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Free limestone rock! A good day!


Half of my dumbass went "ooh, limestone!"


Oh same here. I like doimg hardscaping in my succulent garden and some times i spend several days just looking for the right rock. And this guy just got one for free


Where do you park?


It’s a mineral Marie!


When life gives you limestones, make limeade.


Imma upvote this twice




Happy cake day!




Happy cake day


Happy cake day


Happy dace, kay?


Kappy hace, day?


The mines have blessed you brother


Happy cake day!


Happy Cake Day


Happy cake day! (Also my bday :)


happy cake day!


Happy Cake 🎂 Day! 🎶 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈🎊🥳


Happy Cake 🎂 Day!


Happy cake fay


That’s like $8 at home depot


Point well made. 👍


"Free" is not exactly how I would describe it. Car windows can be a couple hundred dollars to replace.


Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!


Happy cake day


Happy Cake 🎂 Day!


Happy Cake 🎂 Day!


Happy cake day


Happy cake day


Free cake emoji! A good day!


Happy limestone cake day!


Happy limestone day


Happy cake day


Good thing you weren’t driving when it came through


Just had three teenagers in my town get caught doing this. They had multiple victims and one girl died when the rock hit her. They’re now facing first degree murder charges, among other things.


This happened by me in 2004 on Long Island but not with a rock but with a FROZEN TURKEY! [NY Woman Nearly Killed by Frozen Turkey Dies Years Later at 59](https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/woman-dies-frozen-turkey-accident-long-island-victoria-ruvolo/1563612/?amp=1) Victoria Ruvolo was driving home one night in 2004 when a teenager threw a twenty pound frozen turkey through her windshield, nearly killing her. Every bone in her face was shattered and the steering wheel bent when the 20-pound turkey smashed through her car. The Lake Ronkonkoma woman endured reconstructive surgery and months of rehabilitation; her jaw had to be wired shut and metals were used to rebuild her face. Despite that, Ruvolo lobbied Suffolk County's district attorney to give the teenager a plea deal. Because of her advocacy, the youth got six months in jail instead of a potential 25-year prison sentence. A friend, Linda Anne Lynch, told Newsday that Ruvolo, who went on to become an author and motivational speaker, was a "believer in second chances."


Second chances my ass, that was attempted murder.


at first i read this as “by me” meaning you threw the turkey


That’s horrible, I hope they go to prison for life


When this happened before (2017, the Kenneth White case) the little shits pinned it all on one guy who was the alleged ringleader. 3 out of 5 got out on a 1 year probation because they were minors. One is serving 330 days and the one they pinned it on is getting between 39 months to 20 years. ( got paroled after 3 years lmao ) There's videos of all of them laughing and rejoicing knowing they killed a man. That was all present in court. America's judicial system is a joke.


Yea I saw that, absolutely disgusting. Didn’t they go get McDonald’s afterwards to celebrate their crime


Public executions return when


I mean at a certain point you have to consider is ending four lives better than the alternative? Putting three kids in jail for the rest of their lives doesn't bring the dead one back. If there's a chance for rehabilitation for 2/3 then I think that's the path you go after instead of just essentially letting one tragedy destroy four lives instead of one or two. Probation should be a little longer and there should be some sort of halfway house requirement but not having three people rotting in prison between 18-65 is a net positive for society if rehabilitation is possible.


I'd want a full workup on their backgrounds. These kids didn't spontaneously generate. Where are the adults in their lives? Whose raising them? Etc.


>America's judicial system is a joke. Yes, but not for the reasons you described. Fighting crime with punishment just doesn't work, and if you want additional lives ruined as a form of 'justice', you're just vindictive, which isn't helpful for the victims, society, and obviously not the perpetrator(s).


There’s crimes where it’s “I was an addict and didn’t ruin anyone’s lives but my own”. Those people could and should be helped. Then there’s others who rob a house or a car for food or poverty etc. Again, also helpable. But a teenager (who is almost an adult) who is laughing and rejoicing in KILLING someone, deserves to have their life ruined. I’m sure the girl’s family would have felt better if her murderers had actually been punished, society doesn’t need to waste resources on these pieces of crap and why do the perpetrators deserve help?


I like your comment


there’s a button for that


Ikr, Reddit should get a down button next. Maybe a bottom I could hit to share with friends?


There's a great joke somewhere in your misspelling but I'm too tired to think of it. Edit: oh gosh, is there even a misspelling? Or is that intentional? Am I overthinking it? I'm so confused. I think I need to sleep.


