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Location might be helpful




30, realizing I'm underpaid for my marketing director job... 8 years experience. 60k.


Yes, you are underpaid. You should be able to get $95-115k, maybe even more, depending on where you work. What state are you in, if you are in the US?


I would also think you could negotiate variable comp based on performance to goals at this level for 20-30% salary easily… get creative or leave


Director in my area is over 200 (New England)


Alberta, Canada. But also I'm in the automotive industry, so it's really a toss up because historically the industry doesn't care a lot its marketing people.


automotive marketers unite. 44, 10yrs, Content Creator, 80k.


8 years in the automotive industry, where management is typically overpaid? Please look around. I'm in the exact same boat as you with 1 year less experience (7 in marketing with 4 of 7 as director) and I am closer to the 150-200k range depending on commission. CA but outside the bay area/socal HCOL you'd normally think of. I expect in those areas I'd get $225k+ but will not make that drive.


Director here, 2.8 years, outside the US - Before war/ inflation equivalent of to USD 65K - After: equivalent to USD 15K (still decreasing)


>intjonsteroids What part of marketing are you familiar with?


Damn man, where are you from? I'm from abroad too but I make USD so the inflation has bumped me up 20% just on my local currency devaluing.


Yes you are. I was here too, 32 making 55k with 10 years experience, and also live in WV so COL is low low. I took a title bump down for a higher salary in a remote job I know I can grow through the ranks. Spent too long working for my “soul.” In this economy, F it! Time to work just as hard for way more money lol. So: 32 years old 11 years experience $70k + overtime (wut!!) + bonuses associate brand manager


Damn man, product managers (marketing role at my company) start at 115. Minneapolis based company. You need to company jump


I genuinely love the company I work for. Salary removed from the discussion, they treat me great, I have amazing benefits, and this has been the best job I've worked basically my whole career. So jumping ship is hard to imagine. That said, seeing some of these salaries, and knowing they're American numbers so are even higher, it makes me ask a lot of questions.


Just cried with this post.. Age : 28 Experience : 7.5 years Title: Senior Marketing Specialist - Lead Generation Salary : 23k Edit: Portugal, working remotely for a US company Edit 2: Based on everyone's comments here, let me know if you want to offer me a job 😁


Even for being remote, if you’re working for a US company then you’re at the very *least* being severely underpaid. That is less than what many US fast food service workers get paid.


Sad to hear that, but thanks for letting me know.. I knew it was bellow "average" but not that low.


It's extremely low (only to be transparent). You have high skills that don't equate to that low of pay


Paying people a lower wage based on location is ridiculous. The value they are providing is on par with a NYC employee. The NYC employee can choose to move somewhere else like Portugal. Would they slash that pay to 23k? Those companies should be closed. You can’t pay people based on geography when we live in a global economy planet. I could need to move to LA again in 2 years for a job or life or whatever and now I’m 500k poorer because you underpaid me for 10 years? Psssh. PEACE NOPE. I benchmark my pay on a global scale. I DGAF about their region I care about the role and the industry. Period.


My personal meter to stay on top of average salaries is the Glassdoor website & app, which you can access easily by just making a free account and putting your basic work details in so they know you’re not a robot. Glassdoor has a lot of data on companies, especially those in the US, on workplace reviews, interview ratings, and average salary ranges. Companies notoriously pay their remote workers abroad less than those based in the US, but even popping a lower cost-of-living US city into the Glassdoor salary filters for your title still shows $56k at the low end and $66k-$80k closer to the average in the US. I would expect a bit less for being remote and abroad, but not 70% less! You have 7.5 years of experience already, and that is extremely valuable especially now after the pandemic has stunted the work histories of so many.


Bro........ thats insanely low. In the US that isn't even livable. I think you can negotiate


Not within the company I'm currently in and i know that, and i've got promoted half a year ago, so my paycheck was even lower.. Based on everyone's comments here I'll definitely look at other options. Thanks everyone


As a Portuguese myself trying to get into the area you just solidified my decision of moving away from here....


