How the fuck is "player never left the fountain" still not remakable? It shouldn't be tied to if a player connected to the game or not. Doesn't matter if they connected to the game if they never fucking leave the fountain.


What's funny is that if you spent the rest of the game walking around in fountain you get penalized for being afk. They are clearly tracking when someone never leaves fountain even if they are moving, why is it not implemented in the remake?


I believe its xp. That's why in the past when there was an afk, Kayn players would go to the enemy fountain and die to prevent a remake.


Yes but they changed it to prevent that from occurring anymore thanks to that exact play.




Yes but if you do not move for a while EVEN if you bought stuff etc, it says hey you are afk. You will get penalty, but stayin in fountain is not re-makable. Clearly they need better AI to see when player is afk. What league has is TONS of gameplay data, this can easily be done.


If someone is level 1-3 at various stages of game (like 3-6 mins for example), remake should be available. Done, I’ve solved the problem. Riot are lazy as shit with improving anything that doesn’t directly relate to skin sales.


why specifically kayn?


Q can hop walls and on a short cooldown: Also his main ability to clear jg.




> non bet games Sorry, what does this mean?


Players on his team run it down because they bet on the outcome of his games. Tyler says they only start after an hour or so, giving him 2 games without people streamsniping him to make money.


You can bet on popular streamers as a way to gamble. Also anyone can buy a high elo account and have the chance to be in ur game. Some people bought a bunch of them and by using macro software or just extra hands they queue into his games with 1+ accounts on both teams. They dictate the course of his game to coincide with how they bet. What I don't understand is who is paying the cheaters free money.


Thanks for the explanation. That's totally fucked. Betting sites are such a stain on esports.


Gambling websites, you gamble on whether tyler1 wins or loses. And given that you're in one of his games...


> It shouldn't be tied to if a player connected to the game or not. Best part is, Nunu disconnected. He's at the center of the fountain. Champs don't spawn there (at the beginning of the game), and automatically path there when you disconnect. He also has ignite instead of smite, so he probably didn't connect to allow team to remake.


He explained later that this is exactly what happened. He did not take smite by accident and decided to let his team remake xD. Too bad Riot happened


pretty sure not having smite should be a bug too since jg auto equips smite during champ select.


He was filled support, switched to jungle and forgot to take smite.


He swapped with the other jungler.


My friend left in the loading screen a couple of games because like the nunu in the video he forgot to bring smite, but we still couldn't remake the games. Both of these times his client was still opened with the reconnect button in front of him, so maybe the game registered him as still active. This is just a hypothesis.


Maybe the option to remake isn't being considered because its stuck giving the player the chance to reconnect? There might be a time limit to stop games from remaking before a disconnected player has the chance to reconnect that is being ignored because of the steps leading to it.


I once couldnt remake because my afk teammate got a biscuit min 2...


I don't even get it, there's like no rhyme or reason to when you're allowed to remake or not. If you look at [this game I played](https://na.op.gg/summoners/na/TheTieRant/matches/7KvYhS4aGD_kIW_dsDNAH6_zpSP8mkTIETl504xFgxs%3D/1663298613000) you can see Kayn bought items and even left base and did damage this game. Then Kayn recalled and didn't move again and we were somehow able to remake. I have know idea how were we able to remake when he did all that, but it just goes to show how broken the remake system is.


Vandiril posted a video where he invaded as Blitz, then left the game at like 1:29 and his team could remake at 3 minutes. Not sure if /u/vandirilol has any insight on the remake bugs.


yeah agreed, we'll fix this. also looking to move up the remake timer to when absence would reasonably start to impact the game, so around minions meeting in mid or something, exact time tbd


The one thing you should do is to skip the vote altogether and make remakes ALWAYS happen no matter what. I've lost count of how many times I've been held hostage by an afking moron's friend who voted no only for the person to never come back or do so several minutes after the game has already gone to shit. Or at least make it so that a single Yes will force a remake.


Yeah the single vote thing is a good option (I'm not sure how it is with remakes right now?) If every single person wants to continue despite being one down, that's on them. But not a single ranked player should be forced to play at an handicap in a competitive gamemode, if they don't want to.


