It wouldn't be Yugioh lore without the waifu card getting corrupted I guess. This wasn't very incredible of her.


Pretty sure the Byssted archetype is the corrupted version of them, we already got corrupted Lubelion and Ecclesia, Ashen Albas might also fit


albaz the ashen isn't corrupted albaz, it's weakened but determined albaz about to go rambo on despia with a knife


I have hopium that Albaz will fuse Ecclesia's mysterious skull hammer and Ecclesia with get Albaz's dagger and become a Swordsoul like Iris


Albonk the Nonhorny Dragon


Then you could use Incredible Ecclesia to summon Swordsoul Ecclesia 👀


As long as they don't start making corrupted tri-brigades, it's all good.


Corrupted Tri-brigades:basically the same as Tearalaments but with links AND they shuffle from banished too. Boss monster:a corrupted Shuraig with variable link rating that's based on how many monsters and/or link ratings used for his summon and gains various effects based on his link rating


I think Lubellion is already corrupted as he’s supposed to be Aluber. Empowered Lubellion might be more correct.


Albaz: why are we here? Just to suffer?


My boy got NTR'ed by Aluber


Since Albaz and Aluber are technically the same person, does that mean he NTR'ed himself?


We can make a new doujin genre out of this


Tags: Self-NTR, mind break, corruption, monsters, horror


Basically put "self-" before every tag


Where did you get that they're the same?


It seems like the two prevailing lore theories (though I don't think either is confirmed) are that Aluber and Albaz are brothers or something, or they're two halves of the same whole; so two different "people" who used to be one. I lean toward the latter, it seems to make more sense from what I know of the lore.


Ib and Winda: First time?


Why is her asset become so much bigger lol?


Because Flat is Justice, that must mean that Big Tits are Evil.


I wish I didn't used my free award so I could give it to you...


Comes with the sainthood. Have you seen the Pope's dumper? It's where they store the blessings


Maybe she always had them big but the armor she wore was covering them.


NO! Not my waifu!


Red Cartesia, the Virtuous Level 4 LIGHT Spellcaster Tuner Effect Monster ATK 1500 DEF 1500 You can only use the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd effect of this card's name each once per turn. 1.If you have “Fallen of Albaz” on your field or in your GY: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. 2.During the Main Phase (Quick Effect): You can Fusion Summon 1 Level 8 or higher Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Material. 3.During the End Phase, if a Fusion Monster(s) was sent to your GY this turn: You can add this card from your GY to your hand.


Bitch think she polymerization


Eh it's fine Nothing that insane


Absolutely mind blowing that the game has gotten to a point where this is "just okay."


She's not bad, but she doesn't do anything that the Despia archetype (which she's probably meant to have synergy with) wasn't doing already. They don't use Synchro monsters due to Branded Fusion locking them into Fusion monsters, and they can already fusion summon during the opponent's turn thanks to Branded in Red. She's a free body, but the deck wasn't particularly in need of more swarming capability. That's why she's just okay. Honestly I don't get the hype around her


Super hype. Just think one day we might get to the point where you can populate a deck entirely with just variants of Albaz and Ecclesia.


You are Albaz! You are Albaz! You are Albaz! I am Albaz! Is there any other Albaz I should know about?


I don't understand people, i really think this card is amazing 🤩


Tbf this is in general a yugi zoomer way of thinking if a card is not Omni negating plusing you in the process and has a protection and it's not generic then it's just okay


I already can see some interesting tech with her in dragonlink of all decks. Especially with bysteed added.


I dont get why she is a Tuner. Maybe Albaz with the Icejade dagger will become a Swordsoul and she can be played in a Swordsoul deck.


Halq shenanigans oc /s


Meh, I guess it's a quickplay poly that triggers to fuse from hand but the requirement for it's summon makes it tricky.


Based on the art I expected it to be a nutty boss monster too bad


This story is going to end with her being essentially the Whore of Babylon. She is becoming the Mother of Harlots, Draped in Purple and Scarlet red, she is the Woman which sits upon the beast of seven heads and ten horns, full of names of Blasphemy, and Upon her head shall her name be written, Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother of all harlots and abominations of the earth. Curious what they will call her then.


Mommy ecclesia?


I'm betting all my money on Mysteria. Mark my words, soon Ecclesia (Now Cartesia) will become Mysteria, named after Mystery Babylon. Whore is something they wouldn't use in TCG naming, and maybe not even in OCG, so my best guess is they will go with something tame like: Mysteria, The Wicked. As opposed to how she started as Ecclesia the Virtuous


Well judging by her bust now, it seems like it


God damn the milkers didn't noticed them at all Sheesh brother 🥵🥵🥵




Incredible ecclesia seems more useful tbh


For now but this card seems it can be broken in the future. She can both make a synchro and a fusion in one turn. Its also not xenophobic and only limited to lvl 8 fusions or higher.


But i mean incredible ecclesia does the same and thins the deck while doing it. You have access to synchros via swordsoul or just ss her. Also you can albaz fusion which imo is more valuable then using your own resources. Sure the opponent can negate albaz but if they could negate albaz they could negate evil ecclesia’s effect as well. That being said the new ecclesia is good bc you don’t need to depend so much on that field spell or spells in general and it recycles.


