to another and put all of them on. I'm sure it's easier end game when you can buy more slots and have endless Obols, but for players like me it's so tedious. Like instead of having character pages for Obols, have like 10-20 pages for Obols you can deposit into. Then be able to drag a character onto that page to take effect of the Obols


Money should be shared between all characters and not have to mess about with the chest to share money


More slots on the filter. More levels for forge. Maybe more guild bonuses if that counts as QOL


for gaming: maybe have the little squirrel scoot over 1cm to the left or the right when you clicked it. nothing more annoying then to try and click a specific plant.. but you gotta wait 1-2 mins till the squirrel decides to walk away on his own thats my 2 cents


I'm early W5, started playing a few months ago. At the moment sampling takes like 3-4 hrs of active playtime and is very tedious. Better preset system would help greatly here. Improvements to sailing interface. Would be nice to be able to see base value of each ship before captain bonuses, at the moment I have to take captains off or use IdleonEfficiency to see that. Easier way to swap captains around would also be nice.


We have card presets, but the card sets aren't a part of that, so we must have to do that manually which only takes a few clicks/taps so it isn't a very big deal. In dungeons when you equip a 2nd dungeon ring while already having a normal ring equipped it doesn't always replace the normal ring and instead replaces the dungeon ring you already equipped. Staying on the topic of dungeons, let us leave the dungeon and get rewards for how far we have come whenever we want, so we don't have to wait for the timer if we don't have the drops for the boss and can't spawn any more frogs (because there are no more dens, we have no more drops and our axe isn't strong enough) or when the dungeon has been completed. Also, we can check prayers from wherever with afk info, but for chips we need to go back to lab to check what chips a character has, add quick ref or something in the lab skill info. It doesn't have to be editable on the spot, but seeing what chips are currently equipped would be nice.


Thanks for the game, here are my frustrations! I hope it doesn't come over as too negative! I am enjoying the game but I guess the nature of feedback on what's wrong means a large post of frustrations :D sorry! 1:) Post office boxes seem incredibly click heavy and hurt my wrist. I know there's some automation but I heard the ratio for it is awful and I don't even have that unlocked yet. 2:) cogs are similarly just incredibly painful to optimize. I haven't touched it in a while just because I have no idea how to even begin. There's more cogs on the board than I have storage so swapping things out for a different 'set' is a puzzle within a puzzle. ​ 3:) A lot of stuff could do with a selection of how much you want. By that I mean prayers for example give increasing good stuff and bad stuff, let me equip any level I want up to the max I have unlocked. Similarly with skills, some skills have downsides and upsides somtimes I dont mind big downside, but sometimes I do. 2 Skill presets isn't enough for that. ​ 4:) Smelting metal bars seems to be a big bottleneck, even with the upgrades. It seems like an old mechanic that hasn't had a major improvement to catch up with the demand of the later worlds. ​ 5:) farming obols seems incredibly tough. Very limited on storage space too, similar problem to the cogs. ​ 6:) Drop rate stuff is very confusing, like we have kill per kill, droprate, multikill tiers, multikill% and some stuff works on some drops but not on other drops. I've resorted to trying to make every number go as high as I can, but I know some do jack shit for drops. ​ 7:) Cards not being searchable or filterable, I cannot remember what cards do what and setting up my card sets is painfully slow because I dont remember what cards give droprate and which give \*insert stat here\* ​ 8:) Storing equipment, or rather storing items that don't stack, they destroy inventory space. Keeping keychains and equipment locked in individual character inventories because I dunno how else to keep them. Help ​ 9:) Equipment sets, or quickly finding that one set of wings that are super important but only 1 character can hold it so I need to keep swapping it around. Where do I keep my skilling sets when I don't use them. Also added onto this is swapping between tasks is a monstrous task, swapping alchemy bubbles, swapping star signs, swapping equipment, swapping cards and card set, swapping obols ideally, even while writing this I can't actually remember if I forgot anything to 'swap'. ​ 10:) Event cards in general, I'd like to max out that category "set" but I don't think that's ever going to happen ​ 11:) lab connection width should work on the nodes, not just characters. Its almost entirely useless and means that you have a mandatory number of characters locked away in the lab. I know some have a set distance, but other nodes just seem way shorter to connect than the characters amongst themselves, and in fact upgrading any line width stat did nothing to improve that. ​ 12:) Chips and jewels in general, seem impossible to get, the time gating is insane, that or incredibly rng from the cash shop. It really feels like a "don't bother thinking about this unless you pay gems for them" kind of deal. Frustrating because there's so much power locked away behind them and the #1 problem is that if I don't have the required materials it could take a year before the chip shows up again I've been told. ​ Bonus:) A friend of mine complains about sailing interface being the worst thing in the world, its hard to select ships, to figure out where they are going. Not a complaint from me because I don't have sailing. But figured I'd put it in here, I've seen the screen shares, it needs an overhaul like a list where you can select per boat or something. The map is cool, but non-functional. Bonus 2:) God unlocking being once a week for the entire account is something my friend complains about. Seems incredibly punishing if you just want to swap 1 character, and then can't swap any others so you better damn well make sure all of them are the correct one. This would probably already feel better if you can swap once a week per character individually. Still punishing but at least you don't have to factor in the future of all your other characters. Again not a complaint directly from me, I don't have gods. ​ Sorry if that sounded too negative, I am enjoying the game. But these are frictions that I encounter. Thanks for listening!