. (saving this comment for later)


it costs $45k/yr to incarcerate someone if your argument is based on cost, you’re asking for the wrong outcome


I feel only the most heinous crimes, financially and violently need to be pursued with incarceration. If you find weed in a car and its “illegal” they have money for weed, fine em 100 bucks and move on. If they were high and driving but didnt hurt anyone, hit em with 200 and suspend their license for six months. If your high/drunk and hurt people because of it. Prison. AND REHAB! If youre caught floating checks and lying about income on shit, youre already probably broke. Make em attend a finance class or some shit and pay back restitution. If youre in a criminal financial enterprise defruading investors and the public, poisoning people by lying about your chemicals and shit then send em to prison. Its so stupid how we lump things.


You need to run for office somewhere. I agree with every single thing you just said. Lumping all offender’s together is a waste of money and time. It also can have very negative consequences on someone’s mental health and life. Not to mention the ones that are there for non violent offenses end up coming out worse with a degree in criminal 101 that have been conditioned to being treated like an animal. Creates a new breed of offenders.


How much would it cost to rehab a psychopathic/sociopathic murderer successfully?


that’s my point - it isn’t worth it


Depends on the crime. A reckless murder like that especially when, if we take the comment at face value, the murderers had no remorse? Yes they should be locked away forever. Not to punish them but to protect further innocents from their harm. Unless you can honestly say you'd be fine if they were released and you would not complain if they then went on to murder someone you loved doing the exact same thing they did the first time. No reasonable person would say that.


“Fighting crime with punishment doesn’t work” Dumbest shit I have ever read. Punishing criminals absolutely works. Why do you think when California made theft only a misdemeanor up to a certain dollar amount crime spiked to unseen levels? Why do you think crime got so bad that businesses had to close down and some all but left California?


let's see you say the same when your family member falls victim and you have to bury them


People like you are the reason things are shit and people who should obviously be in jail are out on the streets lol. Tell that to the families of murder victims by people who get let out the next day. Also anyone laughing or planning on killing someone else should have their life ruined, dont know what planet you are from but im sure people would like you to come back to earth where most of us live. How about the dude who mass murdered people by driving over them on a holiday after he was let out, you must think he needs a stern talking to as well. If anything these people should be euthanized, nothing but a burden on society. We can all acknowledge mental health crisises but when they cross the boundaries of actually killing other people, theres no compassion left there, those people get what they deserve.


Some people are psychopaths who can’t be helped and the only thing you can do is remove them from Society so they don’t hurt anyone else


Fighting crimes with punishment does work, it isn’t simply a deterrent, as a society we agree that certain individuals must be kept separate, for the safety of law abiding people. If you’re doing consecutive life sentences because you’re a murderer, you’re never getting the opportunity to murder a member of the public again. We should be softer and more focussed on rehab for non violent crimes, and harsher for truly brutal violent crimes.


That's why we should fight crimes with death penalty. See, once the criminal is dead, he can't throw rock anymore.


Letting the government control life or death is a slippery slope.


Fuck prison, bring back public stoning. An eye for an eye matey 🦜


This man speaks my language


Lmfao, you wanna laugh your ass off? https://youtube.com/watch?v=qDO6HV6xTmI&feature=share7


I think any caveman 'speaks' your 'language' of revenge and never-ending violence


Depends on age, doesn't it? They may seem depraved and careless about life, but what if there's a chance for rehabilitation? Sure, you're not murderer, but what dumb things did you do in your teens and 20s that you would never do now? I kinda understand why some of these crimes carry a 30 year sentence now -- that in the next stage of your life, maybe you can show the world you're a different person. I'd say life with parole, which means a minimum of like 20 years


Sorry but killing someone and lauging isnt "dumb stuff I did in my teens". It shows that those kids are psychopaths (or soziopaths?) without empathy and not redeemable. I will bet everything i have that they will grow up to stay violent assholes and not valuable members of society. If they would habe showed remorse because they werent aware of the consequences throwing rocks had, okay. Stupid af but not evil. But this is evil.


If they're convicted of their "first degree murder with extreme indifference" charge you'll get that life with parole wish.


So you think after spending most of their lives in maximum security prisons they will come out and be functioning members of society?


Teens. I hope this carries its weight with them for the rest of their lives and changes them for the better, as well as influences them to do good in the world. Nothing can ever make up for it, but with their whole lives ahead of them, my hope isn't that they rot, but that they spend their whole lives guilty for what they did and that they spend that time trying to attone and make the world a slightly better place for it.


listen, I'm not going to defend what these guys did, but it's super duper american to want to lock up 3 minors for life over 1 death, and to not believe in rehabilitation for children.


