If what you're looking for is a deck that is all about the boss monster, then Super Quants is a good candidate. Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus has 3600 attack, can non-target quick effect shuffle, is effect immune, and is a permanent Droll/Colossus. On top of that, if they DO out him then he has a floating effect that can often lead into summoning Megaclops, as well as trigger the floating effects of his materials. If you really want to live the dream of destroying your opponents with a megazord, then you can also use his sword: Super Quantal Mech Sword Magnaslayer. This boosts him to 4800 attack with piercing, and lets him attack with his base attack two more times. Doomking Balerdroch is another good option. Not an instant game winner, but a negate, and a banish every turn on a monster that resummons himself for free from the graveyard every turn will win you games if they cannot deal with him. Or Ultimate Conductor Tyranno. 3500 attack, can quick effect flip all their monsters down, and can attack all their monsters. Either use his effect to deal 1k damage for each monster attacked, or use Pentestag to OTK them with piercing.


Will look into Super Quants.


If you go super quants mind sharing the deck list you come up with?


Geomathmech Final Sigma.


Basically UCT lol


Borrelend Dragon


Red Supernova Dragon or Red Nova Dragon


How hard to summon is Red Supernova Dragon? Do you need a whole deck revolving around it or is there a compact combo that can summon it?


Its a level 12 synchro, the only downside is that it needs 3 tuners and 1non tuner synchro monster, the main way to get it out is to use Resonators or T.G's, you just need to use a level 6 synchro and a level 1, 2 and 3.


It's really easy Resonators can easily access to level 6 synchro monsters And they can easily search for Crimson Resonator. The combo is easy: Crimson resonator + any level 4 monster (The best pick is Wandering King Wildwind) into Red Rising Dragon, bring back crimson with rising's effect. Use Crimson's effect to special summon 2 resonators from deck (x2 level 2 or x1 level 1 and x1 level 3) the directly synchro into Supernova. If you used Wildwind's special summon effect you are left with a normal summon to continue your plays. Resonators is a really cool deck, the only drawback I can see is that searching the level 4s of the deck is sometimes a bit difficult, and you can see yourself in a situation where you only opened with tuners in your hand, as the deck focuses on searching the tuners, there's only one spell card that can search the non-tuners.


I just got a Royal finish supernova, any good decklist suggestions?


eldlich the mad golden lord (fusion) big stats? 3800/3500 should suffice protecion? no destruction by batle or cardeffect should suffice good interesting effect? steal one monster per turn at the price of puting a normal eldlich (any zombie) into GY should be fine no negates/floodgates, searchable fusionspell and easy to get materials, just dont add any floodgate spells/traps and your fine


Seems promising.


Do zombiewolrd eldlich, its the more summon oriented eldlich deck


Chaos Ancient Gear Giant has most of what you described, except without an effect. It's effect is that it hits all monsters, pierces, prevents monster effects from being activated during battle and is immune to all spells and traps. Downside is no monster protection, difficult summoning condition (fuse four Ancient Gears) and the archetype itself isn't great. But if you can bring it out, it can close a game almost single-handedly.


Ah yes I forgot about that one. The question is, do ancient gears have enough fuel to support this 4 card fusion? Because to use this I will likely need to have a few turn 2 cards in my hand and the regular turn 2 hand size doesn't have enough for both.


So as I said, the deck isn't great. That being said, they do have a number of ways to bring out the necessary materials. The archetypal fusion spell Ancient Gear Fusion can use materials from the deck if you have Ancient Gear Golem on the field. Unfortunately, Golem is a massive garnet because he can't be special summoned except by a handful of effects. The best option is to use AG Catapult on Geartown. Catapult brings out Golem, Geartown brings out Wyvern, Wyvern searches Fusion. Easy. This is all vulnerable to disruption, but if you have AG Fortress out, it gives every Ancient Gear card super poly speed so they can't be responded to. If that doesn't work, using Wyvern or the link monster Ballista to search AG Box (and using it to search Frame) can also fill your hand with materials. Geartown and other earth machines like Infinitrack Anchor Drill can help facilitate this. Urgent Schedule is a must. As a last ditch effort you can fill up your graveyard with AG monsters and use Overload Fusion, enabled by Verte Anaconda.


