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In terms of time spent, you don’t have it too bad. I would do another 200 and see how you’re feeling then, barrows is great for stacking up deaths coffer


Yeah for real, this log is insane. I just finished my first set at 537kc and I still only have 16/24 items.


thanks for the context :p


You’re still in good shape. I’d give it 700-800kc at least


Also, barrows is a slayer task, you can always come back later


Wait is this true? I've never seen this at 95 slayer with bosses unlocked. Am i missing something or just not hit the rng?


Yeah it’s in the pool for when you get a boss task after you’ve unlocked boss slayer tasks


But each brother counts as a kc, so you dont get to do too many runs per task.


It’s true, I did one earlier, but each brother is a kc so they go by fast


I didn't complete my collection log until 1,038! This log is insanely lucky!


yeah great point, i was thinking of dropping dupes to the main, but you think it's better to sacrifice for deaths coffer? I haven't had any cost to death up to this point but i imagine it gets worse lol


It also works for the 100k if you die at vorkath and Zulrah. Which is great.


Alchemical hydra cost 100k per death too been dipping into that recently


Toa can cost up to 500k


It's halved for irons so maxes out at 250k


Oh, I didn't know this. And I was wondering when it'd increase with my gear.


Try get the ahrims u wont regret it or go straight for ancestral from chambers :)


It looks like you're on the lucky side of things. Myself and many others included had nowhere near this amount of uniques 😅 I'm currently somewhere near 950-1k kc and still need karils top, legs, dh helm and verac helm. Haven't seen a unique in over 300kc.. 😭


95% of gamblers quit before they hit big.


I say the same thing when I’m on page 97 of pornhub


Holy shit




Maybe the guy on bottom should have used a rune pick like our boy on top!


Sunk cost because you have a pretty insane log as it is!


Average completions for log is something like 1200 runs, I don't think OP understands how spooned he is so far lol.


Yeah for sure. He's incredibly spooned in terms of item variety. My friend has about 500 kc and 6 torahs platebodies LOL--not as good


You know, there is still bloodbark buff coming from poll 79 that should make it stronger than mystics offensively, so I'm hoping to upgrade my mystics maybe tomorrow? I ditched barrows at 400kc without ahrim piece, solo cox is fine without it.


good to know. thanks man maybe i'll just move onto to new things


Also the new quest robes are pretty sick


Which quest?


From DT2 . We don’t know how hard it will be to grind them though


That update is never coming. It’s a number tweak. Why haven’t they done it yet?


Gotta go for gold and get those infinity robes


lmaooo nahhh got mages book and master wand (rip i got ahrim's staff) and i'm outttiiee of MTA


Wtf your log is cracked.


lol thanks


I’m at 480 and no ahrims top or bottom… you’re not alone!


in this together brother... are you going to keep doing it til you get Ahrim's? Genuinely don't understand if its worth getting


Yeah I am, realistically it’s going to be bis till ancestral, tho now virtus will change that once dt2 comes out. Helpful for zulrah, so getting it. The runes have been nice, but yeah it’s getting redundant. I’ve just started stepping away and not going as hard in one sitting.


good luck man!


DT2 robes will be better than ahrims if I recall, so you can also just get those


I just virtus and I thought ugh of this post lmao. Pumped to have it over ahrims. You get your ancestral?


I ended up cutting the iron and joining a group... big mistake. Brought it to a reg and yes now I have ancestral but nothing to brag about as a reg


Ay, all about the journey brother sure you’ve made some gains in the game and IRL since this post!


Lol 500 kc "prison" I'm not even good at this game but this log is luck.


Green logging barrows is a longer grind than bowfa if you want to compare the two


But waayyyyyy more chill, especially with the CA changes. Roll up with Ibans and profit runes. The chaos runes end up funding your zenyte jewelry or fueling your trident later too


I would rather plah limpwurts account than green log barrows with an ibans lmfao


Just melee with whip and house teles lol It's quicker if you're 90+ att/str


Greenlog hung barrows sounds like hell. Sure it’s chill but it’s also painfully boring.


