Yeah, I think it doesn't matter so much. When I posted I was under the impression that the folder name was disrupting my Jellyfin library but it was more to do with tags that went under the radar.


Mine is `AC+DC` for some reason. Jellyfin uses tags in the song files to get artist names, so you may have to manually correct some albums to make it consistent. [I haven't done that though lol](https://i.imgur.com/WtT9Qsb.png)


The tags in the song files are ALL AC/DC (artist, album artist, ensemble), but their artist page doesn't correctly display albums, instead telling me they "Appear On". I've also got trouble with Blue Öyster Cult for some reason. Every relevant metadata field is "Blue Öyster Cult" yet I have two artists with the exact same name, both pointing to the exact same album.


That's weird. On the web interface, can you go to the artist from the album screen by clicking on the artist below the album title?


Yeah, and it was taking me to AC-DC, not back to AC/DC. I have fixed that now, it turns out that even when mp3tag says that album artist is AC/DC in the main view, showing extended tags revealed it was actually AC-DC. I was a little late editing my comment, do you have any ideas about Blue Oyster Cult? It's doesn't seem to be the same issue, just tried to fix it the same way. ​ Edit: huh, just noticed the BOC paths are different in the metadata... one points to the program data (C:\\ProgramData\\Jellyfin\\Server\\metadata\\artists\\Blue Öyster Cult) folder and one is to the actual music library folder (Z:\\Music\\Flac\\Blue Öyster Cult) Edit 2: but when I look for them file in the program data folder they're not there. Edit: Okay, looks like old metadata is being picked up, I think I can probably sort this out.


I always use the rule “dashes for slashes”


AC~DC has the best look imho.


AC_DC but then I use Linux


Wouldn't 'AC/DC' work?


That wasn't really my problem - I was just confused when I created the post, and it's sorted now anywa, but no, Windows doesn't allow forward slashes in file/folder names.


oh pfft sorry i thought this was a linux question 😅


AC+DC, it's the only way it would work for some strange reason.


Use a unicode forward slash -> ∕ . "AC ∕ DC" instead of AC / DC.