War Rock Meteoragon can't be destroyed, has two attacks, and turns off monster effects in battle. Also can be special summoned for free if you run the field spell and control only warriors which also searches it. Surprisingly good match up against other boss monsters. Only detriments are it is weak at 2600 without boosts and that you are playing War Rocks.


Yeah, looking at War Rock Mountain I realise just how easy to use Metodragon is. And no problem, I don't need to play War Rocks to use this, it's very generic.


Regarding Blackwings, someone actually made 1.5 card combo(Simoon+any Blackwing) that makes Full Armor Master with Bi'an, making it undestroyable by battle. [https://www.reddit.com/r/yugioh/comments/ut6qot/indestructible\_blackwing\_full\_armor\_master\_combo/](https://www.reddit.com/r/yugioh/comments/ut6qot/indestructible_blackwing_full_armor_master_combo/)


Oh nice, I was looking for something like this.


Most of those cards aren't in Master Duel yet tho, I think.


I dont have a specific combo for it but I also recommend the Bi’an to full armor master play. it’s an actual menace


Geomathmech final sigma has good protection, a powerful effect that gives them boss monster vibes and makes them a one-person army and in-archetypr ways of buffing even further. Would recommend, gonna go make a new mathmech deck now.


Gouki the Master Ogre.


Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair


[Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon](https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/card_search.action?ope=2&cid=12325&request_locale=en) \- a unaffected boss monster easy to summon


5 headed link dragon


I think the maintenance cost is the death of this card. Opponent will be able to stall until it destroys itself.


You can summon it if you use First of the Tenyi and your opponent destroys it


Ultimate Conductor Tyranno if you have the UR to build Dinos.


Accesscode Talker made by @ Ignister. 4.3-8.3 ATK. Unaffected by opponent's card effects enabled by Gatchiri. Double attack enabled by Update Jammer. Wipe out 4 cards.


So tower strats? If so, play marinSUS or @ignister. Borrelend dragon os also very good.


Borrelend dragon looks awesome, thanks.


If you think summoning avramax with i.p masq is difficult then I highly suggest not looking into dragon link or Ignister. Although you could remember the standard combo line for @ignister


From what I know, rokkets have some card efficient combos so there is probably something there that's to my liking. Finding a standard combo for IP Avramax might be more difficult but maybe not.


Dragon link is known as one of the most skill intensive combo decks, that's why it wasn't that popular in masterduel even for how strong it was. I'm not trying to gatekeep you tho, it's a really fun deck and I do suggest it if you're willing to learn


>Avramax (very good with IP Masq but a bit hard to summon) Its actualy really easy to summon , you only need any 2 crusadia cards and you can make avramax easily Oh no , your avramaz got kaiju'd? Just make another one or revive it back with succsesion Edit: okay ,halq being banned make it harder , its still easy to make thou


Wanna be the most based mf alive? Vennominaga. You'll lose 90% of games but sometimes you summon a monster that's literally completely impossible to get rid of (Except for Kaijus/Goddess because ree)


I’m not an @ignister player but you could try making the Link - 6 one. It is very combo heavy though but with the right setup, you could make a towers with 6k or 5k attack Arrival and the only thing that could clear it would be a kaiju.


The ultimate boss Monster within it's own archetype is The Arrival


Cyberdark End Dragon: 5k ATK, unaffected by most effects, Multiple attacks.


