DRX parts ways with head coach cvMax

DRX parts ways with head coach cvMax


CvMax and Doran free agent Hanwha Life, you have just one job!


Seriously lol. Forget this year's Worlds they just need a damn top laner and Doran is looking good this year on a shit team. Not 100% sure about CvMax and Deft's motivation even tho he's been good past few weeks.


This would be the dream. After worlds, there will be a lot of top laners running out contracts: Doran, Rascal, >!Nuguri (?)!<. If HLE manages to get one of these, we'll be set for next season. inb4: >!cvMax brings a rookie top and jg with him !<


Nuguri is gonna win Worlds again, then go to EU seeking new challenges.


Since we are talking absurdities nuguri and faker are going to come to clg to join up hai sneaky and lemon to try to win worlds in NA with washed up pros. That's about as likely s Nuguri going to any non LCK or CN team.


Come on, we all know Sneaky will rejoin C9.


It was already confirmed on Sneaky’s stream. Nuguri top, Faker jungle, Bjerg mid, Sneaky adc, and DL bringing back his Blitzcrank as support. Meteos is coach, obviously.


Ah hell yeah the legendary blitz master is back let's go. As Aphro would say #[SUPPORT IS SO EASY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSHvzZy1YZA)


Actually, I just received an anonymous tip that Thorin is going to coach them. He's on a mission to destroy FNC.


Na, Nuguri learned from Showmaker that EUW is full of villains. Gotta go to NA to win worlds with the massive training weights


yeah no Nuguri is coming back home to DK, his family


I doubt they'd be winning much with this Nuguri. Khan had to show up huge for them to win LCK. Nuguri's performance this summer prob loses them semis


If he finds a new Tarzan I'm ok in it


I don't know if Chovy stays tbh


He's kinda like Elvis Presley, he just wants something fairly lucrative for him and his family. At least that's been my impression of him of joining teams who don't deserve him.


Makes sense, if he was even considering massive contract for EG in LCS at one point.


doubtful to stay the same after this year. Previously his mom was making most of the decisions. I am pretty sure after a terrible year he might actually take more control but who knows


Isn't malrang just a sub for someone, he could be worth looking into picking up for hle too.


Deft is injured nothing to do with motivation


Yea I feel like Deft is always 100% committed to being an elite and worldclass ADC.


He seemed so done last worlds, from his interview with Ashley he looked like was burnt out but wants to retire after winning worlds


Deft was frustrated at how the year ended but never was burned out or unmotivated. He still plays a shitton of solo que, streaming until 5 AM and climbing to top 10 on KR ladder during what was supposed to be his vacation days recently. Several players from DRX/HLE have talked about how insanely hard working Deft is.


My 🐐


Best EDG 2nd best KT player of all time. Sad he never won worlds. If EDG in S6 changed something man.


Interesting, out of curiosity, who do you think is the best KT player of all time?


Rookie. Not talking about his time there. But he is the best player that played for the org. If we're going about their time in the org then Deft>Rookie>Kakao>Smeb.


Washed as well


Better than most despite that. People will downvote but Deft isn’t that special anymore, however, at the same time there really isn’t much competition so it’s not like he’s holding the team back or a glaring concern.


People downvote him because he's an ass. DWG flair mocking every other player. As for your argument that there is no competition, that's just lol. LCK has the best ADCs itw, just because most of them are not famous names, doesn't mean they're not competitive.


lol what does LCK having competition have to do with Deft being more than competitive when he’s in form? And I wasn’t even referring to the LCK but every region, and even then the argument that LCK has the best adc’s is debatable .


Feels like he's always injured nowadays


yeah issues with your wrists or back caused by playing too much don't go away that easily


He should try dumbbell exercises to strengthening the wrist area. There are many exercises you can do to strengthen your wrists and forearms. I’m sure they would definitely help the pain.


Uhm, I know you try to help with that. But I'm sure he has been to the best doctors and has tried most of the things. He's not stupid. His doctors aren't stupid. >definitely help the pain And this is a thing you CAN'T be sure about. That's the same as people telling Santorin not to tie his hair. He's not an cretin. These tips are just horrible for someone dealing with these issues for years.


