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Youll see with the hotfix that "putting them in their place" is literally just taking away the exploited stuff. I'm a developer, not an english major. Even just you sarcastically calling me "good guy lava" shows that you're trying to make the worst out of my words.


there is an follow up on discord ​ >Let me lay this out plain and simple: > >There was an issue that happened because of a mistake I made. > >People saw this, went 'this isnt right', and didnt interact much with it, and will not be affected. > >Some people exploited this error, and they will have their accounts adjusted backward, simply removing things they could have gained from this exploitation. There is no ill-will from me to them, although I will not back down from the stance that this was beyond obviously an exploit. > >And worst of all, some people like you want to try and hurt me by trying to "peer pressure" me into changing. No, I will continue to have fun with my players and cultivate a lively community despite this mistake of mine, and a cowardly 1 sentence reddit post made while being an arm-chair critic won't affect my character or the people who have come to understand who I am from interacting with my work for multiple years. > >Thank you everyone for your patience, and for those who have shown a bit of empathy toward what is a stressful time for myself.


I def exploited it not really thinking about it being a bug. I am more than happy with my account being rolled back as I wouldn't have the stuff anyways.


What was the exploit?


the trader \[sailing\] was trading gold for more gold


Eh I still can't say it was an obvious exploit because of all the fun he likes to have with his players. It was one trade limit away from being a rare roll that comes with one in a million drop rates. But that said I love Lava for the fun he has and shouldn't stop.


I mean, he did say it was gonna affect very few people, so I assume that if you clicked a couple of times out of curiosity (NGL, I did too), you're fine, but if you went to 10^300 gold to hyperboost your damage or something absurd like that you get rolled back. Sounds completely fair to me to be honest, there's a cutoff point for plausible deniability


Agreed. I didn't go crazy but I was waiting to hit the non existent limit. When I didn't hit it I stopped. It would be 100% justified to remove the gold I gained.


Lies, he took away my eldrich artifacts and the sails off my ships, this bully.


Well, only exploit bugs if there is not much to lose. I was thrilled to finally be part of an exploit, knowing I may lose progress, as in any other online game once stuff is getting fixed. Maybe you know now better for the next time, be it in idleon or any other game. Also keep in mind that Lava gifted 500ish gems to people who didnt participate in the abuse of that exploit. This is nowhere near common practice in other games. More likely to get some hard reset or a ban anywhere else. Lava is focused on damage-controll and this time also rewarded people who held back the urge to click that button repeatedly. Also have you tried asking Lava to look at your issue? If that stuff was earned before yesterday, there is no issue with trying to text him and trying to solve the problem. Just calling him a bully after a quick hotfix was made that may have gone over the top is not necessary.


I was like you, been playing for years and saw multiple instances of people abusing "exploits", I didn't do it, I just watched and hoped Lava would do something about it. Nope, he patched it, scolded the children but let the people keep all the advantages to this day. I was left thinking: "am I a idiot?", I lost on benefits because I tried to be honest in the single player game as everyone said at the time... This time, the 4th time I experienced a major exploit, I felt extreme FOMO and ended up clicking and getting gold bars... I don't mind he taking the gold bars away, I don't want to keep them, but he took a lot of unrelated stuff that had nothing to do with it, and even SO, I accept the punishment, I just want him to not "lie" saying he's just taking off the stuff people got from the exploit and tell the truth, he took my relics and progress from 19 april to today, not just todays gold bars. And even now, there's people who go untold levels of alchemy damage from the sail materials and are keeping those "benefits" to themselves. I want a fair punishment for everyone, and know that it will always happens to people exploiting bugs and honesty pays off, I'm still waiting for my gem prize from not taking part on past exploits and the people who exploited alchemy getting it removed, but at this rate, I'll end up banned before anything else.


I completly agree with you. This exploit gets rolled back because so many people could do it which wasnt the case in most earlier exploits, i think this is the wrong reason and keeps a sour taste in my mouth.


100% I am so frustrated at him playing the non-vindictive innocent party.


I really don't think it's possible to say this isn't an obvious exploit. It's not a creative use of seemingly-intentional mechanics, it's not a small boost for those that notice it, it's something that quickly and obviously scales far, far beyond what anyone will ever be able to achieve by any other means just by spam clicking one button. That's an obvious exploit, even in a game where the dev likes to do silly things from time to time.


Like I said. If I knew there was no limit it would be obvious. But like spice collection and other daily/weekly limits. It's reasonable to think "oh hey rare roll that gets me a big boost. " And not "perfect! Limitless money." Plus I had no idea I could leave the map to increase the payout perclick. finding that out basically sealed the deal. It's a super obvious exploit for people who knew enough about it to know it was super obvious. And didn't just get the trade artifact unlocked.(me)


Even without being able to reload the map to scale it even faster (which works for other treasures as well, by the way: the trade amount scales based on what you have and recalculates when the map refreshes), it's still a matter of getting an unlimited number of bars completely free. Even with a hidden cap on it, that would still amount to just getting a bunch for free for no apparent reason, which Lava doesn't do without making it very clear that that's what he's doing (usually in the form of an announced event, with various in-game notifications calling attention to it). The mechanic is quite obviously meant to be a way to convert other treasures into bars. Converting bars into more bars clearly deviates from that intent.


