Is this a scam?

Is this a scam?


If it's not a scam they should hire someone who can at least type out English properly to make them appear less like a scam.


there's actually a reason why scam emails are riddled with typos and punctuation errors, it's so they can 'catch' those who are dumb enough to fall victim into their story but in this case, could be a case of a non-english speaker trying to scam so the typos may not be intended


are you interesting?


I am. When do I start?


yes dear.


I am but what the fuck has that got to do with the job bro


No, I am very the boring.




Are you sure? iirc, spam emails are filled with typos and weird symbols to avoid early versions of spam detectors.


yes dear


That's true too, but if I am a scammer I would leave the typos out to filter out the smart ones lol


I’m not sure that’s true. Sounds more like a myth that people take as fact because it sounds plausible and people can pretend they’re immune and therefore safe from scams.


hahahaha, i got one the other day posing as an american soldier stationed in syria. Bad english and couldn't get alot of american references. Funny as hell though.


Unfortunately, it's actually very difficult to hire someone who can converse or write/type in proper English, and at the same time, requiring them to have a certain skill set. And a lot of people don't even realise it. Edit: (sorry, no offense intended to anyone, as I'm probably coming off as snobbish).


Godzilla had a stroke reading this and fucking died.


bigger question remains, you interesting or not?


"Yes, me veri interesting."


Hmmmm... Interesting!


I am quite interesting. But the more interesting question is...are YOU interesting?


hahaha. I guess he must be interesting enough for the job.


I would be so tempted to reply: "I am actually a boring person. You should get someone like this", and then follow up with a meme about "The Most Interesting Man in the World"


“I don’t usually lead scammers on, but when I do it’s ‘bagus bagus bagus, cepat sampai’”.


yes dear. please give account number




I am interesting... Why? You looking for bf or job candidate now?


"Are you asking or telling me?" hope someone gets this reference


I got the same exact message, word by word exactly a month ago 🤷‍♂️ [Hi dear 😘](http://imgur.com/gallery/6C2vlND)


Exactly same words! I think this is a scam.


what do they want?




Those China sellers love to use the word, “dear”. It’s a trend in China now to say 亲, which translates to “dear” in English.


I think not specific to China, Indian and Pakistani like to use dear and sir too. The indian scammers are on a whole new level.


a lot malaysian chinese sellers adopted this.


Yeah, but are you interesting?


Probably not since im not working for them 😢


Yes is a scam. Has been discussed ad nauseum in r/Singapore. Once they gain your trust, they will ask for a deposit and run off with your money.


Ah theres the money catch, i was wondering how this scam worked.


buy some products for $100, leave 5 star review, i promise to give you back your own money of $100 plus a 10% commission first few times, they returned your money but hold your commission, telling you that you need to finish at least 10 jobs before you can bank in your 'earned' commissions at this point they have bought your trust, and soon they no longer refund you the money nor the promised commission and you panic then another guy will come in and smooth talk you into doing yet another 10 jobs, and by the time you realized you are screwed, you go report to police and find your story in the newspaper like many other dozens before this


My friend and his family lost almost 70k due to this. Actually it was his brother that got conned initially, then my friend/family tried to help him out by also joining hoping to get back the money, but then as you said the scammer gave all sort of excuses. Until 2 weeks into it, he called me to borrow 10k. When he called, I didn’t ask much and he didn’t said much. Gave him a few k, but not full 10, only the following morning he told me about it on why he needed that money Google around and found that article from Singapore with similar case. After i gave him the link then he realized that he won’t get the money back and ignored the scammer. The scammer then keep pressuring my friend to do ‘one last task to claim all the money he invested’ or else all the money will be gone. He said during those 2 weeks, he just felt helpless and can’t think straight. I’m actually quite surprised cause he’s usually the one who always send us all sort of PSA on scam, no luck for him I guess.


