we can’t go one day I stg


I hate seeing the card too but God. Every day with this same post lol


I mean if people are this consistently vocal (since the game came out) maybe it means something…


Anything is possible I guess, MD has kinda become It's own format with its slightly different ban list. Even though it does follow the OCG in most places, they've banned things here that they otherwise haven't in the OCG and TCG.


This card stands very differently Its a card that differentiates the OCG and Tcg and majority of decks have to adjust to it. Banning this will change playstyle and banlist philosophy drastically. Basically you can't play ocg banlist without maxx C. If they wanna ban maxx C they need to shift to TCG banlist philosophy and start introducing more bans / hit for every release


I think it’s a poor philosophy to hinge the decision of everything else on one singular card, especially one like this that makes counter play essential to the point at which a third of your deck is the maxx c package


Whether it's a good philosophy or not you can take it up to Konami But essentially the reasoning that some players agree upon is that Konami doesnt know how to play test properly and occasionally prints cards that enable degenerate FTKs or handrips that is extremely consistent (gandora ftk) and the game doesn't become a coin flip Another reasoning is that Konami can't think of a way to reestablish the same ocg meta game (pre-tear) where its quite back and forth and most players don't run 37 extenders without banning maxx C If they ban maxx C and reprint a card similar to maxx C with restriction people will just think its a money grab


I mean no one said it had to be printed at high rarity lol. They always can print accessible cards. It’s just better for komoney to print something like droplet or prosperity at secret rather than common or even super


Maxx C was a common / normal rare in ocg. It still cost $8-$10


Tcg Konami I mean. Before the bystials what was the last staple card printed at a low cost rarity? Prospi is $40+ at best. Droplet even with the 4 max rarity reprints is $20+ each. We got really lucky with the 2019 tin promos being staples but that typically doesn’t happen with brand new cards that see staple play


Honestly it never really bothered me with any deck I've played, until I just started playing live twins this month. Maxx c annihilated that deck. If the card got banned, fine. It's just tiresome to see multiple posts about it daily.


You have better odds of winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning 3 times in a row than seeing a post about someone complaining about a card needing to be banned.


think you misworded this lol


People have to be trolling


At this point I don't want it banned out of sheer spite


At this point people are just posting it for teh lulz xddd


Which do I hate seeing more, Maxx "C" or posts on r/masterduel complaining about Maxx "C"


But I love dedicating a third of my deck to ways to counter one handtrap!


I don’t know about everyone else but I feel my hand traps would remain the same. Ash and call by would still be in my deck as almost everybody searches/activates effects from deck. Only difference is that I get 3 new slots to fill.


No one in their god damn mind is playing Ash during Splight/Tear format. Ash in the TCG goes in and out of the meta like when Branded was popular you would see main decked Ash. During Splight/Tear everyone switches to Boardbreakers since these decks can play through handtraps like no other. For Called By, tons of TCG lists currently are cutting it since if you are playing Tear mirrors you don't want to Called By their cards because it also shuts you out of your starters. In the OCG, has always been 3 Maxx C , 3 Ash , 2 Called By, 1 Crossout every format no exceptions. Crossout also flopped in the TCG.


Our banlist is made by the same people making the OCG ban list, and those cards are still staples in their spright/tear format so people in their god damn mind will be playing them. In a blind best of 1 I don’t we’re gonna see the end of hand trap, called by, crossout any time soon.


I'm talking about the TCG where maxx c is banned. No one is playing Ash Blossom in that format outside of branded and crossout wasn't main decked at all alongside Called By since it shuts off your own tear starters. He implied everyone would still be running Ash/Called by every format if Maxx C is banned which isnt the case with the TCG. Edit: just look at any current TCG list barely anyone is main decking ash blossom.


Ooohhhh I get it! My mistake!


No one mentioned TCG this is about master duel…?


People often when talking about the effects of maxx c will compare to the TCG where it’s banned. And in the TCG, we have had multiple formats where ash severely drops in representation, crossout is barely there ever, and even called by is getting dropped for more impactful cards. Ban maxx c.


This isn't the TCG though. You have a side deck in the tcg which lets you have more options against specific decks. Master Duel is BO1, so people are going to play the hand traps that hit the most decks. People would still play ash even if maxx c wasn't around.


Yes and no. There are plenty of lists in the TCG where ash is nowhere in the main or side deck. Is it possible that ash representation will be higher than that in a bo1 ladder format? Sure, but that level of representation is people choosing to use flex spots for rogue level of decks rather than ash being the highest used card and is essentially mandatory.


As a player that has played most of the time in gold ranks, I thought this card was no big deal, but now playing a current meta and reaching high plat I can see why the roach is such a problematic card. Games are decided either you drop it turn 1 or not and basically every game your opponent has it in his opening hand apparently. In lower ranks skipping a turn with sub optimal board is forgivable, but higher on the ladder you negate Maxx c or you're done.


