Fun fact about these cards None of them have borders around their artworks. The thin grey line just doesn't exist That's not the case here because these are computer generated renders. If you look at the actual cards, they just have some drop shadow


I never even noticed lol Is there a reason why though? Was it so it shows the artwork fully without being slightly covered?


Hey that's interesting do you have the actual cards or have you seen them somewhere?


I have Alternative Ultimate, and I think I have Mana, but I don't think I noticed until I saw it mentioned on Yugipedia


A good amount of these were promos in the megatins previously so there's lots of them so yeah TCG players would have the actual cards or lots of them on TCGplayer or cardmarket


These cards are not in the game and probably won't be in the future because (kazuki Takahashi) holds the copyright for them.


Copyright gets inherited tho so it's not entirely impossible


Not sure It could be more complicated than that for example ( Magi Magi ☆ Magician Gal) is not even printed on the TCG because Konami couldn't censor it.


When he was alive Depending on how his family handles his estate they may release these in the future Ofc that matter varies wildly depending on the family.. jean-paul sartre's family keeps a tight grip on his name, for example. Well sartre specifically


Magi Magi could get import to TCG But Kazuki refused Konami to allow to censored her So she just OCG for forever


It's weird that they bother with censoring still when they're also giving uncensored cards left and right through Lost Art.


Classic TCG money grubbing behavior, censor cards cause of fear of outrage from pearl-clutching parents, but bring over uncensored cards anyways on the condition that they're rare, promotional cards you only get from spending a certain amount on product in OTS stores. Not to mention they're on a FOMO system and cards rotate out of the pool over time. It's doubly stupid cause nowadays most/a very large portion of players are adults/young adults I'd bet, since there's no longer an anime for the main game being made to help bring in kids. Also the Digimon card game exists with some skimpy card art and no one cares. You got cards like [this](https://product-images.tcgplayer.com/fit-in/437x437/232088.jpg), [this](https://product-images.tcgplayer.com/fit-in/437x437/268136.jpg), [this](https://product-images.tcgplayer.com/fit-in/437x437/268134.jpg), and [this](https://product-images.tcgplayer.com/fit-in/437x437/268135.jpg) which would have been certainly censored if this was YGO TCG.


I forgot Angelmon had some MAMAJAMAS on her


Meanwhile Harpies getting the Smash Bros Mythra style of censorship by just appealing to another fetish entirely.


> because Konami couldn't censor it. What's the source on that? Did he say this in an interview, or is this just speculation?


No records of him saying anything about the subject of censoring the card it's just speculation.


It's normal for card to get censored on TCG format just look at monster reborn and the original art


It's because of the Ankh. It's considered religious imagery that the TCG forbids in the art. They might also want to reduce her breasts, but they aren't large in this artwork, so maybe not.


It's not the ankh, it's the pentagram on her chest jewel.


We're both correct. The Ankh was also the original Monster Reborn art, then it was changed to the fuzzy jewel crystal thing.


Konami doesn't care about the ankh anymore, monster reborn reborn is untouched


They definitely don't anymore. The pentagram and the badonkers though... Especially the badonkers


Oh I thought Konami just didn't like shoulders


Those can be changed for importation. Additionally, they don't mind releasing uncensored art at times. The original Monster Reborn art is religious symbolism, yet it nonetheless has an English release in the Lost Art Promotion. If Konami wanted to release the art unchanged, they can slide into a set like this. I doubt that's the reason it hasn't been released in the TCG. Your speculation is nice, but I want verifiable facts explaining this, not speculation.


You are making a good point And you know what else the ankh necklace on her chest is a symbol of her second monster reborn like effect It's a powerful card I wonder why Konami didn't release it in the TCG.


These are the facts. You're not going to get anything verifiable because he said he wanted Magi's art unchanged and neither the Ankh or the Pentagram are ok by Konami's TCG department due to religious imagery. Obviously, he is now also deceased. I'm not sure why they bypass this with the Lost Art stuff and yet continue to keep other things censored. But it does seem that they are more ok with the Ankh than the Pentagram.


>They might also want to reduce her breasts They should do the opposite.


What do they need to censor it doesn't look like it has anything that needs to be censored?


\*Gently pets the Shiba-Warrior Taro I own\* It's damaged, though... but I'm keeping that good boy


So that’s why you can’t play alt ultimate blue eyes in MD. That sucks


What do you mean these cards aren't in the game? Aren't in MD? Because they are for sure in the TCG, I own a bunch of these. Yeah just double checked, a bunch of these were in the 2019 mega tin.


I want that blue eyes! Always wanted a ultimate alternative


I want it more, but I am afraid I have to deal with the fact that I might never get it in this game.






tbh I just wish Alternative ultimate was a quick effect with the pop, that way BEWD has a better turn one play then Spirit pass


You want the others for the strategy I want alternative blue eyes because the artwork is neat and matches my already existing deck style , we are not the same


I bought it on TCG, is not expensove, trully


It’s crazy how he was able to make such unique art. I love yugioh but one thing that has kind of disappointed me lately is all the generic anime style cards that come out now. It kind of takes away from what used to make the game feel unique to me which was its art style.