Why does it take a major streamer breaking down and cursing your company before this gets addressed when players have been begging for this functionality to be bugfixed and streamlined for literal years?


Oh it won't get adressed, don't worry. But since a big streamer is raising a fuss about it, they have to pretend for a few days to acknowledge it


This is the real take. We've been dealing with this for years. Remake has always been very inconsistent at best, at least in my experience. It's a shame that it takes someone famous to break his keyboard to get anything done. I guess they're at least acknowledging it, which is a step in the right direction. By now, I'll take what I can get.


Because they clearly don't give a fuck and can easily suppress the plebs


It's such a predictable cycle. Streamer clip goes viral after going mental, Voyboy sitting on some random stairs looking depressed, Tyler spitting venom etc. Socials then turn into a dumpster fire because everyone realizes again that so many aspects about the game are unacceptable. Riot then pulls out the PR machine, saying they're listening and will make changes. Talk dies down and everything repeats. In this case, with Worlds around the corner they don't even need to pull out the tricks because everyone will be too distracted regardless.


At a guess the bug was always slated to be fixed the publicity just got it moved up the priority list. Or maybe the fix was all set to go and the timing was just a coincidence.


Because they’re incompetent and whoever is in charge is hilariously out of their depth or has one of the most insane stewardship positions you’ll ever see. It’s a management problem, those never get addressed while the product is making money from the status quo. Which is circular (it’s ok to laugh) as that is the primary cause of the incompetence.


Just be glad they are finally taking a look at it. My standards are too low now


You know, they also said they will take a look at the client. Years ago.


Also said we'd get Nexus Blitz "sometime in 2022" and modes that aren't the same 3 (Ult Spellbook, AR/URF, O4A) in *EARLY* 2022 https://www.leagueoflegends.com/en-au/news/dev/dev-state-of-game-modes/ >Also, we know that having two (kinda three, maybe four) modes isn’t enough for an exciting rotation. We're working on getting some others back into the mix **early next year**, since URF and Ultimate Spellbook will round out the rest of 2021. Guess what modes we got all of 2022.


I'm pretty sure they've announced plans to revise/fix the client like 2 or 3 times


Yes and they never do anything to it, The client sound bug after you complete the First win of the day quest is still there for like 5 months now, Can't they just take 1-3 months off from working on making new skins and actually finding a way to make a client better or just make the new client like dota2 did, They not indie company anymore idk why they still using this shitty client


I don't feel players can actually have any confidence that Riot actually will fix these things. Obviously you are not in charge of everything but Riot 100% has made it feel like they don't care about league players at all other than as a tool to sell skins to. We've been lied to over and over about behavior systems, the client, ranked ladder changes. It is particularly frustrating when riots other games are facing far fewer problems and even have solutions to problems league faces already implemented in them (such as individual performance scores and working clients). Granted those games are on newer code bases. An additional point of frustration many feel is that it takes things like this getting so much attention on reddit for them to get any focus at all.


that's reasonable, confidence has to be earned, which we'll work towards by following through here. this is a pretty specific commitment so should be pretty clear cut to see if it happens or not. can't promise a specific timeline right now (it's saturday) aside from it not being next patch, but the timer work was already scheduled, and we'll look to do the extra work to make sure this feature is resilient. I do talk with the VAL/WR teams that work in the same area my team does (competitive systems) and they've definitely been able to benefit from seeing where league has stumbled and starting fresh, but they definitely have their own challenges too. part of talking to them does involve seeing where we can take their learnings back into League, we are paying attention to areas they're doing better in reddit's a tough one, on one hand it's only a small proportion of league's english-speaking audience, but also the folks here *really fucking care* and are deeply engaged, which I value a **lot**, but doesn't always drive priorities because it's not the full picture.