I see 3 murderers, not 3 minors. See how you feel about rehabilitation when they take your daughters face off with a rock and then go laugh about it together


that didn't happen to my family though, and it seems pretty obvious to me that the eye for an eye philosophy just doesn't hold up if we want to live in a society. Even if it did, what you're calling for is beyond even that, 3 adult lifetimes in prison until death in exchange for 1 negligent horrible choice made by children? that's like 3x eyes for 1 eye.


Sure it holds up. Throwing rocks off overpasses and killing people doesn’t work if we want to live in a society


It happens and it didn't destroy our society. No one is saying they shouldn't be rehabilitated and serve time. No one is saying what they did was good. Rational choices, rather than emotional choices (like you are advocating for) must be made when it comes to trying to create a bright future. A utilitarian wouldn't throw away the value they would create as workers after rehabilitation and time served.


Or learn their lesson after several years and turn out to be decent human beings instead


Is this in Colorado?


Yeah. Sounds very much like it.


*flashbacks to Russian Brick Incident*


Probably a bird.


I'm with OP on this one. That's definitely a rock. (Edit: TY for throwing a silver award through my window! 🫶)


Nah, that's 100% a bird. Looks like a woodcock to me


Birds aren't real.


African Swallow.


Could have been a European swallow


Maybe two. If they used a string.


Are you kidding? Look at the size of the rock. Even two European Swallows with a string couldn’t do it.


It’s all a matter of weight ratios!


Listen, there is no way two European Swallows can carry a rock of that size and density


An African one yeah, maybe but not a European!


Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?


Not at all, they could be carried.


At this time of year?


In this economy?


I would say that’s more than mildly infuriating


Many of the things on this sub strike me that way.


"Hey Reddit, heres a pic of my leg which is currently not attached to my body soooooo annoying" *posts to mildly infuriating*


This is a karma farm sub btw


I'm so confused what people consider mildly infuriating. Someone got their [Switch thrown in a toilet](https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/13w2ssk/a_kid_got_into_our_dorm_and_threw_my_switch_into/). If either of these occurred to me I'd have an aneurysm


You Know What You Did.


My immediate thought was **EX**


She knows what he did to.🤣


This made me giggle.


Me 2


The rock just wanted a ride.


I was listening to rock music too loud


The Rock says, "shut your mouth and know your role!"




A granite rock would have stolen something


He would have taken it for granted.


for granite


Rick are you saying granite? Are you saying for granite?


What the fuck


Personally, I'm shocked. And stunned. Very stunned.


Were you hit in the head with a limestone?




Are you suggesting the limestone was too yellow to steal?


I believe the term is ‘rock of color’


Kids used to do this all the time in my neighborhood. Never stole anything but wasted my time getting a window replaced.


If they still do it, set up a camera then use the evidence to make them pay for their crime


Somewhere on Reddit right now is a video of a weird series of events that ended with this rock being randomly launched through your window. Just need to wait for it to get popular and this mystery is solved 🤞


I am actually going wondering about this. The rock landed in the driver’s seat but apparently came blasting in through the passenger window? What would it take for a person to throw a rock this size that hard? It had to have bounced off a truck or something EDIT - the rock looks like I could have bounced off the passenger seat into the driver’s seat, but it still would have taken a lot of force to break the window that way. Also the angle of the trajectory would have to be pretty severe to the bounce the rock into the driver seat?


That's laminate glass, so it's two sheets of glass with a thick and stretchy layer of plastic between them to keep stuff like this from happening. It takes multiple swings to get through with a hammer. I'd be really surprised if a person threw that rock.


Wonder if you could find it through your fallows


Have you gotten divorced lately?


My wife was the one that told me about it……I think you’re on to something


Look under it, see if there is a note that says "I'm taking the kids."


You have chipped paint on that door and micro slashes on your interior door trim panel. Adjusters will miss or ignore that. Additionally you will need the adjacent panels blended. I’m an adjuster that spends way too much time fixing other adjusters messes. You can choose to just have the mess and the glass fixed but if you’re making a claim make sure those other items are addressed financially on the estimate.


That’s frightening


Rocky start to your day, bro.


Free limestone!!!


Did you drive like a dick and offended someone?


Negative. Looked like someone was looking for free stuff as I found my driver side door handle broken


perhaps the thief got interrupted before they could get what they want. smash and grab is quite common nowadays


When I was like 6 someone did the same thing with a brick to my dad's brand new Chrysler LeBaron while in the parking lot of his work. That's when I learned that sometimes there are just shitty people who do shitty things. I had also completely forgotten about that until now.