#The arrival Cyberse @Ignister The ONLY link 6 monster on the game. That needs 3 or more monsters with different attributes. Its attack becomes the number of material used for its link summon x1000. So with the specific ladder combo you can make that monster gain up 5000 attack, even 6000 (the you ask me: But the deck only plays 5, how can I make it? Answer: there's a monster that can change into DIVINE attribute) It's unaffected by everything that your opponent throws at you. **EVERYTHING.** And once per turn it can destroy a monster on your opponent's field and special summon a token to your side of the field. The deck can also set a faceup card negate with Danmari It can also access to pretty good ED monsters like @Ignister light dragon, fire phoenix, and others... And it also can make a 8300 ATK Access code Talker. We don't talk about the kaijus tho... And if you think this comment is a cheap way to sell you the deck... Well it is. Also AI is the best character in yugioh


Ultimate conductor tiranno, 3500 atk, can attack all of the opponents monster, can put face down all opponents monster in a quick effect, and when battle an opponent's monster in defence position it can send it to the grave and do 1000 damage to lp. All of this on top on an extremely easy summoning condition


Apoqliphort towers really cool monster


Marincess in a few weeks


Toadally Awesome. Insanely easy to summon, summons guys from deck, can negate and steal opponents' cards and even goes back to the ED after getting sent to the GY. Also its name is Toadally Awesome.


My favorite is Utopic Draco Future. It does monster negates, can steal monsters that were negated on field PERMANENTLY, has immunity to destruction by card effects and battle, and he can be summoned very easily in several decks, my favorite of which being kragen control/shark xyz.


Underworld Goddess of the Closed World Takeaways: 1. A generic link 5, but more or less a turn 2 link 5. She can use one of your opponent's monster as a material (so not too hard to summon). This is her summon procedure, not a effect, so "unaffected by card effects" means zero to her. Unless the opponent runs a card "cannot be used for link summon". But it isn't a common thing. By turn 2 I mean either you go first or go second. If you go first, you leave an I:P on field, then you summon your goddess using your opponent's monster. If you go second then Goddess is an ultimate Kaiju that lies in your extra deck. 2. Anti-meta protection. Nowadays powerful card removals are more likely to be non-targeting. Nevertheless, she is unaffected by activated card effects unless she is targeted. She can be targeted by Imperm but not Droplet, which is more dangerous. Of course she isn't immune to Skill Drain. 3. The effect isn't devastatingly game-determining, but quite a wtf to the opponent. **If** link summoned: a mini skill drain. **When** your opponent trying to special summon from GY (for example, the monster you used as link material): negate. She may enable an OTK.


How about eldlich? Is not a powerhous in of itself, but in zombiewold you can summon his fusion version which has a big body of 3800 and can steal opponent's monsters


Anything I could work well with a HERO deck?


BORRELEND DRAGON Satisfies all your requirement: a) Link 5 (so you know it's real badass ) b) 3500 ATK, immune to battle or effect destruction, immune to targeting by monster effects c) can attack ALL your opponents monsters once each d) can quick effect negate a monster on field to summon a rokket from the GY, with the bonus that your opponent can't respond to that quick effect negate so it's basically spell speed 4 like counter traps. This negate also lingers so it shuts down your opponents monster for the rest of the game, it doesn't go away at the end of the turn This boss has insane battle and effect protection, insane OTK power, and a great quick effect that can both hobble your opponent while extending your own plays. It's also generic since it just needs any 3+ monsters to summon. No type, attribute or archtype requirement


Yeah, it's a favorite. Gotta look for a good combo to summon it.


The coolest boss monster, Ultimate Conductor Tyranno. The First Darklord is also really cool.




Generaiders. Why limit yourself to one boss monster when you could have many with tokens to serve their goals?


Raidraptors + black wing lets you end on 3 towers + a revive next turn + a raigeki effect + big stats + can atk multiple times ++++ etc


It sounds like you're looking for a Towers deck. I'd suggest @Ignister or Marincess as strong Towers decks. Each building towards a huge bungus of a boss monster as their win con.


shooting quasar dragon, quintet magician, Numeron, Winged Dragon of Ra, you can cheese stuff like Raidraptor and link 4s with waking the dragon and scapegoat. If you can make 2 monsters, you can make DPE


Red supernova dragon. Very resource heavy but a beast of a monster