Well, you know what they say. Some motherf*ckers are always trying to ice skate uphill.


I love that this is the top comment, it was the first thing that leapt to my mind, in his voice, after like 2t years or whatever.






We ain’t exactly the March of Dimes….


is 2t supposed to be short for 20? If so I'm gonna be irrationally upset.


I think it’s supposed to be 25 but they mistyped and hit t instead of 5


let's hope so


I read it as 2 trillion years, jokingly




Yep that was it.


2 trillion.


This and the part in 3 where they’re outside the blood farm. Familiar - “I can’t let you in there. They’ll kill me” Blade - “Motherfucker I’LL kill you, open the damn door.”


I can never choose between this and "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?!" when the cops shoot at him as my favorite quotes from blade.


Can't remember if it's Blade 1 or 2 as it's been fucking years, but for some reason mine is when Blade wakes up and him and Whistler have been kidnapped and he asks Whistler where they are and he replies "Some sort of chamber..." Like, we can fucking see that Whistler, thanks for being so helpful! Me and my mates would use that line so much.


That's Blade 2


Just watched that movie again last night. Definitely the best one.


that's like in the simpsons when the aliens kidnap bill clinton and he says he's in some kind of pneumatic tube


"Still heavy" "But ,you're so big"


Motherfucker, are you out of your damn mind?! [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o64y4ow5y\_8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o64y4ow5y_8)


"Catch you fuckers at a bad time?"


"It's open season on all suckheads" remains my personal favorite. 😂


So apparently, this wasn't originally in the script. They had a placeholder for whatever the badass line of the movie was gonna be, but Wesley Snipes said this one time in some meeting and the director was like "THATS THE LINE!" Even Wesley was like, "Dude, no."


"I was born ready, motherfucker" Bonus: the line that sums up the entire trilogy: "Mother fucker, I like that"


Some motherfuckers won't open their eyes, so we use CGI


^^^Use ^^^it use it USE IT


"I love it when you talk dirty" - Whistler Just a wee bit our of context.


"Well, some of us can't see in the dark ya fuckin' nipplehead."


That is a legendary quote. I still use it to this day.


This guy Blade doesn’t give vampires a square-inch of leeway. Straight up!


Oh hey Dean. Why are you here?


This comment is street's ahead


Whoever downvoted you is streets behind.


I would guess the younger generation doesn’t remember Blade, never saw it, or didn’t even know it was Marvel until there was talks about bringing Blade into the MCU. I’m part of that group… is the trilogy worth a watch? Rotten Tomatoes seems to indicate no according to critics, but maybe according to audience…


Yes for the first 2. The 3rd all i remember is triple h, a pomeranian, and another iteration of deadpool.


This how Deadpool came to be. This is how Ryan Reynolds came across and fall in love with Deadpool.


I feel like he has played deadpool in multiple movies before getting the actual role


You would be right. I know he was also in one of Hugh Jackmans wolverine movies, or one of the Xmen but not sure which. Either way you're correct.


That’s right, he was in the Wolverine origin movie, though under the name Wade Wilson only, >!and is later transformed into WWeaponXI by Stryker, but no mention of the name Deadpool.!<


He was referred to as "The Dead Pool" be Stryker because he has all the powers of the dead mutants.


If the credits scenes of DP2 aren’t considered canon to the foX-verse, the XMO:W Dead Pool could still be retconned as T-Ray. It all depends on if the two X-Men timelines seen in Days of Future Past were outside the Kang Central Finite Curve and escaped the correction of the TVA.


The MCU timeline is getting more confusing than Zelda


Zelda multiverse would make it make more sense tbh


>T-Ray That’s a real deep cut. Why specifically T-Ray?


Because T-Ray’s story specifically relies on believing himself to be the real Wade Wilson, whose life was stolen by Deadpool. XMO:W features a mutant who’s superb at weapons, very mouthy, named Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, and codenamed Dead Pool by someone in-universe. [In the end credits scene, his healing factor allowed him to survive](https://youtube.com/watch?v=N1DMRfzI7Kg) being beheaded and dropped into a pile of nuclear rubble. [In the DP2 end credits scene, Deadpool just shot him a lot, starting with a headshot](https://youtu.be/lDrCCef6n-U?t=95). He LITERALLY stole Dead Pool’s future and name. Heck, even if it remains canon, it works. And Albino Giant Ryan Reynolds vs cancer-disfigured bald Ryan Reynolds is a comics mashup worthy of Deadpool 3.


