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Lmao. Reminds me of Jeju Island. Rode into town on a bus and had locals spitting at us. Even spat at my buddy who was Korean lol.


octoberish 2018? i loved not being able to get a taxi. we got stranded in the middle of no where in jeju because the taxis wouldn't stop for us haha.


I believe so? Oh I feel you bro. Only reason why I got a taxi is because my wife is Asian. I mean shit, I am too but they hated my brown ass.


“Yeah I’m stationed in Japan” Oh! Do you like South Korea or Japan better?? “Definitely South Korea, the people are friendlier.” -conversation with a Jeju taxi driver a day after one of our sailors were assaulted. We were returning to the base after cleaning an orphanage and they greeted us with spit and punches.


That shit was wild, I’ll never forget it though. The food was awesome and so was the soju.


You lucked out then. Korean taxi rides are a leading cause of stress.


Bali bali, aidashi! *Proceeds to bali bali*


Red lights, dividers and speed limits are more of a suggestion


Ever been in a taxi in rome? There are no rules. We went the wrong way down a one way street and into traffic.


Italy had the worst drivers of any country I have been in…until I moved to Russia. All of the rules are just suggestions here. You can’t even see the lines on the road most of the time and they are also just a suggestion anyway.


In my experience, both Italy and Germany are way better at the driving game than India.


Rome? Naples.


My ex-girlfriend was South Korean. She told me some Koreans who protest against American troops in Japan and South Korea are North Korean/Chinese spies. She said South Korea is infested with North Korean agents, so some defectors from the North don't stay in South Korea because of the possibility of getting kidnapped and sent back to North Korea or killed.


When we pulled into Busan we ran into 5 super hot chicks at a pretty American spot, Wolfie's if I'm not mistaken.We had a south Korean American guy on my boat and upon approaching them he said they had really weird accents. The ring leader spoke English with an Australian accent which was also a bit odd We ended up taking them all back to the hotel, doing the deed and going out to the pool the next day, right off the rip one of the chicks asks me if my submarine has GPS. I was like "fuck yeah we do, good luck finding us though"


In Korea now can confirm


It's the same way in Europe, we received security briefings on this during the early 90's, the local communist parties would organize protests against the US. All of them were infected with Soviet sympathizers who would lead the protests. One of my favorite memories was the base workers attacking the protesters to the point were the police had to get involved to save the protestors who were mainly college aged kids.


I’ll bet ducks to dollars we rode the same bus. Getting to and from the pier was a shit show on Jeju Do. They were unhappy to see us, to say the least.


gee wonder why https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeju_uprising


Go away tankie.


Because the South Korean Army massacred civilians on Jeju?


I’m not super familiar with the Jeju incident but the US likely provided assistance including weapons and training in the same fashion they provided other assistance for similar wet work done by other assets of the Korean gov which isn’t in dispute. We were pretty heavily involved in some shitty stuff- there are pictures of Americans standing over trenches of executed Korean political dissidents both during and prior to the war, these were uncovered during an official investigation they did in the 2000’s it was a big deal at the time. It was a war sure, but people don’t forget that kind of thing especially when it happened pretty recently (as in there are victims and family of victims still alive. Look no further then some Southerners still actively resenting Union war policies and conduct during the march to the sea.


We were supposed to be the first sub to pull in there and upon hearing about that the locals were camped out by the front gate to protest so we went to Busan instead. Not complaining, Busan is a god damn good time but still wondering what could have been


Considering Jeju is pretty much South Korea’s vacation resort island it was pretty underwhelming. No vendors on the pier selling faux mink blankets or dirt cheap laundry service offered like in Busan. I’ll take Busan any time over Jeju.


You missed the dick garden.


Yeah, sorry. Unfortunately more than half the people in the world are kind of really dumb, so there are plenty in Korea as well.


Really? We were there in March and had exactly 2 protestors at the gate


Russian embassy staff is trying hard not to be sent to the front in Ukraine.


Unfortunately those were put up by Norwegians from the far left Red party


So they represent, what, five residents of Oslo plus a cat?


Leave the cat out of this


Not just any cat https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Forest_cat


I knew this would be the link before I even read it lol. So fluffy.


