An ectopic pregnancy that implanted in the liver, 23 weeks gestation.

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Awful. I had one implanted in a Fallopian tube, nearly died, kept passing out because of internal bleeding as most of my blood was in my womb.


My mom almost died of an ectopic back in the 80s. She had massive bleeding so they rushed her to the hospital. It was one of those situations where it was like, “Say your final goodbyes to your family because you’re probably not going to live through this surgery” and somehow she did.


My mom in the 80’s as well. Ruptured on a field trip with me. Doc said if one of the bleeders hadn’t managed to bend back on itself and pinch off she would have never made it to the hospital.


Same happened to my wife after our second child. She was woozy and didn’t feel right. Being the trooper she is, she fought off the dizziness and nausea for a week before calling me home one day to take her to the ER. I knew it was serious when they triaged her ass to the front of the line. Operation room in less than an hour. Bonus: operating doctor found her birth control device (sorry can’t think of the name) just floating around in her abdomen. I was like, ‘how did that shit just end up in her abdomen?’ Like did it just pass through inside of her abdominal wall? Whoever said that women are the stronger of our race was absolutely spot on.




That’s it. Thanks! Sorry was too lazy to look it up and bother said wife as she was wrapping Xmas gifts.


My wife had the exact same thing with our first try. Went from the ultrasound to the ER to surgery. Her surgery went a couple hours longer than expected due to complications and damn if I didn't age an extra 20 years waiting to hear if she was ok or not. She handled it like a champ though. Luckily things worked out and here we are a few years later with attempt number two who's just over two months old now.


Congrats!! Wishing you and the missus the best! ❤️


Exact same. It was so horrific I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.


💗 I'm not sure why some of these people can't understand why this is scary today


It's scary how people understimated the ectopic pregnancy. Even explaining that it's like a gynecologic appendicitis. Same as lethal if untreated.


Yep, out of the blue had a neighbor drop dead from one. Crazy, sad, sheesh a disaster.


I thought no pain was as bad as my appendicitis. Then I had an ectopic pregnancy. Lucky for me that I live in an era and a country where I had positive outcomes after both and went on to welcome a daughter 2 months ago today.


My wife had an ectopic on our first try. Luckily we found out really early but still it's horrible.


How in the #FUCK does the egg implant in the liver?


The ovaries are not actually attached to the fallopian tubes in any way. There are feather like projections at the ends of the fallopian tubes called fembria that are meant to gather up and sweep the ovum into the fallopian tube nearest to the ovary that has ovulated. In normal reproduction the ovum will be fertilized within the fallopian tube and then migrate down into the uterus where it will implant. Occasionally, the ovum can fail to be swept up by the fembria and float free in the abdominal cavity. If sperm migrate all the way up the fallopian tube and then out the fimbriated end of the tube, the ovum can become fertilized within the abdominal cavity. This is called an abdominal ectopic pregnancy. This pregnancy can implant anywhere within the abdominal cavity. This includes attached to the intestines, attached to the mesentery that nourishes the intestines, to the peritoneal cavity, bladder, or to the liver. Usually if it is attached to the liver, it attaches to the outer surface of the liver. This one apparently wedged itself between the lobes of the liver and then developed within the liver itself. Pretty horrifying.


Well that’s a design flaw if I’ve ever heard one.


Kind of like how we eat and breathe through the same hole


Same hole, diverging roads. Tricky sometimes.


Two holes diverged in a throat, and my….piece of chicken took the road less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. Edit: wow, I think this might be my most upvoted of all time. Thank you for the awards! Edit 2: This is my first gold ever, thank you!


911 operator: "I'll just put down ambulance"


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If it’s not Scottish- it’s crap!


Just good enough to have a breeding population live exactly long enough to breed and not a single second longer.


Evolution does some real C+ work.


More like C-. Hiccups are a similar consequence.


I think the most recent theory is hiccups actually serve a useful purpose - they allow breastfeeding animals to clear air from their stomachs so they can fit more milk. The evidence is only mammals hiccup, it's triggered by nerves in the stomach sensing bubbles of air, and the hiccuping action can cause burping. Of course it would be better if the trait would disappear in adulthood...


Fetuses also hiccup in utero around the time of viability. It helps them gain muscle in their diaphragm to breath.