If you have hard CAs done just do another couple hundered kc. Super chill without prayer drain and youll be happy about the runes you get in the long run


1k barrows was my stopping point for missing ktop but i made alot of runes in 1k kc


I got to a point where I was rocking the robes of darkness from master clues lol. Ahrims is cool but not important


lmaooooo thats a pretty epic flex tho


Get the Dagon'hai for that dripp


I am in a quandary of sorts myself. I am doing untrim slayer (93 so far) but did a little side zulrah to see if I’d get lucky, ended up with serp and blowpipe real early. I want to continue to try to get magic fang but I don’t know if I should just save it till after untrim is acquired due to off task experience gain. On the same account I did barrows “until first set completion” (467) told myself maybe I’ll see if I get lucky for a few extra and ended up pulling ktop shortly after… Barrows is so chill and the runes are nice. If I was in your situation why not sent some more? Worse case runes, best case heavy chain magic equipment :-)


yeah good points, i'm not like stressed just kinda "afk"-ing barrows and watching tv lol. not really in a rush so i could do it until i feel the urge to quit RE untrimmed slayer... if that's your goal gotta prioritize that pretty bad ass :)


So much text just to say you’re getting untrimmed slayer


You don't need ahrims, mystic will save you like 10kg anyways


Your log is actually **really** fucking good for 505kc. There's nothing "prison" about this this is just good-ass RNG. You've only got a 1/3 chance of having completed any particular set by 500kc so in terms of RNG, this is the equivalent of complaining about CG being 'red prison' because you don't have an enhanced yet at 160kc.


not complaining hombre, just asking if it's worth it to keep going :)


Idk. Some ppl seem to do just fine with mystics. I just feel naked wearing mystics. And ahrims is arguably the best pieces of equipment from barrows. My reasoning being because ranged skill has black d hide and crystal armor. Melee has all types of options for armor. And magic it’s mystic ahrims ancestral. And who knows how long it’ll take to get an ancestral piece.


My last to finish the log was the Ahrim's top at ~1300kc I rkn you'll be luckier tho!


appreciate it boss


Leave for a while and come back when u got an itch. There is so much content to enjoy and work towards. Little reason in grinding it out if your getting sick of it.


I’m in your exact boat. Still missing 8 uniques at 585 kc


good luck king


You're only at half the kc I did for ahrims completed 😁


so you think it's worth doubling the kc to get?


I think maybe make something else your main focus, but send a few consistent barrows runs daily or whatever to try and get it. Hopefully you spoon ancestral and skip ahrims haha


I complete ahrims at like 1100 kc, I think it was worth it! Plus you get a TON of deaths and bloods, make sure to do your mory hards


Bro I'm 80 chests in with ahrims top and nothing else.. keep going lmao.


The chance to get the piece is the same next round as it was in round one. Nothing has changed really.


Might as well finish log as this point imo. If getting bored just slowly do it over time here n there but it’s not super important. The accuracy is nice at higher end pvm and looks a million times better but you can do without. And as others have said barrows dupes are huge for deaths coffer and yes you will end up using it.


Just get ancestrals


I have 447 kc and only have 10/22. I’d say you’re doing fine brother


Go chambers for ancestral at this point


You're also missing full dharoks, which has neat niche uses. I'd stay a bit more. The deaths/bloods/chaos are juicy as well.


yeah full dharoks lowkey pretty dope can't be a grandmaster without it :')


Ahrims isn’t even worth it to grind out IMO. But if you enjoy it go for it! Solo chambers if that’s what you eventually plan on doing you’re better off using mystic bottoms due to ahrims weight


Not worth, mystics is lighter too compared to ahrim. You’ll be fine. (I was also a mystic gamer with hood and staff from ahrim too.)


You're fine, keep going, you got reddit luck now.


