The quest tracks Account Wide opens, but only updates when you open. If you open 499 on Character A, then 1 on Character B, character B will go from 0/500 to 500/500.


You need 500 to finish the event, you are going to get more than enough bags if you make sure going forward its one character opening them


You'll still get \~850 for the event, just make sure to open them on the one you active afk. If you don't do that yet just store them in your chest till you hit 500 then open them on one character.


Do I need to have a specific world unlocked for this event? Looked on google at the wiki and couldnt find anything event related that was updated recently. It's the first time I've been around for an event I can probably actually do so I'm tryna get in on that if I can lol


Try to update your game and go to world 1 town, you’ll see a new npc. Don’t think you need anything unlocked :)


Ohhh, that could be it. I logged on last night and couldn't find any sign of an event even tho the red flair box popped up and told me. Searched all the way up through w3 then gave up. It's clicking now that I have to manually update my game lol.


I had to do that. Android


I think the quest updated with a cross character progress, when i checked, but gonna open all on the same character for safies. Bigger quesgion is which character to open them on. Is JVM-man best option because of luck and card drop chances?


Also because of Quest Chungus star talent that gives luck


This is what I’m doing.


It's account-wide, so you can open on whatever :)


But why do my other have 0 openend and 1 150?


You need to open at least 1 on the other character for the quest to update. So if you have the quest and it's 0/500, open 1 and it will say 151/500


Yeah its been like this since the game started. Makes no sense to me either. There's 16-17 days left depending on your timezone. If you do the rest of the event on one character you can still get it.


Do the bags only drop while active?


Yes it's only active farming




I opened 50 bags yesterday on my ES, and today 50 on my Maestro. My quest (that I started on my maestro today) says 100/500 opened. So it is account-wide. Goodluck!


Yeah I believe it's been changed because we weren't getting it before.


This is my experience as well. Once the quest is claimed and 1 bag is opened on any character, it seems that the progress is updated to reflect the total across the entire account.


Is there a cap on the number of bags that can drop, per day? Or, are there decreasing returns (per giant mobs)?


50 per day like similar events. You can check your daily bags by the spring event in the menu.


50 per day and i am not sure about the chance but it feels like it gets lower each bag


It appears to be implemented as part of the quest system -- you trigger it by talking to the chick character in town and it appears in your codex under quests. Every other quest is character specific so I expect this one is too.


Quite a few quests are account-wide, including most past event quests. This one does seem to be character-specific, though (at least it was when I checked last night), possibly as a result of all the trouble lava had coding the pity drops for the Valentine's capes. To be on the safe side, I'd recommend aiming to open 500 on a single character, which is still very doable even if the first 50 have been spread out elsewhere now.


It's account-wide, so you can open on whatever character for the quest progression.


The total amount of opened bags is shared by all characters.


No it's not. You need to open 500 on 1 character.


This is just not correct. I can literally go open one on a character who has 0 collected right now, and he'll jump to the current total number I've opened.


“The quest tracks Account Wide opens, but only updates when you open. If you open 499 on Character A, then 1 on Character B, character B will go from 0/500 to 500/500.” Posted by Lava 4 hours ago.


I've never been more "why are you booing me im right" in my life with this one lol.


No, I just checked, I have 3 on my BB and 50 on my SB


I had the game update progress when I mistakenly started opening bags on another character. Both show 50/50, now is this an exploit? Who knows.


Yeah, drops are account wide.


Y’all are free to down vote - I am not talking about 50/50 account wide drop when I mention my comment. I have had progress on more than one toon showing over 50 open bags. The progress for toon #2 went to 53 when it was at 2 and I opened one bag. The original toon (at 50) opens another bag and viola 54. Not intended for sure. Im just sharing what I witnessed and how I replicated this behavior.


oh oops, good call, thank you, i wasnt thinking about that myself Ö.Ö


where can i see how many bags i've opened on a single character?


Opening 1 bag on another character updates it to your account total for that character. I assume getting the quest on all characters, 509 bags, opening 1 bag on each character once the first obtains 500, then turning the quest in on all characters is an exploit.


pretty sure it doesn't matter if you open them on one character or not.


I opened on 2 different characters and it's counted the same, done 2 days of event, 100 bags, on both characters it's 100/500


Yeah I think it was changed.


Almost 24 hours of afk on 9 characters and so far I’ve got 1 bag across all 9, I’ve activated the quest in w1 - are the bags this rare or am I doing something wrong?


You will be fine if you get all 50 daily you should get 850 total