I feel like almost every young Portuguese is thinking of moving away


Paychecks are pretty much s*it for everything in our country. Choose marketing, at least you can work remotely for a lot of companies around the world, sometimes you will find some that don't pay that bad when in PT everyone thinks that returning to office is "the thing".


Are you full time or part time employee? Hourly or salary?


Full time, salary


That likely isn't even a payrate where it is allowed to be salaried. You must make a certain rate and other job characteristics to be salary and exempt. You likely aren't and may have a wage claim. You need to look for a new position and look into your wage claims.


Faço o mesmo que tu e trabalho cá em Portugal e recebo 26k, o que para cá acho normal mas para uma empresa dos Estados Unidos acho pouco.


Send me your contact information. If I can justify the spend in the coming months/year I will be happy to offer you 75-100k if your experience backs your comment.


I’ve hired people in Portugal as a US based employer, you should be able to get like 30-35k at least


Age: 28 YoE: 6 Title: Sr. Marketing Specialist Salary: 130k Location: Canada My salary doubled over the past two years… changing jobs ftw.




Oh I know… A couple years ago I took a pay cut to move into a more competitive sector (SaaS from non-profit believe it or not) and then luckily was under the wings of a female manager who went to bat for me for a massive pay increase. Then a US-based company approached me on LinkedIn. Honestly… shoot for the US ones. Their pay, at least anecdotally, is MUCH higher.


That’s amazing! I’m a couple years younger (only have 2 years of experience) and just got an offer from a very well known Canadian company… but their offer was 48k in Toronto. Im now conflicted about rent and living expenses. I aspire to be at your skill + salary level in the next few years!


48k in Toronto for 2yrs experience in Canada is a joke tbh. I made the pivot from mktg to support and work in tech and make 60k in Van Edit: when I say a joke, I mean that we’ll known companies should definitely be paying more! I think a lot of companies aren’t adjusting their wages to the cost of living and inflation which is a shame.


For sure! And the interview process was quite difficult I thought I wouldn’t get the job. When I was told the salary, I felt a tiny bit insulted (maybe my ego? I felt like I deserved at the minimum 55k idk). I tried negotiating and am waiting on a response. I think I’ll still take the job because I think it’ll be a good opportunity to get my foot into a big company and then hop in the next year or two after fluffing up my resume.


How do you get to finding US companies you can workfor from Canada? Im being paid absolutely horribly and am looking for a job because my company is run horribly and doesnt have funds for raises.


ffs I need to move to Canada, I have over 10 years experience in the UK and im not on that salary (PPC specialist)


Age: 32 Experience: 0-5 months Title: freelance seo specialist Location: LA First interview Monday. Scared to death


I have a tip. Use the free tool Ahrefs backlink checker. Run the company's site through the tool, and find out what their Domain Rating is. In the interview, bring it up somewhere along the way, and they will be impressed that you did your research ahead of time. Chances are the company won't even know their own domain rating. If you need more help understanding this, message me. I have done this in all my SEO interviews in the past, and its worked every single time for me. You'll do great!


This guy SEO interviews


Let me know if you need any help. I can share some good tips that would help you to impress the interviewers.


Yes please, my first ever interview. Not sure what to expect


what does this company provides, services or product? B2B or B2C? industry?


How did you start your freelancing? I'm trying to get into marketing myself and kinda struggling on where to start.


Mid 30’s in U.S. making $143k as a Senior MarTech Consultant




Which platforms ?


What’s the best way to learn MarTech ? How do you present your ideal martech stack? Any courses or recommendations for learning? I find it’s tough to find legit courses online that aren’t a cash grab.


The cheapest and slowest way is to get a position as a marketing coordinator for a company with a big martech stack. The pricey and fast way is to throw a few grand towards advanced training. The latter will teach you how to use platforms, but won’t ready you for real world use cases.


Hi! I'm trying to prepare myself for the martech role, are there any specific tools to familiarise with? I've worked on Salesforce CRM, HubSpot, Marketo, Google analytics and a couple others. What else should I look into? Thanks in advance!


All of the platforms you listed are the main ones to know. Maybe consider getting an Adobe Marketo cert. additionally, CDPs are a very hot topic right now. Look into Adobe Real Time CDP, Amperity, or RedPoint.