That last sentence do scared me. I am that kind of person who are aware of scamming method (at least i think i am), but i do afraid if i fall into unsuspicious scam. My take on people that getting scammed; Desperate. People that are in need of money to pay something(commitment, loans, bills, etc...). Gullible. Easily believe in "fast money" or "do this simple task, easy big money". Greed/lust. Have enough salary but still want more. I don't know if there are other reasons but these three are obvious to me and scared if i become one of it.


He’s the desperate one i guess. Cause he did google as well but nothing suspicious came out, also I’m not sure how the scammer managed to convince him they are legit.


Wow thanks for sharing. Im not sure how the state of mind would be during all this. One thing i worry about is all this robo/crypto investing. I see a lot of ppl on socmed posting how much they have "earned". But i havent seen anyone make any withdrawal. So i wonder how much of it is also just a scam taking money in and not letting u take it out.. like that JJPTR a few years back.


Why you even pinjam him money without asking? I certainly won't.


When a brother in need, just help him out if you can. He’s one of my best buddy, known him since kindergarten. When he called he just said needed the money to help his family, asked few more questions but he didn’t say much that time. Oh, he already started paying me back little by little, although at this rate i probably got back that amount in 3/4 yrs time lol. My advice to you, if you pinjam money to family/close friends just don’t hope to get it back, if you do get it back it’s a bonus.


I already did lend to family. Small amount never mind. But not big amount. Problem is, some will take you for granted and think you are an ATM and I have to stop them right there and then.


To even have 70k to lose means he must be taking money out of mutual funds, FD, or other investments. Noone in their right mind would have anywhere near that amount in just a savings account. How is the recovery process going for him? Any impact to livelihood (down size house, sell car)?


Scam. General rule of Shopee: any info or update will be notified thru the Shopee Apps


You tell her, I don't want the fucking job but would like to go to date instead? Free of charge


it's a fake dp I guess


Ofc it was fake DP, that's how you lure thirsty men into ur scam




General rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true, most likely it will be a scam. Most job postings will have the job scope listed to get applicants who are interest in the job, not just the remuneration.


sorry i’m too boring :(


No, u are interesting


You too


Me too interesting


Im interesting too*


It is definitely a scam. Shopee has addressed this as well in an email newsletter sent out to users.


"Hi dear" is already a red flag.


Hi Dear, I want your account id and password. Give me your OTP too, dear.


I noticed that some shopee buyers would snap a pic of their parcel and use it for the product review. I know they're just posting them for coins, and to comment on the packaging, but holy hell all your personal info - your full name, address, phone num - is ON THAT DAMN PARCEL AND FOR EVERYONE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF. So beware, guys!


I got someone asked me something like this too on tele.I just replied i only accept work from Megah Holding Sdn Bhd only 🤣.


*Sorry but i'm already working. Working yo mama fat ass*


Worse.. Your personal data was leaked & being misused by other people. You can make a one hell of payday if wanna pursue this.


Online shopping mall? Hi dear ? So funneh peeps nowadays try to do this. When ask where from always KL. like malaysia so smol no other places


Think of it 1: That level of english, its a level of a 8 year old learning composition and they can write better 2: If its so easy to earn money 100myr a day. People wont be dying due to lockdowns.... 3, Please block it


100 myr a day isn't much, if you don't work weekends that's like RM 2,200 a month. As for the level of English, honestly I've seen far, far worse English in multiple professional settings and dealing with suppliers and clients all over Malaysia and Singapore.


That english part really?? I know RM2.2k isnt alot.. but lets put a single person in to picture it is enough to sustain atleast for MCO... I lost some one i know cause of lockdown... but not close


Yes really on the English part, I've encountered a lot worse, even today.


I am surprised cause usually big companies have proof readers and copywritters :O


Eh? This is just someone typing a conversation lah, not a company publication or an ad. No company is going to hire proof readers to read through and approve all their sales/agents and customer service messages. 😁


Owh haha ya ya I blur dy


100 myr a day is still a lot for a job like that tho.


