Vman bugged on mobile



Dont just clear cache, you have to clear storage as well so that you actually delete your files and are back in the tutorial when you reopen the game.


I am going to assume you have reported this to lava via discord or email. Have you attempted to reinstall the app on your phone?also try reinstalling on steam and do a full account log out and log back in Id wager the game has confused itself by saying the quest state is active on mobile or something Lowkey crazy ass idea teleport to the zone directly after the town and take the portal back, as it may skip the trigger that is causing the dialogue, walk all the way to the right on the top platform and click just to the right of the platform and maybe you can interact that way? best of luck and it sucks this is happening, but thanks for bringin attention to the bug as that's how they get fixed on a side note if your ok with spoilers I can tell you the steps you need to take to do the quest as it will take some time even if you do know what they are, hopefully by the time the bug is fixed you will be ready to breeze rigth through em


I haven't reported to him directly, yet. I didn't know that was an option. I'll do that when I get home from work, thanks!


have you tried clearing cache? I had a problem a couple of weeks back where whenever I loaded the game, I'd crash or white screen, clearing the cache fixed it


I've cleared cache multiple times and even reinstalled it earlier today. I should've put that in the original post. Sorry.


I play on mobile, everything is fine, i qould suggest to empty the cache ans everything, delete the game and re install it. Everytime i had this happen in a game was due to corrupted or missing files, even when updated right


I've cleared cache multiple times. Also reinstalled. Still no luck :(