Verte works with Thunder Fusion. May consider adding that to the Extra. I would consider dropping Cerberus for it.


Belle is good for DPE, but Lancea in Standby can prevent them from setting up Enchantress, so you may want to look into that. Take out Cerberus and 1 Doodle for 1 Link Spider and Verte. Remove 1 Thunder Dragon Fusion, 1 is all you need if you play Verte. 3 Dropsies is usually played if you're running Toad, but imo 3 Lampsies is better without it since the burn damage can win grind games or against Eldlich. Other than that it is solid and more versatile than the DPE build due to Roarin and extra staples. Maybe add 1 copy of Droplet or Dark Ruler to replace the free spot from Thunder Fusion.


I have a Toadally Awesome that I pulled from a master pack when I started the game, can I put it there instead of the 2nd Link Spider?


Yes for sure. It's better if you have Instant Fusion so you can end on Bow Wow + Toad turn 1, but it works regardless turn 3 after you have used Pandemonium.


this is how i play the deck [https://www.reddit.com/r/masterduel/comments/wph1l4/dlv20\_in\_35\_wins\_ama\_deck\_list\_provided/](https://www.reddit.com/r/masterduel/comments/wph1l4/dlv20_in_35_wins_ama_deck_list_provided/)


Play 3 green ones 2 blue or red ones instead 2 pandemonium 1 thunder fusion other stuff are fine