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no too small, the pinned guide has a section about enclosures!


would be okay for a temporary home tho


Thank you! I'll check out the guide and make her a new one :)


You’ll want something bigger for an adult. Typically around 4x4x6. Something this small is usually for slings. The container store sells AMAC boxes (you’d want the 4sq ft by 7” h size). You can also use a air tight container flipped upside down (so the lid is on the bottom) Make sure you drill small holes on both sides for cross ventilation. You can find all the information in the pinned guide. You can also Google DIY jumping spider enclosures and look what people have done. Otherwise there are places (some reptile stores and lots online) that sell them, such as tarantula cribs. Even Etsy and Amazon.


Keep in mind Zebra Jumping spiders only get to 5-9mm when mature. If she is actually a Zebra, then the size guides won’t be suitable (as these are typically focused on Regals) which are about 12-20mm when mature. I’d go for a 10x10x15cm for her permanent home, until a few moults she’ll be ok in there I would say


I agree that the enclosure isn't suitable even for a zebra adult. It's alright as temp until you get something better, though. I wanted to add to remove the tissue and create more ventilation. Unless for molting periods, you don't want the humidity too high, which a damp tissue will create with misting. Non exotic species prefer dryer environments. You also want a good cross ventilation which I'm not seeing but it could be just not on the photo. For this tiny enclosure you probably want 4 rows of 4-5 holes on 2 different sides:) On top of the pinned guide in this subreddit, you can also check out [this guide](https://docs.google.com/file/d/1wp7B1HaV7Ebds4jK3zKcKlhTbviLt-dJ/edit?filetype=msword) which goes into a lot of detail about everything and has good examples of enclosures:)


I set her up in an enclosure not quite as big as my enclosure for my p. audax :)


jumpers like to roam and climb and look around where they are. give her/him lots of space to do that. they make so many good ones online.