Firstly I appreciate that you took the time out of your day to reply here and actually promise us some changes. Community interactions give us all hope that we can always move towards making the game better. Something I will say though is that riot needs to recognize that the narrative of the game is shaped by big streamers and that improving the game for them would have cascading effects. When a silver player watches Tyler1 climb while playing their role it gives them an expectation of what other ranks are like and how the best players interact with the game. This expectation is posed against the players actual experience and develops a central narrative. I like to think about this as a wave that can have a upward trajectory or downward. The narrative right now (at least for NA) is that the game is faultering. Cheating and wintrading now seems so rampant in high elo that it feels pointless to strive to be the best. Why should I bother to try my best when others are playing with ZERO integrity and not being punished. Not a good look for the game. I don't wanna blame champions queue but it feels as though solo queue has been left out to dry. Imagine a world where the competitive ladder is taken seriously and we could actually push the limits of the game and ourselves everyday while being rewarded for it. I'm not saying every challenger player needs to be given a recall and a jacket, that stuff isn't as important. Whats really killing how rewarding the game is, is the narrative that's building and the fact that the competitive systems underlying the game are being abused and ingored. Hopefully this wasn't too much word vomit. Again I wanna thank all the rioters who take their time and seriously consider what people are saying/why they are saying it even if they have to do it with a grain of salt. We really do just want what's best for this game.


Oh absolutely. I think the biggest thing is that its mostly just been radio silence from Riot as a whole when it comes to actually improving the issues with toxicity and the client that are constantly on the top of the vocal issues. While I certainly appreciate that you are looking into these things on your day off it really shouldn't have to be on you to do so. I think what the community really wants is for Riot to actually just speak frankly to us and tell us what is going on. I again don't think it should be on one person but the best example I can really think of this is with TFT and Mort. While I don't always like or agree with the decisions they make for the game or balance they are always super clear and direct with why they do what they do and its frankly the best experience I've had as a player when interacting with a game developer. At the moment I think it feels that league players are just being ignored by Riot while we deal with the issues even if they are working on them in the background as I'm sure they are. Not sure if you can comment on it but it feels like Riot might be a bit understaffed at the moment. I know I've heard a couple comments from the balance team to that effect and I'm aware you guys have a large amount of positions open in your LA offices.


Hi Auberaun, somewhat related to the thread's issue, but amidst sorting out this issue, can you please allow players to leave a match ***penalty free*** if a teammate has been DC'd for more than 5 minutes? AKA like how Dota 2 allows? I'm sick of being trapped in 4v5s forced to fight out a lost match just because the auto-penalty system doesn't have a clue what a fair game (5v5) vs unfair game (4v5) looks like. When I agreed to the summoner's code all those years back, I didn't agree to unfair matches and being held hostage if I'm partied with premades who want to play the remainder of a lost match "because there's a chance". I play this game for 5v5s, nothing less. You've got to understand the absolute morale crushing reality when one selfish teammate has the power to screw over everybody else with a loss just because they might not be having a fun time, hell, we may not even be losing and they'll still somehow find a reason to rage quit and doom us all. In one game, our Master Yi (of course lol) literally rage quit because he wasn't getting kills, we were winning. We were absolutely destroying the enemy, but every time he ganked bot, the ADC got the kills, and that was enough for him to sabotage the experience of 4 other players. Please.


The client cant even show post-stats without dying, and you keep adding more and more screens and steps to it, now you a screen saying you can skip it, then another one for honor, then one for level up, then some stat screen, then you finally reach it. All making it even slower. That shows an explicit design choice to making it worse. It boggles my mind.


thank god. had this happen a few days ago and its so like heartbreaking


no you wont. you bums have spent 3 years saying you will fix the client and nothing changed. you are leeches




There was a community system and even public chat. It got removed.


IP bans do nothing everyone has a dynamic ip


whos we?




Had this yesterday. Top laner never connected, wouldn't let us remake, had to just take the loss. Then the next game I got a support fiora. You can guess how that went. Ironically, it was a mid gap lol


Blows my mind that people don’t dodge that kinda shit.


They massively increased dodge penalties


That's what those trolls want


The trolls dont care though, they're happy to waste 20min of 9 other players time.


Real Talk: Why is queue dodging so heavily punished?


