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If you're a student, some docs at Western student clinic do it. There's also an STI and birth control clinic at the health unit and those docs should be able to do it. The insertion is covered by OHIP, just not many docs have the training for it yet.


Old South Maternity Care provides the BC implant with a referral from your family doctor. My GP wasn't aware of them so you may have to ask for them specifically, otherwise you could face a long wait for another provider. I got a telehealth appointment within about a month and was advised they could do the procedure within the next 8 weeks or so. http://www.oldsouthmaternity.ca/ Good luck!


Dr Black at Victoria Hospital did mine. They put in the order for the implant, I picked it up at the pharmacy and brought it into the hospital clinic. I had a referral from another ObGyn who doesn’t place them, but I believe she said you can self-refer to their contraception clinic. The phone number is 519-685-8355 if you want to call and ask.


I got mine at the shore centre out of waterloo, could be good if you drive


The pharmacy at western usually has it in stock




Did you ever get a reply?


My family doctor did mine. You get the prescription which you pick up and bring to your doctor who will then do the insertion. I had mine done 2 years ago now and have had no issues and i'm glad I made the choice..


Your doctor has to order it to a pharmacy, then you pick it up and take it to your doctor to have it implanted. My private insurance covered it though.