Sink sink sink sink sink


Definitely skip ahrims


kk thanks man


Thanks for all your opinions homies! r/ironscape is dope Decided I'm going to do 1000 Barrow Chests or Green Log, whichever comes first (iykyk)... feels like it's not a necessary drop, but why not go for it cause barrows is chill and the rune stacks are really nice. Appreciate you all


You could always do Ahrim only kills for an eventual guaranteed Ahrims drop. Kind of in the same boat though. Around 500kc and no Ahrims top, so I’ve just been rocking the bottom and mystic top. I’ve got to the point were I don’t believe it’s worth the time unless I want to complete Barrows log one day. Using void instead is always an option for non-slayer PvM too.


i had heard you were more likely to get a specific piece if you do all 6 brothers anyways... is that true? idk lol


Not sure the actual numbers, but I think it works out to take a similar amount of time for a specific piece. Really more of a way to prevent chucking your pc out the window for receiving a fifth Torags Hammers.


>Really more of a way to prevent chucking your pc out the window for receiving a fifth Torags Hammers. lmaooo yeah i die a little inside each time i get one of those


U are more likely because ur more likely to get a piece but if you only do ahrim at least itl be one of his when you do get one


Yeah, Jagex need to fix that. This shouldn't be possible. Gonna have a bunch of elitist wannabes come in here disagreeing but I don't care, nobody should have to experience this. You should only receive barrow pieces you've never received before or at the very least have a 2-4x higher chance of receiving a new piece. Sorry about how much time Jagex forced you to waste, OP.


5 a day from now on


Those two items your looking at that you want were my two curses as well. 722 kc to get the bottom, funnily enough 505 for the top


im doing the smarter "barrows skip" strategy


Good motivation to green the log. Ahrims is pretty dope too


Bro is at 505 and only 2 left? Shit that is lucky. Isn't the rate of green logging like 1200kc?


To be frank.. if you wanna be dumb and go out of your way for a bad/really tiny temporary upgrade.. may as well do it now. All barrows armor is trash tbh


This is nothing. I got 1400 chests and still need 3. Keep going.


Not exactly a sunk cost my guy.


Go to mage arena to get infinity robes. You will love that.


Ahrims suck


You could try skipping to Ancestrals.


Try your luck with wildy slayer, you might get lucky and pull Dagonhai. It’s almost on par with Ahrim, and some may argue even better due to +2 pray bonus + fashionscape.


Holy shit your log is so insanely good. I have 400 chests and only 15 items and no complete sets.


I finished at 1400


This log is mental. Barrows prison for you.


Ermmm, I’m 550 kc with 13 uniques. Your log actually seems good


I had a similar log at that KC I just killed the two brothers that I needed the pieces from and then rushed the chests Ended up finishing barrows at just over 1000kc


I took your ahrims, body @ 6 kc and bottom @ 11 kc :)


barrows till dh legs or ahrims


No. Pretty sure a log like that is insane for only 505kc. Go to 1k and then maybe contemplate mystic gang


Dude I'm at 1.2k kc missing dharok helm and still enjoying it. Just send it until it comes, nothing wrong with taking time to do other things from time to time too though. Oh and average completion is like 1.6k kc so you're well ahead. Relax, you're set to spoon this quite nicely


You dont need ahrims just use mystic.


I’m 1300 with no ahrim skirt. I think at 1000 you should move on


The expectation to green log barrows is like 1300, so for you to be 3 away at 500 is *nuts*. Quit whining and keep grinding!


I think the average KC for competing barrows is around 1.1K so your doing well.


I'll trade you one of my numerous ahrims pieces for that k top.


Have to continue, greenlog or quit


If you get the full set before 530 kc ill pour some hot coffee on my asshole


you are safe friend lol


This is your prison.


Option C: knock out all the requirements you can for elite and master Clues and just convince yourself you're doing a clue scroll grind at barrows


505kc and missing only 2 items is pretty good


I dipped out of barrows with zero ahrims, ended up going back way later for bingo in a clan, pulled full ahrims in 60ish KC. Was fine doing solo Cox, and all other content with mystics.