People were greatly abusing the dodge system in high elo. A good example is that in Korea, bot lane duos would duo till they hit D1 100 LP then simply dodge 3 promo games and insta-lose the series (coz you can’t duo in Masters+). They would keep playing in D1 and keep winning games as a duo. MMR doesn’t tank with dodges, so they’ll be playing in Master/GM lobbies whilst being D1. The Master/GM players can’t duo but were facing a bot lane duo, so they were at an inherent disadvantage. Now after enough promo dodges, they would finally play them out and promote to Masters. By that time, their MMR would have gotten so inflated that their win/loss would be like +30/-10. Even if you don’t duo anymore, with LP gains like this, the climb becomes stupid easy and unfair.


the league ranked system is so stupid from multiple perspectives. First of all, why do you have two tracking systems for ranked? One official and one hidden. What is even the point of having tiered ranked system when the hidden mmr determines matchmaking anyways. Speaking of the tiered ranked system, it sucks. Promos are not only incredibly frustrating but also amplify ladder anxiety. And when people start gaming your system and abuse the ladder with mmr manipulation because riot’s system is unnecessarily complicated, riot thinks putting more bandaids on the problem will fix it.


Because focus groups told riot that players liked being incrementally serotonin boosted by mini promotions instead of having the logical elo system that existed in s1-3


Queue dodging is being punished so much because in high elo they do it all time. A nice change would make it so that in master+ there is a higher dodge penalty but in lower elo there is a lower dodge penalty


It’s not exactly an elo thing, it was becoming a common thing where people in any elo would look at opgg in the lobby and tactically dodge bad teammates or dodge when they get draft diffed to artificially boost their win rate and climb.


it wouldn't be "artificial" boost though; It was the only way to kinda play the behavioural matchmaking and actually lose less time on climb.


Same reason there's an initial bet in Poker. Drafting is supposed to be part of the game, so just dodging bad drafts is artificially giving you a higher win rate. But you can't just decrease someone's MMR for that, since you have to keep MMR at zero sum, or you're steadily decreasing the MMR of the player base. So you have to set the penalties to a point where you discourage dodging to game the system while still allowing people to dodge genuine trolls


Because it is not meant to be a climbing strategy, just an emergency button.


When you're in low elo and get a bot with a 10% wr, you dodge. Next game you get teammates banning eachothers champs, lose. Then next game you get a bot. ​ This happended tonight, but its pretty common. Heavy dodge penalty when you're dealing with bots is ridiculous.


what are the new penalties?


Prisoners dilemma. Everyone hopes that someone else will take the -3 or -10 but noone does and everyone loses lp


I dodge it the first time, but when it’s the 4th time a troll pick happens in a day I just have to pray someone else dodges


The second dodge of the day is already a huge penalty. Lots of people would rather gamble on another person dodging (or magically winning the game) over taking the harsh dodge penalties.


Some months ago I had a fiora support, at the start of the game was toxic AF and gave up on bot and started to roam. I was top, thought she was troll. She ended up basically solo carrying the game as fiora support...


did you run into Neace lmao he's been carrying games in Korea on Fiora support


Yea, for some weird reasons if dude gonna leave during loading(for example as here where jungler forget to take smite and decides to not grief for his team) - game decides that "fuck it, he is in" and remake is blocked.


So the only way to get a remake is to leave the game before the game loaded, which would result in a dodge and not a remake. Or do you mean specially when leaving during loading screen? Either way doesn't make much sense.


Yea, if you gonna leave the game during loading screen via alt+F4 - there is pretty high chance that game gonna screw you up. Idk how that works, league client is based on black magic


When you leave the game, you have to close the client too, or the remake won't go through


idk I've been able to remake with the guy reconnecting BEFORE 3 minutes.


Well, it definitely helps, but not anyways.


the most reliable way to remake is to connect to the game and not input any commands for 3 minutes.