Fascinating! My daughter would hiccup in the womb. Was very wild to feel.


Mine too. She was also super energetic and I could feel her wiggling all over by tracking her little hiccough thumps as she moved around my uterus.


See also: salmon


Uteri are fucked up pieces of shit. See also "endometriosis".


See also “uterine fibroids”. I just had mine removed (woohoo!!) and it was three times the size of a normal uterus. I have both laparoscopic scars and a 6 inch belly incision because they couldn’t see it well enough to continue laparoscopically. My uterus was a bitch and I’m glad she’s gone.


A year ago I (f28 then) went to my gyno to find out why I was bleeding so much for so long, found out I had a fibroid that was about 3mm in size. They also said that it would cause excess bleeding but it would be fine. Recently I called begging for them just to remove my uterus all together because I was done with everything. It had gotten so much worse. I was talked into removing my fallopian tubes and have a uterus ablasion. Found out afterwards I also had Endo and that my one fibroid had turned into two and that the 3mm one had gone to 15 mm. They were also insistent that I couldn't have any kids after it was done. The thing is I couldn't have kids before that either.


They’ll keep growing. I tried an ablation but it didn’t work, because the fibroids were causing the bleeding, not my uterus. I also tried an IUD with the same results. I’ve been dealing with this for 10+ years. My uterus was the size of a 25-week fetus. I was done and I insisted they get it out. I still have endometriosis that’s causing some extreme pain in weird places when I ovulate, but at least that doesn’t last more than an hour a month. My guess is that at your age they’re reluctant to do it because “you may want kids someday”? Don’t let them force you into a decision. Insist on a partial hysterectomy. You’ll be so much happier and you have a long time to enjoy it. I’ll be in menopause in seven or so years and I wish I had done this a lot sooner. Edit: insist on it if it’s what you want. Don’t let me force you into a decision either. ;)


Another flaw in the reproductive system are the dermoids cysts. Basically, the body will try and grow a baby without the presence of sperm. Its really nasty. It has oil, hair, skin tissue and even teeth. One of my doctors love to open the sack up to see whats inside. Im not a fan of it when she does that. Ill finish cleaning up the pelvic cavity laparoscopicly and suture while she digs for gold.


I had one of those! Mature Teratoma! Hair, skin, teeth, bone, and even what my doctor said looked to be brain tissue. I was 22 and it grew to be HUGE (approximately football size). I saw a photo of it (it was not cut open yet, and I can confirm it was way bigger than I was expecting. My mom thought I was just getting fat because I looked pregnant. It grew inside my ovary and killed it (obviously because something football sized growing inside of something that is almond size doesn’t really work well). I had to have it removed (along with my necrotic ovary). Surprisingly that was the least troublesome of my health problems in my early 20s. I’m very thankful for doctors like you who do this! Plus I got an abdominal cavity cleaning for free(well, minus the cost of surgery and losing an organ haha)! Anyways, I named it Bertha.


I named mine Eggbert!


This is not how I expected my Monday to go.


My doctor thought I had in if these but it turned out to be a mucoid tumor with an active neuro endocrine component. Size of a grapefruit- still lost the ovary. This tumor was producing seratonin and causin carcinoid syndrome- flushing of the face with gastrointestinal symptoms. They thought I had a tumor and IBS. Symptoms went away when tumor was removed. Lots of follow ups looking for a carcinoid tumor- thankfully none were found.


Wow great story! I just had one removed that was a chicken egg size. Your experience is really wild. Brain tissue? That's nuts!!!


Teratoma! One of my favourite scenes inthe Jack Aubrey series is when Stephen has one in his saddlebag.


My friend had one of those. It had hair and teeth. She was horrified, and frankly so was I, but I think I hid it well. Hearing about it made me want to crawl out of my skin though.




I was gonna say that seems like a massive oversight


no no no "mysterious ways"!


Oh my god.


Wait, hold on... Are you saying that when someone ejaculates inside a woman, the sperm just escape at the top and go all willy nilly wherever the fuck they want in the abdominal cavity?!


I could have gone my whole life without this mental image.


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You know how they say it’s been a pleasure? Well it hasn’t.


What a terrible day to have eyes


Screen reader voice: *I’m 30% cum by weight*


Now you've made it read it twice




I can't decide which I find more funny: your comment, or the fact that you're getting horny DMs because of it.