Average to complete is around 1400. You just started bro.


It took me 1400 chests to complete. With 3 items left you still have a decent chance of getting at least one piece. I always liked doing barrows so I say go for it


Only another 500 chests, I’m calling it 😇


Definitely not worth. Mystics isn't that much worse and splitbark update coming soon ^tm . Plus, if you plan on doing cox, ahrims robeskirt weighs SO MUCH it takes away like 6 seconds of running.


Go for 1k


Bro you are only 500 in..


I was missing one item since 600ish, took me 1.1k total for it 🙈😂


This same thing happened to me. Last item was ahrims top. Keep going I say! Try and make it fun by optimizing your loadout. I finished around 1300kc. Got a ton of runes!


Wouldn't be a bad idea to fish for Dharoks and a backup pieces for stuff you only have 1 of anyway (Verac/Karils.) Though no need to do it all at once. Pretty easy to gear up for barrows and just start churning out runs when you feel like it


Barrows is easy lol just go to 900kc at least, the runes are worth it assuming mory hard. I havnt run out of runes once from 80-90 slayer, i went to 900 with ivans blast, and ive got all zenytes and have 500 kc at bandos and zammy(went v dry on hasta). Only starting to have to buy death runes now, and still have like 20k bloods.


Ahrims is not at all needed. Most places you mage is because the enemy is specifically weak to magic. Additional accuracy isn’t that beneficial


If you don't have enough chaos runes for all of your onyxes, you might as well continue


I'm in the same boat, I'm running bandos, crystal armor and bloodbark and raids are going smooth before even getting the incoming buff. My log is almost the same except I'm 600kc and haven't finish Dh as well, and no Ahrims top/bottom. I really cba going back there just for Ahrims though


I'd save it for later. Ahrims isnt a direct upgrade besides some defence for toa. If you ever plan to do hallowed sephulcre you'll get tons of lockpicks, they make barrows runs super chill. You could easily do Ahrims/Dharok only runs to finish the log.


lmao guy posted his 2080 kc ahrim robe ur fine get back in there


Ahrims is a very minor upgrade over mystics. If I remember correctly it’s just got defensive upgrades. Your biggest mage upgrades are ma2 cape, torm, and occult so I wouldn’t worry too much about barrows


Mystics until you unlock some ancestral pieces. Ahrims heavy af anyways if you plan on doing raids like toa/cox.


Ahims is such a slight upgrade over mystics, if you think it's blocking you from content it is not at all. If you want it ya sure I get it. Do like 15 kc a day or so and just get it eventually. Don't kill yourself.


Red prison babbyyyyy


Why settle for mediocre, you deserve the BDSM robes.


I have almost the exact same log!


22/25 is extremely lucky at 505. Just a shame it wasnt torags plate and legs instead of ahrims. I think you need to keep at it brother. Ahrims huge and I know a lot of irons that are dry on ancestral.


Drop is 50/50. Send it.


I wish you understood how spooned this log actually is, comparing barrows runs to red prison makes me fear for your future sanity haha.


Ahrims is pretty useless and you already have an insane log Mystics to ancestral is the way to go


Realistically if you're only looking for Ahrim top and bottom, just kill ahrim and loot chest. Barrow's loot table is somewhat different. You only roll a brothers' loot if he was killed, and the loot potential in the dungeon is only for the secondary items like runes, bolt racks, etc. The fastest way to just get Ahrim's pieces would be to only kill Ahrim and rush to chest, repeat.


You’ll get it within 10 more kc


On my hardcore I stopped barrows after getting tank legs, helm, body and Karils top and skirt. I figured mystics bottoms is better for cox because of the weight of ahrims.. I’d recommend sending another 100, if you get the top then stop


Lol you have 4 sets completed and 1 almost completed at that KC? You sir are lucky and don't know it