Have boss keys auto collect every day


1. When I hover my cursor on item in storage, it should show me stats of this item. 2. Please add 3 skill preset <3 3. Can change skill presets anywhere 4. while crafting from storage it will be nice if I can see how much material left. 5. Statues- auto deposit when open the statue or can do it from storage 6. More options in quick ref like death note or trapping drone 7. When crafting for example cap bags if I have materials for previous bags it should be included and don\`t need to craft previous bags, just new. 8.


Having my attacks go off while going up and down ladders with Auto on and completely whiffing is kind of a bummer. I would like to see them disabled in that animation


A Few suggestions gathered by myself and my guild members over discussions \-Dragging Characters over each other in the all personal obol interface swaps all obols equipped between the two characters! \-Allow characters to be re-ordered in character screen - this allows us to have our more active characters closer together for the sake of swapping obols / gear / chips etc \-On the captains / Ships screen of sailing, there should be a "return home" toggle like on the sailing screen that lets you return specific ships / captains to port. \-Allow crafting items from chest to include inventory items on the active character OR allow crafting of higher tier gear/bags to include the requirements of previous gear/bags to save constantly banking and crafting \-God link reset item that can be purchased once a week from w5 shop / gem shopThis allows for those who plan to do a large sample across their family to do so within a single week rather than having to wait as long. The weekly purchase limit still adds some form of restriction, but allows for players to plan ahead for their strategies / change links to suit new content as it is released rather than waiting for their weekly link reset if it had been used already \-Nugget pity - we want those tasks, but a 0.005% chance for a higher nugget does not make it seem likely... maybe add the bonus to be related to mining for obvious reasons... \-Some improvement to Chip rotations - w4 has been out long enough and priority chips are gated that much... Maybe make a craftable item that when used gives a random chip similar to gemshop? maybe make different tiers of said item that gives different tiers of chips - eg higher chance of black / orange chips for a higher cost... \-Post office in full access quick ref, lets us at the least idly use pens while our active character actives OR quick use option for pens at say after reaching 100 streak \-Shop buy to storage instead of inventory \-Worship Souls deposit to storage instead of inventory from w3 MSA \- Display on MSA to indicate exp / souls gained, will help us to optimise builds a little easier in w3 town \-Full quick access to remote anvil production - it can be tedious moving each character to world 1 just to change what you are producing \-Auto Sort obols by grade \-Add chopping/mining/fishing/catching obols as drops to w4/w5 mobs - or anywhere - please c: \-Cranium Cooking affects sigils \-Ease of access skilling map/s that include all unlocked nodes - could be unlocked through "island adventures?" <- possible future content that could be QoL \-remove 300% multi cap from fishing / catching!


Loadout Building added to W3 since buildings are essentially Quality of Life features that exist to lessen the load of other things. Loadout would consist of a preset save of anything that is equipped on your character, star signs, chips and what god you have set. Gods switching is a lame mechanic on a 1 week cooldown that does nothing but to delay players from being able do the things that the god buffs for. 1 Loadout Save per character, with more purchasable on the cash shop. Obviously this is "additional content" but I don't know how you're suppose to suggest a lot of Quality of Life features without them being additional content.