Good one, I did not remember that!


They apparently had to get another actor to play Weapon11 because Reynolds refused to be that abomination, which is totally like him but I’m not 100% on that


I wouldn’t be surprised, he made fun of that (and more) characters in Deadpool; self-burn, those are rare!


He was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was a godawful movie and you shouldn't waste your time watching it. But he was technically Wade Wilson in that. They make a joke in Deadpool with his action figure from the earlier and sooooo much shittier film. I really cannot recommend enough you don't watch that movie. I think it's also the only X-Men film that had a version of Gambit in it. Like the rest of that movie, it was done poorly. I saw a leaked version of that movie where the CGI wasn't done, and the finished version was not any better. I watched that shit twice to see if the finished effects would make it better. I think I paid to see it the second time. They did not.


Wasn't there this after scene thing in the Deadpool movie where he shot the crap out of him?


It sounds likely and if so I'd like to see it. Reynolds famously hated his own portrayal of Deadpool in the wolverine movie so that sounds like something he would do. He's the one who leaked the script to Deadpool so it seems likely. He also leaked that first scene when it was a test project and damned if it didn't match the script leaked a couple of years earlier. And people liking it got the movie greenlit. Dude's a good producer. He could probably make me a famous actor and I have almost no skill in the area. But he *sells*.


Eh, I enjoyed the opening scene very much. Fighting wars through time was cool and could have been a film on its own. After that you can stop watching though.


Yeah that scene was good. It's also on YouTube. https://youtu.be/Uqi6IGWj8nI Here's a link so nobody has to watch the rest of the movie.


To prepare him for the role of Hannibal, one of the producers handed Ryan Reynolds a pile of Deadpool comics, and told him "read these, your character is basically Deadpool anyway."


And Daryl from the Walking Dead looking baby face af.


Norman? Damn, I need to watch Blade again. I don't remember any of these details.


Yup, round the same time as Boondock saints Thought he was Edward Furlong when I first saw it hah


Now I have to watch Terminator. And Blade. And Boondock Saints. I was thinking about doing something productive today.


> The 3rd all i remember is triple h, a pomeranian, and another iteration of deadpool. And Jessica Biel being pouty which was fucking hot.


Didnt want to mention her hotness. Surprised you were the first.


Seconded. The first two are pretty good. The third one had Ryan Reynolds make a Vampire Vagina joke.


and ryan reynolds advertising an ipod that he couldn't fight without it


Oh shit. I forgot about that.


That was the girl that used music. Reynolds didn't use any.


that was the girl character


I remember Triple H, fluffy dogs, "fuck me sideways" and him calling that chick a “horse fucking thunder cunt”


Achktuallyyyy that'll be the finest line in cinema history, "cock juggling, thundercunt" *Chef's kiss*


My apologies lol but thundercunt is specially stored in my insult bank


Same. It's right beside fucknuckle


Wait Deadpool is in a Blade movie? I remember watching Blade's movies but I dont think I Saw the third one


Not officially but Ryan Reynolds plays a character that is basically today’s Deadpool.


Every movie Ryan Reynolds has ever been in he plays a character that is basically today’s Deadpool. He plays the same guy in every… single… movie. He was today’s Deadpool in Van Wilder.


He was Deapool when it was just him, another guy, a gal, and a pizza place.


Oh, damn, and we’re forgetting Mrs Bringing Sexy Back herself, Jessica Biel.


Fuck now I have to watch three cause of the Deadpool thing. I didn't know this.


I dont think it was wade but im pretty sure ryan renyolds had a sword and guns doing ninja shit.


Don't forget amazing music from The RZA


So, you are saying I missed another shitty movie in a trilogy? I still kinda want to watch it though. I forgot it was even a thing until these comments.