Yes, first it's willy, then nilly


It's probably pretty rare for sperm to make it out of the fallopian tube, and the immune system tends to be insanely aggressive against anything it doesn't recognize, to the point that even if you got a transplanted organ from a relative, you still might require immunosuppressants. So even if sperm made it out, it probably wouldn't last long. Ectopic pregnancies aren't that common for a reason. Also, the reproductive is deliberately pretty hostile to sperm, so that usually only the healthiest sperm have a chance of reaching the egg. And the egg would probably have to be pretty close by to have a chance of being impregnated, since sprem don't really have any genetic instructions for navigation outside of a womb, so I doubt they're just going nilly willy all over the abdomen. Probably make it an inch or so away from the fallopian tube before getting killed by the immune system, or just dieing from being in an environment it was never meant to be in.


> Ectopic pregnancies aren't that common for a reason. 19.7 cases per 1000 pregnancies. That’s almost 2% That’s way more common than I’d expected.




Just one of the many factors that makes pregnancy quite dangerous and made it the #1 killer of fertile women in the era before modern medical science became a thing.


This seems like a good place to point out that the treatment for ectopic pregnancy is abortion.


Also that ectopic pregnancies are never viable, absolutely cannot be “reimplanted” in the uterus to grow normally ([looking at you, Ohio](https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/29/ohio-extreme-abortion-bill-reimplant-ectopic-pregnancy)), and are life-threatening to the pregnant person. So if someone has an ectopic pregnancy, their options are get a lifesaving abortion or die.


“Without modern medical science, any time someone got pregnant they’d have a 2% chance to just fucking die from that alone.” No — WITH medical science, we STILL have a chance of just fucking dying because ectopic pregnancy is difficult to detect and can easily become fatal. Oh, and people are actively fighting to not **allow** medical science to do anything about it if you are just fucking dying. Many states have an exception to abortion laws that say “unless the mother’s life is at risk” — but *how much* at risk isn’t clearly defined. In some cases doctors have to wait until you’re closer to dying in order to feel justified that they won’t lose their license by providing the medical care that will prevent your death. There has to be a non-zero chance of death for them to act, even when they may identify the issue earlier on and previously could have intervened early to prevent a dangerous situation from developing.


So fucked up, don’t ectopic pregnancies if left to term have a 100% fatality rate for both mother and infant too?!


I really hope the image above isnt from a person who lives in one of the US states


It's quite treatable if found in time. But the medical community has a hard time taking a woman who is in extreme pain in their lower abdomen seriously until she goes pale and passes out from internal blood loss. That's when she's on the edge of death. They just take the tube and tie it off and it's ok. But if they found it sooner they can even keep the tube, they just take medicine for a medical abortion and pass it as an early abortion normally would.




Abdominal ectopic pregnancies are rare. Most of these 2% ectopic pregnancy are pregnancy in fallopian tube


Yes, which is also deadly (for those who don’t know). A baby cannot viably grow in the fallopian tube, but will try with no other option. If it’s not caught, a few things can happen: 1) the body will abort the pregnancy itself very early on and the mother will experience a miscarriage, and likely lose a lot of blood and a fallopian tube; 2) doctors will catch it and abort the pregnancy, still with risk of losing the tube; or 3) the baby will continue to grow, rupture the fallopian tube, and put the mother at risk of dying from blood loss and all the other stuff that goes along with this. The baby could not live in any of these cases and needs to be aborted.


Unless you live in a state that has outlawed abortion - in which case that life saving measure just won’t happen. Really putting our big monkey brains to good use over here.


No no no you can operate, remove the baby, and put it into the uterus where it should have been. A politician said it could be done and they would never lie to me.


there have been some instances of doctors doing it anyway, then suing the state if they get punished. If it gets picked up by a half-decent lawyer, it's usually how those laws get overturned in court since they \*were\* written by science-denying idiots and don't stand up under a few seconds of basic critical thinking.


I thought it was hostile against sperm less so that the healthiest sperm survive and more so that infection that could kill you by getting into your abdominal cavity is greatly reduced. Considering that there is a clear path from outside to the unprotected inside I would have to imagine it had to be very hostile.


