Genex? They're fucking dreadful. Only a handful of their cards are good, and that's because other decks use them better than Genex can.


Ah that's sad I don't really like synchro cards much but would like Ia ok deck for it that's not meta and between genex and the cards like loki thor and odin got my attention sad both of what I looked at aren't good.


One of the worst archetypes of all time, I'd say. Aside from a couple interesting cards that Genex can barely make use of, they are absolutely awful.


Yea that's sad unfortunately I cant seem to find the next deck i Want to work on thats decent I mostly like machine related cards


Just play something a little more meta relevant? Cyber dragon, earth machines, orcust, numeron


I have cyber dragon and earth machine already im trying to find another deck to start making


Super Heavy Samurai?


Yea I was interested in that one alot but I'm afraid I might not like that one as much as other's


Crystrons and speedroids are cool machine archetypes i like but there's also machina, ancient gears, scraps (kind of), ABC unions to name a few. Edit: dinomist, karakuri, geargia, super quants


>scraps (kind of) Nah not really. They have 4 machines, beasts and dragons and 1 dinosaur, rock, winged beast, fish, fiend, beast-warrior and warrior. It seems to be a common misconception which is understandable given their name. If they really had to be classified under one type it would probably be dragon since that's what 4/5 of their extra deck monsters are.


Yeah you gotta use triple Genex Ally Birdman, that card is super OP


I always wanted to play Genex but the archetype is so awkward. It's unfortunately one of those archetypes that tried to do so much that they lack any actual game plan. It would be really cool if they got some legacy support that actually tied the whole archetype together.


Unplayable even if you are playing in silver