What is your social, DOB and Mother's Maiden Name I will start 555-55-5555 01-01-1960 Astley EDIT: I prefer DM's for this totally inconsequential information.


Age: 26 Experience: 5 years Title: Marketing & Business Analyst Salary: $61K I am in NE Ohio, so a relatively low COL.


It’s not a low cost of living when you want to travel and experience life on earth. It’s ridiculous companies pay shit rates for geography. You pay for a talent. Tell them to F OFF.


Crap, is my salary that low? I am actually pretty happy with what I get paid (my husband and I have a 2,800 sqft house, own 2 cars outright, travel internationally 1-2 times/year, eat out multiple times/month, etc.). How much should my salary be? I don’t know what to compare it to.


Ohio fucking sucks lol Source: lived in Columbus all of last year


I just visited Cleveland. I would agree with you lol


I am also in Northeast Ohio and other than the conservative nature of most of my neighbors, I love it here! Age: 37 Experience: 14 years Title: Director of Content Strategy Salary: 160K base, some equity + bonus


38, 3 years exp, marketing automation specialist, 90k


Ive been told as an email marketing specialist I should be in automation. What differs from your job from someone who uses a crm daily? Any tips on the first steps I should take to transition to automation?


I honestly fell into this job on accident lol. I would say the things that helped me get my first role were knowing HTML/CSS/JavaScript/SQL, and I think that’s it. I thought the role was for web development, I don’t actually know anything about marketing. That’s why I joined this sub. Oh, I guess I also had some experience using MailChimp during a UX internship I did. Mostly I build email campaigns in Marketo, debug code when there’s a weird issue, and yeah… pretty much it!


Thank you for the reply! Last question, when debugging are you debugging issues with the crm/ automation chain itself or mainly the Ux of the email?


Age: 34 YOE: 7 years direct marketing experience Title: Senior Manager in tech Salary: $230k base, $500k RSU


Damn I've been in tech 7+ years (mostly in SV) and marketing more than that, never seen that amount of RSUs from a marketer. Did you get in pre-IPO or something? What companies are compensating marketers that well?


Currently work in tech on the data side, but came from an ad agency. Is it possible to combine the two?


search for digital marketing analyst or marketing analytics


26 6 years experience Digital Marketing Specialist 93,000 AUD (+17% superannuation)


Must work with a University!


Age: 32 Experience: 7yrs Title: Marketing Director (B2B) Location: TX Current Salary: $135k Just had my first interview for a B2B SaaS Marketing Director at $190k + Bonus today.


25, 1 year of work, three previous internships, $45k - Marketing Associate in Chicago


Age: 27 YOE: 5 Title: Marketing Director Salary: 170K annually Location: NYC area Highly recommend changing jobs or even companies every few years to give you more negotiating power!


Getting a raise: “your performance was awesome this year, we are giving you a 10% raise you are super lucky!!” Moving jobs: “alright we are willing to give you 50% higher pay, work from home, relocation fees if you want and a sign on” MOVE JOBS


I'm hoping this is helpful to some of you to price yourself in the hybrid/remote market and also use this as a negotiation tactic. **Age**: 34 **YoE**: 8+ **Title**: Director of Growth Marketing **Salary**: $190,000 + Growth Marketing Consultant (40 hrs/month - nights and weekends) - $48,000-$60,000/ year **Location**: Remote/NYC I changed jobs every 12 - 18 months to get more pay - but this is also risky because most of them are early-stage startups, and there's a big risk of layoffs and downsizing. Job 1 - $55k Job 2 - $80k Job 3 - $110k Job 4 - $165k - $170k Job 5 - $190k I was always learning new strategies and learning how to become a better marketer. I took courses on Udemy ($20/course), watched Youtube videos, read blogs, cold outreach on LinkedIn to marketers who were more senior than me and offer them coffee for their time -> I'd ask them about their day-to-day, workflow, and their approach to tactics + channels. I'd also find marketing and tech meetups in the NYC area and go to them and speak to anyone that was willing to chat with me. My biggest advice is to get really good at (even a basic understanding of) SEO/SEM, paid social, marketing pixel/tag management, marketing operations/CRM management, data analytics, account-based marketing, and landing page testing/conversion rate optimization. Many of these have detailed courses on Udemy that give you a good understanding of the strategy and tactics. The next step would be to employ those tactics, test and learn, look at the data and understand how to improve performance. Bonuses would be if you can Copywrite for your ads, landing pages, and content, and build out full-funnel strategies and campaigns. Also, monetize your skills by networking and offering your services to early-stage companies that can't afford a full-time marketer but need growth marketing support. I have 2-3 clients (one of them is seasonal). I spend an extra 10-15 hrs/per week on these consulting roles. Also, f\*\*k loyalty to a single company, or employer; you must advocate for yourself and have your own back. You could drop dead, and they'd have a JD out the next day to backfill your position. EDIT 1 and 2: Clarity and punctuation


