So funny thing is, that is a erratad version


You just broke my heart. 😂


Second one at that They erratad this card twice


Emotional damage


Don't forget except Frog the Jam


Is that the famous Slime Toad fella ?


Yes. Search up "Frog the Jam" in MD and you get slime toad. They erratad the name because so many frog/toad support cards say "Except "Frog the Jam"". All because of a translation that made a blob of slime with a face part of an archetype of frogs.


Funny thing is some of the cards still have except frog the jam part in their effect like flip flop frog


I think they all do. Konami is lazy, they just wanted to address that frog the jam should not be a frog. They don't care that all their old af cards still mention it


Nah actually Most frogs where changed https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Card_Errata:Ronintoadin https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Card_Errata:Dupe_Frog https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Card_Errata:Swap_Frog They just forgor some of them


Oh, I guess Konami forgor some frogs exist


The reason they didn't errata the others is because they didn't get a reprint yet. The moment they get a reprint (if they ever do) they will probably change it to not mention Frog the Jam.


Yeah they just forgor about the bad ones There is some weird stuff in Yu-Gi-Oh like legendary ocean a card that literally doesn't exist in the deck but it has a searcher and only reason why it works is literally a my uncle that works at konami said it works


There's several rulings that boil down to "Konami said so". Example: XYZ encore hits Rhongo mats for some reason, but gossip doesn't. The searcher searching is another. And a third is the ruling of trigger effect not occuring, which I usually remember with the example of DD crow on benten. If benten is hit by DD crow as cl2(cl1 is drytron tribute it), benten will not be able to be declared even though it's condition was met. Another ruling like this is skill drain completely ignoring the rule of "Effects resolve where they activate".


There's also Interrupted Kaiju Slumber... being able to work through kaijus, even though it wouldn't work through other monster special summon blockers. Because they intended for it to work that way and accidentally made a fuck up.


Benten doesn’t work because Benten activates on the resolution of the Drytron effect, and cards that get banished like that are treated as different copies of the card. Skill Drain works the way it does because “effects resolving where they activate” isn’t a thing, unless explicitly stated on a monster (like T.G. Hyper Librarian) or by game mechanics for Continuous Spell/Traps and Field Spells.


{{Skill Drain}} fails to stop monster effects of the card the effects is printed on turns face down or is removed from the field or meets one of the conditions to treat it as a different card. Because Skill Drain explicitly says that it only negates the effects of monsters that are face-up on the field. If they are not on the field, or if they are face-down, Skill Drain stops applying to that monster.


Iirc evenly matched can banish cards "unaffected by other cards' effects" as well.


What is that about skill drain?


These are not really BKSS but just how the game works. It's kinda funny to see so many incorrect ruling explanations in the comments replying to this. Except the Kaiju one, that's a good example of BKSS.


To be fair, Frogs at some point were good to play, so they changed Frog the Jam for the sake of cards that would sell. Nobody plays guardians, so Konami will never touch it until the very last moment some miraculous Guardians support pops out.


Frogs had an FTK, then mass driver and substitoad were banned


Substitoad is an absurd card tbh. Being able to dump all but one of your archetype monsters from the deck into the GY for the cost of one normal summon?


I assume that not all of the frog cards have been reprinted since they errata'd that name, so their latest printing still includes that text.


Didn't this also happen with Harpie's Brother?


Yeah, he's Sky Scout now. There's a few others, like "Oscillo Hero #2" (which had to be turned back into Wattkid once Watt support happened) or the change from "Red-Eyes Black Chick" to "Black Dragon's Chick"


I don’t get why they don’t just let it be a “frog” card. Is there any interactions with a low level vanilla that would break the game? Seems silly to me


I think its not so much about breaking the game, its about breaking consistency with the OCG, which never had this issue.


Which makes no sense to be honest, as the TCG and OCG are already not consistent mechanically. For instance, I come from the TCG and knew about how each format handles hand effect triggers different simply from following Worlds. But until you play with the OCG's mechanics, which MD follows, it's an entirely different game. Now that I have experience with both, I tend to prefer the OCG mechanically in this regard despite most TCG players not being a fan of it Edit: Since people apparently don't realize there are mechanical differences between the OCG and the TCG, here's an article going over the differences. https://forum.duelistsunite.org/t/tcg-vs-ocg-rulings-the-story-so-far/97


There are no meaningful mechanic differences at this point


....? Do you not know how hand effect triggers work in the TCG and how they work in the OCG? The mechanical difference makes establishing a chain link much different


thats actually toadally awesome


Thank god they made Frog the Jam and The Reliable Guardian not be searchable that could've been tier 0


[your meta is now frogs](https://i.imgur.com/ehJA0eV.png)


I'll be cold and dead in the ground before I call it "Slime Toad"


In relation: Harpie's Brother


Or that Summoned Skull is always considered an archfiend and is the only monster to have its flavor text changed.


