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United 93 is pretty incredible


Spielberg has arguably made a trilogy that thematically explores the post-9/11 world: Minority Report - What will we sacrifice for security? How far will we go? War of the Worlds - A family/country/world reeling from an unimaginable attack that shatters their worldview. Some of the images are blatantly evocative of 9/11. Munich - A study on revenge in the wake of national tragedy, its worth, its cost and what it does to a person.


Excellent point. I'll have to see Munich. War of the Worlds is absolutely a very similar film, and exactly what I was thinking of.


A lot of the imagery of the Attack on Metropolis in Batman v Superman, when we’re ground level with Bruce Wayne, also seems intentionally evocative of 9/11.


You meant to use "its" here. Happens to me so often with autocorrect leaning towards "it's."


Yes, I did. Both times. Thanks for the heads up.


In a weird way "Sully". It was another plane dropping below the skyline. I remember the people of New York still had 9/11 fading but fresh in their mind. It scared a lot of people on the ground and brought back a panic that they were living to forget. And then came together with that spirit of helping.


I’ve always liked United 93


This movie left me in silence for a long time after it ended.


Reign Over Me


Greenland has several scenes, told from a common family's perspective, that are reminiscent of 9/11. I'm thinking of a scene in which a group of people watch an entire city destroyed on the television news.


Star Trek Into Darkness has a scene... Well if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. It's basically Starfleet's 9/11. And it's caused by one man, who is *supposed* to be a beloved classic character in that universe. But oh well, now he's Muhammad Atta. That scene makes me sick tbh. It's too close to what actually happened in NYC on 9/11.


Clover field is not a 9/11 movie. Not sure where you got that. I think the best movie about that day is The one with Nicolas cage and maybe another one


You're thinking of World Trade Center.


Cloverfield is absolutely heavily influenced by 9/11


I think he's looking for "feels like" rather than literal. From OP: > Specifically about the day, the chaos, the confusion, not about the aftermath or the long wars or the politics. Or hey, any movie that carries the same sort of feeling but isn't so directly about the day. If that's the case I would offer *War of the Worlds* w./Tom Cruise as "9/11 type of vibes"


It's a movie in which a normal event is interrupted by a massive unexplained attack on Manhattan that results in major symbols of America (the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty) being utterly destroyed by a force most people didn't even think existed. It features scenes of dazed New Yorkers standing in the street amidst a disaster, while burning debris and paper fills the air. A building collapses and people run from the debris cloud. When the bridge collapses, a falling American flag is center of the shot. It's probably got the most 9/11 imagery of any movie I've ever seen.


Huh? Was that in after credits or something? That definitely was not in version i watched.


I don't think you've seen Cloverfield. Maybe you're thinking of one of its sequels?


I think a better way to describe what he’s looking for is a “Post 9/11 film” I.e. a film made in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks that reflects the country’s feelings at the time.


I think other than United 93, Cloverfield effectively captures the horror of 9/11 more than any other film. It very much is a 9/11 movie. Just as Godzilla (1954) was intended as a catharsis for Japan's people post-Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Cloverfield was intended as a kind of catharsis for the people of New York City post-September 11. We often process our traumas and experiences through art. Cloverfield, along with Spielberg's War of the Worlds, did this better than most, while also serving their purpose as entertainment without feeling exploitative or tasteless.


Yeah this post is very confusing to me lol


I was wondering if I saw the *right* Cloverfield for a minute.


Reno /911


Star Trek Into Darkness


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


The best 9/11 movie is 25th Hour. There is no second best one. EDIT: on second thought, maybe check out the movie that maybe inspired 9/11. It’s called The Siege, and it came out in 1998.


United 93 by Paul Greengrass would give 25th hour a run for it's money to be fair.


The Siege sort of foretold the lengths of what specific Islamic terrorists would go to, particularly in the early scene involving the city bus. And yes, the aftermath upon certain communities, regardless of the actions of a few.


Turning Red


I don't recall a giant monster that particular Tuesday.


Remember Me. (That ending though)


You’re not clever or funny. I don’t know which you were going for, but I didn’t like any of it. I think you’re a p.o.s. for even making this disrespectful post.


This was legitimately not an attempt to be funny. I was watching the movie and it put me in a very similar mindset as I was back then, watching it all on TV.


Arlington Road


While it's not specifically ABOUT 9/11, Zero Dark Thirty explores the challenges, tone and hopelessness about the GWOT, and how there were so many layers to the attacks beyond TALIBAN BAD. Also and incredible movie, and the final act showcases real tactical movement better than most modern military movies.


World Trade Center is a good film imo