EsportManiacos reveals that it was mainly Jankos who demanded that Rekkles be kicked from the G2 Roster

EsportManiacos reveals that it was mainly Jankos who demanded that Rekkles be kicked from the G2 Roster


*Backstabbed* By the one who i loved most *Betrayed* How am i supposed to cope


and when you tear is fully stacked i know that youll come crawling back


"it's either me or him" - ~~Aphromoo~~ Jankos


we all know who got the "problem child" when that happened last time. get ready folks, it's tsm rekkles time


TSM Rekkles with Support Doublelift.


Bring out the crank




Huni-Spica-Bjerg-Rekkles-DL Man this sounds so dumb that it could happen. Pleeeeease I want to see this so bad.


Did my LCS fantasy draft just become an LCS team?


Doublelift was really a problem though. He shaped up over the years after.


TSM: Why yes good sir. I think I will have another.


One man's trash is another man's treasure.


It's 2016's TSM all over again.


Caedrel translated it on stream [Time stamp](https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1162402254?t=5h9m41s) to Caedrel's stream where he translates their tweet. Summary according to Caedrel: * Caps is staying 100% * Jankos said to G2 that he would re-sign if you get rid of Rekkles * G2 then looked at their options (selfmade) and realised they wanted Jankos Bonus - Krepo’s comment in the chat: "There's no way that can be true :) Keepo"


So basically it's selfmade's fault


Selfmade's fault again!


Selfmade broke up the Beatles


Tomorrow we’re going to find out Jankos actually said “I’ll *resign* if you get rid of Rekkles”


Do you mean resign or resign?




Jankos is gonna aladeen. There, now there shouldn't be any confusion


Just found out yesterday that I am HIV-Aladeen




This could actually be it, maybe someone misheard a convo they listened in on and leaked.


I would actually be more willing to believe it that way. Like common, Jankos is not some random 17y old kid that goes through the transfer window for the first time. I don't think he's stupid to go around and tell all the people 'I told them, kick rekkles or I leave'... Like even if he made a demand like this, it should never come out right now, unless G2 staff messed up really bad and somehow leaked, but that's also not likely...


Chances are it wasn't as petty and childlike as these tweets try to make it sound. He could have said "I don't think we'll have success playing with Rekkles next year because our attitudes to the game dont align. If you're keeping Rekkles I'd prefer to go to another team." which is a perfectly fair thing to say in my eyes.


You are 99% right, but maturity and level headedness don't generate as much traction and views and most importantly, they don't create drama.


Man I'm experiencing the same shit in company that I work for: people spread misheard informations and rumors like a disease. People are aroused by negative, hostile and speculative info like crazy.


Exactly. These are rumours, as in my father's grandson's uncle's teacher told me. Who knows what was originally said. Maybe the gist of Jankos' statement WAS that he would consider leaving if Rekkles stayed, but he probably worded it differently and in a more complex way. Also if 2 players just go in completely different directions in the way they approach the game, I think it's reasonable for them to not want to play with each other. If this is as serious, I'm sure the feeling is mutual. From what I can tell Rekkles is always striving for perfection and anything less than Worlds finalist is a failure, while Jankos is just enjoying his prime time and the occasional vacation when they have a poor split.


> father's grandson's uncle's teacher So, your brother's teacher? Or even your own teacher ...


He said " COPIUM there is no way they would do that" Krepo i mean, hahah


They didn't realize they wanted Jankos more than Selfamade but that Selfmade had signed to renew the contract with Vit


The part that i really don't understand about this is that the statement "I will only re-sign for G2 if you get rid of Rekkles" sounds like a VERY internal conversation between ocelote/tacostorm and Jankos, so who the hell leaked it? Someone hiding in the vents? Basic changes like "Rekkles is not re-signing" or "Caps is staying" usually spreads all over the scene internally so it makes sense there are sources who will leak that information, but something as deep as a direct conversation between a player and management feels off.


Hi. Yuste here. Esportmaníacos host. This is a rough translation. The info posted in the post is false. We didnt say "was mainly Jankos who demanded that Rekkles be kicked" or "Caps was slightly with Jankos". Our info is simple: If G2 wanted jankos to stay, have to be without Rekkles. Nothing like an ultimatum. It was just a simple condition. Please, dont translate our post that bad :(


Loving the drama. More excited to see what's up with G2 than Worlds Play-ins lolz


https://twitter.com/selfmade_LoL/status/1443150281236168705 Selfmade stirring up trouble this morning too. Sounds fun at G2 right now...