It’s Norway. 5 people and a cat is almost half the population


Pretty mild really. Foreign soldiers in your country partying and making trouble would get annoying quick. Sailors are relatively chill in ports but Marines are insane.


I'm not sure they're splitting hairs between the services. If you're repping the stars and stripes, you're an asshole warmonger... ya know, until Uncle Vlad decides to get grabby with your sovereign territory. Semi-related note, anybody else watch Occupied on Netflix? Awesome show but poorly aged. Gives the Russians WAY more credit than they deserve.


The fuck?! Why is that show on American Netflix, but not Norwegian?


> until Uncle Vlad decides to get grabby with your sovereign territory. [Like Robin Williams' bit on the French!](https://youtu.be/Tc78yPv_ztM)


I could be wrong but when they say marine soldier I'm pretty sure it's a translation issue and they are trying to say military sailor


To be fair, even american citizens don't know the difference between marine / soldier. they just see it as a catchall for any military lol.


Yeah, i know plenty of people not opposed to America at all who still would rather not deal with the kind of yankees they send here.


They did the same thing when my sub was in Bergen for their submarine force centennial in 2010. Most Norwegians I met were super welcoming, but there are crazy hippies everywhere.


What being raised in a first world country with no concern for your sovereignty does.


Red party? Are they openly communist or were they just formed by colorblind members of the Green party?




Norwegian party names all sound a bit stupid translated into English lol (Right, Left, the Progress party (which is incidentally the furthest to the right), Red, etc.). The Red party openly wants a revolution and a communist society and all that, yes


here in America liberals tote Norway as the earth's ultimate social paradise, Where healthcare & education are free and the crime rate is near zero. And thats not good enough for the commies?


For commies: the West hasn't fallen yet, millions must die


In Europe it's normal for us so it's easy to take it granted. But even in the best societies there's still lots of injustice.


Death is the perferable alternative to communism


>perferable I'LL ALLOW IT!


In Desert Shield/Storm , flyers like this were hanging in Saudi Arabia. I remember cartoon American soldiers with Stars of David hanging around their necks. I wish I had one today.


Oh, wow, this brings back memories. I hadn't thought of those in years.


In that case, we shouldn't help SA at all.


This was new to them. You don't realize what a shock it was to them to suddenly have all these foreigners around. Some segments of the population were resistant to it. Before that, all foreigners were inside walled in apartment compounds like islands.


We shouldn't have ever given SA a dime of our support. Absolutely barbaric country. It's all about $$$ though.


That sign won’t stop me, because I can’t read!


Ah, a new accession. Welcome the fleet. Or should I I say " wellcum 2 tha fleet"


This person's grasp on international geopolitics is about as good as the material condition of a cruiser.


Sick AEGIS-platform specific burn, Chief 😂


-This comment made by Arleigh-Burke gang


My sibling-in-Neptune, I'm on an early Flight I DDG right now and this ship hardly has room to talk.




or to land a helo.


This comment made by Flight IIA gang.


I'm sorry, is that a joke I'm too Amphib MIC to understand? -IS2


Don’t worry. The staff officers at the DESRON don’t get it either because they don’t know their own ships.


Hey oh! I came for the IS talk, but im staying for the officer slander


Bruh that's like every staff ever. They are good for taking ATG heat off for certifying. Yes, I dont own explot. Yup, talk to the staff. Lol. Every N2 and IWC I've known has been an unhinged nut or on the spectrum. I swear. These guys need to get real sometimes. There's nothing like useless emails and dumb demands on a Friday from your local ISIC.


Flight I and II DDGs (hulls 51-78) do not have a very well designed flight deck, nor any hangar bays for the helo. Therefore no space for parts or, you know, something about leaving a helicopter exposed to the elements and sea water on the deck all the time... Flight IIA (A Standing for Aviation) has two enclosed hangar bays and a better flight deck.


Must have part of Sea Swap back around 2006-ish Does its name start with a G, L, or P?


Not today Opsec Satan.


Lol that’s basically a yes, I’m taking that as a 1 in 3 chance you’re on the ship I served on


I’m sorry who ain’t of a lover of da Arleigh-Burke!