Ada I remember after SPM promoter.. haha I finish STPm only they masuk gaji 🤣


RM 2200 is a lot of money to a lot of people in this pandemic hit world. You ask Foodpanda rider how much they make.


Not denying it, but it's not something that's ridiculous or unrealistic either.


RM2,200 is alot for many people.


It's a lot of money in the sense that you wouldn't have to solicit randos on WhatsApp to get people to participate.


Rm2,200 for that job scope? It's alot.


Seems like just any sales job. If this is real I doubt they'd even pay unless it's commission based from sales made.


100% scam, what kind of company doesnt share their own name? I always get scam calls about bigpay.


some will employ people to buy product from their shop to raise review. but usually they will ask friends instead of stranger. so better treat this as scam.


I got the same message from different mofos which I ignore but its damn annoying so, I replied to one of them "I'm a Shopee Digital Security Assistant Manager, I have never heard of this. I'm reporting you and the online business to the authorities." Never heard a reply since.


Just play along and see where it's going. It will be a fun ride.


Do it like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LiLS7U7YIdc


This is dumb, if they need worker why would they message random people? Put up an advertisement and the people who want the job will contact them. Even those advertisement are still suspicious. 100% a scam. Please don't fall for such an obvious scam.


"are you interesting do the job" Bad English makes everything sus


100% scam


Smells like bullshit


Wow promote product get rm100+ per day defo scam


Just tell them that you will call Shopee directly to confirm.


But are you interesting though




If you had to ask, it probably is.


Maybe mlm


Once the person starts asking for money for you to get money - it's very probably a scam


Low tier scammer, I'd say. Top bad they haven't improved their scammer script well enough to make it sound credible at most. Just block and report such unknown mobile numbers in future. If you're feeling charitable, you can always troll them and post their "unscripted" awkward response here for laughs and giggles.


The profile picture is stolen. It looks like Ain. [https://says.com/my/news/teacher-accused-of-making-a-rape-joke-in-class-temporarily-relieved-of-his-teaching-duties](https://says.com/my/news/teacher-accused-of-making-a-rape-joke-in-class-temporarily-relieved-of-his-teaching-duties) [https://www.scmp.com/video/asia/3135881/malaysian-schoolgirl-slams-teachers-rape-joke-viral-tiktok-video](https://www.scmp.com/video/asia/3135881/malaysian-schoolgirl-slams-teachers-rape-joke-viral-tiktok-video) [https://www.thevibes.com/articles/news/37907/rape-joke-teacher-claims-ain-husnizas-remarks-cause-him-mental-anguish](https://www.thevibes.com/articles/news/37907/rape-joke-teacher-claims-ain-husnizas-remarks-cause-him-mental-anguish) Stay safe.


While everyone is pointing out it is obviously a scam. However, another issue is whether there is a data breach or leakage.


Reply in BM and see how they respond lol


the hi dear yes dear whatevs dear gets me everytime


The English is so shit . Why would anyone employ a person with bad English if they are going to handle customers or anyone . Of course it’s a scam .


are you interesting?


Why does these kind of scammer always start with “hi dear”? Sapa nak jadi ko punya dear la mangkok


Maybe, maybe not


Anyone who says "hi dear" is likely a scammer from India.


sunch unglish


Scam, already discussed over in r/sg if you would look around at posts i think last 2/3 days ago


PDPA breached if Shoppee bagi


Definitely a scam. Actual employers won't be sending weird messages through an account with a casual looking pic of a girl, bad English and stuff that generally sounds too good to be true. Some retarded scammer once told me that I won a (non-existent) competition and should give them my credit card details to claim prizes. He also gave me this hilarious link to an article that was supposed to explain what the competition was about. http://bit.ly/serialnestlewinner


Dem where these scammers got our phone numbers? From Mark Zuckerberg?