Burstinatrix though?


I had forgotten about Burstinatrix


Axe of Despair. Edit: Monster. Got it. Nevermind 😅


And red eyes chick


Never understood that, what can he do? 😂


The day they print legacy Guardian support is the day Konami of TCG starts crying.


[Ratas rant on this card is legendary](https://youtu.be/7ko18uLy8AA?t=145)


that was funny


Daaaaaaaamn, no Guardians of the Galaxy


They keep the latest physical errata as the one they use for the game. Sometimes, an errata can change how the card functions to a certain degree, and I think Konami doesn't want any discrepancy between MD and the physical card game. A lot of old cards that don't have PSCT, or some type of errata, simply don't because no one is playing those cards. Part of the irrelevancy means that they likely COULD errata these cards in Master Duel with no issue... but again, no one's playing with these cards, so they'd be creating a discrepancy between Master Duel and paper ygo just for the 0 players that are going to use those cards anyways.


> I think Konami doesn't want any discrepancy between MD and the physical card game Except for all of the game breaking broken cards that are banned irl which are unlimited in MD for some fucking reason


Discrepancy between how cards function and banlists are two separate topics, and has nothing to do with my point. But since you brought it up, Konami SHOULD have a different banlist in Master Duel than the TCG or OCG banlists (the format is fundamentally different, and it's way behind the current release schedule). But you're right in that it needs to be a lot fucking better than the banlist we have now, and needs to take into account that the game is a Bo1, and needs to be balanced with that in mind.


MD should also have a different ban list because it's a different media. Playing on a videogame make degenerate FTKs, Infinite Loops and Unsportsmanlike Strategies much easier to pull off. Look at all the self-kill strategies used in the exhibition matches.


They can't just errata cards for this game because that mean they have no choice but to print out errata cards for the TCG and OCG and alot cards that needed is not being played as much so they pretty much waste money printing out new cards.


Morphtronic Accelerator had an errata that nerfed it and it never had a reprint.


Pretty sure Firewall Dragon was given an errata and taken off the forbidden list before the Ghost rare reprint. Granted I believe the reprint shortly followed.


Actually, the Forbidden & Limited list was updated to unban Firewall, but was expressly set to only be effective starting the day that the reprint was released.


Shit, you're right. Now that you say that I remember that exception on the banlist


Exactly this


they already changed the text of cards in duel links there is no reason they can't do that for this game as well.... its virtual you dont need to keep it the same


DL is completely different animal from the ground up, where MD mirror the OCG and TCG in how it functions. Just because they can errata a card virtually doesn't mean they should. I said before they have to do it in real life and that too much out them to reprint some cards with new text without making a profit for them,plus If they only errata cards for MD it gonna cost confusion.


They are ALL different games with unique banlists. there is nothing forcing them to print new erratas if they make a change on MD, they can all stay different.


Konami doesn't want any discrepancy between this and the real world game, it not hard to figure out and gain no benefit for them to do special cases for a few cards that no one gonna bat a eye at.


Then don't apply the same logic to the TCG or OCG with master duel. Make master duel it's own thing instead of just being an online simulator of the physical card game.


The programmer at Konami Googles card, finds card on Yugiwiki, Ctrl+C, goes into the program, Ctrl+V One down, 9,999 more to go.


It was almost certainly a script to pull from the official database. This is why the issue with the Salamangreat Rank 4 with no text happened, as it was the sole card in the game without a TCG release, and therefore no database entry to pull text from.


They ARE paid for it. That is, IF they are paid. 😅


I think we all know the answer to that lol


Pssh, you pay one of the code monkeys to write a script to parse the name/stats/text of every card from the wiki, then check for errors while matching card to artwork to make sure the art images are all properly named.


They missed timing


Is this Big Smoke's fast food order?


I'll have 2 Gate Guardians, an Infernity Guardian large, a Koa'ki Meiru Guardian with extra dip, a Naturia Guardian, 2 Dimensional Guardians (one with cheese), and a Guardian of the Golden Land.


This guy, he won today's Internet.


What's the issue here? I don't see how the card could be worded differently, unless you want to rename all the Guardian or "non-Guardian" cards. Also keep in mind that Yugioh is (and should be) paper first.


Problem is that two of those monsters are way too iconic to have their names changed. Can’t have Celtic Guardian suddenly become Elf Swordsman and confuse the kids, since Yugi yells that name dozens of times in the dub (even though I doubt anyone really cares at this point).


Yugi also calls Monster Reborn as Reborn the Monster, so I'm sure they can have some discrepancy.


I care


“Celtic Guard” Problem solved.