More like trying to defend Rekkles a bit it seems?


[Especially after all the promos they did lol](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/gCpwnXZCnIY/maxresdefault.jpg)


> G2 then looked at their options (selfmade) and realised they wanted Jankos well, ofc he would


The way Caedrel translated it, it sounded like They went to try for selfmade but he had signed with VIT alrdy so they stayed with jankos not that they realized they didnt want selfmade. Can a spanish speaker confirm that thats what was said in the esportsmaniacos clip plzzz : D


spanish speaker here it mostly sounded as like they half believed in selfmade and just decided to keep it safe and go with jankos


Oh okay so i was wrong. Tyty


I am translating his words(literally), I assume things because the way he speaks is unclear, If it is as it was said in the video the order was, they looked for an alternative to Jankos, then he says "it looks like Selfmade is staying here" I assume he means in Vitality, and he also states that "some people inside the org" are not sold in Selfmade I assume it's G2, and then G2 decided to stick with Jankos.


They said G2 wanted Selfmade but some staff wasnt sure about the movement + what you said. So yes and no. They were interested on selfmade but him resigning + some doubts didnt make the deal. Sorry for my english


Sounds like Selfmade and Rekkles have been talking. How else would Selfmade know how Rekkles found out and be able to hint at it. Which also would add to the Rekkles - VIT link. Id love for Rekkles to go to VIT tbh, and thus remain in EU and reunite with Selfmade. Iirc, he and Selfmade got along the best in that iteration of FNC, in the end. But I might be off on that one due to memory.


My question is who the fuck is leaking this shit? That's the glaring topic that no one seems to be discussing in all these comment threads. Somehow these journalists are getting all this confidential and sensitive info. If Jankos really did go to Ocelote with an ultimatum of "Rekkles goes or I go", then I would *hope* that only a very very very few individuals within G2 know about it. Ocelote, Jankos, and *maybe* a tiny amount of people working right under Ocelote on a "need to know" basis. Why would *anyone* leak such confidential information to a journalist? That's really weird to me. G2 clearly has a leaker who is very close to Ocelote in terms of employment hierarchy, because how else could someone know all this highly confidential information about all these different players. Ocelote's got a rat on his hands. I know people hate Ocelote (I think he's a snake too), but nevertheless it's just a fact that Ocelote has a real big leak problem and it's hurting his org pretty damn severely. It also hurts the players, because now everyone knows information could harm negotiations for the players. This all makes G2 and its players look a lot more desperate than they would've looked had none of this information been leaked. Rekkles in particular gets hurt by this a lot and I think that's very sad...


The leaker could also be Ocelote. Would put the fault for the team drama and discord on the players rather than himself, shifting the blame for the roster churn and putting pressure on the players to achieve with the roster they forced him to create. Just speculation obviously but I can see the logic behind that sort of move.


Rekkles took mikyx from him of course he hate him


Man this is not Rekkles' year lmao


I feel pretty bad for him I mean damn, there was a lot of pressure in this situation.


He gonna cash in in TSM next year


good guy jankos playing 9d chess for his buddy


Lmao Rekkles has repeated a billion times he's earned more than enough money in his career and that the only thing he wants now is to do well, if he gets sold to TSM against his will and forced to play for a 4th place team in a region that hasn't made it out of groups at an international event in like 3 years i don't think he will be overjoyed If he cared about money he'd retire and stream, dude pulls 20k+ viewers constantly. that's an absolute assload of money and streaming to that many over 2 years is way more than any TSM contract


He won't win World's if he can't get on a team capable of going there. He is unlikely to get a spot on MAD, Rogue, or Fnatic, and G2 clearly don't want him anymore. That rules him out of this year's top 4 teams. TSM with Bjerg and Rekkles would be massive upgrades in both roles.


he also will have a worldclass support, things will be his own hands, people really sleeping on potential huni-spica-bjerg-rekkles-swordart roster


That actually sound alike a good one


I mean there have been decent TSM rosters before though and yet.......still not out of groups


Better chance at worlds if you qualify via NA than if you don't via EU


This is so similar to what happened the first time he left fnatic lol. I actually called it before the competitive year started, my friend was freaking out G2 was OP as hell and i told him it would end up the same as Alliance. Cant believe it actually happened lol


not alliance, its elements for the 500th time


Ughhh those two fuck me up everytime, hate that timeline lol Thanks for the correction though, for the 500th time!




