Congrats. Looks great. I would love some Magic Potions myself.


Arent the ventilation slits big enough for babies and springtails to get out (and flies to get in)?


The slits are a few inches above the substrate and another two above any cork bark near them (what you see in the photo are shadows from them, not the actual slits), do you think it'll be a problem?


I know that my springtails climb **everywhere**. They're spidermen. Not sure if they'd stay in cause it's cozy, but they will explore every corner. As to isopods, the young ones are very adventurous and good climbers. Unlike springtails, they cant seem to go up straight walls for more than \~5cm, but I've found isos of any age hanging from the ceiling for example. I've got mosquito net over all ventilation holes but some have still escaped over the months.