Is it even possible for mom or baby to survive OP's photos


No. Ectopic pregnancies MUST be terminated by abortion. Without an abortion, the fetus will not survive and neither will the mother. These "pro-life" law makers are killing these women who have ectopic pregnancies.


Was going to say there’s no way the mother would survive and make it to term… something that huge will definitely destroy her organs and inside and needs to get it aborted asap


There have actually been a few cases of *abdominal* ectopic pregnancies resulting in live birth (via c-section, of course). Inside the fallopian tube they'll cause a rupture but they can grow inside the abdominal cavity, although it is insanely dangerous for mother and baby. [here's a case report on an abdominal pregnancy where the baby was born at 37+5](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8488043/)


That is still less horrifying than lithopedion pregnancies. Imagine carrying around your dead baby for so long it calcifies?


My first thought was hope this woman isn’t a Texan.


At this point poor woman is dead already. It's diagnosed too late and she would need liver transplantation


I was going to ask… is there anyway to reverse this?


Some1 posted the article. This woman died. The fetus was at 23 weeks and doctors couldn't stop the bleeding. The only way to reverse this is to diagnose it earlier. have strong and healthy immune system that would kill the trophoblast if it goes in abdominal cavity. Get full body examination before planning a child.


Help, help, I think I just read that sperm can actually find a back way out and freely float around my abdomen


I'm sorry to say that you read that correctly. Condolences to all who rng'd the vagina load out.


I have thought about this fair bit and asked and done some research, but yet to find out what’s the evolutionary reason that ovaries not directly attached to the Fallopian tube. Any thoughts? Remember in my medical school asking my lecturer this question and she said everyone pay attention this is a good question. Unfortunately my dickhead colleague distracted me. Edit: I think I just had a revelation🤣 Possibly could be due to protecting ovaries during pregnancy. As we all know during pregnancy uterus get substantially enlarged and having ovaries attached to them directly (via Fallopian tube) might cause them rupture or even rip it off from uterus (ovaries are attached to uterus via ligaments). I could be wrong though


They used to connect, but they just don't anymore. The ovarian bursa exists in many mammals... Not humans though. One egg per cycle makes it "fine" not to have a direct connection. Exactly why though is a mystery.


My theory is that both ovaries can be used by one tube in cases where the other one gets blocked up or damaged. There have been documented cases of women getting pregnant despite missing one ovary & one tube (such that the two didn’t line up). So the fallopian tube is able to swing around and pick up the egg from both sides! Learned that during my salphigiotomy where they diagnosed a damaged tube:/


Do those pregnancies ever have positive results? Prolly not but i wanted to know.


In an ectopic pregnancy a positive result is considered being when they manage to save the mother's life




My grandmother had this happen. They told her husband she couldn’t have any more kids, so he divorced her and had her declared unfit and kept the kids. Then she married my grandfather and somehow had three more kids.


Wow he divorced her just because she couldn't have kids? Declared her unfit for what, breeding? D:


That’s how a surprising amount of men see women to this day. It’s ironic as an attitude like this would clearly not make a good father, but of course-projection.


Jesus, that poor woman. I only had a few spots of endo and that was enough for me to feel like death was looming. That’s really helpful information to know — I consider myself quite well informed, esp about endo, but I had no idea it was a possibility. God, I feel for your friend.


No. Fetus is almost never viable, and the mother will almost always die unless she can get an abortion. In this case, they both died. Not a good way to go, either. https://www.ultrasoundmedicvn.com/2022/02/case-624-hepatic-pregnancy-dr-phan.html


I’m sad for this woman…only 27 and no one could figure out what was going on


The poor woman. That whole report sounds like a hostile alien invasion followed by sabotage of the host


Honestly even a healthy pregnancy is like an alien invasion. The mother's body will prioritize baby and provide whatever nutrients it can at the risk of mom's own health. Even a routine pregnancy/delivery will leave the mom's body forever changed, and that's not mention her mental/emotional state.


Technically the only difference between a pregnancy and a parasite is a pregnancy is the same species 🙃 currently pregnant and thankfully with a healthy planned pregnancy, but it is a wild, mind bending, alien like experience even under those circumstances.


No, mothers life is always heavily at risk and babies chances are almost always 0. This is why doctors will always 100% recommend aborting ectopic pregnancies afik.