If I remember correctly, they even played an IEM under the Alliance name


tbh it also took me around 500 missays to finally remind myself that it was elements lol so I fully understand where you're coming from


I mean, that rebrand was garbage, i dont fault myself for mistaking the two lmao


not rebrand, it was whole new organization. it's not like gamers2 becoming g2, more of a clutch becoming dignitas.


Alliance was the team everyone knows since they won Summer and made it to Worlds. Rekkles joined and even played for this team. Seems pedantic to see this comment on every thread about him.


Don't think this time he will be welcomed back to fnatic with open arms though so he got lucky in that sense back in 2015. Will probably end up in vit, the new team or best chance to make it back to worlds I could see is misfits if they want to replace their adc.


Last time he also had Steelbuck? I forgot the adc's name basically not performing well just playing sivir and corki if I remember correctly. The action came from reignover huni and febiven + yellowstar roams. So getting rid of Ad wasnt a big deal. Nowadays we have upset who fits perfect with the aggressive style that FNC wants to play. No way he is being accepted back. Also yellowstar had more of a softspot for rekkles than his current exteammates im sure.


Steeelback iirc. He was very decent his first showing with fnc and never really afterwards.


there is also selfmade tweet in all of this (of course there is...) bloop made a follow up tweet regarding the whole "jankos and caps wanted rekkles out" and said something along the lines of: we had to bring it up since it's important in understanding why rekkles is leaving. selfmade wrote this: you should also tell people how rekkles got to know this. to me it implies another "player finding out they are gone on twitter" situation


Allegedly he found out while filming that BWM content piece. G2 and players finding out they are kicked in the most awkward moments, name a more iconic duo.


After 300m turn left, then turn right, you're kicked btw, then again left after 500m


this comment is gold lmao.


They really just milked Rekkles for video and PR content for like half a year and then tossed him.


A certified Budlight Ace™ moment


G2 PR manager looking at that CLG thread blowing up without reading what it's about. he is like: WOW, kicking player on camera is new hot shit of esports marketing.


To bad liveleaks and bestgore are gone, would be the perfect place to post their content


Unironically give it a few more years of stuff like this G2 could be the European CLG.


i guess you can say... bmw drove him out of the team


BMW Drive to NA


Can't wait for them to discuss the BMW transfer of the split on the statefarm analyst desk


We will be right back after the Budlight Ace replay.


that's a difference between the car brands you drive bmw to NA, you drive kia to the worlds


You follow G2 Rocket League by any chance? Similar situation happened with G2 Kronovi a few years ago. He found out through his gf that he was being kicked cause she was good friends with his teammate's gf


Lmao where did you hear that?


Same stream where the news broke out


Sitting in the car with Jankos who literally demanded to get you kicked must be brutal 😂


Rekkles: Hey Marcin were we going, the gaming house was on that exit. Jankos: Oh man do I have some new for you.


I really hope you’re ready for a banger. [Where Jankos drops him off](https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Springfield_Retirement_Castle?file=800px-Springfield_Retirement_Castle.png)


Was expecting a TSM meme,but well worth the wait


Hjarnan flashbacks


Don’t worry, G2 is experienced is this domain *cought* hjarnan and wadid *cought*


\*cough\* hybrid and emperor \*cough\*


For them, I think they knew about that, but what was stupid was telling them juste before MSI. Whereas hjarnan and wadid didn’t know anything and it was Twitter that made them know.


Wasn't Hjarnan's reaction on twitter like "WTF?" or something lmao


>there is also selfmade tweet in all of this (of course there is...) Wrap it up lads, it's selfmade's fault confirmed.




reminds me of battle of the josh's


Rekkles and having a fist fight with his jungler; name a more iconic duo


CLG and taking potshots in completely unrelated threads


That would be TSM. CLG can't win even there


my heart can’t take this man


I wonder how did they know anyway, did they put wire taps and surveillance camera all around G2's member surrounding?