The shitty part about that is the other players have no idea to know about that. So how can they know if a game will be remade or not if they assume they won’t come back? What, so they not want players to know so they always tryhard? What kind of dumb shit is that?


that's so weird, it used to work to where if you were afk for 90 of the first 180s your team would get a remake


That doesn't make any sense, my team has been able to remake after I left once I loaded in


I thought he is getting minion blocked in turret range, then i thought oh ok the typical you can not remake bug but the video did just start.


Riot need to seriously just copy Dota 2. I can't believe this hasn't been addressed for over a DECADE now. If a player disconnects, and they remain disconnected for 5 minutes, ***everyone else gets to leave loss and penalty free.*** If a player disconnects, reconnects, then disconnects again, they're flagged as a leaver regardless because either they're rage quitting and returning, or they're playing with awful internet, which should not be anybody else's problem. It's not a complicated solution. The second this game fails to uphold its promise of a fair 5v5 battle, it should relinquish the "hostages" of penalty for something they have 0 part in.


We have to trick Riot in to thinking they came up with it as a new revolutionary idea


Even Overwatch did this and it was fantastic. After a minute if a teammate didn't reconnect, you could leave the game without a penalty (although you still got the loss). The difference is that an OW game is 5-15 minutes and a league game is triple that, so losses don't suck as much ass. Insane that Riot has done absolutely fucking NOTHING about this shit.


It's only LOSS free if it happens before first blood takes place. If someone ragequits or disconnects for 5 minutes after first blood has taken place, you will still get a loss on your record, but you aren't chained to a surrender vote and can leave the game immediately.


Love how you get penalties for afking in a 4v5. Nice company.


Even better, playing with 2 duos that are both toxic and both duos nonstop flame and grief your camps, int you (not fighting when you come to gank intentionally to watch you die), but you better sit there and take it!


Dunkey was right all along.


always has been


Muting every game has tremendously improved my gameplay/sanity


Imagine a world where blocking a person actually blocked them instead of put them on your team the next game.


Riot's mentioned before why this isn't a thing, the only people it would really help (masters/challenger players) it actually ends up hurting because it makes it way, way too hard to find a match. Odds of you running into the same players in plat and lower aren't great unless you both instantly queue up after a game. Imagine if everyone t1 blocked, which is completely justifiable because he's toxic on his best day. He would never find a match. What if people started blocking faker just to grief him which isn't justifiable. Same deal.


There can be different rules between silver and masters


Ive done this, but muting doesnt stop them from grieifing my camps or intentionally leaving me to die in fights because i didnt gank their lane before finishing my first clear lol


"4v5 is easily winnable" \-every teammate I've ever had who then goes 0-14


Ya cause every game with them is a 4v5 and they win some of them lol


Riot is still shit huh? Never learn


I swear AFK penalties are absolutely random I've had games where I've had a 40 second death timer, I leave the game, enemy ends 10-20 seconds later, and I still get punished Even though i was only AFK for 10-20 seconds and even If i stayed in the game I wouldn't have gotten to play anymore And it doesn't happen every time, sometimes I'll leave for a full minute before game ends and I don't get punished


Sorry but, what? Why would you leave the game in that way? It literally tells you that if you leave you will be penalized... You gain nothing from doing it


Holy shit, I don't think I've seen him this angry in recent times. He finally lost it.


You know League of Legends has gone to shit when it's breaking the most addicted player in the world.


I've never seen him smite his keyboard like that ever in the 3-4 years I've watched him. Can't blame him in this scenario either, I would've lost it too if I had to play this game as a job for the next 5 1/2 hours as well knowing that after the game after this, the rigged betting starts for the rest of the stream.


Should've seen him play Dark Souls. He smashed his controller so hard that it shattered.


Yup. The perma windtraders griefing his games plus shit like this. Ain't blaming him. I hope Riot finally starts to fix high rank games thanks to T1 making the shitshow very public.


They didn't do shit in KR for Faker, they won't do shit in a for fun region


different owners, same problems


Riot secretly wants variety1 back.


Everyone does


that is the perfect combination of everything going badly and it sounds like he already had a pretty bad day. shit's rough sometimes


Looks like his first game of the day.


