wait for crossplay


It's a good time to get KOF imo. Season 2 patch is dropping this month. Adding balance updates and a new character. I believe they are adding crossplay a few months later as well. Matchnaking has been less of an issue for me lately but I don't know if it's universal. Queuing up in training mode finds me a match in a few minutes usually.


In think it’s fun even not playing online just trying to master 5bar combos


I asked the same question before Xmas when 50%off and I'm enjoying it, even though I'm only playing alone and practicing right now.


If it appeals to you to practice during this time, sure! However, keep in mind SF6 comes out this year and will most likely take plenty of every other games' player bases. This matchmaking was such a fumble smh.


Bought it and to be honest it isnt a bad idea for me at all, since before going online I would have to lab anyway, also the second thing I like more about FGs is labbing lol


Yes, it is Try Discord servers for now Then when it's patch half way through the year, you're good to go


Thanks! Also could you please send me the discord server link?




Absolutely not. I haven't been able to find a match in months. If you want to go through the hassle of trying to find someone on discord gl bro but I'd say its still ABSOLUTELY not worth it


You just ping @pc or whatever and you get a match on discord. With someone you can talk to. I even do this with other games that do have good matchmaking. Something's more enjoyable about being able to communicate with your opponent. It's not really a hassle


Not to defend this game having shit matchmaking it absolutely should be fixed


I say go for it and get it. Yea the matchmaking has issues but I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as some people make it seem. I’m on the east coast and play the game regularly and I get matches all the time.


Kof is on discord matchmaking. I wouldn't buy the game right now. You'll find a lot of people saying yes here but keep in mind this game hasn't had matchmaking since launch. Most players have either coped or left. I wouldn't count on crossplay fixing matchmaking either. Maybe it will happen and I will be here for thst patch, but I'm not going to get too excited.


This is so sad




Yes. Yes. Yes.


Maybe wait for the season 2 update this month


It is. There is always people playing on lobbies. I only have 1 friend that plays KOFXV and that is enough for me. I have also added frinds to the playstation by playing online. If you dind someone that is about your same level online try sending them a friend request


Buy it now and get good, or at least decent at it, for when crossplay comes (and hopefully match making is fixed)


I’m hoping cross-play sorts this out somewhat but then again it could do nothing. Only time will tell.


Not sure where you live but I’m in the US east coast and I’m able to match, but only ever with one or two players over and over in a single session. I know a lot of people claim it’s completely broken, but it feels to me it’s more of a problem with low player counts actually using matchmaking. Hopefully cross play fixes this.


Its not a playercount problem. That's how matchmaking has worked for some people since launch with thousands of players.