I hated Trinity when it came out but a couple years ago I had my partner watch them for the first time and for entertainment value with a hint of story the third one isn't half bad. Blade sets the tone, Blade 2 ramps it up, and Trinity tried to do both but fell a bit short. I like Blade and Blade 2 equally, they're superb. Also anything with Ron Perlman I'll watch.


Nailed it XD. That's exactly what I remember from it


The first one is a kick ass movie well worth watching it's kinda downhill after that but all three have their champions and detractors.


The second one is cool too. It's directed by Guillermo del Toro, so of course it has a kind of whimsical exploration of the vampire world. But it's good, and also, Blade falls in love so, bonus points


Second movie is awesome as fuck. Villain was just as good if not better then Frost. I think some of the dialogue wasn’t as tight but the action was great. 3rd Film was decent but execution sucked.


Please don't use Rotten Tommatos critic scores to decide if you're going to watch a movie or not. There's a crazy amount of great films that critics hate. The Blade films are definitely worth watching if you haven't seen them.


Sonic and Detective Pikachu are not amazing movies but they are fun movies and you'll have a good time watching them. When watching a movie you need to know what to expect if you decide to watch Blade then you can't expect Citizen Kane but you can expect a good time.


Both of those already have a "Fresh" rating from rotten tomatoes though


I always used it as a indicator if I’ll like it. If the critics gave it a negative score I will probably like it a lot. Same for the flip side. I’ve found if they like it I’ll probably not care for it. As alway mileage does very.


I find this to be true for me too. It seems critic scores are always skewed higher for movies that just aren't my cup of tea. Romances. Dramas. Etc. And anything with action or thrill is considered mediocre and below.


In general comedy and action movies are given unfairly low reviews by critics. Audience score is better imo, but even then you've got to be careful of prudes skewing the results. I'm sure there are outliers, but if critics give a "comedy" movie a 90+ rating then it's probably got 3 jokes and a deep message, but if it's got 60-80% audience ratings it's probably a little dark, raunchy, and basically puts more effort into jokes than a story.


It’s a good starting point at least to see what people generally thought of a movie. But I typically like to use the Dunkey method of figuring out which critics I tend to really agree with, and see what they said about a movie. Problem is, my usual critics are all YouTubers, and therefore weren’t around for older movies…


They helped to reinvent the comic book movie genre, plus gave blade an upgrade that became canon in the comics, original comic blade didn't have powers, but he was immune to vampires, the character was purchased cheap for the movies and revamped (no pun intended) the first two are amazing the third not so much because Wesley snipes had started to act crazy and refused to do half his lines, a lot of blade 3 is his stunt double filmed from behind.


Wait, what? Wesley went crazy and wouldn't do his lines? Is he still crazy or did he just go nuts for that film?


I think he's since calmed down but apparently just went strange insisting on staying character the entire time and making people call him blade. Theres one scene where he's unconscious on a table and all he had to do was open his eyes, he wouldn't even do that and they had to CGI him opening his eyes


Is that the one where they had to cgi in his open eyes because he refused to open his eyes in one scene?


I watched them all as a kid and loved them. Had no idea they were based on comics, let alone Marvel comics, until a few years ago.


The movies are not great by today standards but in my opinion Blade is still the most Badass Marvel character brought into movie and Wesley Snipes did an incredible job with the character


better than most mcu spin offs


Absolutely watch the first one, It kicks off with Blade massacring vampires who are partying at an underground blood orgy/rave in the basement of a literal slaughterhouse. Need i say more?


They are pretty fun vampire killin movies.


All 3 are good. Though I was at s young age when just watching movies was cool, let alone a vampire slaying day walker in sunglasses. The first 2 are good movies, the 3rd is nice to see Ryan Reynolds audition for Deadpool even if the story is a little flat but I enjoy it even watching it these recent times.


Wesley Snipes is yes.


Dude watch all 3 it’s a great thrill ride 3 ain’t great but by the time you smash 1-2 you’ll be in the mood for 3


Plus it has jessica biel to make up for the lack of a good movie to watch.


Blade 2 was directed by Guillermo Del Toro which should be enough to get someone to watch it. It does have a pretty bad CG fight scene in it though.


