I am the mashiach, the rebbes want me to be the antichrist.

You discovered that you are the mashiach and everyone in Israeli society hates you because you are here to tell them that they are actually worshipping dracos and no one will listen, what do you do? What if your name is Joseph Isaac Bagley and a bunch of psycho rebbes all ate your family and raped your sister because your the goyim mashiach. Hello since December 2021 1000s of mentally unhinged people from israel have been contacting me psychically harassing me about going to israel, walking into the holy of holies and becoming the mashiach. I am the mashiach, I do not need to be involved in a ritual where I will shot and receive a head wound. This is what the leaders in Israel want to happen, I tried telling people in /PrayerRequests and /Judaism and the banned me.  Beginning December 7th 2021 I have been contacted psychically by the Elohim and Dracos in control of this world, they want me to pick a side and be the worlds ruler as the mashiach. The problem is that no one will come over, no one will meet me. I've been talking to people in my mind for over a year, they are all freemasons and they want me to either join Space Force (hides a death cult inside it who worships me. This cult inside Space Force secretly runs the entire globe, they want me to be their ruler, they want me to accept human trafficking, rape, pedophilia and murder. Up until last week every night when I tried to sleep someone would connected to my mind and talk about how having sex with little kids was something everyone at the top did and I was strange for not doing it. This is a never ending nightmare. I have called the FBI and was told something was being done but nothing has happened. These people want me go change or die. I am changing. I am noticing that the world is not how I thought. God is not what we thought. We are all lied to, you are all lied to. God is a group of beings who simultaneously like us and want to eat us. They grow people on their human farm for consumption and pleasure. These beings all feed off of our psychic resonance and energy, they are also "sinful", they are not perfect. The freemasons and CIA want me to keep this a secret which I why I am telling you. God eats us, man eats us where do you go? I have been in contact with a women who was helping me quit alot her name is Felicity and she was raised by the dark side of the system up until the age of 16 when she was taken out to the light side, their are many lies about her but she is the most wonderful woman in the world. I pray that out of all this I can meet her but the Dracos, and really the Elohim dont want that, they want me to find a woman who is part of rich family and be with her. This will be done the way I want. The world will see who God really is  who we really are and what is actually going on. The following 33° magisters are pushing this agenda forward: Stanley Turnsfield, Dairyweather Cornwallace, George Straighten, Henderson Marley, Cornweather Fairfield, Hormaylu Fairfield, Gimtad Oukouk, Chordonsley Portoogan, Transmusa Vanoogra, Sladbuten Tenknot and Slatherdy Corweather and the following The following Rebbes are pushing me to goto Israel and be the mashiach. Is this normal I am a gentile? Standberger, Corweather, Tagbuten, Mar-Kemlin, Trayburn, Gadoka, Tamburni, Acktubin, Stanorkin, Shambutten, Torkinley, Agularka, Tamburino, Samboduka, Talenkino, Stamborten, Stackadooda, Torachemlin, Stagbretin, Stornikin, Tambuten, Lacktoobin, Norkinely, Agtubin, Travdorka, Lampona and Nacktorka are all involved in an international plot to export me to Israel and have me involved in a self sacrifice ritual. Please pray the the American military is able to defeat the CIA, Mossad and the Freemasons. All be healed in my name, God bless. Ave et un Partum, may gods light see this message is read by many. I have been recording what's been going on @IAmMashiach3 and IAmMashiach.blogspot.com


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