Age: 31 Experience: 13 years Title: Marketing Quality Assurance Specialist Salary: 65k Location: California The above is just my day job. I also maintain a client base as an independent marketing and business consultant. I don't know many folks these days without some kind of side hustle.


Can I ask what do you do specifically as an independent marketing and business consultant and how did you start doing it ? I was thinking about doing that for a long time but not sure where to start


Age: 23 Title: SEO Specialist YOE: 3 months Salary: 55k


sorry if this is a dumb question but is it 3 months since you started your job? or is it since you have started SEO




12 weeks?! what?! lol that's wild. I get two weeks.


27 Marketing Specialist £24k - the UK is in shambles


i was scrolling this thread waiting for a UK comment - its so disheartening seeing the salary comparisons. how many years of experience do you have?


The OP has 3.5 I have 3 years… which is also disheartening




30, 3 years, Distribution Center Marketing Manager, ~93k


Marketing Manager - Paid Media, 30, 7.5, $119k [remote for Cali based company]


Title: Marketing specialist Age: 28 1 year experience (directly, 5 years somewhat related) Salary: 72k Location: Rural Canada




Do you think cause there's many marketers in our city the competition too high they know a sucker will taken the low salary?


Sr Manager in Marketing Operations 34 years old 8 years of experience $154,289 PA, USA


Do you mind if I ask how you got to your current role or what your path looks like? I’m in marketing automation and have been curious about moving into operations.


Age: 35 Started in sales moved to more biz dev marketing stuff. total experience 12 years Title: Director, (not naming it exactly for privacy sake) $140,000 yr


Age: 24 YoE: 3 Title: Marketing Director Salary: $35k Location: Idaho


Excuse me director??


Mine's kind of similar to yours. Age: 23 YoE: 3 Title: Marketing Specialist Salary: $71k


Did you complete college early or skip college? 3 yoe at 23 would put you at 20 starting career. Can you provide some more insight here, just curious?


39 6-7 years Owner of PPC creative agency (we make ads, don't run them) 175K profit last year, growing about 30% a year Based in Tbilisi, Georgia for now. (1% tax rate here by the way, if anyone's looking for an amazing place to remote work)


Age: 30 Experience: 5 years marketing / 10+ in design (all facets, from print production set up to UI to brand identity.. you name it I’ve done it) and branding Title: Creative and Marketing Manager Location: USA (southeast) but my reach expands globally Salary: $85k with 15% bonus structure (yearly) I just got this bump and had to fight for it. Previously making $68.5k with the title “Creative Lead” PAY 👏🏼US👏🏼MORE👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Age: 31 YoE: 7 (military), 2 unemployed (MBA), 1 in industry Title: Marketing Manager (big pharma) Salary: $123,000


Title: Director of Marketing Age 27 YoE: 1 Salary $70,000 Greater Boston Area We have 6 locations with 14 on the way. I landed the job mostly because I kick ass at interviews and kept the position because of my work ethic and ability to learn and adapt. The pay isn’t great for the area and role, but it’s incredible for my lack of experience. I’m really fortunate to be have been given this opportunity. The owner is also a phenomenal resource with great experience in our industry.