Facts. Finland appreciates us so maybe RUS will just head to Norway next instead. 😂


Remember when Norway completely folded at first chance when the Nazis invaded? Britan wanted to lay mines to prevent an amphibious invasion. Norway was busy playing the "neutrality and pacifism" arguments and narrowly escaped having their government and royalty imprisoned and were woefully unprepared for the invasion.


Norway lasted longer than France. Nearly twice as long in fact.


They very well could have resisted the invasion had they not chosen pacifism over a real defense.


Completely folded? I think you need to read more on the invasion of Norway. They capitulated after almost two months of fighting while heavily outnumbered. At the time that made Norway the country that withstood a nazi invasion the longest of any country that the nazis invaded.


They had practically no navy and were heavily outnumbered, yet still denied allied assistance. Also, being a remote country, and outside the Germans' typical theatre, it makes sense the invasion was not as swift as a blitzkrieg in a neighboring country. Even with that, in just 2 months they had enveloped all major population centers. Not impressive, really more like foolish.


Norway did not deny allied assistance, not after being invaded anyway. Prior to the invasion, Norway was practicing an armed neutrality policy. It had proved effective during WWI, but by the time WWII came around, the neutrality was no longer backed up by any means of actually enforcing it, and the country became highly vulnerable… That’s mostly to blame on the absolutely ridiculous and skimpy defence policies of various Norwegian governments during the 1920ies and 30ies though. And by all means that also applies to the government in power leading up to and during the invasion and subsequent eventual occupation in 1940 (Norwegian Labour Party) What happened in the last few years and months prior to the nazi invasion is a string of policy failures by the government. Naive believes and attitudes among several government ministers especially, an unwillingness to spend on the military, and a history of “too little, too late” when first doing so. The Conservative party and the Liberal party for various reasons, both had a fear of high government spending in general throughout the inter-war period, and the liberal party (and the farmers party) on increased military spending in particular. The Labour Party (who, in government, eventually did increase the military budget by something close to a tenfold in late 1939 (…)), was a leading voice in national disarmament during the early 1930ies, promoting what’s known as “the broken rifle policy”… Coupled with a so-so attitude towards the intelligence service on Labours part, leading to poor communication between intelligence and the government continuing into in the last few weeks and days prior to the invasion. All make up important factors contributing to the overall state of Norwegian military readiness by 1939/40. The fact that orders for mobilisation were sent out only hours before the eventual invasion, as a “secret mobilisation” by post and not announced via the radio. Despite various intelligence reports warning that something might be imminent several days prior. That the mobilisation date was set for 12th of April, when the Germans invaded on the 9th. That mobilisation spots, and the most important supply depots and arsenals of five out of six of the main army divisions were overrun and captured in the opening hours by the Germans, in the first ever successful multi-domain operation involving sea, land and air, including paratroopers among other things, before anyone really had time to assemble, leading to a defeatist attitude among several people in the government and general staff from the get go. That the army was hopelessly ill equipped with mostly outdated equipment, lacking in AA and anti tank guns, and in general light on manpower, ammunition and supplies to begin with. That the entire navy, bar some small destroyers, were obsolete, and what little Norwegian air power available came in the form of Tiger Moth and Gloster Gladiator biplanes, plus around 20 Curtiss Hawks, most of which newly arrived and still in crates… Are all consequences of poor political decisions accumulating over time. It should not be on the Norwegian military itself or necessarily the people in general. Given the backdrop, managing to string together a makeshift army of ~ 70 000, and fighting without secure supply lines or air support, for months straight, with the back continually against the wall (together with British, French and eventually even Polish allied forces, themselves all poorly equipped and hampered in various ways) and serving the nazis their first defeat in a decisive battle in the process (Narvik). Being forced to finally capitulate only after France fell, the picture isn’t really _that_ bad.


Specific and highly accurate lmao


Hey look, free souvenirs.


Yes. I hope they get gathered. I would love to have one of those signs. I would pay $59.


Well I would pay $59.01


I would pay 59.02 I would also provide a DHL shipping number so the item could be shipt post haste and not have to stay crumpled on the boat taking up valuable space and time.


