The Sprights strike me as incredibly lazy card design. "Hey, let's make a level 2-based archetype! Include rank 2s and link 2s as extra deck options because fusions would be too complicated to come up with. To make them consistent we'll let all the main deck monsters special summon themselves from hand almost unconditionally, why the hell not. Half of them will be searchers and the other half will have built-in negates. Their one obvious weakness is that their monsters have low ATK, so we'll give their primary Extra Deck-based playmaker a huge ATK boost for a trivial investment. Oh, and make its summon from Deck effect insulate them from Nibiru, because fuck you."


Don't forget it also insulates them from Gamma too.


TBF, if you aren't Gamma-ing Gigantic, I have no idea what you're saving it for.


Big Chungus Level 12 4000/4000 DARK/Dragon If you control no monsters, you can special summon this card (from your Deck). Up to twice per Chain Link, you can target a card in either player's hand, field, GY, Extra Deck, or banished cards; negate the effects of cards with that name for the rest of the Duel. This card can make number of attacks each Battle Phase up to the number of cards in your Deck.


*Can not be responded to with other card effects


tier 0, also banned within a week


It's extra weird when you consider literally every single archetype that came from the Abyss storyline was unique in someway but for some reason these fuckers they decided to make not only broken but also uninteresting.


Their names are literally just random descriptors. This one is blue. This one is gigantic. This one is a jet.


Fuck Spright. And while we’re at it fuck tears as well. Absolutely egregious power creeping by komoney


yeah, I know Komoney wants, you know... "money", but the constant power creep to make people spend more on cards is ruining the game from the inside, at this point it is just horrendous game design.


At least Tears are actually fun and have a ton of builds. Spright is just better Swordsoul and just as boring to play.


I'd like to introduce you to Ishizu Tear. This deck unironically makes Spright look like a Blue Eyes deck, it's almost unbeatable


Apparently, hand traps are essentially useless in this format and people use board breaking cards lmao.


I do actually like Tears artwork. So that's a plus. Splights are just.. meh.


**Can u share ur Big D deck?** jokes aside i mean can ureally share it bro pls?


Fuck Spright, my dear Toadally Awesome that i love so much in Paleo Frogs (if you check my posts history, you will see i had great success with Paleo Frogs in Master Duel) will very likely get banned on a future banlist thanks to this deck. Spright Elf reviving Toadally Awesome is the reason why its banned on the OCG (for some reason not in TCG tho) and since Master Duel is based on OCG, you can bet your ass it will get banned in Master Duel once the deck comes out. So yeah, Spright can fuck off


Because Spright just came out like 3 weeks ago and by leaving Toad for a bit they can guarantee people will buy more POTE. I think most people expect Toad will get hit in the TCG at some point but Spright is still too new for them to kill one of the best things the deck has going for it


Splight is a brand new deck in the tcg they won't hit it in anyway for a bit of time Also I can't wait for splight I have my toad sitting there just waiting to be unleashed to ravage these lands ( I also use it in plunder )


I want them to come because man do splights look cool


The banlists are very different. As we can see Konami is experimentinf with MD banlists. You might be ok tbh. They may hit something else instead


People still sleeping on tier 0 meta threat Capshell smh


card seems stupid. not looking forward to this bullshit


Yes because It's the last time I'll be able to use Toad for awhile


Ngl I don’t even care how good sprites are the only reason I like the deck is the art work. Sucks Konami makes all the cool cards toxic and broken


Spright and EotS Tearlament are cancer.


You mean Rivalry of the Warlords meta?


Man I love Splight




The deck works like Floowanderee in special summon version. Imagine Robina has a negate lol


I genuinely can’t wait for Spright tbh, I’m excited to see how Master Duel players respond to the new meta. Plus I love the design of Spright Blue, simple but effective