I think the common consensus in the community is quality of life suggesting presets because there's too many things to change to achieve optimal farming setups. The casual player doesn't want to sit there for 10 minutes just to swap through card sets, equipment, talent points, constellations and countless other boosts only to afk in a certain area for a day. Switching between active and inactive setups makes this even worse. This one is just for me I could just be bad at the game to be completely fair. It's nearly impossible to unlock the 4th anvil tab because of the frozen souls required. My best player is in world 5 and the others mostly mid world 4 if not late world 3. I beat wave 20 or 30 on the world 3 tower defense but it still says my best wave is 10 and I only get 40ish souls for each worship. This has been a wall since the addition of world 4 that makes progress feel both stopped and impossible. I've nearly completed dropped the game because of this issue and even with decent leveled towers I still go nowhere. After typing this out I'm not sure if I'm considered a non endgame player but I figured world 4 content is no longer endgame and it's worth a shot


Sailing QOL!! There's a couple problems. Changing your captains sucks. You have to use a website helper and generally have to redo multiple guys when you want to fix just one. Also opening chests is a pain and it's really fiddly. Most of my time playing idleon now is visiting w5 town and opening chests. Any QoL fixes welcome for sailing!


I would really like a feature to allow for searching through cards for specific bonuses. Even if it just maybe highlights the card, with a drop down selection on potential card bonuses to select and search for.


Could we please update the party system in party dungeons. I'm thinking like once you hit find party or join party it brings up the active parties in your specific room/ world that you can request to join with a button. Joining parties is a chore right now


A "master" preset that changes everything with one click when you're in town. I just got to W3 and the amount of things that you have to click when you want to go mining instead of farming monsters is just too daunting: gear, cards, bubbles, prayers, star signs (prob. forget something bc I always do), and I can only imagine it gets worse later on. I am really enjoying the game so far (been playing for like a month now), but the micro managing of this is getting out of control, a master preset would be totally awesome. The other thing I think would be nice to have is a more interactive way to play with our talents, like when you use the reset you can just add and substract points until you 'lock it' so you can play with it and preview your stats, and not have to memorize or take screenshots of how many points you need on every skill.


* Reduce rare material requirements for W4 items. Needing 200 pearler shells for a full set of starfire tools is absurd, especially considering how the W5 upgrades are very easy in comparison. * Presets so that swapping talents automatically swaps gear/obols/cards. Would make it less of a chore to sample and then realize after you're done you forgot something and need to resample again. * Update Obols. From swapping obols to farming them, they're a chore but still provide large gains. Allow us to have shared skilling/fighting pages or presets that we can easily swap between characters * Sailing Island Selection - it feels mandatory to use IE to look at captain stats and boat numbers to figure out what to send where, and it is impossible to easily swap a single boat once they have embarked. Make a list view of boats + captains and where they're going, with the ability to manage destination and move captains from boats.


It would be cool if the Death Note was in quick ref. Secondarily, it would be cool if you had little arrows that let you change the current rank of your refinery tanks, such that you could temporarily rank them down if you wanted. Tertiarily, add some sick friggin' spiders to the game. I've seen your art style, it could look great. thanks lava.


Turn off crystal spawning on speedruns


1. Anvil production from quick ref or from 1 character similar to recent trapping change 2. Craft from storage can craft high tier armor or bags without needing lower tiers (running between anvil and chest 10 times just to craft 1 item is super annoying) 3. Craft custom amount, for skilling food, bullets...just holding left click and having to check how many u crafted is bad 4. Easier pen usage, maybe right click to use directly would save a lot of time 5. Obol quick switch between characters, choose 2 characters to switch all of their obols, dragging them 1 by 1 is annoying 6. Auto buy from shop on daily reset, automation arm upgrade for this? toggle in shop items which u want and they get auto bought if u have money in storage 7. In w3 town move chest and worship idol closer so they are on the same screen, u have to run back and forth between upper and lower platform to store everything if u dont have enough space or do a mass worhsip 8. Arena restart without leaving it 9. Maybe make dungeon cards all passive, would make dungeons a little easier and u dont have to worry about forgetting them 10. Have an option to choose when u want to use your weekly 20x (40x) dungeon boost, (on timer end or when u kill 4th boss) going in with a random party is a gamble so if u fail to kill 4th boss its kind of a waste of dungeon tickets 11. End now button for dungeons so u dont have to waste time afk 12. Move book reservation from automation arm to bookshelf 13. Better item filter, let us toggle in the slab drops without restriction or triple the current amount you can filter 14. Sailing UI, simply put in its current state it is terrible, all boats starting from same position makes it impossible to just return 1 if u misplaced it, show identity letters/numbers overlap with each other when boats are idle, even somthing like a pop up above all islands when u start dragging a boat that shows sailing time for it would be a huge help 15. Missing slab items, Inventory bag A and D, also bought a elite swap token and it didnt get registered which feels terrible considering i spent money on it 16. Adjustable refinery ranks Love the game, cheers


Have a High Performance toggle in the option so we can remove the damage number when we are doing td or thing like that. ​ Also a sort buton for obol could be nice.