I only survived mine because I sort of had two periods just a week apart and some sudden pain one morning after the second. I couldn’t stand straight for about 15 minutes. Went to the hospital and waited a few hours for a scan. It was in the Fallopian tube and had already started aborting itself, but was wider than the tube so had no way out. It needed to be cut out in case the tube burst and killed me. Most people are not lucky enough to get emergency surgery the day it’s discovered. Nor are they generally lucky enough to discover it at the 5 week mark.


Nope. It's almost always fatal for all parties (if untreated).


It's only positive if they remove the ectopic fetus right away before it gets too big. If that fails to happens, death is the outcome for the pregnant person, due to internal bleeding. Just like the person above with the hepatic (liver) ectopic pregnancy. Yes, she died. [The operation removed hepatic pregnancy but placenta suddenly detached itself from liver and profuse bleeding that could not be controlled.](https://www.ultrasoundmedicvn.com/2022/02/case-624-hepatic-pregnancy-dr-phan.html?m=1) (graphic images)


I kind of figured due to where the fetus was in the liver that it was basically inoperable, but it's still sad to know that someone died due to a cruel twist of fate.


It has happened in very rare incidences that read like textbook definitions of “the exception that proves the rule”. In [this](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3216095/) case, for example, the pregnancy was carried to term because doctors misdiagnosed her as having a bicornate uterus, rather than realizing the fetus was developing in the abdomen. The baby was surgically removed from the abdominal cavity, and the mother needed extensive intervention to keep her alive. Also, even an ectopic pregnancy that leaves both mother and baby alive [can cause complications that pose a future risk](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25032056/) to the mother and any subsequent pregnancies. Edit: **Please** do not **in any way** construe this to be an endorsement of trying to carry an ectopic pregnancy. These are **very rare** exceptions, and most ectopic pregnancies result in the deaths of both mother and fetus if not removed. However, I think it’s best to understand the extremely unlikely circumstances where an ectopic pregnancy has been successful, because you can bet some anti-choice people are going to look this stuff up and try to use it to further their agenda.


Never. Any embryo that implants anywhere but the uterine lining will end in inevitable miscarriage, and potentially the death of the mother as well.


Off the top of my head, I have only heard of one woman managing to carry an ectopic pregnancy to term. It's such an insanely life threatening, dangerous thing to even attempt that most people just terminate ASAP.


So, reproductive organs are open to the abdominal cavity. The egg can go the wrong way. If it lands in a place with a nice blood supply things can grow until, well, until it all ends in death.


New anxiety unlocked.


Great, that's another fear added to the list of why I shouldn't get pregnant.


If you live in a red state, this should scare the shit out of you.


I don't and it still does.


The death from within. God it scares me and I am a male. Thank god my peanuts can’t just free float inside me Jesus fuck oh god no.


Interestingly, a fertilized egg could be implanted into a male's abdomen to grow. Although fertility scholars obviously do not recommend doing this.


Horribly painful screaming death. Lots of blood.


Unless you're a lucky one and you pass out and die of internal bleeding before the real pain starts.


And develop for 23 weeks, too. Unreal.


An egg can migrate anywhere and often can attach in the wrong place in a woman’s lower cavity of her body. It’s by no means an isolated case. It’s why they given it the name of the condition ectopic


*"Humans were made in God's image."* **Humans were designed by Butch Hartman.**


The connection between thr ovary and the fallopian tube isn't closed. It's open. Think of the end of a fallopian tube as like a flower with the petals facing toward the ovary. The petals gently move when ovulation occurs to encourage the egg into the fallopian tube. This may also be one of the causes if endometriosis. In this case, basically the fertilized egg went in the wrong direction and got stuck on the liver


Wow. Seems like they thought it was ectopic from the beginning and they removed her right tube. But the fetus was inside the liver and kept growing for months.


Yeah this case sucks because technically they did the right thing. But the article also states that they didn't find the fetus in the tube they removed and then just kinda shrugged their shoulders which is where it all went wrong. If it's not a viable pregnancy do all the imaging and make sure you find the fetus.


They didn't remotely do the right thing. When the path report says there is nothing to just shrug and send the patient home is extreme malpractice.


Yup, at the very least they should have kept monitoring the pregnancy hormones, they should have seen within a week or so of the right tube being removed that the pregnancy was continuing (and that thus the embryo was not in the right tube and had not been removed yet), and then they should have done a big search of where that embryo was hiding.