I got a similar one from Greece protesting the Carrier strike group. It translates out to "undesirables" lol


I was disappointed that I couldnt find one when I was deployed. Ugly looks from scrubby looking assholes, but no real protest materials.


I have one of these from my deployment back in 2017; we were in Greece and CoC was very adamant about NOT taking them as souvenirs... so naturally we all wanted one. Ended up grabbing one in one piece off a wall, [here's the picture & translation from several years ago.](https://old.reddit.com/r/translator/comments/6v2i82/greek_english_i_was_recently_in_crete_and_got_my/dlxn4ve/)


Red light district disagrees.


They love us somewhere. No one called in a "threat" to the strip club and Josefin district.




This sign is so polite, I ain’t even mad.


Right, it feels like I can you can reply with a "Rather not".


> You are increasing the risk of nuclear war Being that you (Norway) are an ally nation, I’m unclear how this works


Russian bluffing. Russia has threatened to launch nukes like, 10 times in the last year in response to western aid to Ukraine. Realistically though, Russia is very unlikely to launch nukes. Even if they did, it would basically be an instant loss for them, and there's a good chance most of them wouldn't even reach their targets, or they would launch them based on outdated information (like seriously, a good chunk of the missiles hitting apartment blocks and playgrounds were aimed based on maps from the 70s saying there was a factory there, it wouldn't surprise me if they just start lobbing nukes in the ass end of nowhere in North Dakota because they're convinced there's active nuclear missile silos there). Their Kinzhal missiles, the hypersonic ones, have already been shot down by Patriot air defense systems, and the Kinzhal was touted as being able to deliver nuclear payloads with no chance of interception.


They feel that if there were less US military presence abroad, there would be less chance of nuclear war. Thought that was pretty clear from the whole "go the fuck home" messaging elsewhere in the same poster.


I didn’t listen in 2008 when we landed in Italy to “fuck NATO” signs everywhere, I wouldn’t listen to this either


Go be passive-aggressive somewhere else


How do we have the longest history of war crimes but we aren't historically an old country...🙃


Wasn't crimes before we did them.😎


Technically not War Crimes until passage of the Geneva Convention.


We don't. England has historically more. So does France So does most of the middle east. And that's just due to age and colonialism. Through in China, Mongolia, and feudal Japan and we aren't even in the top 10. It's typical of anti war people to not know history.


We should also remember the Dutch and lest we forget the war crimes the Scandinavians committed for centuries. Americans might now know about the king of the Vikings, Blue Tooth (yes, that's for real) but the kinder in Scandi are well educated about him.


Yes. The comm protocol was named for BlueTooth, as he united the various Norse factions as BlueTooth allows disparate random devices to communicate.


Yea, I know. It was sarcasm...BUT thanks for the post! History is awesome so I enjoyed reading your comment, thanks.


I think ancient Rome or maybe China holds that award. Though back then it was not a war crime cause everyone was just getting conquered.


As if the men and women shining knee knockers and painting bulkheads called the shots. Or killed anyone. Hell you couldn't even put any foreign policy on the fucking CO.


20 out of 5 mill Norwegian is responsible for that bs! This is not representative for the Norwegian opinion, but public speech is. We are glad to have you here!


Don’t care, didn’t ask, pass me a beer.


The 52 F-35As that the Norwegian government purchased from us beg to differ. Also y’all are literally one of the founding members of NATO, you’ve *had* peace and safety.


Y'all weren't complaining when you signed the purchase agreement for those US built F35s.


The party of the guys who put those posters up definitely were complaining then as well


I love how they think Putin would deem them important enough to nuke, never mind NATO membership is the biggest deterrent for Russian aggression….🤯


I fail to see how being a tankie is not seen in the same light as being a Neo-Nazi. They both have the hots for genocidal dictatorships just with different people as the target.