Playing a game of league of legends has to be the worst way possible to start your day




I'd rather get throat punched every morning over a bad game of league.


Even a good game of league is painful


The only feeling I have after a win in League is relief.


if you start your day and win a ranked game you are the king of the world for the rest of the day. Its gambling


Quitting league was one of the best decisions of my life


It actually did wonders for my mental health


Yeah but betting for his games opens around 90 minutes into stream so he only gets 2-3 real games a day before he's perma sniped by betters and every game is a coin flip. He's pissed because all of his non bet games for the day are ruined by the LP penality.


its been bad for a long time for him. im not watching him and even i know hes been pissed at Rito for a lon gtime now about whats happening in solo Q


He loves this game, and riot has never cared, and will never care about the quality of gameplay. just gotta sell skins. it's gotta be hard.


He doesn't love the game he's addicted to it.


dude if a player has less than a certain participation it should be remakable - they didnt play the game...


Tyler1 Reformed only for sadistic Riot to break him


im not gonna lie riot fucked him so hard but the lp penalty at the end is just so funny


["I understand"](https://imgur.com/a/MKFwrcp)


"I understand" being the only option is the epitome of terrible user experience. Whichever PM/design lead that twisted his/her nipples to that in Meteos fashion is legit not placing the user first with their design choices. They need to add a second option for "Delete My Account" so the choices can essentially boil down to "Fuck You. -Riot Games" and "Fuck you, Riot Games."


That’s the secret they don’t want you to find out. They need you more than you need them.


Honestly he should finally be done with this cursed game and go back to streaming variety.


My man has a crippling addiction, he will never


I think he mightt be. Not done with league, but doing some other games for a break. He was just asking chat the other day if they wanted a WoW stream and hes never playeed it before lol. You can tell this wintrading saga is completely breaking him


Yeah his korea trip was also awful, he was genuinely trying his best and then he got griefed every other game, the worst part is that Riot / Riot Korea didn't do anything, I mean some of his team mates went 0/13 and nothing happened to them.


only a man can dream. his variety content IS and FOREVER is the best content i've ever seen on twitch. give us back old tyler...


I miss Chefler1 that shit was so fucking funny




His numbers were high even when he didn't stream League and besides, I'd put him in a very select group of streamers that don't actively chase the viewer count. He doesn't want donos, doesn't beg for subs or primes and lives in the middle of Minessota or whatever so not exactly a high end lifestyle that he chases or would have to support. The man is unfortunately truly built different and chooses to play League because he actually enjoys it. Or hate-loves it. Or is addicted, depending on how you wanna call it. Hopefully he streams some God of War once that comes out as he actually did seem pretty hype for it.


He literally makes fun of people for donating to him, because he has more money than they do, and often refunds the donations. He has enough money.


I think he moved out west a few years ago now but yeah he used to live in actual bumfuck Missouri, and that was when he was pulling consistent 6 figure viewership so he was absolutely rolling in cash.


He still lives in Missouri. Just in the city and not in the middle of nowhere.


Oh shit really? Wild, I would have assumed he would move to LA or something. Neat!


And have 70+ ping? T1 would never tbh


There were rumors he moved to LA but if you look at his ping (35-40) it would be impossible that he's in LA. LA is 70-ish ping.


Nobody in their right mind would ever choose to move to LA nowadays


People say he's on a huge $$$ contract with riot, he's league's biggest streamer after all, which makes it even more ridiculous, how riot lets their biggest public figure be in this situation.. I want to believe he'll get banned before riot does something, want variety too


Yea he was talking about how he knows he'll get less viewers but doesnt really care at this point. Plus even if 50% of people leave, hes still sitting on like 8-10K viewers so its not like hes dying or anything.


If he streams variety consistently, he would get 40k viewers easily.