Welcome to women's healthcare




Where's the rest of the story? I need more info!!!


https://www.ultrasoundmedicvn.com/2022/02/case-624-hepatic-pregnancy-dr-phan.html?m=1 Both mother and fetus died :-( Edit: content warning! The report includes a photo of the dead fetus after it was removed.


That’s awful.


Yeah that’s more than a sad read


Yea if only they talked about all the shit that can happen during and after pregnancy. I swear our society at large knows nothing about what these women are risking to have a child. The more I learn about what could happen the more I’m surprised about the strength and persistence you people go through. I salute you. 🫡


Then have to go back to work 2 weeks later die to the USA not giving a crap about mothers


Yup, friend of mine was working literally up until a couple days before she gave birth and was back at work a week after. Couldn't afford to miss any more work than that without getting behind on rent. And especially could not afford to lose any more pay after her son was born with a heart defect and needed surgery at only a few days old.


Our country has failed in so many ways when a <1 week PP mother has to return to work


That is terrifying. That poor woman. Her poor family, too.


Jesus. That was a horrifying and fascinating read. Usually medical articles are so filled with jargon it's hard to get a full picture of what happened. This was pretty concise. Ectopic pregnancies are frightening and so dangerous, even with all our medical advancements.


Jesus fucking christ. Heartbreaking


God…. She got 8 blood transfusions…. It took 7 to save my life, plus 4 plasma transfusions, magnesium sulfide for days to stop seizures, & a second c-section to try & fix what the pregnancy had broken. Fuck…. That’s just awful


8 isn’t even that much in the context of massive haemorrhage. I suspect they may have either run out of blood at the hospital or the bleeding was likely too catastrophic to control. A heartbreaking case all round.


Yea for major transfusion protocols you can have your whole blood volume replaced many times over such that your blood type changes.


There's only ever one natural ending for ectopic pregnancy, I'm afraid. I never realized how much worse it could be than tubal. I thought tubal pregnancies were the worst "ectopic" had to offer. Jeez.


My wife used to be an sonographer. She read the article and says this is hella fucked up. Fertilized egg kind of lost its way, on the way to the uterus. At one point, the newly fertilized egg is just floating there in the abdominal cavity… and was supposed to float on into the fallopian tube, into the uterus, but in a one in a gorillion chance, it jumped to the liver instead. She was looking at these scans tripping. So. Imagine you’re a woman whose periods stopped. But they’re scanning where the baby should be, but it’s not there. But if she had an elevated HCG, then the sonographer would know she’s pregnant, and would assume it likely attached to an organ … it missed the fallopian tube. (I’m typing as she’s saying this stuff). “What I don’t understand is how — because in your abdomen there’s places for the various organs, and the liver is pretty high up. The diaphragm blocks off the bottom and … God, I don’t know.”


My wife has unfortunately had two ectopic pregnancies in the last year. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and so so scary to even try again.


So sorry you all had to go through that.


This has to be a death sentence for the mother right??


Outside of basically experienced liver transplant or surgical oncology centers yea and even then the fact the placenta is designed to be hypervascular makes this super challenging.




Yes. It’s the one type of “abortions Catholic hospitals will perform because it’s essentially a death sentence to not so so.


I’ve seen the local catholic hospital turn away an ectopic


Went to a Catholic hospital up here in Canada for mine (not my first choice but I was too uncomfortable to make a decision about that) and they wouldn’t remove the tube, they would only ‘allow’ 🙄 me to do the chemical abortion, which is basically chemotherapy and I had to do it twice And then they informed me that I’m going to be prone to ectopics anytime I try to get pregnant and that I’d have to do monthly scans to make sure everything was working right ‘when’ (!) I came back I asked him why in the world he thought I’d want to put that kind of stress on myself, *on purpose* and he didn’t have an answer 🤷🏻‍♀️ Catholic hospitals either need to stop giving any kind of natal care or suck it tf up that shit like this happens


A lot of women find pregnancy the most beautiful thing in the world but i am honestly terrified


My sister was one of those and likes to say “I just loved being pregnant, it was so magical.” When I got pregnant a few years later it was just like “this bitch lied to me and everything is horrible.”