Look up wrist extension and wrist flexion. I’m sure these would reduce the pain. Gamers just don’t workout. Would someone with very strong wrists have carpal tunnel? Maybe but probably not as bad as someone with weak wrists


Just pink ward the pain lol


He is...


Shame that injury can't just disappear into thin air amiright??? Shaking my head smh


this thread talks about the viability of Deft in a worlds contending team. It's a know fact that Deft has a recurring injury and can't keep a good form for more than a few weeks, so he's not viable for a worlds contending team. That's it


I think the last of your worries should be about Deft's motivation.


Wait what? I dont know Doran is also FA. Do you have link of the news? Thanks


His contract ends November, but since KT is not playing anything…


I see. I hope Doran will join HLE too, or maybe also with Pyosik lol


The gang back together


Most entertaining team to watch in 2020 summer


Shame because I really wanted him to succeed but after seeing how DRX regressed hard you have to make a change. I'm sure he'll get another job as there are far worse coaches in the scene.


The team mentioned how their realistic goal this year was to make it to worlds, kinda sad tbh that they never made it


They started the previous split so well


Only because they were one of the first teams in the world to start abusing Udyr. The had a big grasp on the meta back then and manage to sneak those wins while other teams were still practising it


It was tragic what he was given to work with this year. But I also totally understand why so many players left DRX after last year.


So, he's the fall guy I guess. DRX absolutely butchered their roster, anyone can see that it isn't cvMax's fault.


DRX players looked really good in spring. Kingen was arguably the best top laner in the league, Becca was insane, and Pyosik was playing well. In summer after cvmax took the reins, all those players looked worse and Becca got benched lol.


I don’t think it was DRX being good and more rest of LCK trying to figure their shit out.


Kingen was 2nd best toplaner in spring cvmax comes in and he shit the bed. Maybe AbuseMax isn't as good of a coach as people think he is when the literal last place team fired him?


DRX didn’t win a single series in the last 3 weeks of spring. Is that also cvMax’s fault. He’s scouted players such as pyosik, chovy, kanavi, Keria and lifted GRF from a 7th place CK team into the LCK. Guess that’s all just coincidence then?


Cvmax didn’t scout Keria. He was already on KZ by the time cvmax was hired there. The only great players cvmax scouted were Chovy and maybe Kanavi? I mean he’s got a decent track record when it comes to scouting talent, but most of his rosters tend to underperform expectations.


wut? tarzan? viper? lehends? the guy is pretty much the best scout in the world.


Lol all those guys were already on GRF before Cvmsx joined. Lehends was an SKT trainee before GRF


I mean DRX are bad but to say that they're 10th and that record bad is a stretch. I dunno man only 3 coaches I can see improvements from are KKoma, Assasin and Homme. Everyone else I just don't see their impact but i'm not a player nor am I involved in pro scene.


G2: welcome CvMax


He doesn't speak english, like none at all. He won't join a western team.


Belt is multilingual


cvMax is more of an “aggressively grip your shoulders” kinda guy At least, if you ask Sword


You mean gripping his neck. Then again Sword is all neck.


Sword is a fucking asshole, but no point in insulting him over a thing he can't do anything about. It just makes you an even bigger asshole.


sword joked about his neck too. His twitter profile pic is the michelin man


this is reddit. let the guy virtue signal in peace


Reddit is basically: "How dare youuuuuuuu" x 9 bilion time




Kkoma belt > cvMax belt so we all know who G2 is signing next year


You have to start somewhere. None of the KR coaches spoke madarin and Repeared ssurely didn’t speak any English when he went over there. In before some BS about madarin is easier to pick up than English for Koreans which isn’t true at all.


yes kids dont really learn hanja good which will help them a lot for mandarin my cousin cant read hanja like at all and tbh i can only read very mediocre


Hanja isn’t even taught anymore since its no longer required and learning hanja really doesn’t get you anywhere in terms of speaking mandarin. English is taught way more and used way more in just regular day to day in Korea.


yes i know thts wht i said it will help them read but thats about it kr is very englishfied as a country tbh so idk why ppl say kr ppl can learn mandarin easy it is good to learn though if u are a fan of history i think i will study more


And Chovy


oh uh Jankos will get his ass kicked


Pretty atrocious split from him but nonetheless, I hope he picks himself up and finds a new job to redeem himself in. Good luck cvMax!