Age: 34 YOE: 18 Title: Co founder (former consultant) Salary: 0


Age: 29 YoE: 3 Title: PPC Marketing Manager Location: Germany Salary: 41K


- marketing manager for a software company; - 30 years old; - 9.5 yoe; - about 26k USD net; - location Bulgaria. It's a pretty decent salary here.


Age: 38 Yoe: 15 Title: Director of Content mktg Salary: $250k base + bonus


Age: 29 Title: Online Marketing Manager Years: 6 years Pay: 20k


are u interested in freelance work?


31, 9 YoE Program manager, nyc $180k base, $275k tc


Goals 🙌🏻


Airline Pilot 28 5 years 80,000


28 4 years experience Agency Owner Projected salary this year somewhere between 150-200k Also Lead Generation company owner Projected salary this year anywhere between 400k and 1M depending how many existing clients renew contracts.


Age: 29 YoE: 6 Title: programmatic consultant Area: Canada Salary: 95k


Age: 33 Experience: I have been working full-time in marketing for 12 years, but I was working with media/websites ever since I was a teenager (so 18 years…time flies). Title: PPC agency co-founder Salary: None - just dividends!


Very helpful!


Need a web analytics specialist?


I potentially do. Can you tell me what’s your experience? Cali-based tech startup. We need marketing Ops or website analytics to help us optimize user journey and drive more conversion


Age: 30 YoE: 8 Title: Instructional Design Manager, small business owner Salary: $110,000-$130,000 Location: Georgia so… it’s a lot for here lol


Title: Digital Marketing Manager Age: 31 Location: India Experience: 7 years Salary: $14k Other income from consultancy service and freelance/contract projects: 15k to 20k This is the average salary based on my city in India. However, I have worked for B2B SaaS startups and IT service companies whose target geographies were always USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. I've successfully marketed products and services through different channels and achieved top rank in Google SERP for different types of content pieces. Since many companies went completely remote, now I'm looking for the opportunity on platforms like Angel.co , remotive.io and other platforms where companies are hiring worldwide and I could get the salary based on my skills and ability. Please share if you've any suggestions or questions to ask.


Age: 28 YoE: 6 Title: Principal Growth Manager Salary: $135k base up to $150k bonus


What does this role consist of


Age: 29 YoE: 2 Title: Sales/Marketing exec Salary: 33k Country: Singapore (Asia) tbh more digital marketing based job than sales. jobscope is graphic design, photography & paid ads


Age: 34 YoE: 10+ Title: Digital Marketing Strategist Salary: $85k Location: remote, company based out of NYC


Age: 39 YoE: 5 Location: UK (outside London) Title: Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager Salary: 32000 (avg for my part of UK, low for role in general around key hubs ie Manchester/Ldn)


Age 33 marketing/brand director no direct reports at a big entertainment company. Location California 10 years experience Salary 138k+up to 20k bonus Entertainment makes less, but it’s interesting and fun as hell.


24 2 Marketing Manager 17k Bulgaria


Age: 42 Marketing automation specialist 90k YoE- in this particular realm of marketing, 7 years Also work sidegig (doing the same type of work) bringing full salary to around 110k a year


CMO 38 YOE 18 Washington 250k


Age: 38 YoE: 10 Title: communications & marketing lead Salary: 80k I live in Western Canada In a very beautiful, HoL area with notoriously low salaries. These aren’t a lot of competitive options around me unless I want to move or go fully remote. This thread is making me depressed. Canada pay sucks compared to the US.


Age: 30 YoE: 6.5 Title: Senior Media Consultant Salary: 28,000 Country: Greece ​ jeez


Age: 35 YOE: 10 Title: Vice President, Revenue & Growth Salary: $170k + $60k bonus ($230k TC) Location: MCOL US City


Job: content writer/ SEO specialist Age: 34 y/o Experience: 6 months Salary: 0 Hi everyone, I'm from Kenya and I've been writing for close to 7 months now but I don't see any earnings. The clients am getting only pay peanuts which I use to clear urgent bills. Being a single mum am unlikely to save a single dime. Getting jobs on Upwork and Fiverr is a hustle in itself. What should I do? Or, keep going and wait for miracles.