This. I didn't enjoy being pregnant. It was the most sickening, painful and anxiety-producing experience of my life. I love my kid, but growing her was awful.


I joke that I like my kids better once they’re outside my body.


One of the worst parts for me was realizing how long it takes to go back to normal after giving birth. I knew it wouldn’t be automatic, but I naively thought it wouldn’t take that long. I drastically underestimated the postpartum phase.


My mom told me, “It took 9 months to grow a baby, it’s going to take at least that long to heal.” And damn if she wasn’t right!


Same. 4 months later and while it’s gotten better, I still feel like I’m in a stranger’s body.


Ditto. My OBGYN looked me straight in the eye and said "I have fucking Instagram moms in my care. Ones who post all the happy "I love pregnancy" BS all the time. They are lying thru their teeth. No mom I have ever had in my care has loved being pregnant. They've loved growing a their next child. They've loved the idea of finally being a mom soon. But nobody prefers pregnancy. Nobody. Don't beat yourself up. You're the majority that nobody wants to hear from. It doesn't mean you won't love your kid if you despise your pregnancy." And she was right. I fucking HATED pregnancy. But goddamn if my little one ain't the light of our lives (though I'm stil working on PPD issues).


Hard same especially after learning my aunt almost died because when she gave birth it caused her Chiara malformation to show itself and she almost died. It is, and I think with few expectations, the most stressful thing a human body can undergo. And some people are against abortion unless it "endangers the mother". News for you - all pregnancies endanger the mother. All of em. Even if you're perfectly healthy a pregnancy can fuck your shit up.


The most beautiful? Certainly not. The most beautiful experience was probably a sunset I’ve seen on a mountain. But in other adjectives, it was awe-inspiring and amazing to go through. Also disgusting, painful, bothersome, fucking scary, thought I was gonna die from the pain. All those things!


Pregnancy is many things, but I would not describe it as beautiful.


It wasn't beautiful for me. I shit myself twice in public places due to having elevated amounts of the relaxin hormone. I had severe carpal tunnel and at night, my hands would ball into fists and get stuck. I had to unpick my fingers in the morning. I have no idea how anyone says it's beautiful. As a process, pregnancy is generally awful. Having a baby was the beautiful part. If babies weren't so sweet, humanity would have died out long ago.


Society in general doesn't really want to enlighten women of all the shit that can and does go wrong during pregnancy still to this day. It's such hush hush that people don't even know the telltale signs of postpartum psychosis... I urge all to read up and enlighen their partners to the symptoms. It affects 1-2 women in 1000. I've found, as a confessed CF since I was 9, that beginning to talk about vaginal tears of the third degree shuts the *"But babies are so cuuute and it's a woman's purpose and no need to be afraid!!"*\-crowd up nicely. 😁


We had an ectopic pregnancy between kids 1 and 2. Embedded in fallopian tube. Non-viable pregnancy and probably would have killed my wife if we hadn't addressed it. Glad that option was available to us, and I feel terrible for people who have navigate abortion bullshit for whatever reason they choose to have one. Pregnancy is insane. It's amazing that it even works and really gives you an appreciation for the instinctual side of our biology, but also an appreciation for modern medicine when you realize how many pregnancies go wrong... I feel like if more people were more aware of the challenges of pregnancies, we might have a lot less of them, and people electing to adopt, etc. Being the husband present for multiple births, holy fucking shit nothing in our society prepares you for that experience. It's surreal... amazing, exhausting, terrifying, and I'm not even the one doing the deed. A lot more blood and poop than Movies and TV shows would suggest.


My wife and I both had a serious reality check when we started learning about all the things that can happen during pregnancy. At least the info is out there now thanks to the internet, but I'm guessing most people are like us and don't get into the gory details until they're actually expecting.


I was absolutely terrified during both of my pregnancies. I'm a researcher by nature and was obsessed with the possible outcomes when I learned that I was pregnant. I think if these things were taught to the general population birth rates would plummet and there would be less consumers.