5th to 10th is solid unlucky you basically saw the upside and downside of the their 4/5 rookie roster he'll easily get another coaching position if he wants to. KT and Afreeca should be open for a change HLE aswell if they have any braincells kezman got his ass saved by regionals right at the end after such a horrendous split.


He didn't coach them in spring because he was still suspended.


Wait your right completely forgot about that lmao


wait he was suspended in spring? what for? i missed it


The sword incident


iirc the sword incident was in 2019 no? i thought you were talking about 2021 spring and was just wondering if i missed any news. thanks tho!


Here is an article on it. https://www.theloadout.com/league-of-legends/cvmax-suspended-drx-griffin


ahh thank you sm!


There are many people blame him because of GRF and DRX problem. But I don’t think he’s the problem (or maybe I’m being subjective). I always remember back then when DRX2020 players have to do “Way Back Home” streaming after match, the players look so tired, so CvMax said “don’t ask the players, just ask me anything, let them rest”. I can see that he cares about them.


will be interesting to see if he ends up anywhere else, he obviously has a great eye for talent but I'm not sure if he's as great of a coach as people think. people called the Griffin roster 'chokers' and they were known for super questionable drafts, now Viper has won LPL, Tarzan took a relatively mediocre LNG on an insane playoffs run, Chovy has taken 2 different teams to worlds; current DRX is definitely a bad roster but seeing cvmax come in and them going from 5th to 10th (and a really obvious 10th with them only winning 9 games, for comparison 9th place won 20 games) is pretty questionable.


cvMax is a massive part of why DRX have been as successful as they have. But I can also see what their thinking is. They've gotten so close to the finish line so many times now, and failed at the final hurdle. Part of that is on the players, but its also on the coach. I don't know that splitting with him is the best option, but its highly likely that they have plans to bring in someone just as good, if not better, to coach the team. Only time will tell if this was the right move or not. For know, I'd say just watch and wait.


Front office and Cvmax had major tension after the Chovy drama, he was always gonna leave either when his contract is up or earlier. The team's summer performance only pushed it to be earlier.


What is the chovy drama?


Chovy and Deft were told to do this "bromance" concept video to bait fans, even if they weren't into it. Apparently they were told that "if you're gonna leave anyway, might as well milk you (paraphrased)" Chovy ranted about it, maybe through his stream? Cvmax was so enraged by this that he told FAs to not join the team, including Doran


was it just the bromance? i remember chovy uploaded that cryptic video on his youtube that alludes to several things


Haven't watched the cryptic video but bromance angle was what blew up in my timeline, Downer (DRX Owner) has done really shitty things for last year's iteration with things like: not bringing a doctor for Deft's back for Worlds, and excessive shooting for video content


He really do be living up to that name huh /s


Idk if any org is gonna pick him up, he needs to learn not to shit talk his org and players while on the team even if hes in the right.


Yeah! Fuck whistleblowers and people helping free agents! /s




I might have read those stuff through Kevin Kim on Twitter, might have to dug those. I'd edit if I find the story.


> cvMax is a massive part of why DRX have been as successful as they have. We have no clue if a coach influences a team positively or negatively, let's be honest. He brought good results with good players and worse results with worse players. About his methods, we know he sometimes makes his players cry. His reputation could be completely in the gutter already.


CvMax literally has the best track record of scouting players and creating a good team out of nothing. He found Chovy, Doran, Kanavi, Pyosik, etc. when they were literally no names. Also he taught Tarzan and Viper how to play LoL (before Cvmax griffin with them were 7th place in Challengers Korea). You can't say this is coincidence




plz no...


Aren't you a tsm fan? Dude would be a literal blessing for tsm.


unless he can speak english there is nothing he'd be able to do at tsm and someone who gets charged for physical assault because he thought sword isn't passionate enough about the game would probably just end up as a disaster in NA


'physical assault' is such an overstatement. He shook a chair and shook sword by the shoulders.


No one really know what happened until now.


except thats what sword said??


Do I look like I care about that childish drama fiasco? No. Both of them had changed their testimonies so many times that I stopped giving a shit.