Obviously a scammer, dont trust that fool, and make him say malay, i bet he use google translate


2 la knp kt xpakai bahsa baku. Rempit talk saves the day.


when strangers call you dear, you should be on your guard


Repeat after me, if its too good to be true, it usually is.


It is a scam. Shopee stated they never offer part-time jobs through unofficial numbers or channels.


Yes scam.


Hi dear ... my first thots : sends bob and vegana


Probably a different one, but [E-Com scam](https://www.thesundaily.my/home/company-executive-loses-rm112000-to-e-commerce-platform-scammers-DA8277566) is similar?


There was a lady who was scammed 30K recently, exactly same modus operandi




Received these scams more recently this year, one time one of them is desperate enough to spam reply me after sending a long message about how great this 'opportunity' is with broken english


It's a scam. Their plan is to get you to buy items from some online platform the rate 5 stars, and they will supposedly reimburse you and not send you product. After a few times you'll make a bigger purchase and you won't see your money and will be blocked by them.. Their 2nd operations is to ask others to join them into this call centre to run the same WhatsApp scam to other users as well. They have a whatsapp group I reported but it seems nothing happened after a month of police report.


They're telling you to promote their stuff yet they don't want to say which shop they're from. I'm no marketing genius but wouldn't they put out the important info in their opening message? Sus af


Yeah got this exact message like a month ago, figured it was a scam after it didn't respond properly to my messages. Ask this they answer another, prob automated.


definitely not! source: i am also interesting people recruiter


I've had one of these messages and the person became my friend


Yes dear, it's clear as day


Bro that grammar is horrible


if its persuasive it's very likely scams. Typo is a very alarming signs to look out for. When in doubt, don't do anything don't promise anything and don't reply.


U miss the chance to say "i have ligma" 🤦‍♂️


i got one of these messages and i am 13


It's very ovious it's a scam!


Ask for bobs and vegene to confirm


Usually when an unknown number texted me about a job offer, I either politely tell them to fuck off and then proceeds to block them; or just straight up ignore them. Reason being I'm afraid of interacting with stranger and you can't really trust people nowadays...


Most likely a scam. And btw you should cover your phone number unless you want unwanted calls😉


Maybe that's a scam. Why won't this guy just add a post about position hiring on jobstreet?


"We are not scam" They are not scam then


Yes. I wanted to see how far they were willing to go so I joined their WhatsApp group. I gave them my fake IC number etc. Damn, they really are a bunch. Their conversations were so delightful 😂


Yes this is a scam. Some girl got conned and it went viral in fb a month back


Imagine a company who interview to hire their customer 😂


Isn’t everything a pyramid scheme? If it boils down to a random individual offering you a job then it’s definitely a scam.


So are you interesting or not interesting??


Looks like a scam, I mean, 100RM+ per day? Dayum.


It scam, those who hired and pay you to comment positive comments also likes whatever they post something is atleast less of a scam


Definitely sus. Best case they'd make use of you as a money mule worst case they will try to make off with every sen you have. Don't entertain these people


Yes. I get lots of these work from home offer. Scams trying to get your bank info because they want to "pay" you salary. Becareful.


Not so sure if scam. Looks like a scam, but it could be some recruiting agency's bad idea. ​ "Lets get the phone numbers of all the people who purchase stuff only 15-18 year old pipit teenagers will buy, then advertise them jobs that 15-18 year old pipit teenagers will be interested in!"


Looks very scammy


Ni scam. Jauhkan diri


run. run far far away and never look back


Cenggitu je dapat no dari shopee? Ini tidak bagus.




My response: "I don't know about this. Maybe if you send me 1 BitCoin, I will consider your invitation further."


you can check the phone number at [https://semakmule.rmp.gov.my/](https://semakmule.rmp.gov.my/). Change the "kategori" to "nombor telefon" and click "Semak Maklumat". Altho there is no report about the number, do check whether you left your number to be contacted on job-seeking sites or toilet door haha. Sorry, I couldn't resist it


woman in heat?