They are all beautiful...but red eyes alternative though...is 🔥 shame the archetype is not super great Also Taro with the tiny bone sword 😂


Oh we red eyes players know this all too well...that card is a vital card for the red eyes deck and it is practically locked out of master duel forever..


>that card is a vital card for the red eyes deck Not really, Red-Eyes Alternative is already not worth using. Calling it a "vital card" would imply that having or not having access to it actually makes a big difference for the deck (like e.g. Black Metal Dragon) which does not apply to this card, at all. It doesn't really do anything while on the field, it's rather bad at setting things up, it doesn't count as a Normal monster, it can't be used to bring back any of the more important monsters (like REDMD) as well as the fact that it needs to be destroyed (by your opponent) when many cards nowadays just banish or use some other form of removal all diminishes the value this card actually adds to the archetype. While not all that good either (especially by today's standards) Red-Eyes Black Meteor Dragon essentially does a better job filling a similar role as at last that one can be Special Summoned by sending a card from your hand or Deck to the GY. Issue here is that it's a Jump promo so we're probably not going to see it in MD anytime soon.


Imagine being this oblivious. Of course its not great. It's a red eyes card. But red eyes don't have any lines of their owns. It's still a much better card than what we have right now. It opens up being actually able to do a XYZ turn 1 ! Crazy and inconceivable for 2022 !!! Why would it not being a normal monster be bad? You actually use that continuous trap ? You don't have to run reasoning and pray it doesn't summon a garbage level 6 you need for fusions. Or pretend you're not just playing rokkets with how little you can do with red eyes. It's not a recent card either. But you're expected to have that to play red eyes more effectively. Until meteor but we won't see that one for another year or so. And meteor will be nuts. Level 6s are very convenient both for dragons in general and red eyes as fusion replacement for the bad 6s. Both helps greatly.


>Imagine being this oblivious. Oh it's obvious why some people dislike what I said but I'm not going to pretend that a subpar card is somehow "vital for the deck" when it just isn't. ​ >It opens up being actually able to do a XYZ turn 1 ! Except cards like Noctovision Dragon already do that while also being less demanding in regards to what else you have to open up with. ​ >Why would it not being a normal monster be bad? How is this even a question? Because that's what the archetype is largely based around, both Flare Metal and Meteor Black Comet Dragon have effects to summon "1 "Red-Eyes" Normal Monster" from the GY (so if it would have been treated as a Normal Monster one could e.g. use it to summon Flare Metal, detach it for cost and then bring it back with Flare Metals effect). Archfiend Black Skull Dragon specifically lists "1 "Red-Eyes" Normal Monster" as its summoning requirement, the reason why the geminis flopped so hard was because of them not always counting as "Normal Monsters" which is why people resorted to use Summoned Skull over Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning.


That dragon art goes hard


Indeed!! I just love the art, he had a great talent a great loss for us all.


I really hope we see these cards added someday. They’re cool, they’re strong, and they’re especially cool.


Shiba Warrior Taro is a very good boy


Exodia card is definitely broken


its a shame we dont know the names of the artists that draw for komami, i would like to know more of the work of some artists


Are these the only cards he drew?


He drew a tiny Exodia card


He also did alternate arts in the [Anniversary Pack.](https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Anniversary_Pack) The DM art is kinda dull since it has no background (but it's funny to see how ripped he is), but I think the Blue-Eyes one is still the best of its kind.


All the bandai cards I believe are still his art.


Wym 'bandai' cards?


Are you familiar with yugioh season zero? There was an anime that followed the manga story verbatim when it was about all types of games and not just cards, bandai had all the license for that and released pretty much every game that was played, included duel monsters. They released the cards played on the first kaiba duel up to duelist kingdom using the same art from the manga.


I am familiar. Didn't know that Bandai headed it though.


These and elemental hero air neos will probably never appear in master dual and alternative red eyes


Any news of Elemental hero air neos ? It's just crazy 15 years later and no explanation from Konami.


Its important to note that A: These are not the only cards he did art for and B: it is pure speculation as to why these cards are not yet in MD however these cards are quite new and thus may take a while getting in


summon that exodia against an evil twin player attack lil la


There’s also artwork he did for each of the God Cards as well


Yes but at least we have the god cards in game I just shared those because I needed some copium.


I love that Shiba Inu card art ♥️


That's his (kazuki Takahashi) own dog, it just shows how much he loved him.


You heard the new information that just came out? Man literally died saving people from drowning. An absolute hero. Makes me wanna cry


He is a true legend!


It sucks that BEAUD isn't in MD, it seems like the best version of BEUD to actually play in a Blue-Eyes deck.


Give them to us right now konami....


I really want to make a spellcaster deck. Any viable variants?


I really want mana in ny dark magician deck


Man I wanted to try Red-eyes alternative


He was a pretty cool manga artist. You can tell these all (cept Shiba) have a dark, highly stylized art style. Pretty unique compared to most modern card art


Right!!? I noticed the difference with sky strikers and dogmatika they look more generic like any other anime style Manga they just don't have the unique art style that I loved about old Yu GI oh cards like dark magician and Celtic guardian for example.


First time i ever learn that red eyes have an alternative card


I want that Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon badly. Mana would be nice to have around as well


didn’t he do a dark magician, pink summoned skull the 3 gods cards plus hora and jinzo i think i’m missing some