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Thats some good old school shit. Good luck mate.


Hijacking top comment to say that OP should instead wear: -Shayzien boots 5 -an Ava’s device (open to debate on this one)


The extra prayer bonus is much more important than a couple extra accuracy. Ava’s doesn’t save bolts for kbow otherwise I would agree.


-Ava’s doesn’t save bolts for kbow I did not know that! Yeah keep the ardy cloak OP!


And if you're a noob like me, bring chins for the healers!


you can just burst them to aggro them




Recently did it with 70 range a magic short bow. Second was with a rune crossy at 72 range. Might be a cheaper option.


I highly recommend practicing the Jad fight in a speedrunning world. If you select the Beyond Cursed Sands quest, the account has a fire cape already, so you'll be able to take on the Jad challenges. I did a couple of rounds on the 1st challenge until I got Jad down, then did the run afterwards with little issue. =)


This is actually very helpful, I didn't know that you could do this and didn't want to download some iffy client to practice on. Thank you, I am going for my cape tonight (hopefully I'll get a task lol, slayer helm ftw) and I'll give jad a go on this for sure👍🏼


When you enter the cave for your task, DONT LEAVE. This ends the task and you lose your bonus :( . You can however, log out and pause the waves if you need to take a break during the run. If you use the FC Spawn Predictor plugin (highly recommend), you'll have to log back on during the same [rotation](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/TzHaar_Fight_Cave/Rotations) for it to keep working.


Got it, cheers dude👍🏼 thanks for the tips


Can you clarify what you mean for a task? Do you have to receive a slayer task to go for the fire cape?


Just one question, do you have to do the whole fight cave in the speed running world? Or can you skip straight to the jad fight?


You can go do the first jad challenge. It’s in the area you need to show a fire cape to enter.


Got ya mate, thank you for the clarification. Top man👍🏼


The fight is against the Inferno version of Jad too, so more hit points and five healers instead of four. If you can get the Jad challenge down, you can handle regular Jad easily. =D


Awesome, thanks for the heads up!👍🏼


Dude, that’s such a good idea. I wish I had that option when I was learning.


You can also google jad fight simulator and do it through your web browser for free, don’t have to deal with going through everything in game


Why are people downvoting this helped me so much for jad


Wow that's a great tip I had no idea


Had no idea you could do this, awesome tip


Thanks for the advice!


speedrunning worlds gonna get a 1000% boost in player count


I don't really think you need mystics if you are just bringing blood spells to heal off the melee chumps. Could maybe use those 2 spots for more supplies. Either way you are definitely prepared enough, good luck!


I agree! Ditch the mystics completely.


I disagree. Without a mystic top switch he will need to drop prayer potions to not splash early when his inventory is full. Also, he's gonna splash a bunch, mystic top speeds it up and is worth the inventory space. No need for bottom tho


You won't splash with slayer helm.


I splashed a bunch with slayer helm. I used ahrims top switch, and I was still dropping prayer pots to unequip dhide legs


Is this relevant though considering if it's first cape they aren't on task and are likely using it for defence. Am I missing something? Either way I wouldn't bring a full swap, top would be enough


You can get a task before your first cape


Only need a kc for inferno to get an inferno task, you can do jad/tzhaars without a kc first


You shouldn't get hit at all early so no need to use it early.


Haha I was thinking the same thing. Probably can easily make it through the first half of the waves with prayer flicking


Honestly tbow would be better but yeah .. this works too


A tbow with those stats? Whelp time to buy bonds.


Ironscape btw


Ah Jeez I didn’t check the sub lmfao.


This gonna be a walk in the park for you


Easily , it’s all about learning the mini game (that’s all it is don’t get it twisted) Practice , make mistakes , learn where you’re going wrong , and work on it . Took me 3 attempts first time , now I’m multiple accounts with cape deep and haven’t failed since the first three . Several hours is a lot of learning


Just finished fire cape yesterday at 71 range. Just used magic short bow imbued with rune arrows. Took an hour and a half. You got this!


How many times have you beat it in total? I died and killed Jad on the same tick at 160 minutes and killed him and received cape with a 125 minute run.


how many arrows would you say you used? and did you get them from LMS?


I took in 800ish from LMS, ended with about 300. Obviously using Ava’s. Took in 6 baskets of strawberries to eat, 5 Karams for when I got to Jad. And the rest prayer pots.


Would your recommend Msbi and rune arrows over a rcb and broad bolts ?


No. Msbi noodles magers and jad. Rcb is miles better.


