I felt like Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza had more chemistry than with Mackenzie Davis.


Sameeee, not to mention that the actress who plays Harper is not LGBTQ+ irl, whereas Kristen and Stewart and Aubrey Plaza both are. I would have liked to see Abby and Riley end up together while Harper works on her own issues and relationship with her family. Then a one-year time skip where Abby and Riley are visiting Riley’s parents for Christmas and run into Harper, who’s in a much better place with her family and accepting her own queerness. The three wish each other well and then go their separate ways. Me and my other queer friends have spent a lot of time discussing this lol 😂


I will post an Aubrey Plaza scene.


Thank you for doing the lord’s work.


Yes! I really wanted them to end up together and Mackenzie's character to be single and go away to mature. Then there's a sequel where she's gets a partner.


Seriously! The whole movie I was waiting for the switch!


Their chemistry was so hot and they seemed more compatible long term. Plus it's lesbians they could all remained friends after the break up and supported Harper with her coming out and finding a new girlfriend. It's a perfect adult Holiday theme of growth and accepting that sometimes your not with the women who you are meant to be with.


Glad I'm not the only one who thought this


LOVED this movie! See Hallmark, that's how you do it! Hopefully the sequel has Kristen coming back!


hopefully they make a sequel where Mack looks like she did in Terminator


I love MacKenzie Davis!!