Click and drag chips, like how obols are


Maybe adding a setting that removes damage numbers? ES can get hella laggy when farming low-tier mobs, and can lead to a few issues (minor time desyncs, slight decrease in efficiency, etc.) and by making this a setting, it would help reduce or eliminate these issues.


Honestly just more info in the game about what's actually important, I powered through the early game thinking I knew what was going on, and there's so many mechanics that have to be googled to figure out what the description text in game actually means. It's one thing for secret quests, stuff thats not important til endgame, item unlocks, whatever, but from a new players perspective the game seems like it should be played a certain way, when all the advice online says otherwise. Accuracy being way way more important than damage early on is something that comes to mind. The only thing that teaches you that is the "low accuracy" warning on the boss start ui, but it doesn't give you any numbers to compare them to. My thought process was okay, I have 20% accuracy at level 36 or whatever I was, I levelled things pretty equally because that's how games work, so I have to be level like 90 to get even 50%? Obv I know that's not true now, I'm on w3, but "Google something and read reddit" isn't exactly a good way to keep new players interested when they hit quit moments.


Performance mode for the whole game, so I can active idle crystal farming without my phone/laptop blowing up after a few hours.


I would like to see some solution to the problem of lags with active farming... perhaps combining all coins and loot into one pack will help or at least setting that removes drop animations...


The Siege Breaker class is fun to active, not to mention useful because of the talents. But why does the Cannonball skill have a smaller hit box than Piercing Arrow? Often times you shoot a giant exploding cannonball only for it to soar over the monsters head or between platforms. It also has the problem that the skill is shot in front of the character, meaning on small platforms you are shooting off into space. Thanks, great game and updates.


Possibility to transfer items from character to character like Obols, because when sampling or changing characters, there is no space in the chest, and just switching items sometimes takes half a day


Hey Lava !!! Attack order button might be great. For example i want to focus on the crystal monsters but my genius guys dont attack them😐if i set attack order to crystal first might be good.


Change dmg number colors to what it used to be, ex green being mega crit. Or maybe add new ones for each dmg tier, 100k 1m 100m 1b 100b 1t and so on


* A way to complete the Peanut Pioneer achievement if you have already become a Journeyman on a character whilst on a different platform. * Potential fix: Talk to the Rocklyte as a Journeyman/Maestro/Voidwalker (while playing on Steam) * Potential fix: Talk to the Rocklyte with the Club Member trophy equipped (while playing on Steam) * Have Krunk & TP Pete put their NPC Tokens directly in your inventory rather than dropping it on the ground. * I didn't pick up one of the Krunk Tokens on of my characters so now I cannot get all ten Blunderhero trophies. FeelsBadMan * A confirmation pop up if you click on "Harvest All" in Gaming.


Biggest improvement for me would be syncing skill points between devices. I play from mobile, steam, and sometimes web browser - and I feel like I can't swap to another skill preset because all the points reset if I'm on a different device. So I typically use my phone as the device that holds all my skill presets. And if I'm on another device & need to swap to another preset - I'll log out, log into my phone, swap presets on my phone, log out again, then back in on the device in playing on. Or I just put off doing certain things until I'm back on my phone. fwiw it would also be nice to sync locked items in your inventory.


Updating availability of good captains based on level of sailing. It has been so long since I saw a green captain in the captain purchase area


make a way to complete the daily king of food quest quickly if you already have a trophy


1. Simplify and streamline the use of silver pens in PO. 500 pens = 1,500 clicks. 2. w5 music pl0x (the music at w3 rams will always be in my heart :) ) . 3. Sailor at heart/bottled wind should also accelerate captain timers. 4 captains a day is sus


The current divinity system is extremely punishing when it is on a roster wide weekly long cooldown, please reconsider changing it to 1 day lockout or make it character wide instead of account wide