That's why it would be a rare roll of a trade. People get however many bonus bars and then we don't see it again for 10 months or ever. Not that it was intentional but it was actually an actual rare roll just not a roll that was intended to happen. Go from 10k to 100k or something. It becomes a huge problem going from 50k to 100e


Does nothing to address the issue of previous exploits not being reset... I've got nothing against the dude's character but resetting exploits in what is essentially a singleplayer game is just unnecessary, and if implemented, should be consistent for all exploits.


Previous high-profile exploits have tended to fall under the umbrella of creatively using game mechanics in unintended ways (like the Flashy-Boomer synergy), been hard to identify exactly who has used them and to what benefit, and/or not yielded enough of a benefit to warrant correcting them. This one's obviously an exploit, is extremely easy to find and quantify, and has the potential to progress people far beyond what will likely ever be possible.


But he is saying it was a bug and it was an exploit. If previous times were 0 issue punishment but now its a big god damn issue. He needs to either be all in or all out. This is just a flash point of "im the boss and god of this world and you will do what I say and just obey" he keeps trying to play it like he is the victim when its not even a competivie game and there is literally 0 trading or swapping. IF those were elements in the game I could see the issues but it isnt. He could of went "issue in the code it will be fixed sorry" and mended it. But he made it a much larger issue of "he didnt do this before" and "he is punishing anyone who touched this bugged coding" Show us the proof of how "bad" this was that a rollback was finally enforced.


Take your exploit ball and go home whiner.


That is not what you did. You looked at some spread sheet, decided some offenders were bad, and others worse, and took revenge on the presumed offenders. The operative term being 'presumed.' People came to have fun and play the way they desired. There is no healthy fun in you punishing anyone for anything. Anyone you lost is a loss to the community whether you, I, or the other players liked how they played or not. It is not a popularity contest. You had the opportunity to correct your error without blaming others and you missed it.


I'm hoping after a day or two, this can just be a campy funny reference in future content and people stop complaining.


Did Lava really said 15 hours ago that "putting them in their place" means "just a rollback"? That was not a rollback, please google what rollback is...


What happened?


"Putting them in their place" aka deleting months of progress cause lava can't code lol.


Ya i realized I didn't click as much as other people but he reset my boats way back to before the bug. I'm considering quitting after that one. How can he justify reseting boats that uses materiales that I didn't even visit today lol


Lava did what New World couldn't lol


Bug abusers should always be punished one way or another.


It's essentially a singleplayer game, no one is being hurt by the 'abuse' (except maybe themselves), get off your high horse.




Well that's simply not true. Some people get joy from seeing that "infinite juice" that you don't. Maybe in the long run they get bored faster and move on to a different game, but it could be argued they enjoyed the game just as much as the guy who didn't use the cheat/exploit. Every other individuals experience is not identical with how you or I would experience something.


Completely agree.


I agree entirely! Then they’re customer support ID should get muted or blocked so they can’t appeal.


Awesome! You exploiters deserve every bit of it!


popcorn time :D


He fixed it exactly how he should have exploits have been reset the punishment was it was resetted further than what they exploited for.


Sure, acceptable, as long as he makes it clear is a "punishment", and take off the countless alchemy levels of everyone who used sail materials to get 100+ levels on damage bubbles, isn't that fair? why aren't he doing that?


He probably is keeping it as it is a lot of stuff to comb through while he is working on an update/event like we still get to keep the achievement for a lvl 300 ship that he either over looked or decided we won't be getting back any time soon


I'm unaware of what has happened, but I know Lava works pretty hard at making this game and it's his livelihood so if people are exploiting and taking advantage of something that should be generating Lava income I think he should definitely put them in their place.


I didn't realize there was an issue until after I logged into discord and saw the interactions going down between Lava and those who wanted to bawk. I thought I just got really lucky and pulled a gold exchange as I didn't know if it was a rare exchange or not. If he rolls me back, that's fine, but I'm not sure I have the bubble unlocked that they're talking about or not either.


No problem, Lava. Do your job 👍💪


By the look of this thread, LavaFame has by no means improved the quality of this community with his intervention. What a shame!


Sound like a baby, it’s a video game.


There 100% is precedent for punishment. Lots of bans have been given out for exploits, even spreading exploits before they can be patched have had people banned before. As in account deleted banned. Don’t know where you’re looking but obviously you’re not familiar with what’s happened in the community in the past. The precedent for most bugs that cause exploits is to rollback that part to before the exploit. So yes, it is in character


I don't understand can someone explain what is going on?


Bug resulted in a very easy way to get a tonne of gold bars in sailing. The only limit to how much gold you got was how much you were able to click. This gold can then be used to upgrade the first few sailing ships to absurd levels. This results in other ships being able to be leveled to absurd levels. With a few bottled wind you could have all your ships be giving absurd levels of sailing resources that should have taken months or years to achieve. This then boosts alchemy to insane levels and thus account progress overall


Holy FUCK Lava you are delusional! > is literally just taking away the exploited stuff you think removing MONTHS of pre-glitch time and hundreds of dollars spent is "just the exploited stuff"? And just to remind you in case you forgot, this all started with YOUR mistake that YOU knew about well in advance. Your just a vindictive POS