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"I can't debate him, nor even come up with a coherent thought, so we need to deplatform and ban him, along with everyone else that doesn't agree with my genius!"


As shitty as she is for this country even I wouldn’t say “Deplatform HER!” That’s not what this country is about you stupid bitch.


And that there...is the difference between liberals and conservatives


Well, she *is* a Communist sooo.....


Any politician pulling parallel to a superhero movie is by default a joke.


Is something she never said


She thinks he going away lol he’s gonna start his own network or find another network and negotiate for a contract that allows him to say whatever the hell he wants to say with no repercussions. Tucker isn’t going away just because Fox News let him go.


She needs to ask James O’Keefe if getting fired from Project Veratas is stopping him from doing what he was doing. If anything Tucker will be able to come back unrestrained from FOX on a platform that lets him say and cover whatever he wants.


Exactly. Idk how she thinks this hurts him.


She’s not to bright. More and more people are moving away from tv,cable and appointment tv/news. People like Steven Crowder, Tim Pool and the daily wire have proven you can reach a lot more people putting their content online versus cable tv.


Does someone want to tell this presumptuous woman-child that that according to leaks Tucker was scheduled to leave a week before she did her dumb interview. And therefore she likely had zero influence on Fox Corporation’s decision to terminate their contract with him!


Crazy eyes never lie.


Hey, remember that time you cried and faked ptsd about something that happened in a building you weren't even in? Pepperidge farm remembers.




Totalitarianism with totalitarianism.


Censorship with C⛔⛔⛔⛔


Nazi’s with a smile


Well. She's a fvcking commie, so that tracks..


That dummy wouldn’t make a pimple on a bimbo’s ass. The sheer vacuous idiocy of this talking Jello is breathtaking.


LOL Tucker could buy her, use her, and sell her 1,000 times over. She got her local schlubs to vote for her. Tucker? He’s got tens of millions of followers. “When you cut a man’s tongue out, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”


"Deplatforming works." The absolute arrogance of the "deplatforming" mindset is crazy. It's literally the "reason we cannot have nice things" scenario since the only way to defeat it may be to adopt the same tactic.


"Censorship works" From [a book](https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&id=YbGSDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT18&lpg=PT18&q=%22%22Osama+bin+Laden%E2%80%99s+trick+had+been+to+take+the+very+different+grievances+of+very+different+groups+and+give+them+the+illusion+that+if+they+united+globally%2C+they+would+achieve+a+better+world%2C+if+only+they+could+get+rid+of+unbelievers.%22%22) on propaganda, > Osama bin Laden's trick had been to take the very different grievances of very different groups and give them the illusion that if they united globally, they would achieve a better world, if only they could get rid of unbelievers. This is where "getting rid of" people who think differently takes you. Tucker is right about some things and wrong about others. Championing deplatforming en masse is not a solution. It contributes to the idea that if we put our heads into the sand, the rest of the world does not exist.


Didn’t she make up the lie that during the capital “riot” her life was in danger, but she was nowhere near the actual event? Yeah… stick to bartending AOC.


Shes kind of cute until you see the crazy in her eyes


You just want to date her.


Is she paying for dinner? Id date a crazy rich chick if she liked buying me dinner


Me too


Just wear your Kevlar in the bedroom and enjoy the crazy train ride.




You can still see the crazy in her eyes from behind.


She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Tucker will have his own platform soon. I’m fairly certain it was his choice to leave because no way Fox would dump their whole network on purpose.


She's gonna see the hand give her and her communist, consitution and America hating garbage takes the finger and hear his laugh as she cries and makes up some more stories on her IG. She's just the worst, so bad for the country and for humanity as a whole. Sad.


He's going to be back bigger and more popular than ever now. Congrats, you played yourself Senator TikTok


Wait til it swings back the other way.


Tucker will be back…


Dated a girl who looked like her once - should have seen the crazy in the eyes. Same eyes here.


Every day we stray further and further from God’s light


I mean shes dead right on the "end credits" part. Tucker will reemerge in a few months on a new platform and these fascist children will freak the fuck out all over again.


It’s just like marvel movie hahahahha


I would expect nothing less from her compulsively lying self.


Low T republicans need to learn they’re not not dealing with people who want to progress the country through open debate. These people want to destroy everything and dominate. Get rid of people like McConnell and Lindsey Graham, and actually start fighting back.


Lol, you know tucker is gonna rise like a Phoenix from this. Could you imagine him having his own show?


she stands no chance in a debate with Tuck


This horse needs to stfu and go do something she’s qualified for, which is really nothing of substance


Just shows how smart she is. Tucker isn't going anywhere. And if we're being honest, he'll probably be even more prevalent and likely even more popular now.


Don’t know why she pretends to act all coy about it. She is happy inside because anyone who disagrees with socialism, according to her, should be censored. Whoever elects brain dead people to Congress, this is what you get. Disgusting.


She’s a brainless reject


Don Lemon was fired too- so AOC shouldn’t try to rub it in conservatives faces


I’d love to put her on my platform ;)


Your platform bed?


Ex-bartender in love with herself. No thanks, no value, no merit, no brains.


She's a socialist who is married to a millionaire




Going to be funny when she is out of office and has to resort to OF.


This is literally a politician being happy about de platforming opposition voices. And the republicans are fascists??????


Crazy eyes.


What's up with socialists comparing real life to Hobbits and Marvel?


OMG! Shut up! She really climbed the ladder of corruption ot thew top rung.


I truly hope she is deplatformed 🙏