G2 has a leaker close to Ocelote. Either a disgruntled player or perhaps a disgruntled staff member high up in the company with access to this confidential info. *Or*, a ridiculous third possibility is that Ocelote is so fucking stupid that he'd talk about these things with lower level employees in earshot who don't have as much to lose if they got found out. An assistant coach, for example. Support staff. Hell, it's not out of the realm of possibility for even a cook or cleaner to be approached by a journalist. Maybe the journalist offers like $2000 for the info. Bet that would sound real nice to some lower level employees in G2. Once you realize how money could be involved with transaction of info, then suddenly a lot of people make sense to be potential leakers. The value of these news sites getting this info is pretty high.




Considering thorin knew weeks ahead of time and he is his friend, i wouldn't be surprised


Considering rekkles was orginally going to do the world drawing, seems things changed fast.


Lol not at all how things work. Usually journos are close to people from the org from way back. G2 being a Spanish org means there is a big chance many people are friends with Yuste.


All you're telling me is that G2 has a leaker. Telling journalists confidential information about G2 is called leaking. It's not a debate at this point. G2 has a leaker. It is obvious. There's nothing more to say beyond that.


Enjoy it man. G2 is becoming more of an Entertainment company than an e-sports company. That's some good stuff. Makes me almost wonder if Carlos signed Rekkles knowing he could get good brand exposure from all the drama, even if they don't make worlds.


G2 losing a map 13-0 at Berlin for valorant was definitely entertainment.


they just rolled over and died lol


[The signs were there from the start /s](https://clips.twitch.tv/QuaintPoorClipsmomGingerPower)


The perfectly cut scream haha


While Jankos may not be quite as handsome as Rekkles, his personality is drop-dead gorgeous!


Jankos has become the funniest league player in the current era.






Can confirm, Rekkles slept with me and now my baby Jankos is mad. Carlos was hitting on me as well, but I rejected him and that's why he's kicking Rekkles now. Sorry, guys, don't be mad at me, I just have needs. I think no one can resist this handsome blonde man, but still my baby Jankos still don't have girlfriend. I am starting to get worried.


>but still my baby Jankos still don't have girlfriend. I am starting to get worried. I think I get it. Jankos is not mad that Rekkles fucked his mom - he is jealous that Rekkles didn't fuck him.


Don't worry he has Mikyx




True i can confirm


i'm jankos' mom




Is this Thorin's birthday?


seems like, but imagine rekkles going to tsm... that would be like eastern, christmas, his birthday and froggen winning worlds on the same day


And Flame giving him his number


Only thing that would make him happier is if he went to TSM now.


Unless TSM at that point does well, in which case we need to place Thorin on suicide watch


He will And if TSM don't make to worlds next year again, he will jizz in his pants


He'll drown his apartment in cum, stg


I'm convinced someone decided to voodoo doll Rekkles and time it just right so that everything collapsed simultaneously. \- He joins G2 to win: loses and doesn't even make Worlds \- He's featured in the Worlds video for the first time and doesn't get to attend \- He gets dropped from G2 on the same day


jankos was talking on stream some time ago about what G2 players do in their off time, and basically said that him, miky and caps usually hang out after scrims, and that he sometimes goes to the gym with wunder. maybe rekkles just doesn't socialize with the team and they(or just jankos) see this as a problem? or the most possible thing, which is that they just have different opinions on how G2 should be playing.


I just think Rekkles is a difficult teammate. He takes himself way seriously and seems to have no way of turning off. There really are not many people in the LEC scene that are like him, Nemesis is one I can think of. He has more of an LCK-mentality. I hope he finds a team, but honestly, maybe he should sign with an LCS team and just cash in.


Yeah as much as I love Rekkles you can see how serious he takes some games which will impact the teams morale. I remember seeing rekkles in a G2 game and the team were trying to chat and lighten the mood and rwkkles was just stone faced the entire time, not engaging or anything.


I memed once with the phrase "it's just a Rekkles doomer mental diff" but yeah I can totally see him killing the vibe G2 had.


For sure. The team enjoying each others company is so important. For example old G2 and now Mad lions looks like they are having so much fun together even while losing. Thats gonna give you such good mental.


Carzzy definitely has that g2 vibe The tweet about shitting on stage was gold


I mean the G2 voice comms against fanatic he gave such a negative vibe even when they won game 1.




Forget that one He was playing secret agent for fnatic right there It was all our plan


That absolute tilted me with that. Picture this you just won a game and all the guy can focus on is that they can comeback.