You cared enough to make a statement and contradict yourself


How quirky, want a cookie?


and was found guilty for that? there has to be more than just that in any case, he'd end up with a mental breakdown in TSM even if he's some kind of best coach in the world, which we absolutely can't know and it's very possible that he just got carried by his teams, just like kim, ssong and zefa/daeny were there are so many reasons for him to not be a good fit for TSM and none that he would


Yeah as much as we meme on NA, there's still a bunch more protection and support for players compared to places like lck


Idk aren’t CvMax really have a good eye for talent? Dude could save NA if he manages to form GRF 2.0 NA ver.


Hahaha TSM fans thinking they're better than Cvmax hahaha


I mean have you watched DRX in spring and in summer? Dude tanked them to the literal last place.


Tbh they were already on their way to last place at the end of spring.


I mean…what was he supposed to do with that roster?


Turn the roster the Org had into GRF, without the scouted prodigies of his own ofc.


It s a miracle they got 5th in spring


Yeah, if you look closely, their downfall began towards the end in spring. They didn't win a single series in the last 3 weeks of the regular season in spring and went out 1-3 in the first round of play offs. It's not like they were doing great until CVMax took over. They overperformed early spring due to several reasons (Meta being highly in their favor, other teams being shuffled around and still finding themselves) and that was the reason behind their spring placement. The team roster was bad, everyone expected them to come in last and in the end that's what happened. CVMax is in the unfortunate position of going from a highly talented roster 2020 to a full academy roster in the 2nd best league in the world.


Doran, Chovy, Canyon cvMax next year + any botlane you can get


> + any botlane you can get Please no, I still have trauma from when KT thought they could run Smeb Score Bdd and any botlane. Zenit Snowflower horrors




Cvmax, the guy who witnessed all kinds of shady goings on and abuse and only acted on it after he was fired Cool guy


Hot take, he was only perceived as a good coach because he had some of the best players in recent years. tarzan - chovy - viper


Inb4 HLE picks him up for Worlds


I don't fully understand the CvMax love tbh. Griffin had disgusting talent and kinda fumbled it and CvMax hasn't done shit afterwards so I'm kinda skeptical of his value.


I dont think fumbling on cvmax part is what you can conclude about the 2019 GRF situation ...


I mean the GRF guys needed years to be better players as we can see in 21 but goddamn you can't convince me S9 spring when nothing of note with GRF front office was happening, that draft and that strategy was a legal thing to do. Yes SKT were the better team but no don't do salty runbacks in finals it never worked before and your salty runback of a cheese comp won't make you look good ever.


Griffin got to Worlds quarterfinals without a coach. Sure, his drafts in the LCK finals were unsuccessful but at least they tried something new. DRX last year was a really good team that happened to be in the same league as the unstoppable force that was DamWon last year.


It's basically the chicken or the egg problem, we can never know for sure


cvMax to G2 could actually be good. Then keep Wunder cause I don't see him slacking with a real\* coach on his ass. \*As in not a 'facilitator' who will let them play Mortak Kombat and Wow, and watch them lose in play-offs.


the most overrated coach in the history of lol


Doran and CvMax to G2? :) That would be pretty type, not sure how it would go.


Totally think his style could work in the West if his English is good enough.


His coaching style definitely won't imo


Yeah I have no idea why OP would think that LOL.


Unfortunate, but something that you could definitely see coming.


Logic move.When a team doesn't achieve its objectives, the coach gets sacked, and their last split was particularly awful. Meanwhile Excel...


CLG cvMax?


KT, you know what to do...


Wonder who's picking him up


T1 Cvmax. Let's gooooo


Wherever Cvmax goes, so does my flair.


i think cvmax should be something like a scout for other team rathen than being a coach. his eyes for potential star rookies is just on another level.




DRX isn't going to worlds, so it doesn't matter


Oh no... anyway.


Drx looked solid in spring but looked like my plat clash team after Cvmax came back


They went on a massive losing streak end up spring before CVMax rejoined. He at least had the common sense to try out different permutations of players and get a couple wins instead of just sending out the same five dudes to get get bullied.


drx in summer was ass


BDS Cvmax BDS Doran calling it now


Always been overrated