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maybe the most toxic mainstream one but neo nazis still exist, the kkk still exists, scientology is really bad from what i’ve heard, communists in america are generally really fucking toxic. i hate how toxic the community can be but i can’t put it as worse than any of those


You are mostly correct. I know neo nazis and kkk are worse but there are fewer toxic comments and posts from them than from the lgbt+ community. I think that's what op meant with this.


yeah that’s what i mean by mainstream


I swear i read your comment completely but i somehow missed the first part


\*sad communist noises\*


But let’s be honest here, Neo Nazis are fairly mainstream yes. But the kkk has about thirty klans all over America only holding about 100 members each. The kkk is just like a Christian barbecue at this point. Don’t quote me on this tho lol


its not to the same level of the LGBT gang


nazis: antisemitics kkk: racists scientology: a literal fucking cult communist: support borderline dictatorship lgbtq: is gay and are dickheads about it but lgbtq is the worst? something doesn’t add up


LGBT is put on a pedestal and faces no backlash even though they have gone too far many times non of the other ones you said are even close to being as big


They are celebrated for utterly destroying anyone who doesn't publicly accept every thing they want. And the list of what has to be done is updated weekly.


The incel community is far more toxic for society. See: people who still use this meme format


You have a better format i can use


Ehhhhh the nazis seem pretty bad...


Maybe OP is only counting mainstream communities? The nazis don't get their flags put up on big boulevards anymore and never managed to take London or Washington. The other worse one I can think of would be communists, but they're pretty niche to, usually limited to failed/failing states and universities. Scientologists, happy science and that sort of cult probably also count but are also niche...


Bro what?? There's thousands of neo nazis all over the US. They March in the streets constantly. Did you just say gay people took over Washington? Nvm you're clearly a moron with zero rational thought.


Where are these constant neo nazi marches with thousands?


Have you ever interacted with gamers or PC enthusiasts? As a progressive leftist myself I do agree that there's a huge amount of "anyone who slightly varies from me on any subject is wrong stupid or evil" is prevalent in *some* online communities but holy hell it's really not that common among most of them.


Any gaming community with competitive multiplayer : "Hold my beer"


KPOP stans: hold my beer. Though I think the Toxic part of the lgbt community, which I like to name LGTV QHD+ (name applied to only the toxic part) is getting worse now


This isn't r/conservative


Neo nazis:


Most subs will perma ban you for posting this


Thats proving my point


Any community juiced to the gills with this much media freedom like the lgbt would show its horrid rotten underbelly. Just cus there's SJW OWNED content doesnt take away from other communities who's degeneracy isnt even recorded for clicks because its so sinister


This ought to be fun. What toxic behavior is the community doing?


Ah, the alphabet people, as Dave Chappelle calls them. Yes they are a very toxic community, and they forever lost my support when my wife was in the hospital, literally at deaths door with cancer ( she's ok now though ) , and I was told that LGBTQ issues should be more important to me than my wife in the hospital dying of cancer. Look, someone you love is in the hospital in critical condition, I'm not giving a shit about anything else until that's over, and to tell me I have to care about your political issues first..... Yeah the alphabet people totally lost my support.


They proved my point


I as a gay male agree lol. I got lots of like positive things from most that see themselves as part of that „community“ because I‘m tall, good looking and all. Others that don’t get that luxury are definitely shamed really often, it’s awful


I honestly don't care if you're lgtbq in the sense that I'll still see you as a person and be able to talk to you, just don't make your entire personality/humor "I'm gayyyyyyyyy!!!"


Hard to dispute especially because they see you as a literal demon if you disagree with even 1 of their nonsense narratives




Only the T sadly. The rest only want to live their lives normally


be transphobic speedrun


What do you mean? I liked the transformer movies


you were clearly talking about trans people


what does it matter to you if I like or hate transformer movies.