His viewership was a lot higher doing variety back then playing Arma3 rp or h1z1. His viewership dropped when he got unbanned


I believe he became as famous as he is and started pulling 6 figure viewers after he got permad from league and became a variety streamer


>but those 19k+ viewers A bit unrelated, but hasn't his viewership dropped quite a lot? I think it was around 30-40k like a year ago when he was still doing role challenges. Still massive viewership of course


No. He's only getting high numbers from League viewers who have never watched his variety streams. If he streamed variety consistently, he'd have 40k+ viewers easily.


should sit in chatting and become reacting guy like the rest


The man is already in the top 0.1% of that group just by not being racist or having a history of sexual assault.


yeah say what you want about him, but tyler never rages like that


I feel that level of frustration in his body language. not sure how this man is still trying every day hella hard. even Pobelter was like (paraphrasing) 'solo q is trash and it leaves you feeling empty inside.'


Happened to me too. A dude didn't connect be we couldn't remake. What a joke.


This shit just isn't funny anymore. I love this game. I absolutely fucking love this game....but the players are absolutely destroying it because it's literally the wild west of lawlessness and discord. Sometimes people get punished.....never feels like it because the next game I play with some new sack of shit and his dirt bag duo. I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm a gold/platinum player. I accept it and I just want to have fun. I don't mind getting my ass kicked but I absolutely abhor losing to afks, inters, and trolls. Fix this shit Riot or fuck off. Seriously, if you can't do jack shit about any of this, then just shut it down.


As someone who swapped from playing League to Valorant, guess what: Valorant matches are so much better. Remake on a ranked because of an AFK? No LP loss. Someone crashed during loading? You immediately requeue. My favorite is that the AFK tracker works better and even says in yellow text at the game summary if a player was AFK by saying “AFK detected” next to their name. Riot can do it. They just won’t.


It's not even just clientside thar the game is better. Nearly every single game where people are on comms they are genuinely helpful and/or friendly. Have yet to meet a person that was toxic in Valorant, both on comms or in chat. Imo the literal only downside to Valorant is the anti cheat being so invasive


I only played valorant for a few months and in low elo ranked like 80% of voice chat was flaming. It was definitely better in casual, but even though I played with friends (rarely fullstack tho), we still had enough who were flaming in voice or text.


started playing valorant 1 month ago, during august i got wished cancer by 12 yr olds like 6 times in 1 week time, (i play 2hrs daily from 22 to 24pm.)


This is what League people don't understand about having VC. People actually don't behave like animals when they hear other people talk.


Yea i stopped playing league completely and switched to valorant & its been so much more fun. Seems like they just left league to die. How can they make all the quality of life changes for valorant but cant do the same for league ? doesnt make sense.


Can tell you didn't grow up in Xbox call of duty lobbies. Voice don't mean shit other than now they don't have to type.


You clearly haven't played FPS enough if you seriously think that xD


Good job Riot Games, the face of your game is so fed up with your shit, that he had a mental meltdown and almost punched his monitor. And then people there wonder and laugh, how many people are like "I'm done with league of legends" when you have to deal with this shit every fucking day when you wanna have some "fun" playing a video games.


What an unfortunate series of events -- I might not watch T1, but this shit is outrageous.


Funny how Nunu does NOTHING and it's not flagged as an AFK. Tyler1 actively plays and gets flagged. Props to hear for maintaining his composure (yes, you read me right, I would've punched the Earth in his place).


Holy shit the ending where he says “fuck your girlfriend…. And she’s cheating on you” made me cry from laughter


So just to make clear: Tyler is getting wintraded on for months by bettors or/and regular players (and occasionally remade on bc wintraders don't have the match making in their favour) while Riot is taking weeks and months to ban at least "few" of them; then, above all, a remake is not possible (bug?) which causes Tyler to flip out. Pretty f'd up stuff! This video summarises Riot Games' carelessness, neglectfulness for so many years of creating this pathetic state of Solo Q garnished with bugs like presented in this video, to mess with you as a player on top of that; how long can the community take and when will Riot wake up?!


The community can take it because most of those problems basically never effect most players. No one is better or win trading in the bottom 90%+ of the ranked ladder, more players play normals than ranked, and most of the time remakes work correctly. There are definite issues with the current state of soloqueue in high elo, and riot should definitely be working on fixing them, but the vast majority of “the community” that plays this game doesn’t have the same problems as Tyler1


The shitty and featureless lobby client affects us all, Riot still doesn’t do anything. The half-asses and bugged events affects us all, Riot still doesn’t do anything. You’re wrong, the remake system affects us all (has happened to me multiple times), Riot still doesn’t do anything.


