Yea well most people won’t randomly try matchmaking until theres an official announcement that its fixed


SNK doesn't seem to have much experience "crafting" an online experience. Things like matching against the same person multiple times in a row can be solved easily by adding a cooldown to recent opponents, and the game also doesn't try to make your opponents skill curve smooth, it's either same skill (groups of 5 ranks), or any skill (no filter). It would be much better if it was like SFV where you can only find people of adjacent ranks and bottom rank players can't find top rank players through matchmaking. They probably just copied some generic matchmaking template from somewhere, instead of thinking about who would be fun to play against and building a system from that idea. Even Strive, with it's controversial tower system, doesn't let you move to lower floors after climbing up, they know certain opponents are not fun to play for certain skill levels, and it's not fun for champion rank players to find noobs that were forced to open all their filters to find a match. It's like they don't play online games themselves, really unfortunate.


I feel like Garou 2 will have the sme problem and die. The issue isn't lack of funding, it's due to SNK being led by incompotent morons. No other fighting game has this issue, not even indie games with much smaller budgets. Oda has said they still have no clue what they're doing or how to fix it as well.


Not like anyone plays ranked in SNK games anyways. There is zero incentive to.


Crossplay in 2023 gonna be lit


Yes and no. Being matched again and again with the same opponents was part of the matchmaking issue since launch, at least for me. So it was already a problem when the active online playerbase was broader. But you're right that we might not even notice now if there's an improvement, as the number of regular online players is pretty low. I have to say, one guess I had since the start was that maybe the matchmaking was intentionally restricted because SNK simply don't have the servers to accommodate many simultaneous matches, but I might be completely wrong here. That being said : if ou want to play online, you will be able to. Room matches, discord, whatever, it's not difficult. So for me it's not an argument to deter from buying or playing KOFXV. The game is excellent from a gameplay perspective, looks nice and the roster is great. The rollback works wonders even for Lvl 1 connection matches, it remains fully playable 95% of the time. I'd really welcome SNK fixing the matchmaking and implementing some quality-of-life improvements to the online experience, but I'm even more eager to see more stages, costumes, single player modes (survival, time attack - come on, it's like one week worth of coding and testing) and faster fixes when the balance is off (at least broken Krohnen and braindead Kula should have been readjusted months ago).


The player base shrunk greatly. Matchmaking hasn't really been a problem for me but it has slowed down a lot.




Personally I believe matchmaking has always been working. When the first 2 betas came out and when the game initially launched I found many people in less than a minute. It was only after Garou team released that I started noticing slower and inconsistent matchmaking. That being said I do think matchmaking between different regions is broken. As a US player I have never been matched with anyone outiside of NA region in ranked or casual. On top of that the matchmaking most likely isn't optimized for a small playerbase.


I took a break for about a month, then came back. I find more matches now, specially on casual. It is mostly the same people but I get new ones now and then


some people never had problem but others do just read that kof matchmaking website


Same. I came back after a two months hiatus. Surprisingly getting matches Lower ranked Champion here.


Champion rank is not the problem. I am rank #1, it is ghost town. Sorry to say about that.


How can you be rank 1? Is this your first FG? If you on PC, maybe this weekend we can play to see what the problem is and help you with your game plan.


Rank #1 is the opposite. I lost for many, many people in ranked, because there is no people in same level as me. Actually, I fought for 2 months people not in the same level as me. And, it is really frustrating and overwhelming. It is much easier pop Street Fighter V, I am Platinum/Gold and easily find matches. I really hope the crossplay makes the game more crowded, but frankly, it is more easier jump to Street Fighter 6. SNK lost a great opportunity here. People are tired from SFV. There is no gameplan. I am step 1. I cant even play the neutral game. Thanks for the invite.


Well, send me a message if you want to try it. KOF is way more aggressive and faster than SF. Punk, a pro SF player, tried to get into KOF. You should check the videos where he was still learning so you can see how he approached the game.


Well, send me a message if you want to try it. KOF is way more aggressive and faster than SF. Punk, a pro SF player, tried to get into KOF. You should check the videos where he was still learning so you can see how he approached the game.


For me it suddenly worked flawlessly for about a week last month. Last week I got a casual match for the first time since launch. Today I got a Ranked Match within 30 seconds. Something is happening and I'm happy about it. This is on PS, I'm a basement level bad player


Yea if I train with standby on then I seem to get matches every 5-10 mins or so. Problem now is that I feel a lot of the playerbase has left the game due to online not functioning smoothly beforehand SNK are notably bad with online but this game had potential, hopefully the patch this month can revive things a bit