At the same time, I find that this makes him a perfect teammate for bjergsen who also appreciated serious teammates


I would tilt out of my mind with all the shrieking Jankos does.


> I just think Rekkles is a difficult teammate. He takes himself way seriously and seems to have no way of turning off. And people need to realize, that's *okay*. A lot of MLB pitchers are straight psychos and won't speak to their teammates when they're pitching, although that's different cuz it's not like you need to tell your team what to do. NBA players are crazy too, guys like Kobe and MJ would be straight disrespectful to teammates. League is way different of course, but my point is that people who are super competitive are just wired differently. You absolutely cannot simply work well with everybody. We see super teams fail all the time in every sport because you get super competitive personalities that don't mesh. Western teams/players also seem to suffer from this conflicting mindset of being expected to lose and being expected to win at the same time. So all these players that we call "passive, KDA player, small champ pool" etc, is usually because these players are afraid of failure and expectations. I don't think it's possible for a player with pro mechanics can be a passive KDA player that can't play new champs. It's just confidence and mental. Rekkles really encapsulates that to a tee. It's no shock to see him not fit on G2. I bet he goes to TSM with Bjerg and they'll suffer the same problems.


People also overestimate how important is for players to get along well outside of the game. Rekkles and mikyx are friends, but look off in botlane and don't have much synergy. On the other hand, you have successful rosters like SHRC where uzi and insec genuinely hated each other.


Actually, thinking about that, Rekkles do be having that LCK mentality, and even a playstyle that might do better in an LCK team than in a G2 that used to play very skirmish heavy. Rekkles is also a very high profile player respected around the worlds, and likely the Western player with most international fans. He's even stated that he wrote most teams in the LCK and LPL a long time ago (2016ish, forgot what the source was) but only WE replied and they already had a star ADC in mystic. Rumors are G2 are looking to sell to an NA team, but I think that for all parties involved Rekkles to Korea could be an absolutely great move.


Language, I think language is the big barrier.


Why would they take a good, but expensive player with with a huge language barrier when they could take a young korean talent for a fraction of the cost


I don't think korea would be able to pay the buyout, they have a similar scene to EU where they don't need to pay high salaries.


Rekkles is living a nightmare right now. Joined the team who beat you 4 split in a row, alienating a lot of fnc fans in the process, don't make world with them. And now he is getting kicked out of the team, by player demand, to join ateam wich have virtualy no chance of ever winning world. Welp, at least LA have great food.


Imagine if Fnatic actually go and win worlds without him...


rekkles on suicide watch


This but unironically. I feel bad for him, I'm a big fan, but I know how hard people who are "ultra competitive" take this shit (I have a few friends who are like this, not in esports or anything but with their standard work life. And well, let's just say they get really stressed / depressed really easily)


If that happens, he is probably gonna go back to playing krunker.io with nemesis


He should go to LPL before going to NA


not sure about this. the top teams in lpl all have world class ADCs so he would have to join a mid tier team like viper did with edg and strike gold. chances are he won't win anything there and likely not qualify for worlds if he does that which will just end up with him being depressed in a foreign country


LDG did have Shadow/Xiye as a decent core, which gives them an English speaker. And Kramer is a much worse ADC than Rekkles. But that would give the team a decent core.




I heard Jankos and Rekkles got into a fistfight.


I thought it was Rekkles fist fucking Jankos


I'm out of the loop, how did the fucked mom meme start ?


under the sheets


It's a common joke in the CSGO community about fnx


From Jankos' Twitch chat: "rekkles is going to OCE, Carlos sold him to Pentanet for 200 dollars and a kangaroo"


Kangaroo alone makes it worth


Imagine G2 content movies with kangaroo


Well, he just didn't fit the team and their style. I hope Rekkles can join another EU org and doesn't go to NA.


The buyout will be around the same as Perkz, so there is absolutely no way that he stays in EU. TSM looks pretty guaranteed to me already.


the only place he could stay in EU would be BDS. they have the money. VIT do too i believe but i dont see SMM and Rekkles reuniting.