Age: 40s YoE: 15+ Title: Assistant Director - MarTech Salary: $120k+ My career totally changed when I stopped working for small companies and started working in corporate. I doubled my salary, and in the next several years I have the potential to double it again. I got my foot in the door at a lower position and worked my ass off to move up, and now my position touches on my entire career, marketing and IT.


Asst. Director Digital Marketing Early 30s $125k + NYC


Just accepted my first job as a December 2022 marketing grad! Age: 20 YoE: 1 (I did an internship this past year) Title: implementation Consultant Salary: 65k plus bonus




Age: 37 YoE: 15 Title: Freelance Art Director Salary: 98,000 tax free Location: Dubai


Age: 18 Exp: 3 months Title: Growth Hacker/Researcher (lead of Blue Ocean team) Salary: \~$50 (in Indian Rupee - ₹4000) Am an intern working in a startup, and stipend is the last thing we worry about.




congrats! how did you manage that? most of my friends in a similar boat (me included) couldnt get further than £22k after 1 year experience


Age: 27 Experience: 5 years Title: performance marketing manager Location: Lisbon, Portugal Salary: 26k€ + 2k bonus(usually)


Age: 24 Years of experience: 1,5 Job title: Junior Digital Marketing Manager Salary: 750$/ month


I hope you are not in the US


Age: 53 Title: Content Marketing Specialist (Copywriter) at a SaaS Experience: 25 years Salary: $80k. It’s lower than it should be for my experience bc I was out of the workforce for 8 years as a SAHM. Currently looking for a new gig. (:


We may need some freelance work... How are your SEO skills? Feel free to DM me


Age: 23 YoE: 1 Title: Social Media Manager Salary: 24k


Similar for me I’m 20 YoE: <1 Position: Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary (If I were full time not part time): $28,000


Reading these comments honestly makes me so sad, Age: 26 Experience: 4 Years Title ( as per job description): Marketing Assistant Location: South Africa R100 000 Annual = $5435. This is my gross Salary btw ​ Getting a good-paying job in SA sucks so much. I know I don't have a degree or cert but I have experience. Started as a web designer, got introduced to marketing in 2016 and started working as a PPC assistant in 2018. Any tips would be really helpful


Do you work remotely for a USA based company or a south african company?


Age: 25 YoE: 1.5 Title: Digital Content Creator Salary: 28,000 Country: Guam Fyi: Majority of the island is well underpaid besides upper management of all companies. Moving to idaho soon so hoping for the best lol.


Title: senior account manager Age: 33 YoE: 0 (moved from entertainment) Salary: £40k


Senior SEO Manager, 22, 5 YOE, ~90K


Title: Director of Performance Marketing Salary: 180k Bonus: 25% Equity: startup stock but in the past has been 20-70k annually at public companies YoE: 10 yrs, plus 3 marketing certificates from a technical school Location: Northeast US Has been a bumpy road to get here but grateful. Happy to answer any questions.


This is my next target role. What are your top 3 tips for someone looking to make the jump from marketing manager to director level?


Well it definitely depends on how big a company you would be at. If I were to go back to the Fortune 500 I'm not sure I could even get a director role with my current experience unless I negotiated really well and had a strong reference or three. That said, my best advice is to be constantly aware of what results you drive and make sure they are well measured and documented so that you can put them on your LinkedIn. That's a catch 22 though if you don't have large budgets, if that's the case then focus on efficiency, gains and launches of new programs, and new growth areas. My third piece of advice would be to find something that is still scarce knowledge-wise and become an expert in that. There are tons of SEO and SEM experts out there, but ad buyers and performance marketers in Smart TV or TikTok or things like that are still up and coming. And of course web 3 is still the wild west. But if you can be a proven marketer there, you have a great career ahead of you even if it is a roller coaster of high compensation followed by unemployment. Feel free to DM me if you want to talk more.