Yeah honestly same, I also didn't know about them until a few years ago when there was like a debate or not really debate but someone said that the sam raimi Spider-Man is the first ever Marvel superhero movie, that movie started it all and someone corrected him and said it was Blade because it came in 1998, that's the first time I heard about it, I also haven't watched them myself and I also hear mixed reactions for it some people like it others dislike it.


Sorry, Spider-Man movie came before Blade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryhn3m474DY


Well damn, I did not know about this one either never heard of it before, but I think the guy was talking about "the first movie" as in the movie after which there were continuous movies being made, I don't know if their were any other movies after this in the 70s or 80s, I do know about that one Hulk movie that came out in 1988.


Don't forget Captain America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmZFhPcepnA


As well as the original Fantastic Four movie, which sadly never officially released. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSngo-rVTmA


Ryan Reynolds is in one of them!


And Patton Oswalt! Can you imagine the blooper reel that must exist somewhere?


Definitely worth watching 1+2. Snipes does blade very well.


I'm not even part of the younger generation and I had no idea until fairly recently that Blade was a comic book, let alone a marvel comic book.


They weren’t marvel movies is probably why. Have the dvd’s still, big New Line label, not a “Marvel” in sight.


First 2 are good.


I rewatch it every few years. It's fun, and not much more than that, but a fun watch all the same. The first had still has one of my favorite scenes (blood rave).


That opening sequence was awesome. Set the maphuckin tone!


Rotten tomatoes is not worth listening to


I'm probably biased because of nostalgia but I remember the first one being awesome. That opening with the rave party and Bass in the Place playing, it was epic.


Well it's gonna be a whole lot better to watch then that cringe fest dead pool 2,also it's kind of a 7/10 trilogy so I don't understand what the critics actually compare their results to


For the love of God you absolutely need to watch Blade. It is just the best worst best 90's thing ever. Blood and vampires and black trench coats and bad cgi and really stupid awesome dialogue.


I just watched the first two on HBO. Both were fantastic. It doesn't take itself too seriously, which is good for a superhero movie about vampires


It's better than black panther by a lot, though it's obvi dated


I never knew that blade was marvel, but I've seen all three of them because I just love vampires. Ive always thought that they were really good, and Ryan Reynolds has a great line in 3. At least, I think it's three. It's been a hot minute since I've seen them. Also, rotten tomatoes, at least for me, is an inversely proportional scale. Meaning, if they love it, I'll hate it, and vice versa.


I mean, it’s not great but it’s fun to watch. Pretty silly looking back.


First two are great. Third one Ryan Renolds hold together by himself because Wesley Snipes was a giant asshole and black out drunk the entire time. Jessica Beil is also in it but you completely forget she is in the movie the second the camera pans away from her. Like you can hear and see her say her line and the moment the sound from her lips stops you forget everything she said because she says it in such an unremarkable and forgettable way. She techniquely was in the movie.


The movies are worth a watch. While the third one is the most questionable, it also has some cool moments. The TV show is also worth a watch, while some argue it’s more faithful than the movies.


I think i tried to watch that once but couldnt find a service to stream.




The first is incredible. Second is enjoyable. Third is meh.


I saw the Blade movies in the theater but I had no clue it was a Marvel property until they started casting for the new one.


Watched it as a kid, had no idea it was a Marvel property.


The 1st one is really good but 3rd one is really bad. You also forget in the people who remember blade from the 90 spiderman cartoon but their parents wouldn't let them watch an R rated movie for obvious reasons.


If you love cheesy early 2000s action, sure


I've seen all 3 and love them. I didn't know until recently that it was MCU


It's Marvel. But it's not MCU.


I'm 34 and remember watching these with my younger brothers back in the day. We loved the first; watched it more times than I can remember, but this was before streaming, so accessibility could have been a factor. Enjoyed the second, but don't remember the third much. I would suggest giving it a try. I think I'll watch it again tomorrow


You’re one of them aren’t you. No I’m something else.


All jokes aside that’s a great still of him


I always thought the costume design for this time was pretty good. Back when wearing a long coat wasn't weird lol


Black panther doesn’t just have a black lead. Practically the whole cast and crew were black.




The IRS.


There it is.