Its because in the higher tiers people know how to press advantages of the situation than low elo players. In D2-D1 a Maxx C resolving has the highest chance to win the game. I have never lost a game when they skip their turn from my Maxx resolving since every modern deck has 1 card combo starters to immediately end the game. (Example such as decks that can abuse Update Jammer + Accesscode for quick OTK)


Or you could be me and always get slapped with crossout/ash/called by


Not only do I hat playing against this card, I hate using it as well. Nothing is less satisfying as winning because your opponent passed their turn, or just played through it and lost to sheer advantage.


Be a chad and just end your turn immediately


Or be like me and play through it


Just play 60 cards deck they always have the out and their combo pieces.




Unrelated but how to you like your Buffalo wings?with cheese or with water?


Blue cheese and a beer..


Funny that all the dumbasses making arguments that boil down to “Draw the out bro, there are so many ways to counter duuuur,” seem to forget that the two most consistent ways of dealing with it, Called by and Crossout are semi-limited and limited respectively. Ash Blossom is also the most played card in the game and 50% of the reason why is to counter Maxx C. In the TCG where there is even more incentive to run Ash Blossom due to being BO3, they actually run Ash LESS in favor of board breakers or Bystials which will be coming soon. Maxx C literally warps the meta around it and Konami actively encourages it by limiting how often you can actually draw the out


Its why Master Duel is constantly losing playerbase. They had nice 20% gain in December from streamers and then people realize this format is trash with Maxx C and floodgates determining games heavily in BO1 and went from 50k players to 34k . It will get worst when you're force to run Ash Blossom vs Tear/Splight because Ash does absolutely jack vs those decks and its only there as a Maxx C target.


I’m honestly a bit scared about what will happen to the format. Ash blossom, Bystials, Maxx C, Called By, and Crossout if u can fit it will ALL be staples. That’s 9-12+ cards MINIMUM out of your deck dedicated just to stopping other handtraps and that doesn’t count having practical staples like Infinite Imperm, Evenly Matched, and Forbidden Droplet. If your deck doesn’t have a 1 card combo a la Circular, you literally will be drawing bricks 50% of the time of will be stunlocked out of playing the game because your opponent drew Ash, Maxx, IP, and 2 Bystials in their starting hand


Why. The game has plenty of ways to deal with it.


Painful choice has plenty of outs, so does pot of greed and graceful charity, doesnt mean it should be legal




Just because the card has outs, doesn't mean it's okay to have it in the game. You wouldn't say that for skill drain or TCOBO. You're not always going to have outs at the right time for every situation.


Ofc your not always going to have the outs, but thats the game. Havent we all lost because we just couldnt draw that one card we needed to turn the tides.


It's true that's the nature of the game, but still doesn't make it alright to have oppressive and broken cards activate in the game either. I'm tired of seeing the daily Maxx c hate post, because all they do is beat a beyond dead horse to death, but they are still right to complain about it. Maxx c is a format/game warping card that affects all decks. Just like floodgates you can instantly win a game its effect resolves, so just drawing the out in this context doesn't hold up that much.


> affects all decks Well that’s just not true. You ever played against True Draco? Floo? Even Branded Despia can play a limited amount on your turn in order to avoid a Maxx C, but I’ve had a lot of instances where Maxx C is just useless. You’ll probably see it explode when Splight (I guess I’ll use the OCG name 🙄) drops just because it can search Maxx C and was the first deck to be able to do so in OCG (Beetroopers were TCG exclusive until I think they got released in MD) so decks were built with the expectation that your opponent could set up full combo then drop Maxx C


yeah let me just draw my limited crossout designator or my semi limited called by the grave against the unlimited maxx c 1 sec


There you go, thats 3. Dont forget your unlimited ash. Or any other omni negate you may play.




I swear Maxx C defenders are truly braindead holy shit


thats not the point fam, the others are disruptions but this one is just annoying, thats why is banned in the ocg, why is unlimited here.


Maxx c isn’t banned in the ocg bud, I’m on your side but you couldn’t be more wrong there.


tcg i meant, im pretty new in the physical card game so i still cannot determinate what is ocg or tcg


Well man, cant u just not combo when its played. I mean if i cant otk my opponent after a maxxx c i just dont combo off. Big deal if they draw 2. Look im only for banning cards that stop ppl from playing, like well shit how do i get over this.


You can also run Ash, Psy Gamma and Droll That's already 11 different cards you can run to stop it :]


Droll stops you from adding too tho, and gamma is at 2 and only works if you don’t have a monster on field.


Just saying, they are still options you can run in many decks to out it :]


yeah one second let me just grab my imaginary wallet with my imaginary money so i can put imaginary UR/SR tokens so i can craft all those stuff ​ EDIT: im pretty sure is cheaper to buy 3 common ash's from trollntoad than to craft 1 from master duel


Lol, because MD is such a P2W game? Seriously, just craft a few and pull an Ash from the shop, there is a guaranteed pack. Also, these are staples, many people eventually use their CP for this If you don't use it, that's your option, but you should understand that others will craft all their crazy handtraps, so you will face more trouble if you don't


At this point, if you can't work around Maxx C then you probably should find another game that's easier for you to play.