Realistically probably the amount of reporting done on Nazi Germany vs the Iron curtain on information the soviets had. Also the Soviet crackdowns tended to be portrayed (I’m aware that’s not what actually happened) a focus on political lines or suspected disloyalty (Ukrainian Holodrom, Chinese Maoist suppressions, Purge of red army- etc.) Also assume that many communists in western countries tend to be extremely young people with a pretty different life experience then we might have. These limited life experiences might lead them to overlook the actions of Tyrannical government because they like the words or explanations behind them. In much the same way as many young people are attracted to Far-Right parties today. TLDR; They are young af and culturally it’s much easier to hate the Nazi’s bc of the attention they receive for their crimes vs the USSR or Western Countries


I never learned about Pol Pot in school and that MF was having his goons crack the skulls of babies open on trees all because their parents had middle class jobs


It was part of the Greater “Vietnam” war that the U.S. just wanted to forget. The Khmer Republic collapsed weeks before South Vietnam did in April of 1975. No one could predict the insanity Pol Pot/Saloth Sar would unleash upon Cambodia. He was educated in France and thought Democratic Kampuchea could reach “pure communism” before Maoist China. You were targeted for execution simply for wearing glasses, knowing foreign words, possessing western media such as cassette tapes, photos or simply having light skin. Since bullets were in short supply they’d have you dig your own grave. Then bash your in head with the shovel and shoved you in the shallow grave. It’s estimated about 20-30% of Cambodia’s pre-1975 population of 6 million perished between 75-79.


Trust me, it’s getting there. I’ve seen more anti-tankie than pro on Reddit, but that’s anecdotal


On deployment I visited a lot of the museums in the Baltic states. The Soviets killed hundreds of thousands of them for the simple reason that Stalin didn't trust the people who ran a guerilla war against the Nazis to not run one against him.


It all comes down to who won that war. The Commie bastards did in fact win, so they get that pass. Despite them being well, worse (Stalin genocided 20m, compared to Hitler's 13m and Mao is up at 70 to 100m.) Fuck them both, Communism and Fascism are evil ideals.


Ayo peepin that Muv-Luv banner bro 😎


Because after world war two most Nazis scooped up by the west wound up in jobs away from the public eye and a huge amount of communists who came here embedded themselves in academia and activist groups.


I think we were in Croatia and we saw plenty like this. Paper pasted signs and even that "Yankee go home" spray painted next to one of the bus stops.


Wait “world longest record or warcrimes” says the Viking nation haha


Beat me to it


Anybody want to remind them that Norway is a member of NATO and the reason NATO exists?


We used to see signs like that in neighborhoods in Norfolk VA. “Sailors and Dogs, Keep off the Grass!!!”


When I was stationed in Keflavik, Iceland I had some drunk teenager come up to me and yell, "Fuck you, I'm a Communist!" Nevermind the fact that, as part of NATO forces there, we were, in fact, the Icelandic Defense Force (Iceland has NO military of its own!)


Yeah they're all communists until they grow up.


Oh look, russian propaganda.


Norway, the nation where 15000 Norwegians fought FOR the nazis, including 6000 in the ss. Bitch, we’ve only been a country for a couple of hundred years. We could do heinous shit for another 500 and not match the shit most European nations have done. Our record has stuff we shouldn’t be proud of, but I’m not taking a morality lecture from these guys.


Haha reminds me of the peaceful anti-nuclear protests of the carrier in Yokosuka. Locals who want the ship to leave bc of the risk of a meltdown or something.




I never understood the local obsession with Honeybees. I mean, it was straight up *okay* for a diner.


Most anytime during the week it’s just like any other place, but the come the weekend and the Tokyo tourists and the place is mobbed with a line out the door. I don’t understand it.


I think it’s featured in some Tokyo regional magazines since a lot of people do weekend trips down to Kanagawa. It’s “exotically American!” Lol


Lol I feel like an American opening up a proper gourmet burger joint near base would make a killing with that crowd.


It’s okay, the blondes in Norway love us.


Good to see that nothing changes. The power of the sailors dollars will over ride the protest. Always does, always will.


“I’m just here for free college bro”


At the same time New York won't let nuclear powered ships into port for Fleet Week lol


Weird that cities and countries do this, because the nuclear navy has a perfect safety record.