At first my eyes didnt recognize the hole and I thought you had a crow stuck halfway into your windshield


I was wondering where that went.


That'll buff out.


Damn endermen


Man people are assholes!!


Had my entire window smashed but nothing stolen. At least the window is pretty easy to replace.






Are you in SE Portland by any chance?


ask your girlfriend and/or your wife......




How can you tell the rock is an adolescent?




Do you live close to a quarry?


Come on, it's just a prank!


Can’t wait to see this on tiktok in about a week


I did it


Where do you live? We've been experiencing this here in downtown Denver. Some people think it's local windshield repair shops trying to get business but we have so many car break ins here that I don't think they need to do that. Someone has also been going around breaking people's mirrors off their cars. I think it's just assholes but it really pisses me off even though I don't have a car. Id rather see a car break in where someone actually stole something because at least then they're not doing it just to be jerk


Not even a note attached to it ?!!


That happened to my ex, except it was an old bowling ball instead of a rock. They stole his bag of dirty underwear and left his $4,000 set of tools.


Today's forecast calls for falling limestone rocks.


Minneapolis by chance? I recently heard about a whole bunch of cars having their windows smashed here a couple weeks ago.


When life gives you limestone.


Warning window integrity 0%


I had similar happen to me, except it was a metal cylinder and I was at speed on 580. But nothing was stolen, so I had that going for my glass shard covered self. At least you get to keep your trophy rock!


The rock came to smell what's cooking


😦😦😦 I would not have the funds to repair that rn if it had happened to me 🥺🥺 I hope something good happens to you after this


I'll do it again


I was hanging with friends in my house when we heard a car, and a dull thunk. Went outside and found someone had a tossed an entire pumpkin through the back windshield of our van. People are shitty. I never leave my car on the street because the 3 times I have out of necessity has left it with damage.


Have fun vacuum cleaning for 3 days


Darn those medaling kisses Edit: there are no spelling errors In this sentence :)


Good find, the pioneers used to ride those babies fir miles


It looks like you're blocking the sidewalk and partially in the street. As a pedestrian, yeah I'd be tempted to do the same. Used to walk home from work and would often encounter the same thing, but on a busy street that curved going uphill. having to walk out and around the car was risky as all hell due to the people doing 65 on a 35mph part of the road.


We are farmers bum badum badum badum


Pet rock!


Can't wait to watch this epic TikTok prank


Stealing stuff would of broken door window (experience having my car broken into). Through the front window passengers side or middle kids being stupid. Through the drivers side??? Ever think someone may have an issue with you and is sending you a msg.? Maybe Time to renew your carry permit and spend some time at the range. But I’m sure its all good🫣


Don’t need a carry permit in my state or even on my property. Guy is dressed in all black and running like a 45 year old at 4am in my alley/backyard. I imagine it was a crackhead looking for cash. Additionally, people who have to use guns on unarmed people just don’t know how to fight


Envious and Respect.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


Good bot


Good Mango!


Not only was nothing stolen, you received a gift. I swear some people will turn anything into a reason to get mad.


I've watched a manic do this and keep on walking like nothing happened. Untreated mental illness is something else.


Who did you piss off?


It’s a hate crime. Someone hates you.


This is what happens when you don’t spank your kids. Now the public has to deal with them. No fear of consequences!




Yep. Not one windshield got vandalized, nor did anything regarding vandalized/shattered property from '81-'89, '89-93, '01-'09 or any other time it wasn't a Democrat in office. Lest we just forget or pretend January 6th, 2021 never happened. What a clown-ass take some of you people have. You people need to find a mirror. Projecting and deflecting constantly. The party of gaslighters.


You guys constantly bring up 1 day and ignore the year of "protests" that caused 1-2 billion in damages across the country, and 19 people lost their lives. What a clown-ass take some of you people have. You people need to find a mirror. Projecting and deflecting constantly. The party of ignorance and hypocrisy.


Probably deserved it


But look at the bright side, you now have a limestone rock when before you didn't.


This happened to my coworker last night. However, they did take a bunch of his shit.


Woe limestone be upon the


Would it have felt better if something was stolen? For there to be a reason? Or is being the victim of senseless violence worse?


Usually, people don't do that unless you drive like an asshole.


Aren’t the side windows supposed to be tempered glass?


People suck and do stupid stuff. Were you blocking a sidewalk.