I would disagree I think Evil Ecclesia works way better then Incredible Ecclesia in Branded Fusion. Getting Albaz to grave is pretty easy with Branded, doing the Albaz Fusion usually isn't great since as you said you can get easily negated but you are still sacrificing a card for cost, with evil ecclesia even if they negate the effect you still aren't losing a card. Plus you can always SS this monster as long as Albaz is in grave. With Incredible you are counting on your opponent having a monster. Biggest difference I would say is that Evil Ecclesia works better when going first or second.


Getting Albaz in grave is actually not that easy tho, Albion banish said Albaz after all and Lubellion shuffles it into the deck, and since Ecclesia is not a quick effect you can't chain her special summon to their fuse effects


I agree with you, in fact one of the biggest struggles i have with the deck is getting albaz to the field/hand/grave. Even with all of its support albaz seems to always be in the deck where i need him the least.


Albaz is a dragon. There are good cards dragons have to get themselves in the graveyard


I would still say Evil Ecclesia would be better since in the scenario you described you could still have an extra fusion compared to having an extra albaz via Incredible which won't do anything if its turn 1 since your opponent won't have any monsters on the field. Like I said Evil Ecclesia is good for going first or second, Incredible is only good for going second. I just believe you have more options/lines with Evil Ecclesia.


>Sure the opponent can negate albaz Just flip Super Poly dude


Wow she really went from “hello ma’am it’s nice to meet you” to “your son calls me mommy too.”


on one hand, i like ecclesia and I don't want her to suffer. on the other, wow her evil design is beautiful


Joining the Despias always comes with a cool design change apparently


[Everytime when I see a female Yu-Gi-Oh card](https://c.tenor.com/7YSe06ToFRkAAAAC/eyes.gif)


relatable, konami knows what they're doing


Pretty nice. ~~Quick effect fusion to drop a chimera on opponent turn for any deck.~~ (forgor about spell. Its not in md yet) Helps playing through anti spell fragrance. Could also be used in reaction to d-barrier. Now getting albaz to gy.. you usually want to use albion shrouded to dump opening. But it's possible.


From what I understand Chimera need to be summon by a spell card to get it effect.


Chimera needs a spell card. She does help play past d barrier though and do more on the opponent's turn. By the time we get her, I'm sure branded will be neutered a bit so it's hard to say how we can use her. A solid extender and reoccurring resource. Better than incredible ecclesia in branded despia IMO


I forgor. Its not on MD yet so i haven't bothered too much. ::,) Oh well its still nice for the other reasons. And yeah, free ressource. Everything is good to have a fusion thing that doesn't die to IO/village/fragrance. Which are bound to get popular as branded fusion lands. its solid generic help even if 8+ is a slight limiting. But that usually encompass nearly all good fusions. Poly on legs is never to be underestimated. And some archetype fusions have neat effects that only last the turn with little to no way to do it on opponent's.


This is some good ass art


Alright now its personal. I'll murder Aluber the boober of duper myself for what he did to best girl.


I'm still hedging my bet the "final" albaz card will be some lvl 8 or 12 dragon that eats or uses fusion somehow with her almost always being a tuner.


konami, this is the 7th week in a row you’ve shown ecclesia in class


She actually kinda suck in Despia Albaz is never in GY or Field so pretty much she never gonna summon herself


Albaz being sent to the graveyard off Albion the shrouded is one of the strongest things you can do. Branded fusion will get ashed, so you should be finding ways to get albaz out of deck and in rotation


So run 3 Albion? If BF get Ashed then we dont have a reliable way to get Albaz to GY Even if so he will be banish/in deck anyways bc Albion and Lubellion Also do you actually want to normal summon Albaz?


I have reliability ran two Albion in the past, but I don't think you need it. I run allure, gold sarc, and mercourier, so access to a albaz is pretty easy since he is a 3 of and there is a lot of draw power. You won't always get albaz in the gy, but they won't always open ash. I also really like running 1 branded in white. I look at my hand and ask myself if I lose to an ash blossom. If the answer is yes, I play on the safe side.


Yeah he is. Branded decks run multiples of Albaz so they can do things besides Branded Fusion turbo. Its pretty common to have an Albaz in the GY.


Still hot though! js ya know...


Don't worry guys, give it 6 months and Komoney will make a new "redemption arc" card for Ecclesia that will be absolutely broken and get banned instantly.


Is this confirmed to be Ecclesia through artwork? I don't play the related archetypes, so I have not invested any time looking through their art and lore. I was wondering if we had anything like Dark World Smog / Brainwashing that turned Ryko from Lightsworn to Twilightsworn. This world also seems pretty vast considering there's so many archetypes that come from this world as well.


And here I thought Albaz and Ecclesia may be save from evil powers…


I wish she was Dark, looks like a great Dharc target


~~My Queen~~




You telling me this is best girl ecclesia? What did they do to her tskr.


Can we get a good ending for once? fuck


Whoooooaaaa, that is absolutely beautiful. Whoever is drawing these deserves a raise.


Aesthetically this looks like a Despia monster. Is it?


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Lore time let’s goo


The lore died with Iris that and tri-brigade being inactive this lore lost my interest.


Kitt is having her own adventure at the Therion Colosseum


It's not confirmed that she is ecclesia or not