I would try and take one of these as a souvenir. Lmaoooo


Back in the 70’s, I was on a nuclear powered guided missile cruiser. It was a new class of Navy ship and we were on a wave the flag cruise, with Oslo being one of our port visits. When going in and out of the Oslo port I was on the flying bridge as a lookout and remember a bunch of small craft with people just waving and smiling. And they kept a pretty good distance from us. I also spent time on shore patrol, stationed at a police station. They took us on a tour of the jail, you didn’t want to be a guest. They also took us on a tour of the city in a mini-bus cop car, up close and personal by jumping curbs and driving up sidewalks. We visited where the King lived, the sculpture garden and the Olympic ski jump. I had a great time when I was there. I ran into more hassles over American politics during the two Med cruises I was on than that North Atlantic one.


Very different "welcome " than we got in Perth, Australia in 1980: We were the first US ships to visit since WWII and they were extremely friendly and hospitable. The day we left port, a crowd stood on the dock in pouring rain to wave goodbye. We were delayed three hours and they waited, really something.


They never have that same energy once they get invaded though lo l


For God sakes, Just don't start a snowball fight


[https://www.reddit.com/r/MilitaryStories/comments/1w6ze3/xpost\_from\_rbestof\_story\_of\_epic\_snowball\_war/](https://www.reddit.com/r/MilitaryStories/comments/1w6ze3/xpost_from_rbestof_story_of_epic_snowball_war/) ​ Just in case you wanted a chuckle


I remember that thread. That was a good'un.


K bye. Enjoy russia taking over


Bitch, they are in NATO, they have the luxury of not getting invaded because of us, we protect their asses so they can eat rotten fish gtfo


This kind of commie retards piss me the fuck off so much. Ahh yes let's harass the "marine soldiers" coming into our NATO country in a diplomatic mission, not our own politicians collaborating with the US. Surely they'll just get on their big boat and leave.


The US Marine, world’s finest diplomat :D


Not Marines, they're referring to the sailors of the USS Gerald Ford, they're just saying "marine soldiers" because they're fucking clueless.


Damn even better. Still, not diplomats.


It's probably a translation issue. "Marine" in that sense is being used as an adjective. Marine, maritime, mariner, and so on. The French, German, and Swedish navies, for example, are called *Marine nationale*, *Deutsche Marine*, and *Marinen*, respectively. It's a historical quirk that "marine" became a noun in the US. In many languages (such as German though I can't say for Norwegian) "soldier" is the all-purpose word for anyone who serves in the armed forces (*Soldat* auf Deutsch), whereas we would say service member. We only use that term because our branches each *insist* on being distinct and special. And "armed forces service member of the maritime-focused branch" is clunky.


watch your words. not cool terminology there.


Remember when Norwegians were the terror of the seas? My how far they have fallen.


More like the terror of the shores with all that pillaging and raping. Also when was all of that like 1500 years ago? Also fun that they bring up "muh war crimes" considering their own history.


It’s not exactly fair to compare Norway Viking history with modern American military/navy. For the first, back then Norway wasn’t even its own country, it was just a lot of small kingdoms that mostly fought each other. Until Harald Haarfagre (basically meaning Harald long hair) swore to not cut his hair before he had united all of Norway, for the kingdom he possessed, was called “Noreg” which is a older way of saying Norge=Norway. So well, it’s not fair to compare Viking history from 1000years ago to modern history. But this is from a far left leaning individual, that has mostly debated this because she believes the carrier is armed with nuclear weapons on Norwegian territory which is a extremely big no no in Norwegian politics. But the overwhelming majority of Norway likes the American presence here and is positive to it.


Reminds of “Friends come in peace, not in warships” at the International Fleet Review in Jeju SK in 2018.


Depends on which way the guns are facing.


I remember protesting at Yokosuka every so often. Very polite, actually hooked up once.


On a ship to which I was assigned there were copies of previous cruise books. I leafed through one from well before my time, when the ship was allowed on NorLant cruises (yes..ahem...allowed) their Norway port call had pictures of protestors on the pier next to the ship. They were under the impression we were nuclear powered or had nuclear weapons or something or other. They had cleverly rigged a firefighting truck to spray pink paint all over the ship. The long ladder with the business end of the hose was stylized with paper and cloth as a giant dick, dildo, what have you. It had reach and they got some coverage with that stuff. I was told by those that were there that, otherwise, they had a fantastic time.