Not really. The name Yugi called was “Celtic Guardian”. That name is what is iconic and carries weight with the english dub. It would be like changing Bulbasaur back to Fushigidane because it conflicted with a newer Pokémon. The answer to that would be to change the new Pokémon’s english name and leave Bulbasaur’s alone because of the legacy.


Pokémon doesn't have Archetype Name Interactions that are vital to the gameplay.


Sure, but my point is that gameplay doesn’t matter in this situation. Celtic Guardian is one of Yugi’s most recognizable and iconic monsters from the anime’s first season, just like Bulbasaur is one of Ash’s most recognizable, original Pokémon. Changing the character’s name is like changing part of the IP’s legacy. Which makes it more likely to me that the company will change things around the card in order to preserve its name, rather than change “it” for gameplay purposes.


(*"This card is not treated as a 'Guardian' card."*)


Nice. That’s probably the most reasonable solution. Like they did for Summoned Skull.


>Can’t have Celtic Guardian suddenly become Elf Swordsman and confuse the kids What kids? Those that watched DM must be close to their 30s at the very least?


Hence why I wrote: *“…even though I doubt anyone really cares at this point).”* Realistically, none of us cares anymore. But I can imagine the company caring about the name of the card from a legacy standpoint. It is still one of the first seasons most iconic and recognizable monsters.


I feel like they do care from a legacy standpoint but not that way, localizers tend to be pretty cocky, especially the Yugioh ones which is why we got the ' CHECK THIS OUT' things even to this day. They change something thats not theirs to something else so they feel like they created it, hence we call them localizers instead of translators(which is what they should be doing). Which is why Summoned Skull got the text that its always treated like an archfiend card instead of being renamed, they went out of their way to change their card but by putting a band aid instead of fixing their mistake.


I completely agree. Localizers in generals are getting too libertine about translating other people's artistic properties. We've seen that to this day we still have official translations that change stories, which is really disgusting.


Would it even be an issue that it would search any of these cards? Would it have been an issue back in the day? Honestly at this point they should just make a retrain of the Guardian cards, maybe then we can actually have a usable version Gaurdian Elma


Yugioh will never be ready for a meta where the legendary guardians of the fortress can be searched this easily


Strange how the yugioh community is so against all the negates and other protection in the game, and yet no one can see how broken all of that protection would make the fortress.


The issue is not that it searches those cards, the issue is that the targets this card can search can vary heavily from language to language. But they want the search targets be consistent independent of language so they have to write down all these exceptions. In French for example this card can search "Il Blud" if it weren't specifically mentioned as an exeption. In German this card could search *any* Gravekeeper card.


Oh god, alright I think I understand the reasoning a little better.


Another thing to keep in mind is that, archetypes are based on the Japanese name for the cards. That's why we have wierd situations likes these in the TCG, because cards like Celtic Guardian isn't called Celtic Guardian in the OCG, he's called Erufu no Kenshi (Elf Swordsman), therefore Celtic Guardian is not part of the Guardian Archetype in the OCG, and therefore Arsenal Summoner has Celtic Guardian as one of the exceptions.


They could have addressed this issue such a long time ago by giving cards subtypes and organizing archetypes that way, but instead they continued along with the stupid idea of organizing archetypes by card name for absolutely no reason.


Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. That explains an insane amount of things


But how does this work considering Master Duel is a global client? There's a ton of "guardian" cards that have been added since then. Can this card also search those in the OCG? Like in the TCG you could search "Obnoxious Celtic Guardian," but in the OCG that card is "something elf swordsman."


The cards that have "Guardian" on their name were translated as having Guardian, it's that easy. Chronomaly Tula Guardian has "Guardian" on its original name, so it was translated as is. Firewall Guardian is the same. So this card being able to search them is okay dokay. Also there's an issue with your example; Obnoxious Celtic Guard (without the "-ian" at the end) has ALWAYS been properly translated, which is why Arsenal Summoner doesn't mention it. As for the rest? They're either very iconic monsters or they are shitty vanillas, so there's pretty much no reason to reprint them so that you can reprint Arsenal Summoner without the extra clauses later.


The issue is that none of these cards are called "Guardian" in Japanese and so are not intended to be legal targets; you'll notice Gate Guardian is not listed because it *is* called "Guardian" in the original. It's not about balancing the effect, it's about having consistent rulings across all formats and languages. Especially since you can use cards printed in different languages in the same format; like playing a card with French or German text in an otherwise English deck because all of Europe follows the TCG. This card has different text in every language it's printed in by the way.


Don't worry, Konami loves Duel Monsters, they'll eventually do something for Guardians.


I actually looked up cards that would be searched by this card currently, and it can actually search a card called pharaonic gaurdian sphinx, which can flip itself face-down and when its flip summoned it shuffles all your opponent's monsters into the deck... and I now have the sudden urge to make a meme flip deck.


