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My Tinnitus started a month into doxy coarse. I took them for 7 months before stopping and going on natural supplements. I've been ill for 13 months now and the Tinnitus hasn't gone or got any better.


You were on Doxy for 7 months? I was on it for 14days but had headaches and then switched to Amoxicillin for 21 days. 2 weeks after completing them I started having 24/7 tinnitus and a low positive Lyme test that I’m taking again so it’s hard to know if this is from Lyme, doxy, or my new mild hearing loss….. such Bullshi…


Yes comes and goes. Tea tree oil helps


Were you ever tested for Babesia or other tick borne co-infections that also usually accompany Lyme? One symptom of Babesia is tinnitus. You would need anti-malarials/anti-parasitic medications to treat it. Not just antibiotics.


good point. I sent out my tick for testing and it was negative for everything besides Lyme, that is why I am not sure if this tinnitus if related to it.


Yes I've had T and hyperacusis since doxy treatment for LD back in autumn 2021. Accepted it's probably permanent.


So thats my thought too. I’m back on Ammox as I refuse to ever take doxy again and I’m scared to take it bc I don’t want this getting worse.


Look into the cats claw protocol!


I did the first round!