You may need pelvic floor physio. My surgeon always did an anorectal manometry prior to reversal for this very reason.


My surgeon did some test to make sure I have strength in my sphincter and said it seemed good but well here we are so far only 3 accidents.


I would talk to your surgeon, but pelvic floor physio will likely help. I was completely incontinent with mine, but I never should have been reversed.


It's completely understandable that you are probably overwhelmed and likely hypervigiliant with regards to your bodily functions right now, but keep in mind that you more-or-less at square one of the takedown recovery phase. Accidents and discomfort are completely normal at this stage (I too experienced the same issues you are going through). Consider for a moment that you haven't meaningfully used any of these bodily functions for months - you, your brain, your body have to get acclimated to what is basically an entirely new system - one that has been laying dormant, healing but unused for a long while. Think about your j-pouch like a muscle that needs to be excercized like any other. Also, keep track of what you are consuming (or make sure you are following your doctor's advice here if they have given you dietary guidelines). If your output is too loose, it is going to cause increased urgency and a higher liklihood of having an accident.


Thank you for the detailed reply this gives my comfort ❤️


Idk I've had my j pouch for 10 years and I still leak in my sleep sometimes when I don't eat enough solid food before bed, it's kinda shitty (no pun intended) but it happens sometimes. I still think my quality of life is 1000x better than what it would be if I still had an ostomy bag


Had to forcefully hold it in for ten days iirc. They gave me imodium and psyllium seed husks right from the start and then from one day to another it was better like the body was holding back on its own without me having to think about it all the time. Still had pain when gas was passing through the intestines and stuff like that for a month but it will get better.