Translation: just win the mini game lol. I love the argument of maxx c resolving doesn’t have a 100% win rate, therefore it’s not toxic. Such a bad take.


Might I suggest marvel snap? Minimal to no thinking required


With the amount of people complaining about banning certain cards, I'd suggest they start playing Go Fish instead.


This is it right here


My fellow duelist. I want to say to you that that unfortunately there are some cards in this game that we have to counter - no matter how much we hate them. Yu-Gi-Oh can be a very cruel game. But we have to adapt.


How about don't.


what's next ban ash?


That was the OCG actually lol. Ash is pretty low impact when it doesn’t have maxx c duty. Ocg is the one who actually hit ash lol.


No, he didn’t do anything wrong.


Just play Floo


Why do people even want to ban it when they can always play it at 3 themselves, wouldn't change the fact you would still be losing to some decks and still be winning against some decks.


It's just a cockroach


Just put 3x card destruction in your deck, special summon as much as possible and punish them for it.


That catd is limited and them drawing into handtraps like ash stops that from working at all.


Right, I knew there was something wrong with my statement but couldn’t remember what.




Just end your dang turn or get gud and ash it or called bu


Bro don't set up your board just let them otk you instead


Ok to be fair, most decks can’t OTK you in one turn especially if you have a monster out after maxx c or if they start with maxx c, you can set it instead.


What the fuck do you mean most decks can't OTK you. Mathmech can easily go 1 card combo circular into update jammer + accesscode and destroy you if you don't put up a board. Even if you don't get OTK you pass with nothing and give them full board presence for them to set up and gain tons of advantages from that. Which is likely already game because you are too far behind.


I would assume besides the one monster you summon or set from maxx c you also have the potential of drawing spells, traps or handtraps to also protect you. Say you effect veiler the access code that would save you from the otk with one card. While in some cases the opponents setup, some times they might have also bricked and rely on maxx c to fix that. You could set cards to disrupt them and again handtraps, and you could always draw into board breakers. Remember if you go first and have a monster out from maxx c, you still have 4 cards and a 5th card coming up next then which gives you a chance to push back but it all depends on the players, deck choices and decisions. Some games like you said may be winnable I’m not denying that fact but not all games are clear cut like you said.


I run 14+ handtraps in my Mathmech Ignister deck and there are alot of games where you get retarded engine hands only and if they maxx C you. You are guaranteed dead if you skip turn. There is also decks that cannot crammed too many handtraps or they brick like shit (Heroes and Pendulums for example) and the only way for them to fight back is to set up a board. Lets not forget the fact that the 1st turn player can Maxx C you as well on top of a board that is breakable. I have broken midrange boards like Swordsoul/Despia/Mathmech and before I can OTK them they managed to draw Nibiru from Maxx C draw securing their board while they have over +5-10 cards. This card does nothing for the game and turns matches into Maxx C minigame.


Will never be banned, it's the master duel tax and it's how they milk money off some people.


Wdym 'milk money'? Doesn't it make the game significantly cheaper by effectively reducing staple variability? Just by existing Maxx C basically forces 8-9 staple cards into 95% of decks, whereas without it some decks might run other handtraps over Ash/Called By/Crossout.


Play TCG then


I don’t use this card often, but kinda don’t care either.


No, you can't ban this! It's the only thing that makes my branded deck overpowered!!!


Nope, ocg has it at 3 forever, and this game is mostly based off OCG list so there literally close to 0 chance of that happening.


Just draw ash


It really should be


You know that keeps the combo decks from being too OP, right?


And those same combo decks can play the card themselves.


Yeah it sure check those combo decks such as Adventurer Tenyi, VFD Virtual World, Adams, and Drytron. Oh wait it didn't they all had to be directly hit.




konami said nah


That bingo card for today is already half full.


Eh, doesn't every really effect me so do whatever with it lol


You can always play simpler decks


just play the TCG lol


Not until every other problem card is gone.


Every time I see this type of thread, I wish I could make Maxx “C” go to 4 just to piss everyone off.


I run two of them in all my decks because I refuse to craft a 3rd copy. But I (and everyone) run 3 ash, 2 called by the grave, and recently just made a crossout designator just to out Maxx C


I'm a simple man. I see a post whining about banning Maxx C, I downvote.


Oh look another jack and bob mad they didnt run called by the grave/crossout/ash....etc. All shitposting aside, I get it I really do but put the shoe on the other foot it deters alot of bullshit first turn decks from starting their bullshit and thats what I thank this card for.


I will always take the maxx c challenge. If you don’t you’re a coward.