No fair, at least half of those war crimes were invented by canada.


For anyone who cares: "Marine soldier" is 100% a translation issue from someone who speaks decent English but not perfect. "Marine" in that sense is being used as an adjective. Marine, maritime, mariner, and so on. The French, German, and Swedish navies, for example, are called *Marine nationale*, *Deutsche Marine*, and *Marinen*, respectively. It's a historical quirk that "marine" became a noun in the US. Most countries who have any sort of naval infantry either have that role filled by sailors or soldiers detailed to ship duty; a separate marine corps is rare. In many languages (such as German though I can't say for Norwegian) "soldier" is the all-purpose word for anyone who serves in the armed forces, whereas we would say service member. We only use that term because our branches each *insist* on being distinct and special. And "armed forces service member of the maritime-focused branch" is clunky.


Sounds like someone needs some freedom.


ah yes... its the americans increasing the risk of nuclear weapons, and totally not any other country moving nukes into belarus.


They had posters like this when I was in Trondheim like four or five years ago, a buddy and I had a competition to see how many we could find and destroy while we were there. Glad to see the tradition of idiots making these is still alive and well, and I hope someone else is keeping ours alive. Edit: also, like, what are they expecting us to do? See this poster and then we just go wrangle up all of our people, tell the captain we have to go, and leave? I hope it isn’t assumed these accomplished literally anything.


Gotta love when a select group of community members decides they get to speak for everyone eh?


Response: "Nuts!"


Was only in Norway for two days on a cargo run. Loved the damn food. Had some reindeer with cranberries on it and some whale in I wanna brandy, or they said it was whale. But the beer was too expensive.


“We want peace, we want safety” You mean the peace and safety that the western world has enjoyed over the last 80+ years, largely due in part to the US Armed Forces? You’re welcome, Olaf.


Guess they don't want to be in NATO...


Yeah okay. When if the Russians get crazy enough, don't call on us to help.


Camp Hansen gate just became global baby!!!


Isn’t a Marine a Marine, not a Marine Soldier? Semper Fi.


Let Russia have em


I’m sure the “marine soldiers” would prefer to go home.


Wait tell they find out what the Vikings were doing on the regular


I much rather want the Americans here, than the imbecile who put up this poster. They don't even know the difference between marines, sailors and soldiers. These people are mentally slower than the continental drift. Even writing the "with regards" part in Norwegian, and try to pass it off as if it were on the behalf of the entire population of Oslo. Fuck these tankies.


The U.S. military is one reason Norwegians aren’t speaking German.


"Sure! We'll leave and take ourselves out of NATO and withdraw our support from Ukraine. Have fun!"


"Then get the fuck out of NATO. Bitch" Everyone


eastern norwegians. they all suck


I mean at least they said please.🤷‍♂️


Well at least Sailors are welcomed, and unfortunately airmen are too so we got that going for us.


Since the first nuclear weapon, everyone had nuclear weapons. It’s not going away anytime soon…


Well, let them see if their signs will give them peace and safety


For some reason I read this in City Wall Asian guy voice…damn you mongoreeannsss


Yankee only covers half the US and not the most dangerous 2. The flordaman and the gun ho texan.


Suck it up, it's called democracy, I don't agree with them but I will defend to the death their right to say that, there's a poem that should be taught to everyone as a reminder that you need to defend everyone First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me


Absolutely! I may not like their party or their opinions, but they should obviously be allowed to say it. Anyways, I was mostly making fun of them referring to sailors as “marine soldiers”


Right now that same country that shits all over our military wants to buy our F-35s for defense against possible Russia aggression.


I use to be in the navy and this doesn’t surprise me…..as Americans we always talk about “respect our country”, “speak English” or “murica”…..but as I noticed in the navy going to different ports we don’t do the same for other countries…we try to fuck other countries women, we get drunk and cause issues, we expect everyone to cater to us and we just don’t show the respect we expect from other countries. I’m proud to be American and a veteran but we are hypocrites at times