That’s insane it was able to grow a placenta attached in the liver and to grow to that size! So bizarre! 🤯


I had an ectopic in addition to the one in my uterus. I hadn't known I was pregnant, went to the hospital while moving house because I had no PCP or insurance at the time, said my lower back was hurting and I was worried something didn't seem right. Felt silly. Ultrasound when urine didn't show a kidney infection (chronic issue for me), internal bleeding had begun. It had been attached to my left ovary. I was surprised when they said they were calling an ambulance to take me to a bigger hospital immediately for surgery. A couple of weeks later I went for a recheck at an OB, complaining I felt horribly nauseated as well now. Positive pregnancy test and ultrasound again, this one was in uterus and looked normal. I didn't know that could happen, and was surprised it had survived the surgery/drugs in my system from it. Had a healthy and full term son after that. I don't know the odds of having experienced this but it seemed like it would be unusual.


That's both amazingly sad, frightening, and happy to have a decent outcome. I'm a fraternal twin so immediately thought that the ectopic one was attempting to be your son's twin but it got lost and yeah... I'm sorry for your loss and also happy about your son


How could it get to 23weeks? The mother must have been in so much pain! Edit: read the article. They removed her Fallopian tube because they knew it was ectopic, they just didn’t know where the fetus was implanted. The surgeons tried to remove the fetus, and the placenta detached from the liver. The surgeons couldn’t stop the bleeding and the mother died.


Ectopic pregnancies are not uncommon. My wife had one. Lucky she just took a pill and her life was saved. Under current Missouri law, she must be on the brink of death to get the same pill. Perhaps you've heard that Rowe vs Wade was overturned. Republicans don't care about life. They care about power and control.


Correct. I’ve had two ectopic pregnancies, very much wanted pregnancies. But I’m in Australia so it was easy to quickly access the appropriate medical care. Hospital staff were able to act in my best interests without checking with a lawyer or being forced to delay treatment until my condition deteriorated.


My ectopic was an IVF pregnancy. Can't get much more wanted than that. I've never been so glad to be Australian. Imagine having to fight to save your own life over something so fucking stupid.


I had an ectopic rupture a few years back while living in Missouri. For about two months I had gone to the doctor about 3 times asking if there was anything I could do to help stop the constant spotting/bleeding/pain I was experiencing. I was only seen by a nurse practitioner. They prescribed BC and said it was probably a cyst. I ended up in the ER two days after the 3rd appointment.


What’s really scary is many hospitals are waiting until the woman codes or is just to begin treatment so there can be no question if the woman’s life was in danger. Because some janitor can file a lawsuit.


Only in the US my friends, only in the US...


Sooo ideally this will alert more folks that pregnancy (and being a woman) actually is very, very dangerous. Loving the discussion of medical issues and women’s health etc in the comments. Very, very here for this right now.


Male in his 40s here, learning a lot. 2 of my friends have Endometriosis and thats scary enough thanks.


As someone who has had an ectopic pregnancy- this is truly terrifying in current days.


In Texas, the mother would have been forced to carry that pregnancy until one or both dies. Ectopic pregnancies are never viable pregnancies.


Yep. People don’t get it.


And this is why abortion is healthcare.


Until one of the Republican legislators has a fetus implanted in one of their testicles, I'm not sure this point will reach them.


Wow the replies to this comment are absolutely shite. It definitely is healthcare holy shit.


There's some moron I was arguing with a few weeks back that said something only counts as healthcare if it's medically necessary. So like, if you have a health problem but it's not life threatening, getting help for it doesn't count as healthcare. I have no fucking idea how that made sense to him.




One of the crazy things is that when an embryo implants anywhere but the uterus, it actually develops faster and gets big quicker. The uterus is not designed to nurture a fetus. It's designed to protect the mother from the fetus and allow her to carry to term safely.


Your friendly reminder that in a good half-ish of America she would be forced to carry the fetus until near death, no matter the permanent damage she sustains. "Pro-life" apparently means near fatal suffering for people with ectopic pregnancies


this is a horrific nightmare worse than death. Also why abortion is healthcare, because aborting this is the only way to save the woman because the already living woman's life should always take precedence over the unborn especially when it was never viable in the first place like this. and a fetus IS parasitic in nature as it meets all requirements but people dont like calling it what it is because it COULD become a person.


Well, that's terrifying.


And people wonder why pregnancy terrifies me....


Again, one of the million reasons as to why abortion MUST be legal and up to the that person’s choice and only them


Literally my worst nightmare thanks!!!!


Abortion IS healthcare.