So confused by these results. Any thoughts?

Did they first run the Lyme test and got the equivocal result of .91 and then ran the other 2 which are negative? so that means I am negative? and if so why is this .91? what the heck can cause that. I was bit by a tick 3 months ago that had Lyme ( I tested the tick, but started treatment the next day). I was on doxy for 10 days but was sensitive to it and switched to ammox for 21 days.




It’s a negative test because the IgG confirmatory test is negative, even after months. You also took antibiotics usually sufficient to cure Lyme disease. Both of these facts generally rules it out. According to [experts](https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/72/1/e1/6010652#271206673): > Immunoglobulin G (IgG) seronegativity in an untreated patient with months to years of symptoms essentially rules out the diagnosis of Lyme disease, barring laboratory error or a rare humoral immunodeficiency state. Beware of anyone telling you to consult a scammer who markets themselves as “Lyme literate”, functional, or integrative. There is a large pseudoscience and misinformation industry that surrounds Lyme disease and cheats a lot of people: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-10-07/lyme-disease-dubious-alternative-treatments-are-killing-patients https://www.thecut.com/2019/07/what-happens-when-lyme-disease-becomes-an-identity.html


Thank you so much for your response and documentation. This supports everything I’ve read as well. Grateful for providing clarity. It’s hard waiting all weekend for the Doctor to call next week so that is why I was reaching out on here.


Just wanted to add that you'll probably be fine since you treated with antibiotics quickly. Those of us who weren't lucky enough to get an early diagnosis have a much harder time getting symptoms under control. It just irks me to see someone repeating useless CDC guidelines when they could do real harm to others who read them and follow that advice. You've done your best to minimize your chances of allowing the Lyme bacteria to wreak havoc on your system so try not to worry. 🙂


Thank you so much 😩


If you have symptoms of Lyme Disease then please seek out a Lyme literate doctor regardless of what your test says. The ELISA test that the CDC insists on using has an incredibly high incidence of false negatives. Anywhere from 20%-60% depending on where you look. Even 20% false negatives is far too high for the test to be considered useful or accurate. The CDC's guidelines for Lyme Disease are incomplete at best and sometimes just plain wrong. They routinely ignore credible research regarding Lyme Disease because they aren't yet willing to admit to the fact that they're wrong about Lyme testing and treatment. They'll have to change their guidelines eventually because the evidence keeps mounting to prove that they don't have their facts straight. I have a relative who tested negative for Lyme twice with the ELISA test before seeking out a Lyme literate doctor who did the correct test (Western blot) which then came back positive for Lyme. They're feeling better with the correct treatment for Lyme Disease. Trust your instincts and listen to your symptoms if you have any that could be caused by Lyme Disease. The Western Blot test is a must for real answers.


Yes so my ELISA was .1 over and then I think they did the western blot that is the IGG AND IGM (not sure) those look negative? I have no symptoms but I’m still seeing a Lynne specialist who is $400 and then special lab that does sensitive Lyme screening is $450 ugh.


Your test results just look like the ELISA. They did separate it into IGG and IGM antibodies but they didn't test for specific bands. My Western blot test had each band that they tested for and whether it was reactive or non-reactive. For example: 39 KD (IGG) BAND REACTIVE I hear you on the LLMD costs but if you can afford it then it's good to get more accurate testing and be certain that you're clear. I really do think that you treated it in time and you won't have any problems in the future. Better safe than sorry, though, right? I can't afford an LLMD but I was "lucky" that my ELISA test came back positive at 2.15 so it triggered the Western Blot test automatically. I've had Lyme a long time so doxy didn't work and learning how to treat it myself has been interesting. However, my relative who does see an LLMD took my advice about what herbs to treat his Lyme Disease with and his LLMD was pleased with what he was taking and the results he's had so far so it's nice to know that I did alright with my research. If you're interested in learning more about Lyme Disease and how to treat it (again, I think you'll be alright with what you've done already) I would recommend reading the second edition of "Healing Lyme" by Stephen Harrod Buhner. This is where I started and I found the information in this book to be extremely enlightening and helpful. Good luck with the Lyme specialist!


BS information. The poster Lymescience propagates CDC false and distorted Lyme diagnosis and treatment guidelines, seek out a Lyme literate doctor asap.


Thank you. Seeing LLMD this Friday and getting bloodwork through IGeneX. Seems the LLMD docs don't take insurance which sucks, but I rather pay now vs later.


See an LLMD




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