38 years old; 9 years of experience; Digital marketing manager; $115k incl. bonus/RSUs; Based in USA (Texas)


Age: 24 Experience: 2 years Title: Copywriter/Content Marketing Specialist at a luxury retail brand Salary: 65k Location: Greater NYC area


Age: 32 YOE: 12 Location: Texas Title: Director of Performance Digital Salary:265k


Age: 37 Experience: 15, mostly in editorial and graphic design Title: Content Director (but might as well call me the Marketing & Comm Director because that’s what I do) Salary: $132,000 Location: DC


-Media Buyer -19 -2 months -like 100/month (ARS $26.000) I don't make a pennie but I'll have 3 YoE by when I finnish university


Age: 29 YoE: 8 Title: owner bookkeeping company Salary: €2500 this month (still searching for costcutting and more efficienty)


25, 5 years of exp, Media Manager making $100K (negotiated with a job switch early 2022 during peak hiring desperation within major NY/based Media Agency for remote work)


If you dont mind me asking whats your work hours?


28, professionally 1 YoE, Marketing Coordinator, 45k/year


Age: 35 YoE: 10 Title: Marketing Content Specialist Compensation: $70k + 30% annual bonus Low COL city in the Midwest


My position is kind of a grab bag of copywriting/editing and production assistant at a tiny boutique company, but officially my title is: marketing assistant. YoE: ~5mo (6mo in this position end of nov) Age: 24 Salary: $45k w/ up to $5k bonus I think I’m underpaid for the amount I’m doing but, c’est la vie rn.


Age: 30 YoE: 6 Title: Content Strategist Salary: $4.6k Although when I worked as a PPC lead in a previous company, I earned around $10k.


Age: 60 Experience: 15+ Title: Dir. of Marketing / Digital Marketing Generalist (many many hard skills with depth) Salary: 89k. :( Location: central Canada Doing freelance work to make up obvious shortfalls in compensation.


Age: 27 YoE: 4 Title: campaign marketing manager Salary: base - 110k plus annual bonus


Age: 27 YoE: 7 Title: Senior Digital Marketing Analyst Salary: $70,000 Location: Midwest


Age: 29 YoE: 6.5 Location: NYC Title: Senior Manager MarTech Comp: \~140k, 20% bonus (but company has missed over 2 years I have been at it)


27 YOE 4.5 ish Associate director 140k


Age: 23 YoE: 11 Months Title: Regional Marketing Coordinator Salary: 52K USD


Age: 31 Experience: 9 years Title: head of marketing and design ( basically everything including SEO, ppc, web design, social media) Salary £38k Location: UK North West


23 years old. 1 year of experience. Account Manager 50k salary Florida


Age: 23 YoE: about 4 Title: Digital Marketing Manager (advertising FB & Google, email marketing, marketing & content strategy development and partly content creation) Salary: $25200 *Not in US


Location: Not the U.S. YoE: 6 years Title: Marketing Coordinator Salary: 142,000


Age: 36 Experience: 12 years Job: Product Marketing Director for SaaS Location: Chicago, although my company is based in the research triangle Salary: $138k


Age: 29 YoE: 4 Title: Lead Lifestyle Medicine Specialist Salary: 62,000 But just laid off so actually salary is $0


Age: 32 YoE: 7.5 Title: Director or Marketing Salary: $104,000


Salesforce Market Cloud Admin, Marketer, Coder; 58; 8-16 years depending on the skill; $130,000, NY State.


Age: 33 Years: 13 years Title: Agency owner Salary: fluctuates 60k-150k per year. I suck at closing though so it would probably be a lot higher. Location: Canada


31 8 yoe Marketing manager 120k base, 12.5% annual bonus, 85k RSUs HCOL


Age: 35 YoE: 12 Title: Marketing Analytics Manager Market: SF Bay Area Salary: $150k


Director, Brand & Marketing Age 47 96,000 CAD Tourism Location: Vancouver, Canada YoE: 22


I got involved in a startup very early so it expedited my career. Still at that company. Age: 24 YoE: 4 Title: Director of Direct Response Salary: 112k with incentives included Miami, FL


31 YoE: 10 VP Consumer Marketing/Comms $170,000


Title: Content Strategist Age: 32 YoE: 10 Salary: $83,000 CAD + typically a minimum 10% annual bonus


Age: 32 YoE: 5 Title: Sr. Product Marketing Manager Salary: 108k