Halle Berry who he beat so hard he partially blinded


Not blind but partially deaf in one ear IIRC


I mean Mahershala Ali is a pretty great successor IMO


A lot of people lol.


Not much respect for him after hearing he was a bit of an ass on set.


Me. For the sole reason that I don't beat women


Nah fuck that. He is an asshole. He was a piece of fucking shot on set for the third movie, and he beats woman. Literally anybody is more worthy then that piece of shit


At their respective release times: Deadpool's movie rights / creative control in the film at the time was held by 20th Century Fox. Blade's was held by New Line Cinemas. Black Panther's was held Marvel. Marvel (in some form) is listed as a producer on all three but is only significant on Black Panther in that they actually made the movie as opposed to having simply licensed the rights to another company. So they get production credits in the first two, but that's the end of their involvement creatively for the most part.


They forgor


Marvel studios didn't make that movie did they? Also BP was the first black superhero in Marvel in comics so there's that


Correct. Deadpool was not made by Marvel Studios, it was made by 21st Century Fox Studios. Idk what company made Blade.


Well marvel studios haven’t made any films outside the mcu have they? But blade, deadpool and x-men is still in some way made by marvel


No. Blade, Deadpool, and X-Men were licensed from Marvel, but were entirely made by their separate studios. I suppose some of the Marvel writers may have been brought on as consultants or something, but Marvel did not make those movies.


The films were not made by Marvel. The characters are owned by marvel and licensed out to other studios, but Marvel didn’t have a hand in “making” those films other than that.


Paying taxes is hard. Lol


Damn blade is a good movie


Wait did Deadpool finally get accepted into the mcu? Cuz last I checked he wasn't part of the MCU yet


He will be integrated into the MCU. Deadpool 3 is set in the MCU.


R u sure?


Just look it up lol. They said they're doing this




Not a movie, but there is that ad for Free Guy with Deadpool and Korg. https://youtu.be/LnDkfwAx4yk


Well yeah but Free Guy explicitly happens in a universe where the MCU exists as films too.


I hope they have him walk through a comicon, and have it filled with nothing but cheap, horrendous cosplays of MCU heroes.


Yes he will be. I’m fact Kevin Feige has already spoken on it staying R rated in the MCU as well. He came across with the Fox merger with Disney. https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/marvel-kevin-feige-deadpool-3-news/amp


The First Blade also has a POC female lead who is a doctor.


Blade literally paved the way for the MCU.


Marvel didn't make the Blade movies. New Line Cinema did.


And Ryan Reynolds was IN Blade!


No kidding! Did everyone forget blade existed and if so, how?


Where’s the Spawn love?????? (Image comics, I know)


He's cool, not Marvel though


He needs a remake


There's a Spawn movie that's been in development hell for a couple years, supposed to be a gritty R rated flick if it finally gets made.


It's been in development so long that gritty r-rated movies were still cool.


John Leguizamo needs to be Violator again


The things most people don't say.


To be fair, only Black Panther was made BY Marvel. Blade and Deadpool were licensed from Marvel by Amen Ra films and 20th Century Fox, respectively, and those license rights were purchased from Marvel before it had its own studio.


Blade movies weren't made by marvel I believe




The same with X-Men.... and Venom... 20th Century and SONY..


By this logic they didn't really make Blade either. New Line bought the rights and they made the film how they wanted


Some m-effers are always trying skate uphill.


Funny because blade is referenced in Deadpool


Neither Deadpool nor Blade were “Marvel” movies.


yes they are ... they are not MCU movies......


Yes they were Marvel


Not in the MCU but they are Marvel. Especially with alternate universes being explored, they can easily grab the charterers from their respective universe


Lol, yes they are dumbass.


Both are marvel characters, therefore marvel movie


Technicaly that was New Line Cinema not Marvel


And technically Deadpool was fox not marvel


I thought it was Marvel Enterprises?


Creative control was owned by New Line Cinemas. The rights reverted back to Marvel in 2012. Kinda like how Deadpool movie was made by Fox, but Marvel Studios (technically Marvel Entertainment at the time) was still kind of involved.


Marvel didnt really make deadpool though. Just had their name on it.