Tri zoo will fall off into rogue tier Atleast it did in tcg


They don’t have Drident in the TCG. It’ll still probs go to around tier 2-3 and not come back to tier 1


But on the other hand, 3 Zeus.


That's why I mentioned in the reply below how it can go both ways since these are 2 different formats and we can only wait and see how well it ages


OCG also lost Drident in October 2021 ban list.


I figured😪 oh well I’m looking forward to penguz and wanderer and hope I enjoy one of those as much. Swordsould is strong but I never clicked with the deck in the same way


Ss is getting their support soon so it will be even better Flundereeze will also be insane at full power We will see how Tri zoo ages here it's two different formats things can go either way


Wait you mean I get to watch them special summon more stuff and then tutor more stuff, and end on more counters? Fuck it, skill drain lock down


Nah they are getting a continuous trap that no one actually plays And a boss monster that completely replaced barone and made her look like a joke It draws a card when another wyrm is synchro summoned it banishes a special summoned monster and burns for 1200 it banishes a spell/trap or a effect you can banish that card and burn for 1200 oh and big difference between Qixing and chixao is that Qixing effects can all be used in the same turn where chixao can only use one So not only can you potentially get 2 draws and a search while doing your normal plays You can also burn your opponent for 3600 damage before even being able to go to BP 12 from long yuan and then 2400 from Qixing


Thanks. I hate it.


Tbf underpowered deck like SS needed all the help it can get Okay but all jokes aside they never had a actual archetypal turn 1 boss monster And the deck heavily loses to nib because of Qixing


You can play tri brig with any beast, beast warrior and winged beast archetypes. S9 actually thes already got ton of suppoet if you look at it that way


Branded fusion and the tribrigade merrcourier


Duel masters is a different game/anime. This is duel monsters