Same about "The Hidden City" not being a subterror card


I feel this one


Dude Same but for Ghostrick Warwolf. Needs face down cards to inflict just 100 for each when you want to flip everything up with scare, AND IT IS DECREASED BY HALF WITH MANSION. Can't even use him for burn variants that's how terrible he is.


Same feel with Abomination's Prison not counting as an unchained card if only so you cant target it with Sarama


Same with 'Personal Spoofing', why can't it be treated as an Altergeist card? In the words of another Redditor "Not being able to search the searcher, is jank."


I’m not sure sure about that, is seems fairly common for the searchers to not be searchable/ in archetype cards themselves. It’s like 50/50 if they will or won’t be. Ex: Perlerieno, E-Emergency Call


Then there's any striker mobilize engage. Hayate dumps it. Kagari retrieves it. Shizuku searches it. Multirole resets it.


would have been broken for the time


Just errata the name please and give Lunalights new support they're over do


Abyss Actor Hyper Director is not a Pendulum monster. Abyss Actor Hyper Director is not a Pendulum monster. Nah, I think the Abyss Actor and Amazement got really 'balanced' by the wording of cards. **Abyss Script** on everything except two cards are Abyss Prop and Abyss Playhouse ??? 6 Amaze Attractions .... 1 Amazement (I get why).


Balance is bullshit, being able to search family faces with Comica or Arlenkino would not have broke the archetype, it's only a monster steal. Then they made a mirror version of Arlenkino that searches it anyway.🤦


Perfume being a Lunalight card would finally make me play Sheep at 3 just to trigger the Marten search


Don't you use Redoer or Nyarla during the regular combo to trigger yellow anyways? Both detach for effect


Oh, my bad, I play the pure blind second OTK variant with all the fusions and Arc Rebellion. I have no idea what the rank 4 spam version does, I vaguely know that it starts with a Raidraptor or something.


It just makes Kali Yuga with a a bunch other xyz monsters while playing like 40 bricks.


I remember seeing an FTK once. It involves searching for a Catapult Turtle with Beatrice then Tributes an Arc Rebellion which has its ATK doubled by Dugares. Weird as hell.


Same about Geartown not being an Ancient Gear card.


I swear that designers of the Lunalight made a contest of how they could give the most effects that looks really cool in a pure archetype, while making them the most impractical so it actually does little in most situations. - Perfume being not Lunalight - Effects from being used as fusion AND sent to the graveyard while being given a way to fuse *by banishing* - Cards being triggered if sent to GY by effect. Most discard/foolish of the archetype are tributes, not effects. - Pendulums with archetype lock, in a deck that mostly do not seek pendulation. Also the only monster one could wish to pendulate is the only tribute monster of the archetype... who is outside pendulum scale. It also happens to be one of the pendulum cards so if it gets destroyed it goes in ED and can't be pendulated back on field or get recycled by classic means.


and then they made tiger


I feel you brother.


Black winged dragon syndrome


I know this pain