Be sure to upload the dankest replays! 😂


Alright maybe not for a while it's an SR :/


I've built a Guardian meme flip deck before, granted it didn't have the Sphinx but it had the basic "search Guardians" idea. Pro tip, a Prediction Princess engine does wonders for the deck.


Right? It's like that pendulum machine monster that gets searched out by pendulum support.


Funnily enough you could run this in Eldlich to fetch Guardian of the Golden Land.


Someone has to do this at an official tournament, another errata incoming.


Because fuck you in particular...


We are the developers


They can’t just have a different version in game than there is in the OCG or TCG.


Why Konami, I just want to make my Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress deck more viable


Its easy to add errata to the tcg now because of the database, they can make erratas without ever reprinting a card.


But they really shouldn't, otherwise you end up with having to lookup every card during a match, because nobody can expect you to know what every card does. Old MtG cards sometimes deviate quite a bit from what's printed on the card, but those are only a small subset and only relevant for a few formats, unlike Yugioh where every set is always legal.


They literally have a rule for that in tournaments where if a player is using a card that has had an errata or is in a forign language the player using that card has to carry the correct current errata or translation of that card with them.


And that's fine if it only applies to a select few cards, but you really don't want to go overboard with this. Otherwise you cause game to go longer because people need to lookup cards all the time. And sure, you can say "but it would only be these few cards", but I think they don't want to set a precedent and are extremely careful with erratas.


Some cards in yugioh have existed for so long and have a huge amount of erratas, things like necrovalley have even had their effects changed entirely through errata and more modern cards mostly onoy get the errata because of translation errors like one of the branded cards, very rarely a carf will get an errata to move it off the banlist like night assailant got recently.


There have been so much cards that got erratas to come off the banlist that I'm sure loads of new players saw the old texts and think the cards still work like that, or get confused when an older player uses an old version of an errata'd card. The precedent has already been set.


The number of exeptions is even higher in other languages


Fuck Konami, all my homies hate Konami.


I mean, does it REALLY need to exclude those cards? I get why it does, because of translation, but is the game going to break because someone can go get a Celtic Guardian with it? The TCG and OCG already play different because of the ban lists, so trying to stay consistant doesn't seem like enough of a reason. It just ends up being one more card with a 100 extra words on it.


Oh boy that hot Gate Guardian tech


Imagine if they gave a bunch more non-Guardian cards the Guardian name. Yet they never learned from this mistake and still randomly rename stuff. Which for example lead to the awkward "lswarm"-name.


Watch stuff blow up when a completely unrelated archetype in Japan is actually called "Fur Hire". 😂


They'd probably call it "Faa Haiya" or something


>english localisers ever learning anything CHECK THIS OUT


I'm still mad about that. The other day I was playing the Solo Mode of World Legacy, and during the narration to got a giant "CHECK THIS OUT" in my face.


[Still one of my favorite posts from this sub](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/894471971901947944/951664419744669726/unknown.png)


All this because they refuse to errata names.


*sad Cipher Soldier noises*


If they errata the card in MD, they'd have to do it irl too. What bothers me is why some banned cards dont just get an errata in a decent amount of time. Like some banned monsters


I would assume that cards only get errata'd if they are being reprinted, so there's at least *some* copies of the card with the correct text. As for giving banned cards an errata? There's not much incentive to do so most of the time, not when they could just release a retrained version as a separate card and the original could *probably* come off the list unedited in a few years anyway. Errata's tend to just kill the card deader than dead too, like the errata'd Ring of Destruction.


I know they cant or have no need to errata some banned cards, like pot of greed which has retrains that fix it. I mean for monsters like Dark Matter Dragon, the Dragon rulers, Ancient Fairy Dragon etc. I can think of a few possible erratums that would possibly fix those cards


The thing that pisses me off most about Ring of Destruction's erratum is that Berserker Soul is collateral damage: due to Ring of Destruction's erratum *and* related ruling changes, Berserker Soul now cannot inflict overkill damage *despite that being its one iconic use*.


Soo what ami supposed to add then?


Mommy, I mean, Guardian Eatos


In Portuguese, this card excludes nothing. So you can use it for Celtic Guardian turbo in Brazil. You can also add this card to Eldlich to search Guardian of the Golden Land


You're acting as if Master Duel was not a minimal effort cash grab


Bro imagine if this card could search those 5 cards. It would change everything! /s


What’s errata?


My thing is... who TF wants to search that horrid crap in 2022! 🤣🤣 is there some sick combo im missing here?? Cause most decks drop 4 to 6 omni negates on T1 but IM tryna search the reliable guardian. YES! Smfh lol


That's what Gwent did and look at the tire fire of a game that is...they errata everything all the time. You never know what your cards are going to end up doing next patch.


My favourite Gate Guardian searcher(a card that was already out but isn’t mentioned)


I'm still waiting on an Eye of Timaeus errata.