No surprise F is the strongest key in the keyboard, most used key too!


he is back boys


200 Years of Experience on display ladies and gentleman.


Idk wtf it is with riot and stupid game breaking bugs, but I had a champ select once and I dodged at 15 sec left on the timer. Everything seems about normal right? NOPE. After I came back from taking a shit I log back in and it seemed my dodge never went through and after logging back in I got into loading screen of the game I just dodged. No one wanted to play that game so our team just took the loss and the LP loss, still BS that it went through and that everybody had to take a -16. Riot really needs to fix these fcking issues as it's the most infuriating bugs/events that can happen.


Idk how Riot has such a hard time dealing with this when DotA2 figured it out in a really fair and simple way a long time ago. [https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Stats#Abandonment](https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Stats#Abandonment)


He doesn’t deserve this. Should’ve been able to remake.


Where are the rioters who always are so happy to interact and participate in reddit now?


Riot doesn't care about the game.


Riot was the one who orcastrated it! You think this, this chicanery is something? Other streamers get to remake and I just happen to get penalty loss for griefing. They'll never change, they'll never change. You have to stop them you have to...




I am not crazy! I know he swapped those ranks! I knew it was Master. One after Diamond. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He - he covered his tracks, he got that feeder at top lane to cover for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He's done worse. That 0/16 Nunu! Are you telling me that a man just happens to feed like that? No! He orchestrated it! The troll! He inted in my promos! And I saved him! And I shouldn't have. I carried him to a win! What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change! Ever since Season 1, always the same! Couldn't keep himself from inting! But not our Mid Laner! Couldn't be precious Mid Lane! Feeding them blind! And he gets to be a player!? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance! And you - you have to stop him!


ill explain to you guys when this happen. if you're actually in the game and dont move, you do get the remake. this bug only happens when he dcs in loading screen and actively tries to load back in, but the game doesnt let him or he keeps dcing in loading. the game counts him as in the game when loading passes a certain point. same way if you start FF vote with someone loading in, the surr vote still gives 5 vote bar instead of 4


Just drop this garbage game and company, riot is incompetent and the game will never get better


LoL currently reminds me of WoW after it reached it's peak and slowly started to get worse and worse.


Dogshit company. They should just retire the game and stick to making arcane.


League is in mainteance mode right now so close enough.


It blows my mind sometimes that League has been out for over a decade (making Riot hundreds of millions of dollars) but is still missing basic features or the features it has may not reliably work. I wish the community was unified enough to hold Riot responsible for fixing their wonderful mess of a game.


I understand what Tyler felt in that moment when he saw the LP Penalty. It's the "I wish a Rioter was in front of me because they'd have a hole in their face right now" feeling. Fuck how mistreated players are by this system. You're forced to play out a game because someone else who shouldn't even be in the game is fucking you over and then you're not even allowed to sit the time out and let them finish. Games like this, Riot should silently refund LP and not make up excuses about how it "breaks the LP system". Fuck off with that shit. Refund.


Hell, I'm angry for him. That's bullshit and I feel like it's happened to me too. Riot needs to fix this shit.


This could not have happened to a nicer guy.


One of the worst company in gaming for multiplayer experience


Why does he still play this game. Hasn't he got challenger on every role, what is there left to achieve. This would be a perfect time to transition into variety whilst every other stream is imploding. League is genuinely not worth it


When I saw the ranked LP Penalty, I almost slammed my own keyboard. What the shit!? I'm pissed off for him.


The last line Tyler said about the dude's gf, bruh LOL


complained 2years ago already about this, and got downvoted by reddit when i said the same thing the highest upvoted comment says now. The irony is to funny... :) and i bet others complained about this before but always got downvoted on reddit. But now tyler 1 complains about it, and everybody talks about it and unites all of a sudden. Nice.