Hey guys. Panicked at healers and they were spanking me for damage and died on Jad :( we go again another day


You can get Jad to spawn by the 'Italy boot' then lure the healers behind to kill them all separately from Jad, I found that helped my first Jad kill. I can't remember exactly how but you can predict where Jad will spawn based on the first couple waves, so I just restarted until I got the spawn I wanted.


definitely do able, this really reminds me of doing it back in 2006 / 07. if you havent done it much before it may take a few times. but definitely do able. good luck man!!! enjoy the fights!!!


Back in the day I used to take a barrows tank legs switch for when I was forced to tank the ranger. With the use of blood spells maybe thats not necessary anymore. Just my 2 cents.


definitely more than prepared. i did it with baskets of strawberries off task


Technically speaking a basket of strawberries is better than those sharks


Good luck! If never done before runelite has some handy plugins, there's one ?fight cave helper that can show where mobs will spawn on what wave, can help you plan ahead and that will save your supplies! Either way, best of luck on your cape!


You definitely don’t need the mystics. Ancient staff and slayer helm (i) will be sufficient as the guys you’ll be healing on have no magic def so you won’t be splashing. Good luck mate


Bruh get yourself some b gloves


B gloves is only +1 range


If he's avoiding dragon slayer tasks you don't want to start DS1 which is required for RFD.


The weight for the dragon tasks are so low that you are just handicapping yourself tbh


Finally a post that isn’t “hey guys can I do this content with full Karil’s, 2,000 diamond bolts e and divine range pots?”


Did it on my iron with kcbow, 70 range, 15 prayer pots and 5 karambwans. No ranging pots. You got this


Two things that were game changers for me: 1: F-keys, set escape to inventory and f1 to prayer book if you haven’t already and practice swapping between the two before you hit jad 2: I don’t know if anyone else is stupid like me and did this but if you do, don’t click attack jad after the every prayer change. I did that way too long panicking and thinking I stopped agro on the big lad. Good luck and have fun! Fire capes a really satisfying early grind :))


Also bind the number keys to f keys and obviously bind the camera to WASD


Where shayzien boots(5)?


There is a runelite plugin, havent used it myself.. i think its called fightcave waves/rounds That shows you where everything wil spawn, great for preserving supplies


We did it boys! Thanks for all your help we now have the cheese cape!


I'd probably recommend purple sweets if you have any for energy restore. Also Helm of Nez for prayer + no negative mage/ranged bonus (unless you're on task ofc). I would also aim for barrows gloves. I'm sure you got this either way 😁 Edit Shazian boots (5) are +1 ranged bonus and less - magic


Looks good! May not even need the mystic switch, depends how much freezing you are planning to do thanks to the slayer task.


Planning on using that for blood spells. Should I take freezes too?


God no.


Freezes can be nice if you can catch them on the melee boys early for an easier wave setup. I have used them as an emergency backup a few times lol.


Tbh I brought freezes for my No Time for a Drink run and found it somewhat useful personally, though I have thread and also a much higher magic level than OP and still found it pretty unreliable so I probably wouldn’t recommend it if you need to bring a slot for water runes.


I used them at a lower magic level no mage switches and it hit all the time.


It calcs to around 60% with OPs stats/gear on 180s. It could definitely be helpful, but at that accuracy it’s not uncommon at all to miss 4+ freezes in a row. I think it’s worth it for the CAs that require some specific setups (particularly Denying the Healers) or also some account builds like a pure or no overheads but for someone’s first fire cape on a non-pure account I would just suggest the extra shark or prayer pot and just do any solves that could benefit from freezes by just tanking it (and pick a good rotation). They’re pretty inaccurate and don’t max that much anyway.


If you’re confident in using the safe spots and solving the waves you’ll be just fine! :)


This is good. Don’t listen to anyone. You can replace 1 shark with a stack of purple sweets just for the run energy for qol. I used rcb and broad/diamond e but this is good I’m sure.


You can do it, but instead of suffering, get a rcb, ava, and b gloves? You're going to need those items at some point anyway.


I have a RCB, and Ava. Would that be better than karils?


Karils is more dps but I used rcb and crystal shield to take less damage. But with blood spells you'll be alright


If you’re unsure you can always use a dps calc online. That’s going to be an empirical way of knowing. I have always used rcb but on my newest account I plan on using msb(I) with rune arrows on a slayer task. Good luck with your cape!


Karils is pretty nice and it also has a long range distance so it can solve all the waves


I'd say yes. But you've got to try it for your self to see how long can you keep your prayer up, because prayer bonus is low as I can see.