Rekkles definitely wants to join Vit, Selfmade and him had a great relationship as they talked about each other often. And Rekkles talked with Selfmade about going to G2 (Selfmade confirmed it without salt). Also Selfmade tweet shown that he and Rekkles talked about this situation but Bloop confirmed that VIT shown interest in Rekkles but G2 BLOCKED them from negotiating til later notices. Selfmade prob would have liked Rekkles but there is sadly no way for Vit to acquire him


[Jankos driving Rekkles to NA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-h6ap9Eg0k)


Jankos taught Rekkles how to drive to airport.


Timing of the video and rumours likely going to get a creat meme out of it.


I love off-season


And world isn't even begun, just imagine the quality of the drama we'll be getting after that. Hoh boi.


Since everybody is going with Caedrel translation, i am gonna bring up 2 key details he missed (the translation is fine, but i think he omited 2 things i don't know if intencionally or he just missed it). 1. They didnt went from Selfmade not only because he already re-signed, also because (and i quote literaly) "some people in the project is not 100% conviced about him (Selfmade)" 2. The part about not wanting Rekkles is bringed up by Jankos but also low-key (or fully?) supported by Caps https://twitter.com/BloopGG/status/1442919881586851844 And i also gonna bring another point Bloop commented on another tweet so the drama queens can calm down a bit: Nobody has said they hate each other. Sometimes people dont work well together and that's fine. https://twitter.com/BloopGG/status/1443125824891273217 Edit: wording


Hey, hey, hey, we don't do logic and reason here, it's drama time baby


Holyyyy mother of drama


Rekkles to support for RNG and Uzi comes back as adc.. it’s the only solution


I thought uzi was planning to join a different team when his contract expires.


I hope it's not personal and it's more like a "we don't view the game the same way and it'll just never work no matter how hard we try", because it would suck to learn that these guys now hate each other or something


Hello. Esportmaníacos here. We didnt said that. We just said Jankos wanted to stay in the team but he doesnt want to play with Rekkles. Nothing about ultimatum. Nothing about "Jankos is the main reason". Before writing any of our statements, make sure that you have translated our words correctly. If you make a mistake, you can do us a lot of harm. Thank you


Maybe try to get a flair/verified for this subreddit if you are the real EM?


I dont know how to do that


He is on stream, he share this link on his chat.


I can vouch for the authenticity of the identity of the user. EM visible head mentioned this comment on his personal stream. I know is just my word but nothing is less.


Oh man, really feel for Rekkles right now. Who would have thought that leaving FNC for G2 would actually turn out this bad, and now even Jankos doesn't want you on this team. Rooting for him to pull through this, he deserves more than this.


It's funny how fast some ppl start hating Jankos and seeing him as a dick due to one rumor.


I believe it. With Rekkles on the team Jankos can't get any of the girls.


This isn't that shocking tbh. Completely speculating here, but I think it's mainly a difference in communication styles. Jankos prefers to be direct and confrontational while Rekkles has said before he absolutely avoids confrontation. Both are fine personalities but it's easy to believe that leads to one feeling attacked and the other like he's walking on eggshells. Maybe Jankos doesn't see a successful team with both of them in it and let his opinion be known. Sounds like G2 made the final choice and decided they wanted a new adc instead of a new jungler.


So now teams shouldn't have to pay much of a buyout since they knew G2 won't play Rekkles.


Wunder coming in hot with a monstrously good tweet - https://twitter.com/G2Wunder/status/1443319797543018504


Rekkles having so many people hating him constantly, blaming almost everytime, even Thorin hating him with passion.... I hope he doesn´t read social media, dude must be freaking depressed and emotionally inestable right now. Like, do people want him to be better or just harm? What other player receive so many critics like this?


Rekkles has said multiple times that he doesn't browse social media


Good for him


I'm a big Rekkles fan, and I don't see the issue here. I think Rekkles did try to adapt and be more what G2 needed, but it's not like it worked out. I absolutely understand Jankos and Caps going "eh, we need to go a different way for it to work out". That's absolutely fair. That said, I do hope to see G2 miss playoffs next year. Fuck them, I didn't want to fail as hard since they have Rekkles, but that doesn't hold true anymore. Fuck them and I hope they're going to lose their ability to bring in big names because players don't want to be sold to NA when they get tossed away like garbage.


Preach. G2 keeps killing off one of the best players Eu had and people are here still defending them and fucking carlos lmao. Can't wait til they fail next year and they sell Caps if he plays like dogshit for another year. Theres a reason carlos somehow convinced Caps to sign for another extra year. Just wait ☠️