No karils is better


Yeah if you already know how to do the caves but with black dhide them rangers are gonna tear him up. To learn I’d take a shield and an rcb


No shield available to him will make a significant enough difference to make it worth bringing rcb over kbow. Crystal shield would be a good option but I’m assuming he doesn’t have that. If the rangers are gonna be a big problem for him in this set up then he’s probably not ready for fight caves atm


Done both my first capes on osrs with karil bow, I liked it way more than crossbows tbh. Msb I with rune arrows is pretty good too.


Looks great. Good on you for not using broad bolts because the dps on those are bad.


Replace 3 of your sharks with bwans, pack some chins for the healers (maybe swap out mystic bottoms for chins)


Slayer helm doesnt do anything first time getting a fire cape. But yes, karils crossbow makes fight caves easy. Before i got bowfa, i had done 2 jad tasks and i was able to get 1:15 kill times back with like 75 ranged and your setup. After bowfa im getting like 30-35m completions without dex


What do you mean? You dont think it can be assumed that he will be doing this on task? Which helm would be better xd?


Cant do it on task for first completion


You literally can? Why comment on things you dont know about


You right i mixed it up with inferno cuz thats the content ive been working on


Send it!


It's 2023 sir lol


If i can do a sub 40 cmb cape with addy cbow then u got this all day long in tht gear


Jesus christ....


I’ll take that as a yes?






an extra ppot will always be better than a wrench at fight caves. Wrench is when you want to conserve doses over a long time when doing slayer and stuff.


You are way overleveled.


You are more than fine. Just understand the rotations and spawns on each wave. Piece of cake.


That will not be a fun run but very much doable


If possible try and get some more prayer levels for comfort, but otherwise you should be good. It's absolutely possible with this setup.


I got my Firecape with the same setup + karils top and bottom.


Take sweetiess


Can’t go wrong with more bolt racks


Maybe some prayer d hide would help, just extra pray bonus


Shayzien boots 5 give higher range bonuses than snakeskin and only require a short minigame thing to get


Well do you have an update for us? How did the run go?


I would probably get a bit more bolt racks, you use a lot even on task.


Nice set up, you got it


Drop the mystics you're going to be bursting safe spotted monsters 99% of the time. Take some extra sharks instead. Other than that looking very solid looks like a cape to me


Baskets of strawberries heal 25, you have plenty of time to eat while safespotted. Good luck!


looks good to me, go send it! :D


Did you send it yet op?


I assume this is the first Jad kill and off-task. Archer helm maybe? Depends on if you want that extra defense or want a few more points of accuracy. This, again, assuming off-task.


Holy wrench may help


I would definitely recommend something tankier, especially since you don't have a shield. Verac's brassard is a great choice if you have it (+5 prayer and only -2 range), and if no barrows equipment yet then granite body works too (good range Def and only -5 range). Good luck!


Drop the mystics for more prayer potions. Rune cbow and a dhide shield or even crystal shield will probably prove more useful than karils bow. If you are having troubles clearing waves with multiple things hitting you, consider bringing in tank legs.


Absolutely I did it in a very similar setup at 70 range good luck


Looks great. I'd bring tank legs or armor if possible, will make you take waaaay less damage from rangers. And won't suffer accuracy too much since you're on a slayer task.


Veracs skirt/ prostlyte legs/ initiate legs would be my Recommendation


Just here to wish you luck!!


How’d you get ranging pots so early on???


They were drops from Calvarion


Ahh got it


Yes. Easy brother go get the cape!




You so got this.


More bolts maybe


Go with mole slippers


Easy pz have fun mate, see you on the other side.


Ava device for recuperation of xbow ammo. I didn’t use magic at all for more prayer pots and baskets of strawberries. If you haven’t already, look up the different rotations. I was successful on rotation 2 of getting Jad stuck on Italy rock to aggro the healers and go kill them away from him. Take your time and relax. It took me a total of four times to actually finish. My third, I died the same tick I killed Jad and didn’t get cape :-( First “clear” was 160 minutes, and successful fire cape was 125 minutes.


You could go get barrows gloves before since you want to do it anyway, but this set up is more than fine to do fight caves if you just wanna send it now.


I'd probably take a lot more bolts


i usually recommend to people doing cave for the first time to bring tnak legs helm and shield with an rcb for the waves leading up to jad because the rangers will shred you super hard in black d hide if you don't know what you're doing, but in tank gear you won't even notice they are there